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Witch Doctor Skin Treatment Gel

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Brand: Witch / Type: Blemish Control / Subcategory: Treatment / Gel

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    2 Reviews
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      26.06.2013 14:15
      Very helpful
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      Should be in everyone's first aid kit

      I love walking in the countryside. We're so lucky to have so much woodland and fields where I live but unfortunately being outside exposes me to lots of flying insects who seem to delight in biting me. I don't have any bad reactions to these bites and stings but they itch nonetheless so I needed something to calm them down.

      Witch Doctor Skin Treatment Gel comes in a small (35g) blue tube with a white flip-top cap which you can easily open and close with one hand. Like many tubes of cream and the like it's designed to stand on the end with opens so the gel runs down to the opening all the time. It's an antiseptic astringent that's meant to relieve irritation and itching, reduce swelling and redness, and protect against infection. It's for bites and stings but also for small cuts, rashes, grazes, burns and all kinds of skin irritation but should not be used on the eyes.

      You just squeeze a little blob onto the affected area and gently massage it in. It's a clear gel with a slight blue tinge to it so you can see whether you've rubbed it all in or not. To me it is just the right consistence - not too runny nor too thick. It's not sticky either and is absorbed easily into the skin.
      It does feel immediately cool when you apply it and soothes the infected area quite quickly. I've used this many times and it seems to help the healing process quite a bit. It calms bites and rashes and they don't seem to be as bad or take as long to heal if treated with this immediately after they occur. I've used it on nettle stings and grazes too and it's been very effective.

      I wouldn't use it on any large cuts or other problems though. If in doubt then you should obviously seek medical attention as soon as possible.

      It can also be used as a treatment for sunburn too but to be honest I'd find that an incredibly poor cost-effective use of this gel. Sunburn tends to cover large areas of the skin which would use up this tube pretty quickly. It's far better to use it on bites, scrapes etc. and get another product specifically for sunburns.

      Most places seem to be selling at around £2-30 (as at June 2013) and it's well worth the money. Every home (and walker's backpack!) should have one.


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        02.09.2012 21:30
        Very helpful



        Fits perfectly in my first aid kit

        This handy little thing, comes in a squeezable tube and fits perfectly into my small first aid kit (turns out I constantly have to have one with me with a 4 year old...who knew?!).
        It weighs 35g, and is 81.5% w/w extract of witch hazel in a clear, concentrated gel base. Now this is only something I came across recently as growing up it was generally savlon or nothing (savlon isn't bad either but it stings more!) and it says that it is 'a soothing, healing treatment for irritated skin'.

        The active ingredients I have stated above and it also contains (copied from Tesco website):
        "Ethanol ,Propylene Glycol ,Triethanolamine ,Carbomer ,Disodium Edetate ,Menthol ,Lauric Acid Diethanolamide ,E142 ,Witch Hazel Essence" and warns that it may cause skin irritation (ironic much?).

        It does exactly what it says on the tin and more, as well as bites, stings, grazes etc. it's also been used on general bumps to help the bruise to come out. It is cold and soothing and takes the itch away on any bites straight away. It rarely stings on cuts etc. and if my son hurts himself it's one of the first things he asks for, and it can sometimes mean you don't need to use a plaster leaving the injury to breathe more easily.
        Value for money

        It's a bit on the pricey side, however for the amount we use it, it's worth the money and I have found it to be gentler than savlon, germoline etc. as it doesn't sting quite so much.
        Side effects

        There are none to speak of that we have noticed but none of us have sensitive skin so as it warns about skin irritation if you have sensitive skin I would proceed with caution.

        Depending on the injury it works straight away in most cases, though for insect bites it can take a few seconds to take the itchiness away and calm the area down. It starts to cool the heat from it straight away.

        Would I recommend? Yes.

        ** Also posted on ciao under the same name **


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