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Witch Clear Pore Gel

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4 Reviews
  • doesn't cause any problems on my skin
  • doesn't work
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    4 Reviews
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      04.05.2015 22:32
      Very helpful


      • "doesn't cause any problems on my skin"


      • "doesn't work"

      Nice to try but not for me

      I bought a large bottle of the Witch pore minimising gel wash whilst in Asda in the vain (yes) hope it would shrink some of the pores I can see on my nose. I know pores only get worse the older you get but I blame my dad when I was young - he used to pin me down and try and squeeze the blackheads on my nose when I was a young teen, with me squirming underneath as it hurt. Eventually my mum stopped him and bought me some grainy stuff from the Body Shop to use but there began my lifelong obsession with the pores on my nose.

      Tried everything!
      I own scrubs, strips, cleansers, gels, masks and now this gel wash. I'll really try anything in the quest. I do use make up which covers them up but I'd like my skin to look nice when it is free from enhancement too. I don't wear much make up on holiday so this is important to me.

      In use
      I just rub this on my face then remove it with a flannel when I am in the bath. It doesn't foam up or do anything really but it has that familiar scent of witch hazel which is known for calming down skin and being kind on spots.

      Does it work?
      I don't really have black heads any more now I'm older but I can see the marks on my nose that are pores, with one or two larger ones standing out and I absolutely hate them. I think that's why I am always slapping face creams on in the hope they will hide them a bit.

      I suppose this range is aimed at younger people than me with its bright packaging and alluring promises. For me, it just didn't seem to do anything at all. It didn't remove make up. I wouldn't risk it on my eye area anyway but neither did it particularly cleanse my skin. I just now use it rather thickly layered on as a face mask while I read my book for ten minutes.

      I paid £2.50 in Asda, thinking that was a good price at the time for the large bottle which is sized 200ml.

      Final thoughts
      I like the pump dispenser but I think I'm just using it out of duty now rather than for its effects. I'm going to review some Korean products soon which I think are doing a better job than this gel. I wanted this at least to foam up when water is added but it doesn't really do that at all.


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      21.01.2010 00:37
      Very helpful



      So glad I decided to buy this!

      I've tried a pretty wide range of different spot treatments over the years from those that claim to prevent spots from occurring in the first place to those that are supposed to get rid of them when they do crop up. This particular one falls into the first category (more on that in a bit). I'm generally quite a big fan of products that contain Witch Hazel due to its antiseptic and antibacterial qualities so I was hopeful that this gel would do something positive for my skin.

      ***The gel***
      The gel itself is more or less totally clear and doesn't have the slightly coloured tint that Witch Hazel gel tends to have. The idea behind this gel is quite simple: by smoothing it on your face at night (with particular emphasis on oily areas that are more prone to blemishes), it is supposed to attack the bacteria that may otherwise result in spots and dissolve the excess oils that would contribute this. As someone who is prone to regular breakouts, this sounded right up my street. I've had negative experiences with a lot of spot treatments in the past - mostly because they have been as good as useless! - but as this one contains Witch Hazel, I was more confident that it would live up to some of the claims at least.

      It's quite a thick gel and feels quite tacky when it's on my skin. This lasts for quite a while as though it's never really sunk into my skin but maybe that's the idea given its intentions. As this gel is intended to be applied at night, I don't mind this as it's not like I'm applying any moisturiser or make-up over the top.

      ***How did it work?***
      I've been using the gel on a nightly basis for around a week now in place of the Body Shop Blemish Fade Lotion that has run out and not yet been replaced. As the Body Shop lotion has done a fairly good job of sorting my skin out while I've been using it, my skin wasn't in the state that it could have been and there were only a few minor spots that had sprung up in the gap between the Body Shop lotion running out and me finding this on one of my cupboard sort-outs.

      So far, I've noticed a definite improvement to the extent that I may not bother replacing my Body Shop lotion as soon as I'd intended to as it's a bit more expensive than this and I still have a good amount left in this tube. In the week that I've been using it, the spots that I did have look much reduced, which was a bit of a surprise given that treating existing spots isn't actually one of the claims - it's supposed to be more to do with preventing future blemishes from occurring - so I've considered this to be a nice bonus.

