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Virgin Vie Sheer Perfection Tinted Moisturizer

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Brand: Virgin Vie / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    1 Review
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      10.01.2012 21:44
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      A good tinted moisturiser

      I'm not really one for wearing a lot of makeup but sometimes it's nice to have something a little extra to cover up some bouts of bad skin or to smooth out your complexion. Instead of using a full on foundation I often turn to tinted moisturisers to give me the coverage I'm looking for and add that little extra glow to my skin - enter, virgin Vie. I went to Virgin Vie party about 3 or 4 years ago and have been using their sheer perfection tinted moisturiser ever since (the company is however now only called VIE at home).

      For those of you who don't know - a virgin vie party is basically where a virgin vie representative comes to your home and lets you sample products with a view to buying - a little like an ann-summers party for those ladies (or perhaps even gentlemen) who are familiar with how it all works often with the host benefiting from some sort of discount or freebie for hosting a party.....so this tinted moisturiser was one such product that was handed round to test and with a quick blend in to the hand I thought I'd give it a go. On my hand the colour looked natural having selected the medium shade from light medium and dark.
      Who are Virgin Vie? (now VIE at Home)

      Virgin Vie as you can imagine used to be run under the big brand name Virgin another of Bransons hats providing a range of cosmetics and jewellery to everyday consumers like me and you. In 2009 the company was relaunched and is now know only as VIE at home - the whole affair is very confusing reading up on it and to be honest I'm not entirely sure who owns the company or even if it's still affiliated with Virgin at all but what I do know is that I do purchase certain products from their cosmetics range and they have a website where these purchases can be made easily.

      one such product is this tinted moisturiser which has also had a facelift since the last time I purchased it and is now known as hydra tint instead of sheer perfection...personally I preferred sheer perfection but it seems the company has tried to do some rebranding recently.

      ***The claim***

      According to VIE this tinted moisturiser offers "a weightless, complexion enhancing skin tint for sheer skin perfection, evens out skin tone and hydrates to leave you with happy, healthy looking skin. Protected, radiant and glowing - your skin is ready to face the day"


      This moisturiser is presented in a 30ml squeeze tube with a twist off lid. The tube is dark blue in colour with VIE branding marked on it in silver with sheer perfection and SPF 15 tinted moisturiser written on the bottom - there is a description in silver writing on the back of the tube along with instructions for use and also contact information for the company. The last tube I purchased was in 2010 and it's not something I use every day and the rebranding had clearly started back then as there is a sticker with the new Vie at home information. When you unscrew the cap you will see that there is a tiny hole at the top of the neck where the liquid comes out.

      ***The smell***

      This foundation has a light fragrance which isn't immediately recognisable until you stick your nose up to the neck opening. It has a sort of oatmeal like fragrance coupled with that familiar cosmetic scent that I've come across so many times of peaches....the smell of peaches must come from something specific used throughout the cosmetic industry because it is a smell very familiar to me from the use of other products but what the ingredient could be I don't really know....overall I find the scent quite pleasant but a little redundant on a product such as this that I'm going to apply to my face...but to be honest it's not really noticeably fragrant when applied to your face as the scent is so delicate so this aspect of the liquid doesn't really matter.
      The Application

      Of course one of the most important aspects of products such as these is the overall application of the product. As previously indicated this is in fact a liquid and is quite runny so be careful when you squeeze the tube not to apply to much pressure as it comes out quickly. Squirt a little bit onto your fingers and gently rub into your face - I personally start with my nose and work my way onto my cheeks, rubbing into my chin and forehead last - I'm not sure why I do this but it just kind of makes sense and works for me. A little of the product goes a long way so you really don't need to extract a huge amount of liquid from the tube to get the right amount of coverage. The liquid absorbs quickly and evenly into the skin giving you a nice healthy looking glow with a spot of colour to go with it. Overall the product gives nice even coverage and it's so lightweight that you don't even notice it on your skin, and I think people would struggle to even notice you had anything applied at all.

      Now of course this is in fact a moisturiser and not a foundation so the fact that it's tinted and gives nice colour is only half the battle, the true question is does it moisturise....and the answer would be yes, however, it certainly doesn't take over from my regular every day moisturiser - this product is something I use as an extra. As stated previously it absorbs quickly and easily into the skin showing me that it has good penetration making sure my skin gets the best out of the hydrating properties and my skin feels instantly smoother but the negative side to this product is that I find it makes my already oily T-zone, that little more oily....by the end of the day my face actually looks quite shiny around the forehead and nose area especially if I've exerted any sort of energy throughout the day such as going for a walk at lunchtime and produced an element of sweat.


      This moisturiser is one that only needs to be applied once in the morning as the product really does last all day including the colour. If you're using this product for the SPF15 factor as protection from the sun - another benefit the product offers - then I really don't think you would need to re-apply unless of course you have a really bad habit of rubbing your face. I will point out that this colouring in this product will show up on clothing so you wouldn't want to be wiping the sleeve of a long sleeved white T across your brow or anything silly like that. I haven't had any instances where the product has ended up on my clothing and hasn't come out in the washing machine so it's not likely to stain.

      ***Ease of removal***

      Because the moisturise stays on your skin for pretty much a full day - it's important like with any makeup (and I do class this as makeup) that you use either a face wipe or your usual cleanser to make sure the product is fully removed from the surface of your skin. You don't want to go to your bed in the evening and get makeup on your pillows. A simple face wipe will remove the product fully from your face with one wipe so it is very easy to take off.
      Where to buy and the cost

      As this is a Vie at home product - you can of course buy it on the VIE at home website for a grand total of £13.50 which is very pricey for a product that is only hits the good mark and the not the excellent or very good, however it is now called hydra tint - you can no longer get the sheer perfection from the vie website itself -there are however some offerings on ebay for around £10.50 if you fancy giving this original product a try. I can't really vouch for the new hydra tint that's replaced this one - but the description has remained the same, it would seem that only the packaging and name have changed but until I try the new version I can't really say if it's as good as this original one.

      A good product that protects my skin and gives me nice light coverage with a lovely natural tint giving the skin on my face a healthy happy look


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