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Waitrose Organic Moisturising Face Cream

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Brand: Waitrose / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Subcategory: Face Cream / Suitable for: Face / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Moisturizes,

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    1 Review
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      24.07.2009 16:13
      Very helpful



      A cream worth trying.

      Always on the look out for paraben free natural toiletries and cosmetics I came across a small pot of cream on the Ocado website which is made by Waitrose, so will also be available in their stores nationwide. This cream is called "Waitrose Organic Moisturising Face Cream" and is presented in a square cardboard box with a simple white design, decorated by a single white daisy.

      I paid a very reasonable £4.94 for this on the Ocado website, but this is an internet only price, so in store in Waitrose this will be marginally higher. For those of you not familiar with Ocado it is a company who deliver groceries (mainly Waitrose) and recently have launched a campaign to lower the price of Waitrose goods sold on their site, to benefit customers who loyally support their mail order service.

      This cream contains organic palmarosa which is an essential oil which has a rose like floral aroma, and is known for its hydrating and moisturising qualities. The cream also has chamomile and shea butter, which add to the replenishing and moisturising and soothing qualities, and almond oil, though the latter is not discernable in the fragrance.

      The first attribute this product has is that it looks sophisticated and simplistic, and would certainly grace any dressing table. It has a pure quality which is reminiscent of a product many times its value, so for me all these qualities make it worth trying.

      I have recently become a lover of the Marks and Spencer's face cream from their "Naturals range" which has a dewy texture and a light summer fragrance, and I also use "Korres Wild Rose Cream" which is a more expensive product made by the Greek producer. I thought this might be helpful to contrast the qualities of this Waitrose cream against these other paraben free products. I have reviewed both of these on Dooyoo in the past.

      The cream is presented within a glass jar which makes it appealing, and it has a rich white appearance. It is very light and dewy and it sits on the skin, blending in with ease, and is comfortable to wear with a non greasy texture. It has no SPF factor, so unless you use a foundation over this which has one, you should be aware you are not protected. The fragrance is a subtle one, and it reminds me of a natural product, without any one perfume dominating. It has an almost honey sweet aroma, but very very subtle and purity is the word which comes to mind.

      I have been using this for a few weeks now and although I don't like the fragrance as much as my other two creams it has superior moisturising qualities to both of them, and I am finding myself using this a lot more than I expected too. Being quickly absorbed it is easy to apply foundation quite soon after application as it sinks in quickly providing a good base.

      It is almost the same price as the Marks and Spencer's cream, but only a quarter of the price of the Korres which retails for almost £20, the latter does have a sun protection factor in it though, and of course has to be shipped from Athens which adds to the cost. This Waitrose cream is made in the United Kingdom, so a bonus here.

      All the packaging and of course the jar can be recycled, so it is ethical and Earth friendly.

      Paraben free and natural creams and toiletries in general are becoming more available at good prices now as the potential dangers of some of the chemicals used in the cosmetic industries are coming under close scrutiny. The jury is out on whether many of these chemicals are harmful, but certainly it is prudent to be aware of their potential risks, especially in products like these which are absorbed into the skin on a daily basis. Parabens are banned in Japan and in many other countries pending the long term research being done to assess the properties these chemicals have, especially in relation to their possible abilities to mimic female hormones in the body. With reproductive cancers on the increase I feel we have to take these risks seriously and to think about whether we want to use these chemicals until further research yields accurate data.

      I think for a product which costs less than a fiver you are assured of a very good cream, which is moisturising and fresh. I have used it myself for a good trial period and have been impressed. In all attributes it excels, except for the one in which it fails, that is the fact that it is devoid of any sun factor protection.

      It is fresh and light and will suit all skin types, except I wouldn't use it on teenage skin prone to acne as I think it is too much moisture.

      A good pure product which is certainly worth a purchase.


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