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Vichy Lumineuse Tinted Moisturizer Dry Skin

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Brand: Vichy / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / hypo-allergenic / Skin type: for dry skin / What it does: Smoothes, Moisturizes, Protects, Nourishes

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    2 Reviews
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      16.05.2013 22:57
      Very helpful



      An average skin care product

      ~A tinted moisturiser from Vichy~

      I have used Lumineuse Tinted Moisturiser by skin care experts Vichy a number of times and found that it gives mixed results on my skin due to colour matching issues. I was introduced to it after having tried a number of hydrating and cleansing skin care products from the range and found them to be suited to my skin. The Vichy Lumineuse range of tinted mosturisers can be bought for use with normal to combination skin or for dry skin, as I bought the normal to combination version of the product, that is what I am reviewing. I liked the idea of using this tinted moisturiser for summer wear when I bought it, as I hoped it would look much lighter and more natural looking than more traditional foundation products do on tanned skin.

      During warmer summer weather I tend to find that I only need a nice light and natural looking foundation once I have built up a light summer tan so this type of tinted skin care product is most often suitable for me in other product ranges. This particular tinted moisturiser comes in 3 shades from the lightest Nude shade (Clair 01), through to Peach (Peche 02) a slightly warmer shade, as well as a darker Golden shade (Dore 03). I had slight issues with colour matching as I found that the neither of the 2 lighter colours was a complete match under in store lighting conditions. I was advised to opt for the 02 shade as it was the best compromise, although I must admit that I was a little unsure about it at the time.

      ~Using the product~

      Once I was ready to apply my tinted moisturiser I made sure that my skin had been lightly exfoliated and cleansed. I applied some of the product with a make up sponge applicator taking care to do so as lightly and evenly as I could. I found that whilst the colour I bought was a little too peachy and dark for my liking when used straight out of the tube, it was much better once mixed with some Vichy Life Activ cream which I already had in use (luckily). Once I achieved the right blend of Lumineuse and Life Activ, the colour matching issue was much less of a problem as the original make up colour was diluted by the addition of the skin cream.

      I found that the tinted moisturiser/ Life Activ mix was easy to smooth onto my skin as it had a very nice texture that I found easy to work with. I preferred it to that of the tinted moisturiser on its own as it gave more even looking, less patchy results once mixed in this way. I did find that the the tinted moisturiser gave my skin a bit of a sheen which I suppose is where the Lumineuse name comes from. I wouldn't want to have this type of effect on the skin in too heavy a dose as I feel it would make the skin appear greasy and oily, however I found that when applied with care the effect was a little glowy as I expected it would be, but not overly so.

      Plus points about the product are that it has been tested on sensitive skin under dermatological controls so as make sure it is suitable for use in such cases. The product is hypoallergenic, non comedogenic, contains no soap or fragrance and is alcohol free which means it should be kind to the skin. The moisturiser is also paraben free and has been mixed using Vichy thermal spa water. Vitamins A + provitamin B5 have been included in the mix so as to enhance skin radiance and moisturise the skin according to information given about the product. All this sounds great in theory but would be useless if the product caused any skin irritation when I used it. Luckily I am happy to say that I have had no issues of any note when using this product on my facial skin.


      The coverage offered by my blended mix of the product was very light, which was to be expected in my opinion as I had diluted it by adding some skin cream to it to alter the colour a little. I found that the light looking finish the product gave was attractive over a light tan but wouldn't really be effective enough on untanned skin in my opinion. The product doesn't really seem to coat my skin too thickly which I am pleased about and I am able to see through the tinted moisturiser enough to be able to say that the results look fairly natural. Wear time is a little shorter than I hoped for although the product does remain in place for a good few hours in most cases.

      ~Price/ product rating~

      Vichy products can be slightly expensive to buy, however with a little shopping around you can buy a 30ml tube of tinted mosituriser for between £11/ £12.20, which I feel is fair value. I have found that the downside to the small range of 3 colour options is that I can't really find a perfect match for my skin tone and have had to make do with a custom mix using the Lumineuse mosituriser and some Vichy Life Activ cream. Whilst this isn't too much of an issue (once I mastered the right amounts of both products to blend together) I feel that I ought to have been able to buy a ready blended product that would be a better colour match from the very outset. My rating for this product is 3 stars.


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      06.06.2011 14:15
      Very helpful



      A worthy competitor with far more expensive brands

      Anything involving words like moisturiser or tinted tends to have my skin breaking out in little red hives. Not so Vichy Lumineuse. I've been using it on and off for nearly six years ago, having stumbled upon it in an independent chemist.

      I use the Nude (01) shade for most of the year, switching to Peche (02) when I have more colour. My only real gripe is that my preferred shade Natural (00) seems to have been discontinued. You can sometimes get old stock on eBay, but it's quite expensive (£19.99 this morning when I looked). Nude is fine but when I'm feeling very pasty I have to be careful to blend it in well and perhaps just use it around the cheek area of my face, where I naturally have more colour (and more to cover up in terms of blemishes and moles, etc).

      I notice that my most recent purchase seems to have been updated ingredients-wise, and now boasts vitamins and fruit extracts. Vichy Lumineuse comes in two types of formulation: satin (normal to dry skin) and matt (normal to combination skin).

      The tinted moisturiser is easily applied onto clean skin. Most of the year I find I can almost get away without using any other kind of moisturiser if I'm using the formulation for dry skin (satin), but occasionally if there's a dry wind I need something extra as well as the Vichy. It provides enough of a wash of colour to give some decent coverage without looking like foundation (sometimes tinted moisturisers aren't quite covering enough for my skin). It is easily absorbed and I find I don't get any kind of tide mark, unless I've switched to Peche too early in the season when my skin isn't ready for it. If I look at photographs of myself the moisturiser definitely gives me a healthy glow.

      What's the real winner for me, though, is that I simply don't react to this product. Not at all. Never. I've splashed out on far more expensive products and found that even when they're noted for their hypoallergenic or non-reactive properties my skin still doesn't like them.

      My other very slight gripe is that although the promotional leaflet and other marketing information (on the Vichy website, for instance) talks about the UVA and UVB protection afforded by the Lumineuse it's hard to work out exactly how high a factor this is. It could well be that this information is included in the leaflet inside the box, but I tend to discard the packaging and then I can't remember what it said. For me this is important. If I'm going to be out and about under a warmer summer sun I need to know whether I need to back up the Lumineuse with some additional sunblock. I think it would be sensible to make it clearer on the tube itself exactly what there is (or isn't) in sun protection terms.

      For this reason and for the discontinuation of the Natural shade (very popular in the UK, according to the reviews written by disgruntled Vichy customers on forums), I'm knocking of a star. It's still worth four stars for its reasonable price (£11-£13) and the fact that it suits my skin so well.


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  • Product Details

    Sheer radiance tinted moisturiser / Vitamin A + pro-vitamin B5 / Fruit extracts / DRY SKIN / Enhances the complexion / Hydrates, protects and nourishes the skin / Natural, smooth and long-lasting effect / With Vichy thermal spa water / Velvety texture, enriched with plant oils / Lumineuse: for a more radiant skin / The unique association of fruit extracts, vitamin A and pro-vitamin B5 helps to remove dead skin cells and to stimulate cellular renewal /

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