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Yves Rocher 24hr Intense Hydrating Gel

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Face Mask / Texture: Gel / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Hydrates,

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    1 Review
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      30.09.2012 21:47
      Very helpful



      A lovely light facial gel

      *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*

      I love my beauty products and in particular I am a big fan of Yves Rocher products, as I'm sure mot people familiar with my reviews will no doubt be aware of by now. I would quite happily use their products exclusively but limit to ordering from them just every few months or indeed when funds will allow. What I like about Yves Rocher is the fact that I often get sent samples of new products to try out - whether it be in the form of a miniature version or simply a sachet - and this usually gives me some indication of whether the item is suitable for me. Included in a previous order from earlier on in the year was a sachet of this cream - 24hr Intense Hydrating Gel - which I was so impressed with after trying out that I decided to buy the full sized product the next time I placed an order. This was included in my most recent order and I have been using it now for just under a month so feel I can justify it's use and my review will now focus on my experience of using this product..

      *~*What is it?*~*

      According to the information sheet included in the packaging this is:

      *Formula tested under dermatological supervision*
      *Specifically developed for Normal to Combination Skins*
      *Botanical-based ingredients: Maple Tree sap, Organic Blue Agave Sap, Betaine, Organic Witch Hazel Water*

      *~*What Yves Rocher have to say about it*~*

      "Water offers a source of lasting moisturising"
      "..The 24H Intense Hydrating Gel Intensely hydrates for 24 hours and leaves skin visibly replenished, fresh and radiant.."

      *~*Price, packaging and availability*~*

      Yves Rocher are a french beauty company that have been in business for over 50 years nows and what initially attracted me to them was the fact their products are plant based and use natural derivatives. There are stores dotted about sporadically but you can also buy from them in the following ways:

      *Online @www.yves-rocher.co.uk
      *By phoning 0870 049 22 22
      *Through their mail order leaflets
      *By perusing Ebay where I've bought many a bargain in the past

      The hydrating gel comes housed in an attractive looking glass tub which is made of a thick sturdy glass, and has a very oceanic looking lid in a bright turquoise colour. This comes in one size only which is a generous 50ml container and currently costs £13.50 (Sept/Oct 12). I very rarely buy any YR products at full price as I simply couldn't afford to but don't need to as almost every month there are several offers in place to compensate for the higher prices including 'BOGOF's', 'Buy one get one half price,' 40/50/and sometimes 70 % off and if ordered using their mailing leaflets there is normally a 3 month credit facility subject to status if one wishes to try but simply can't afford to right there and then (no prizes for guessing that I use this regularly).

      *~*My experience of using 24hr Hydrating Gel*~*

      Despite not being on the lookout for a new facial moisturiser in recent months I admit to never truly finding 'the one' as I have become quite complacent with using aqueous cream on a daily basis which seemed to be fulfilling my needs - until using this.

      On receiving this originally in sachet form I decided to use one evening after a rare pampering bath when I'd even had time to use a face mask and whilst my skin was primed and ready to absorb some much needed moisture. Having been uber` impressed with how silky soft it had felt against my skin I decided that next time I ordered from Yves Rocher I would treat myself to a jar even if - shock horror - I had to pay full price. Luckily for me it was on a half price offer when I did decide to order and I only paid a reasonable £6.50 (why it wasn't £6.75 I don't know but I saved an extra 25p so wasn't complaining).

      On receiving my full sized jar I wasted no time in starting to use..


      What really impressed me the most was when I opened the lid of this gel I noticed it was far more cream like in consistency and appearance which pleased me no end as I've used gel type moisturisers in the past and found them to be quite drying on the skin. On scooping a small amount of this product out of it's jar I could feel it's silky texture between my finger tips and on applying to my freshly cleansed skin I felt the gel literally melt into my skin. The gel is a bright white in colour and as mentioned resembles a cream more than gel and gives off the most freshest fragrance which to describe it best is very aquatic. It smells very natural and though mainly has an oceanic scent there is a slight hint of cucumber as well which adds to the crisp and clean fragrance.

      I found a small amount of the gel sufficed my entire face and neck as it simply melted into my skin almost instantaneously leaving in it's wake pure hydration. It's not remotely greasy to say it's a gel formula and soaks into the skin rather than sitting on the upper layer.


      I've been using this gel now consecutively for just over three weeks and have nothing but praise for it's actions. Although I have used it in conjunction with other products in the Hydra Vegetal range as well as on it's own it's been consistent in supplying equally superb results. The gel is suitable for normal to combination skin which suits me perfectly and though it states it can be used both morning and evening I find it suits my skin's routine of just using in a morning as it offers just the right balance of moisture for the daytime though I prefer a separate, richer, cream for the night.

      *It's also worth pointing out that although I have nothing negative to say about it personally, this gel doesn't contain any SPF so a sunscreen is needed as well.

      I would highly recommend this gel as it's revitalized my somewhat parched skin and replaced it with a healthy moisturised alternative. My skin always feels velvety soft after using this and because such a small quantity is needed each time my jar barely looks as though any has been used so it's been money well worth spending and I would even go as far as to say I would happily pay the full price when this jar runs out.

      Top marks from me!


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