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Yves Rocher Deep Wrinkles & Firmness Day & Night Cream

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Night Cream / Subcategory: Anti-Wrinkle / What it does: Rejuvenates, Firms,

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    1 Review
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      26.11.2012 15:36
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      An impressive anti wrinkle product

      *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*
      As most readers who are familiar with my reviews will no doubt know my adoration of the french beauty company Yves Rocher. I've been using their products now all of my adult life, and whilst I don't use them exclusively as funds simply don't allow, I do like to buy from the company on a regular basis around every 3 to 4 months as there are some products I simply can't live without.

      Because I'm classed as a 'loyal customer' I often receive a free product in amongst my order. Sometimes these can be in smaller sample form and sometimes if I'm lucky enough I receive a full size product, but even the sample sizes are generous enough to make sure there are ample uses. One such product I've had the pleasure of receiving 3 times now is a 7ml tube of this - 'Deep Wrinkle Expert Care (day & night cream)' from the Serum Vegetal range.

      Having used just finished my third trial tube I feel I can justify my review on the product which I will now focus on.

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*
      As just mentioned in the above paragraph I was lucky to receive this sample 3 times which was included over the year in separate orders and as I always have face creams on the go anyway all 3 tubes got put in my toiletries cupboard for use at another time. When I came across them around a month ago I decided to use consecutively as the combined amount equalled 21ml with a full size jar only holding 30ml and retailing at £29, so I found myself having almost the equivalent for free - got to love a freebie!

      There isn't much point in detailing the packaging very much as I don't own the full sized product - which is in the form of a glass jar in a deep red colour with a screw top lid. My sample size is in the same red/ maroon tone but as opposed to a glass jar this is in a slim line squeezable tube made from soft plastic with access being from a thin nozzle and small screw lid. There is the same white lettering in quite a bold font as on the full size product but that's where the similarities end.

      As per usual this product, and all other YR products, can be bought in a number of ways:

      *Online @www.yves-rocher.co.uk
      *In one of their stores
      *Through their mail order leaflets
      *By phoning 0870 049 22 22 (their customer care/ order line)
      *By checking out eBay where I've personally found many bargains over the years.

      *~*What Yves Rocher have to say about this*~*
      "...Choose the botanical alternative - expert care to combat deep wrinkles with instant and long-lasting effects.
      No injections, just apply to face and neck..."

      Tested under dermatological supervision
      Paraben free

      *~*My thoughts on using this*~*
      I've been very lucky to get away with very few wrinkles until now but at age 37 even I know those creases near my eyes aren't just laughter lines! I've never smoked, eat fairly healthy, use SPF's and exercise so I do think this has helped with 'inside', but as for the 'outside' until recently I've never really bothered with anti wrinkle products so when I came across these samples I was more than willing to give them a go.

      To access this cream there is a long narrow nozzle on the end of the tube with a tiny pin prick of a hole which on first inspection didn't look like anything would be able to come out of it. On slightly squeezing the tube I was quite surprised at the rapid pace the cream emitted, given the size of the exit and the fact it is fairly thick in consistency.
      Visually this is a stunning bright white in colour and has a greasy texture whilst it's fragrance is very fresh and 'leafy' which is something I love about YR products as they are derived from plant based materials and the evidence is clear here with it's obvious 'green' scent.

      This cream is billed as being suitable for both day and night which I'm always skeptical about as how a cream can offer the same light fluidity required for the day as well as nourishing for the night at the same time then I don't know and because of this I rarely buy these types of products. As this was free then I was obviously willing to overlook this aspect and got cracking with testing out it's claims.

      After washing my face in the mornings with a gel based cleanser I applied the cream in circular motions to mainly my cheeks and forehead whilst concentrating around the delicate eye area near my temples. This isn't an eye cream so I kept a wide berth underneath my eyes but paid attention to where crows feet appear at the sides and applied more to my forehead as well to help combat any potential lines that may well be lurking.

      The cream as mentioned feels greasy at first and having applied a pea sized blob at first found this to suffice and was pleased with how the cream 'melted' into my skin. It took seconds to apply and absorbed instantly with no greasy or sticky residue and left my face actually feeling velvet like with a matte finish which was unexpected.

      I was pleased with how the cream felt during the day so introduced it a few nights later as a dual purpose product and started to apply on an evening after cleansing and toning and again found it effortlessly soaked in.

      *~*Results and recommendations*~*
      I've been using this cream (albeit sparingly) for just over 2 and a 1/2 weeks now and I have to say I've been very impressed with the results. My skin has felt in extremely good condition which at this time of the year it can suffer with the harsh weather so it's definitely scored points for that alone. I can't say it's eradicated any wrinkles as I'd be lying - having only used it for the period of time it lasted then I would be shocked to see miracles from any product in that time frame. What I will say is that my face and neck has felt ultra smooth since beginning to use this and my skin has looked at it's best for a long time which I don't just believe is a coincidence.

      The cream soaks in straight away which I like, as I hate having to waste any length of time trying to make sure cream is rubbed in properly so it won me over with this aspect. The fresh green aroma lingers very delicately on the skin but because it has a 'leafy' scent it makes this cream quite gender neutral which is worth noting for any men that like to take care of their skin as it can be used by both sexes.

      My skin feels slightly tighter after a few weeks of using this but not in an uncomfortable taut way, so I think it definitely does help to 'rid' wrinkles by smoothing and tightening the skin so I can believe it's claims that it works.

      I would recommend this cream for anyone who is on the lookout for a good quality anti wrinkle cream as it exceeded my expectations and I was really pleased with the effects on my skin. It left no sticky residue, soaked in straight away leaving a smooth velvety feel and the most impressive thing for me was how versatile it became when used at different times of the day. When used in a morning it felt light and not too heavy despite it's thickness, yet when used at night it left my skin feeling sufficiently nourished and extremely moisturised so all in all I was very pleased with it.

      The only down side is the cost but if this is available on an offer price soon (as most YR products are) then I will be ordering myself a full size jar.

      5/5 from me.


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