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Wilkinsons Skin Therapy Age Wonderful Facial Wipes

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4 Reviews
  • Do freshen up a cleanish face
  • Cheap
  • Hard to remove make up!
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    4 Reviews
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      14.04.2010 00:46
      Very helpful



      Great when your in a rush

      Wilkinsons is probably my all-time all round favourate shop. They offer such good value and the products never seem to suffer for this, they sell a huge range and do some great value offers.

      when I was shopping in wilkinsons I picked up a pack of these once and thought I would give them a go. I don't like to use facial wipes as a substitute to cleaners and toners but here and there, everyone has a day when they can't be bothered and these are great for those days.

      They are great values and the cheapest I have ever found. You can buy 1 pack of 25 for 57p or you can usually get 2 packs of 25 for 97p.

      Having tried them and after using them several times I think they are great. As I have said, nothing will be as good a a cleanser but these really are the next best thing. Great for when you've had a very long day or been out for the night and are tired and just want to get to bed.

      They manage to take off all of my make up and eye makeup. If I have been wearing a lot I will somtimes need a second wipe, but at this price, it's not an issue. I find they leave my skin feeling clean and completely clear of make up.

      They have a very mild fragrance to them, it just smells really clean and fresh and they are very gentle on my over sensitive skin.

      I would not be without these and re-purchase them all the time. i would recommend them to anyone and think they are great, particularly for the price. Well done wilkos!


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      30.03.2010 20:26
      Very helpful



      cheap and effective enough

      We all crave beautiful skin. It would be lovely to wake up in the morning without creases and bumps and tyre tracks down your cheeks. Unfortunately, that just is not possible. Ageing and sun damage and leaving make up on overnight can all play factors in contributing to poor skin. I love to look after my face and I am always searching for new products to try to keep it looking fresh, revitalised and healthy.

      For under the thirty pence mark, Wilkinsons have come up with their Therapy Age Facial Wipes. You get about 25 wipes in a pack and they are designed for make up removal and for removing dirt and debris at the end of the day. Perfect for ridding foundation, mascara, blusher, vaseline that has gone astray and even small insects that might have collected in the eyelashes.

      You simply tear off a wipe and work in circular motions over the face and neck. I used them to help minimise pores. I get very oily skin so thought they might be good to use at the end of the day to remove dirt and oils. I found the wipes wet enough to use on the whole face, though particularly useful for the nose and forehead areas. The smell is subtle and will not cause your nose to wretch and they are gentle too on sensitive skin.

      On the downside, I did not see much anti-ageing going on, but what the wipes did do is clean and cleanse the face thoroughly and left it feeling fresh and not overly tight. Really not bad for the price tag. Not luxury, but they do get rid of grime and helped balance my oils on the forehead for a few hours. I can see a packet lasting a month. Used in combination with a good cleanser, these wipes could be part of an effective skincare regime.


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      20.01.2010 16:02
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      I have stocked up on these before the price changes.

      DERMA AGE WONDERFUL Facial wipes. (Pro Advance).

      Having recently started to notice a few of the wrinkles on my face that are associated with becoming into my late forties, i have been paying special attention to what i use on my face and also takinbg that extra half an hour to maintain my skin, and make sure that i alsways take the time, to remove the dirt build up on my face from wearing foundations, face anti wrinkle creams etc before going to bed.

      This Product comes from Wilkinsons and is a mere 27p.

      The Packet **********

      This comes in a plastic white packet and has the writing on it Derma, this is a skin therapy brand, and is ph balanced and im glad to report that these are alcohol free, which is a good thing.
      In each packet there are approximately 25 wipes and that means nearly a whole months supply for 27p, but i do occassionally use a couple of these wipes depending on how much make up etc i have applied to my face the day or evening before i want to remove it.

      You have a tear off strip on the top of the packet this is easy to open and sticks back down keeping the moist face wipes moist and you can easily remove one at a time, unlike some products that i have brought that where more expensive, where you pull one out and the whole lot come out so you cant put them back.

      The Smell**********
      These wipes do have a smell but not an overpowering acohol smell as it doesnt contain any but a fresh smell like a hand lotion but only just a slight smell at that.

      My Opinion **********

      Well ive been using these for the past three weeks, having had a holiday i took some with me and i use them every day to be honest, they have a nice moisture and smell, but not so soggy that you could squeeze them and loads of liquid comes off. They actually do their job really well, but i have noticed for removing Mascara and Eye Liner you will have to use a couple of these and maybe rub a little bit harder than you would for removing basic Foundations and lipstick face creams etc. But i have noticed that they do the job really well and because they are so cheap i have stocked up on enough to last me a while. I usually have before brought the more expensive wipes and they do just the same job.

      I actually feel that my skin feels so softer now i have been using these wipes and as they are such good value for money, my skin really feels so much cleaner and i do get a lot of make up and dirt builds up from everyday living on my face and you can see this coming off onto the wipes, i think that they are good having a very soft sensititve skin, i have personally found that these do not irrate my skin, my skin type is incidentally very dry, and these have definitely helpes to improve the softness and the dry skin that i did have before using this product.