      On the prevention front, I'm similarly impressed. No new blemishes have occurred since I started using it and my pores seem to have shrunk in size. They are still noticeable, as you might expect given the fact that my skin is very oily but they seem less open. I still get blackheads across my nose and also on my cheeks and chin to a lesser extent so this gel hasn't done anything to stop them from cropping up, but again, this isn't one of the claims so I'll let them off for that!

      ***How much it costs***
      Price-wise, I paid around £4 for a 35ml tube. This might sound a bit pricey but it's quite standard for the spot treatments that I've bought in the past and most of those haven't been worth the price tag in the slightest. The tube doesn't sound very big but you don't need to use much or it would probably start having the opposite effect by clogging your pores!


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      05.02.2009 21:13
      Very helpful



      With clear pore gel with natural wtich hazel helps combats spots and blemishes.

      With are a well known brand of skin care, and as you can probably tell from their name, they use Natural Witch Hazel in their products which is a great cleanser and great to combat spots as well.

      ***ABOUT WITCH***
      Between 1960 - 1999, witch became known as the brand for spots and blemishes, by using the ever popular natural ingredient Witch Hazel in their products.
      In 2000-2002, Witch bought out a wider range of products which included five daily use products such as washes and cleansers. By 2008 witch had launched lots more products including moisturisers, hydrating gel and serum. They also re-designed the packaging to a much softer blue colour. By this time there were also various tv advertisements which showed that their products are an easy way to naturally refresh skin.

      Witch Hazels are shrubs and also (rarely), small tree's, which can grow 3-8 metres tall. These are popular ornamental plants, grown for their clusters of rich yellow to orange-red flowers which begin to expand in the autumn.

      The bark and leaves are astringent, the extract also referred to as witch hazel is used medicinally. Extracts from its bark and leaves are used in aftershave lotions and lotions for treating insect bites and bruises. Witch Hazel was also used widely by American Indians to treat ulcers of the skin, sores and tumours.

      This gel helps to keep skin clear and to tackle spots and those nasty blemishes. This product is oil free and helps dissolves access oils and combats problem causing bacteria. Regular overnight use helps tackle the causes of spots for a clearer, healthier complexion.

      It is recommended that you wash your face before bed and apply the gel allowing it to absorb into the skin. Give particular attention to areas where access oil builds up. Avoid contact with the eyes. For best results use every night as part of your regular Witch skincare routine.

      I use to use this every night before going to bed and only stopped using this because it used to bring me out in a few rash like spots, how-ever I did continue to use this put I just dabbed some of the gel onto a blemish or spot before going to bed. In the morning you could notice the results, the blemish was less noticeable and it certainly shrinks the spot in size as well.

      I have been using this on my spots and blemishes for well over 3 years now and this is the best thing I have ever used for spots and blemishes and would recommend it to anyone who suffers form the odd spot or blemish now and again! As I only use this gel for spots and not my whole face, this does last quite a long time.

      Do not apply this to broken skin or spots which have been scratched/picked, this stings so much!

      This is available from boots & Superdrug and can be found in the skincare aisle along with other Witch products. It cost me about £3.99 for a 35ml tube of this gel.

      Witch also do other facial products such as :
      * Foaming Face Wash
      * Witch Cleanser
      * Exfoliating Wash
      * Hydrating Gel
      * Clear pore Strips and more!

      (review also on ciao)


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        02.07.2008 18:54
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        another amazing product

        After years of trying to find a way to keep spots at bay, not to get rid of them really, just to stop getting them, i finally found success with this.

        The gel comes in small bottle but don't be put off by that because a little bit goes a long way!

        After cleansing my face in the morning and at night, i apply some of th egel onto the main problem areas on my face, you feel the tingle and it cools your face while deeply cleansing your pores.

        On the rare occassion that i get a pimple now, i just dab some of this gel onto it and after a day the pimple is visibly small in size, not so red in colour and on some occassions just a day of using makes the spot disappear completely!

        the gel*
        the gel is for all skin types, but works exceptionally well on oily/combination skin.
        it has extracts of natural witch hazel which leaves the skin feeling sensationally clean and healthy looking

        For only £3.59, this magic gel is a bargain, who says magic doesn't exist?


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      • Product Details

        Regular overnight use of Witch Clear Pore Gel helps tackle the causes of spots and blemishes for a clearer, healthier complexion / Effective oil-free gel that dissolves excess oils, clears pores and combats problem causing bacteria /

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