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Wilko Skin Therapy Deep Cleansing Nose #s

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Brand: Wilko / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses / Product line: Wilko Skin Therapy

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    2 Reviews
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      21.05.2013 16:04
      Very helpful



      Can't go wrong for the price


      As it says in my bio I'm definitely the sort of person that looks for bargains and I'll refuse to pay loads of money for something especially if I know I'm not going to use it very often. For this reason I often find myself in Wilkinsons purchasing a lot of their "skin therapy" products, some things I will use daily and others I just use now and again. My skin usually isn't too bad but I do struggle with pore problems around my nose and so I thought I would try these skin therapy deep cleansing nose strips. Other nose strips I have seen in Superdrug can cost up to £7.99 and so I thought this would be a good buy.


      The packaging is rather bland for this product. A small mainly white in colour, cardboard rectangular box. There are green leaves on the front and the name "skin therapy" it also has the name of the product and the line "If you're bothered by blackheads or clogged up pores on your nose, you're in luck!" At the bottom on the front of the packet it also says that there are 6 nose strips inside.

      The strips themselves are held inside the box individually wrapped in foil packets. The packets contain instructions printed in black just incase you don't have the box to hand to read how to use the product. When opening the foil packet you pull out a small white piece of material stuck to a clear cellophane sheet. The material is conveniently shaped like your nose with notches cut out so that it will be a snug fit when placed on the area.

      The back of the box has the usual information such as manufacturers details, ingredients and how to use the product.


      These strips cost 99p from Wilkinsons, that works out at just over 16p per nose strip. In comparison to the Biore nose strips you can purchase in Superdrug for £7.99 I feel this is a very good bargain.


      I feel for the price these are a pretty decent product, I haven't tried many other nose strips but in comparison to the tea tree ones I've tried these skin therapy ones stand up pretty well. To use the product you simply peel it away from the cellophane sheet, before this you should wet your nose so that the material will stick, then with shiny side down place the strip on your nose ensuring to smooth it down preventing bubbles. You then leave the product on for 10 minutes and pull it off starting from the outside of your nose and pulling in.

      This is one of those products that you can actually see working because if any of you have used nose strips you will know that you can see some of the residue left from unclogging the pores left on the material when it's peeled away, it sounds disgusting but it's weirdly satisfying! Haha.

      Anyway. This product dries in the 10 minutes it says it will, it sticks well and cleanses pores around the nose. It does appear to work better on the sides of the nose though and not as well on the front of the nose. The main downside to this product is that sometimes if you accidentally leave it on that bit too long it does become difficult to remove and it sometimes leaves sticky material on the nose, if left too long as well the nose can become irritated but 9 times out of 10 this doesn't occur.


      Overall I would say this is a good product. Nose strips shouldn't be used very often anyway, it says on the packet that they should not be used more than twice a week but I tend to use them once a month because they are quite harsh on the skin. It's not as high performing as some nose strips but for the price it's well worth a buy and something to keep in the bathroom cabinet if you get a breakout or troublesome pores like me around the nose area.


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      01.04.2013 01:57
      Very helpful



      @ Wilko

      BUST THOSE BLACKHEADS! - WilkomSkin Therapy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips

      My face is quite prone to spots, blackheads & clogged up pores so I have to use face wash & a cleansing lotion, to make sure that my face is clean. I do use face wipes aswell as a spot lotion whenever my face flares up & it can get quite annoying! I sometimes use my Neutrogena Wave that does work but the pads are very costly so I don't use it that often. Another thing is that face cleansers do get costly & I can't use soap except for Dove & that is costly as well! One thing about my face is the T-Zone & my nose has to be the most annoying thing that I have to wash! Sometimes my nose is dry when I use cleansers & soap & I can't put moisturisers on it otherwise it goes oily & then turns all shiny which causes embarrasment to me!

      Now as the whole face care routine as getting costly I turned to Wilkinsons & was astonished at the amount of face care products that were on sale! There were 2 Wilko brands, Skinology & Skin Therapy, both were under £1 for each item. First of all I tried Skinology which had some really good spot busting products & then I tried Skin Therapy products, which were nice. Their Exfoliating Face Wipes are lovely!
      Anyway I haven't found a solution to my nose problems & my sister said that I should buy some nose strips that get rid of blackheads & clogged pores. I searched around & the cheapest I could find were Boots Own, £4.99 for 6! That was shocking for the price, but looking on wilkinsonplus.com found me Skin Therapy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips, which were the lovely price of 99p for 6! That's better, I thought, & went to buy some.

      The Product

      Skin Therapy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips come in a nice card box, where half the box is covered with leaves & the other side is plain white. It's easy on the eye & looks nice in your bathroom.
      Here is what Wilko say about them:

      If you're bothered by blackheads or clogged up pores on your nose, you're in luck!

      My Experiences

      To me these are really easy to use & they really do work! I wont give you the directions but I will write them my way, through my experiences!

      Wilko say that before use you should wash your face & ensure that it is free from cosmetics, but you should still have your nose wet when you have the strip on. Then you take the strip out of the foil wrap & place the shiny side of the strip down on your nose & smooth out any bubbles or creases. Next allow the strip to dry naturally for about 10 minutes then peel the strip away carefully from your nose. If it gets stuck then just splash some water on it & it should come away easily enough.
      Putting the strip on is really easy & it is large enough to cover my nose. I left mine on for 10 mins & after that the strip had become quite stuck to my nose. Despite it being stuck it still peeled away with minimal effort leaving my nose once again smooth & non shiny!


      Polyvinyl alcohol, Glycerin, PEG-20 almond glycerides, Hamamelis virginiana (witchhazel) extract, Dipotassium glycyrrhizate.


      I was quite glad I hadn't spent another £4 on the Boots ones as these do a really good job & also as they contain witch hazel they are anti bacterial aswell as getting rid of blackheads & unclogging pores. No longer do I have dry skin on my nose!

      Thanks for Reading!


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