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Yves Rocher Anti fatigue Iced Gel

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Subcategory: Gel

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    2 Reviews
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      04.11.2008 23:28
      Very helpful
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      well worth trying

      Yves Rocher comes out on top with this lovely lavender infused gel for tired legs and feet. It says it's an ice gel and it's not wrong there- when I first applied it to my feet it felt like I had stuck my foot in the freezer! You don't need much as only a small amount instantly cools you down. I don't drive and walk back and forth with my two children to nursery and school several times a day and by bed time my feet were throbbing. I tried several other products on the market but most were only benefical in a moisturising way and didn't calm my inflamed feet down. I have used yves rocher products for years and they rarely disappoint me so when I saw this I thought I would give it a go. It certainly does what it says and after applying my feet instantly felt refreshed and relieved. I haven't really bothered using it on my legs but for my feet it is perfect. The packaging is quite attractive and looks expensive which at around £8 is but it is often on offer at half price and is well worth it.


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        12.07.2006 21:06
        Very helpful



        Good product that will give you relief if your feet feel tired and heavy

        I guess you all know the feeling when your feet feel very tired, burning and as if they are filled with lead.
        Especially if you have a job where you are on your feet all the time, or, like me, walk a lot, you will be no stranger to this.
        On the 3 days a week when our little one attends nursery and I have to do the school run (we have only one car which my husband needs to go to work) I walk all in all 3 hours in between home and the schools, as the nursery is exactly on the opposite side of town then our older ones primary school.
        On top of this the shopping, housework and eventually a stroll to the park after school and by the time the kids go to bed I feel as if my feet weigh a ton.

        It was one of these days when I decided that I deserved a treat and so I logged into the web-site of Yves Rocher with the plan to order a lovely shower-gel which my mum had send me for Easter and that was finishing. Finding out that the shower-gel had been discontinued I started to click around with the intention to find something else to pamper me. Nothing will stop a woman who has the need to spend some money from doing so !

        To my delight I found out that their Lavende Essentielle range is aimed at foot-care and contains the product which is subject to this review.

        So who are Yves Rocher ?

        They are a French company who is specialised in botanical beauty care which means, that all their products are based on botanical ingredients rather then on something synthetic.
        They are based in La Gacilly where Yves Rocher in 1958 mixed his first skin- cream in the attic of the family home. In the meantime they have grown a bit and the factory in La Gacilly employs 4000 people. They cater for 30 million customers in 90 countries.
        Of course they do not test on animals - otherwise I wouldn't be able to write this review as I wouldn't have bought from them.

        The product :

        Before I start with the description I want to mention that Dooyoo has the wrong picture. The one shown is for a foot-oil, not for the gel.
        The gel comes in a lilac coloured tube and not in a bottle. Strangely Yves Rocher make the same mistake as Ciao on their website, so I guess it's them who are to blame.

        The best time to apply the gel is probably after the shower/bath. I don't know about you, but when my feet are in that condition they usually don't smell that good any more either and on top of that a warm bath or shower will already have a relaxing effect. The idea of putting cream on any body part that hasn't been cleansed before doesn't make much sense to me.

        So, let's open the tube and get on with it.

        O la la madame, this stuff is more runny than I had thought !

        Not being aware of this I have given the tube a squeeze and as a result I have about half of its ingredients on my palm !
        So if you want to try it then remember : Don't squeeze it as it is runny enough to come out itself if you hold the tube up-side down.

        The smell :

        The first thing that strikes me is, although being part of a range that is based on lavender (Lavande) it smells much more like menthol and the lavender is definitely not the smell that lingers around longer.
        That's a bit of a disappointment as the lavender would have certainly been more pleasant and , after sniffling this for a while with my nose very close to the opening of the tube, I can say that you will very well be able to use it to clear a blocked nose if you should be having a cold. This stuff is more versatile then I had thought !

        The application :

        You just massage it onto the skin of your feet and legs. As it is a gel it isn't oily at all and it absorbs easily.
        Be very careful not to get it into your eyes and don't apply it on irritated or very dry skin !

        Does it work ???

        Yes, I can confirm, it does. It took a few seconds but then my feet/legs became very cool. Bliss ! It does feel really great and certainly gave me some of my vitality back.
        The downside is, that the initial very strong effect doesn't last too long. Maybe 10 minutes and it starts to fade off but my legs still feel much lighter and cooler then before and, even I still don't feel like climbing the Everest I would say it does the job.
        Due to the fact that it doesn't smell much like lavender I see no reason not to regard this as a unisex product.

        Value for money ?

        Here I am getting into a dilemma which seems to bother me every time I buy cosmetics through order. Can you visualize how much are 50 ml ? I can't, so let me tell you: Not very much !

        The tube measures up to 3 inches in length and 2 in width an, with my first squeeze, I managed to empty half of it.
        The gel costs, if not on special offer, £3.90, which makes it, in my opinion, a quite expensive one. Usually I am always moaning over the fact that I have very small feet ,more 2 1/2 then 3 in shoe size, which makes it very hard to get shoes in the grown-up section, but for once I am glad about it as I have less area to cater for !
        If used every day I don't think that one tube would last much longer then one week and so I will keep mine for "special occasions" when my legs feel extremely tired !

        Would I buy it again ?

        If it was on a very good offer, mine was and cost £1.90 which is more reasonable, I might as I haven't found anything that works better yet. So my recommendation to you would be to watch out for the offers and then stock up as it is, if priced regularly, much too expensive in my book .

        You can order it through their website :
        www.Yves Rocher.co.uk
        if you order for more then £ 10 p&p is free, but bring some time as the site is very slow

        Thanks for reading, Sandra


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      • Product Details

        Anti-fatigue Iced Gel is enriched with essential lavender oil: -it relieves and de-stresses hot feet and heavy legs, -instant and durable freshness / Your feet and legs will rediscover freshness and lightness /

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