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Virgin Vie Cleansing Lotion

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Brand: Virgin Vie / Type: Cleansing Lotion / Subcategory: Lotion / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    2 Reviews
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      28.02.2008 15:29
      Very helpful



      an excellent cleanser and great for sensitive skin.

      There are many different ranges of cleansing lotions and washes from Virgin Vie but I am reviewing Perfect Balance Take Comfort Cleansing Lotion

      I suffer from very sensitive skin which dries out quickly when using soaps and some bath/shower products etc. I have therefore had to search for a face cleanser that is effective enough that it will get rid of make-up and daily dirt etc but is gentle enough that it wont completely dry out my skin and leave me with a blotchy red face (as some cleaners/soaps have done). Thankfully - I think I have found the answer!

      Having a Virgin Vie Consultant for a friend comes in quite handy as I not only get an assortment of free/discounted goodies but I also get advice on what products I can use that wont irritate my skin.

      Last November, after trying yet another face cleanser and feeling disheartened when my face was left feeling dry, tight and itchy, I expressed my concerns to my friend. She handed me a Perfect Balance Take Comfort Cleansing Lotion and told me to try it.

      I was sceptical that evening as I pumped a little of the cleanser into my hand, spread it over my face and proceeded to wipe it away with a cotton pad but to my surprise, my face not only felt refreshed from the slightly cooling sensation of the cleanser but did not feel really dry. (I do apply moisturiser after I use it but you may not have to as it does definitely moisturise my skin more than other cleansers I have tried).

      I have been using it for over three months and I am delighted to say that I have still not found any problems with it!

      On the front of the bottle is the Virgin Vie logo at the top and 'Perfect Balance take comfort cleansing lotion - Brings balance to normal and oily skin' at the bottom.

      On the back of the bottle - 'smooth away the grime of the day with this gentle, skin friendly cleanser. Kind to dry skin, but firm with impurities, this cleanser helps to restore order to skin that's off balance. Naturally derived oils and skin compatible moisturisers effectively lift away grime whilst respecting the skin's hydration levels. Lemon, horsetail and nettle extracts help tone and refresh for healthy, happy skin'.

      I have a smaller bottle than is available to buy from the catalogue or from their website (as my friend had a 'travel' size version which she gave to me to try) which contains 125ml (as opposed to the 250ml which is available from their catalogue/website. As I said before, I have been using it for over three months (approximately 4/5 times a week) and still have just over half left. I find that two pumps of the cleanser is enough to cover my whole face.

      The bottle is see through so you can clearly see how much of the toner you have left. The cleanser itself is white and glides across the face. Not too thick and not too runny - just perfect! It has a pleasant, slightly fragranced smell and feels really refreshing after a long day. It really does feel like my face is getting a good clean.

      Top Tips:

      This cleanser works much better when you wash your hands before applying it (as it seems a bit pointless applying a cleanser with dirty hands).

      I get better results when I apply the cream to my face and massage in and wipe away with a cotton pad (I usually use two pads each time - one for my eyes and one for the rest of my face) rather than applying the cream directly to the pad and wiping it across my face.

      If you are wearing heavy make up then you may need to apply and wipe your face twice.

      I always follow up this cleanser with a toner as it makes sure I get rid of any traces of the cleanser or dirt left on the skin.

      As I said before, this product is available to buy from their catalogue or website at a cost of £11.00 which I think is excellent value for money considering how long it lasts, or you can buy direct from a Consultant (or hold a Virgin Vie party where you can try the products before you buy) details of which you can get from their website - www.virginvieathome.co.uk

      I highly recommend this to all and especially to those of you with sensitive skin who spend ages looking for a product that doesn't iritae.

      Thanks for reading.

      This review is also published on Ciao.


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        19.02.2007 09:51
        Very helpful
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        An excellent cleansing lotion

        There are a number of Virgin Vie cleansing lotions available from their different ranges, e.g.
        * Perfect Balance
        * Stay Calm
        * Vitamin C

        This review is of the Virgin Vie Moisture Boost Cleansing Cream.

        This Virgin Vie cleansing cream was bought approximately two years ago and since there is a teeny tiny bit left in the bottle you can tell that my beauty regime isn't good. I really should cleanse and tone each day but I only seem to do it if my face has been clagged with make-up for a night out and this cleanser really does the trick.

        ~ Price ~

        I paid roughly £10 for this 250ml bottle and judging by the prices in the V.V catalogue, cleansers are currently around the £11 mark

        ~ Packaging ~

        It comes in a standard clear plastic bottle so you can actually see the colour of the cream and how much is left, which I like the idea of.

        It has a pump action top which is black / very dark dark blue with a silver trim around the bottom of the top.

        The pump action dispenser is great for getting just the right amount out but I much prefer tubs to bottles as you can scrape the last little bits out and there's absolutely zero waste!

        ~ What is it? ~

        It's obviously a cleanser but what's great about it is that it's ideal for dry, thirsty skin.

        It's a very rich cleanser which doesn't leave your skin feeling uncomfortable, dry or tight after using it.

        Through the bottle, the cream looks a beige colour but when you get out small amounts it's a standard creamy colour.

        It's a lovely rich cream which washes or wipes away from your face and neck very easily and boy does it get off the layer upon layer of make-up from the night before!

        The only thing I don't like about it is it's smell, it's very hard to explain but it's almost like a mild wood smell but I can put up with that as it cleanses my face so well and leaves it feeling very fresh. I do use this alongside the moisture boost toner and the two combined really do the trick.

        Unfortunately the pump-action top has broken on my bottle so I have to unscrew the lid and get the cream out that way which does sometimes mean that I end up with too much on my hand, whereas with the pump action you could really control the amount you dispense.

        As I'm running very low on this cleanser I got in touch with my V.V consultant friend to ask her if she could get me another one but it doesn't seem as if they do this particular brand anymore but they do have an alternative, which I'm hoping is the same but has just been renamed............'Stay Calm' for dry, sensitive skin. I shall have to give that one a whirl next time round.

        For a full range of cleansers available from V.V visit the website at www.virginathome.com


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