      The Age wonderful part **********

      I guess that because they do not contain acohol which helps at the time to reduce lines etc, but later on you may see an increase, they not having this ingredient are not prolonging the aging process, as to whether they make me look any younger yet remains to be seen, after long time use, but they do certainly help to cleanse my skin, have helped with my dry skin, and keep my skin looking fresher, and cleaner, which that in itself i guess helps to keep me looking younger, which is important at my age im in my late forties, but do get told i look younger, i wonder if this is because i take the time to look after myself, couldnt atribute it to any one product at this time. But they do the job that i brought them for so thats a bonus, and they dont irrate my skin either so thats a plus too.

      They do give a cash back promise at the reverse of the packet, and a Warning to keep out of your eyes, i have used them under my eyes and they do remove make up with a bit of pressure applied.

      Directions **********
      I take a wipe out of the packet, being careful to remember to reseal the packet back up to help maintain the moisture in each wipe. I apply a wipe to my face using circle movements and thus removing my make up whilst cleansing and moisturing my face at the same time. It doesnt take long, and i usually use two face wipes a day especially under my eyes. You dont need to rinse these off after and they do not leave your skin feeling too oily or too dry. But looking and smelling fresh and clean.

      Thanks for reading and rating my reviews. x


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        23.04.2009 16:14
        Very helpful


        • "Do freshen up a cleanish face"
        • "Cheap "


        • "Hard to remove make up!"

        You get what you pay for!

        I do love a bargain so when I saw these face wipes on offer 3 for a £1.00 (usually 2 packets for a pound) I couldn't resist purchasing some in Wilkinson's. I usually pay alot more for facial wipes to be fair but simply thought these had to be worth trying out though to be honest I didn't expect much lol.

        The Packaging:

        The wipes come in a white, oblong plastic packet which has black, light silver and baby blue writing on the it. On the front of the pack I'm told They are Skin Therapy Derma Pro-Advance Age Wonderful Facial Wipes. I'm then told they are to 'Deeply cleanse and moisturise skin, remove make-up and mascara', and that they are Dermatologically tested and PH balanced and also alcohol free. There's a light blue spotted pattern on some of the packet and I'm told the packet contains 25 wipes. On the back of the pack I'm given information about the wipes, directions on how to use them is given, ingredients are listed along with a warning, contact details for Wilkinson's are given along with a cash-back promise if your not entirely satisfied with them for ANY reason and the best before date is clearly stamped on. Ok packaging to be fair and it doesn't scream it's cheap!

        A Bit About The Product According To The Back Of The Packet:

        Everybody wants to stay looking as young as they can and feeling as great as they can for as long as possible. However not everybody has the time to spend hours to achieve this goal! This is where Derma Pro-Advance can help. Carefully developed by skin experts, you can now actively help delay the signs of ageing with Derma Pro-Advances complete skin system in three easy stages.


        During the day or while you sleep, leaving skin soft and silky.


        Replacing lost moisture, essential for younger looking skin.


        For younger looking skin that remains that way for longer.

        Directions For Use:

        Peel back label and remove wipe. Using one wipe at a time, cleanse your face and neck using small circular movements for deep down cleansing and moisturisation. No need to rinse. Take care to reseal the pack to prevent the wipes from drying out.

        Me Using Them:

        Well the wipes pull out really well through a clear seal at the front and centre of the pack. They are quite big and white and square in shape and although not thick as such they are not flimsy and are quite good in appearance and in touch.

        Smell wise... well I never. Gross! Each wipe is damp (not wet) and stinks to high heaven of what smells like the cheapest lemon toilet cleaner I have ever smelt...honest lol. The only good thing about this is that once you've used the wipe the smell does disappear from where you've cleansed in a few minutes but whilst using it, the fragrance is awful and I hate the cheap smell of it and find it sickly.

        Using them is simple enough though. If you wipe over a 'naked' face just for a freshen up then yes they remove general grease and grime well enough. You have to scrub a little but I find a couple of wipes enough to feel I have cleaned my face.

        However on make up (even light) it's really hard work to remove stuff and near on impossible to get mascara even budged off slightly. Ok it's achievable in about 6 wipes but honestly I just can't be bothered with them as it takes ages. Yes they are robust but very hard work and lets face it at at least 50 wipes (I got 75) for a pound what do you expect really? lol.


        A cheap buy and ok if you just want to freshen up a rather clean face that you possess already. They leave no residue of oils on the skin and the smell wears off ok and the skin does feel (surprisingly lol) soft the the touch. I can't say I like them but they have a place type of thing. Useless for make up though lol.

        Do I believe they help with aging? Not really no but they haven't hurt my skin in any way shape or form!Only available in Wilkinson's.

        This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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      • Product Details

        Cleanses and moisturises skin and removes make-up and mascara /

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