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Yves Rocher Gentle Floral Cleansing Milk

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Cleansing Milk / Subcategory: Milk / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Cleanses,

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    1 Review
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      04.01.2012 22:20
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      A lovely gentle product


      I apologise in advance as I not only stocked up on lots of Yves Rocher products in late November, but received an abundance of beauty products for my Birthday and Christmas a lot of which to my delight are from Yves Rocher..sorry!


      I try my best to look after my skin and though I start off with the best of intentions on an evening with a 3 step Cleansing, Toning and Moisturising I do end up falling foul to the likes of cleansing wipes. There is nothing wrong with wipes but over a period of time they are not very good for the skin so I was determined a few weeks ago to start the whole 3 step on an evening and stick to it.

      I bought this cleansing milk along with the matching toner and face cream to see if it made any difference to my skin which was quite frankly feeling a little parched and dehydrated with the cold weather.

      This review will now focus on my experience of using this product entitled Floral Cleansing Milk by Yves Rocher.

      *~*Price, packaging and availability*~*

      *As per usual with YR products they are available via their website @www.yves-rocher.co.uk

      **In store at one of their shops dotted up and down the country

      ***By phoning 0870 049 22 22

      ****By checking out Ebay for some real bargains

      This comes in one size which is a reasonable 200 ml bottle and at the moment (Jan 12') is £2.50 in price though normally retails for almost double this. I love Yves Rocher but very rarely buy full price so when I saw this a few weeks ago whilst still at the reduced rate I found it to be an acceptable amount to pay, especially for something I haven't tried before.

      The packaging is in the form of a tall and slim plastic bottle which is upright standing. It has a cylinder appearance from the front until you realise it's a lot thinner from the side view and looks as though it has been trapped between two lift doors. There is an easy to open flip top lid perched on top of the bottle which opens with ease as well as closing with a satisfying 'click' each time. I was quite surprised that it was so easy to open given the fact that the majority of YR products seem to be nail breaking and difficult to actually access so it made a pleasant change for once for my fingertips and nails to come away unscathed.

      The appearance of the bottle is more or less predominantly white in colour and has a very calm and sedate look to it which goes perfectly with the fact that it's for sensitive skin and this reflected well in the packaging. Apart from a solitary flower on the front the wording is very minimal giving the general design a very demure look.

      *~* What it contains and directions for using*~*

      Pure Calmille Visage to give it it's full title is made using organically grown chamomile and is enriched with floral water to enhance gentle cleansing of the skin. The cleansing milk is for cleansing the skin with or without make up on and is intended to fully hydrate it at the same time by penetrating the upper layers of the skin.

      It's advised that this is to be used twice a day - morning and night (no real surprise there) and is to be applied to the skin on a cotton wool pad and no rinsing off is required.

      *~*My thoughts on using this*~*

      This is a floral cleansing milk which appealed greatly to me mainly due to the fact it had floral in the title! I have nothing against regular cleansing milks but I liked the sound of this and the fact that it was half price never fails to lure me in as I love a bargain.

      On opening the flip top lid there is a small opening on the surface of the bottle which is where the cleanser is accessed from.. There is very little need for any squeezing of the bottle as it seems to emit at a rapid pace the second the lid is opened which if not careful can be very wasteful indeed.

      The cleanser has a very sweet and flowery aroma which is certainly pleasant and not too overpowering, whilst the colour is a bright white. The texture is as expected just like any other cleansing milk being not to thick nor thin in consistency whilst the texture is soft and smooth.

      On applying this to a cotton wool pad I found it swept over my face and neck with ease and seemed to absorb fairly rapidly as well as thoroughly cleansing at the same time. The lotion feels cool when applied and seems to instantly soothe without feeling too greasy and I found I had to reapply more of the milk to the pad as a 10p size blob seemed to dissipate far too quickly.


      I have been using this now on just an evening for around 5 weeks in conjunction with the toner and the face cream all from the Pure Calmille range. Though I admit to using different moisturisers as I feel the face cream isn't intensive enough I have been sticking rigidly to using the milk and toner every evening.

      I am always disgusted at the amount of dirt that seems to be embedded into my pores each night when I have cleansed but on the plus side at least I know it's working deep down and giving my skin a thorough cleansing without being too harsh so it's not all bad I suppose.

      My skin has always felt very clean after using the milk alone and if I wanted to skip the toner I would feel that my skin wouldn't suffer too much if I did. The milk leaves my face and neck feeling very clean and soft and though I wouldn't say moisturised it certainly feels more hydrated afterwards than it has in the past with similar products.

      The gentle floral scent is really beautiful and lingers on the skin for the rest of the evening (just for the record the floral toner also has the lovely fragrance as well) without being *too* flowery whilst the milk itself does it's job perfectly at cleansing my skin.

      This range is ideal for anyone that has sensitive skin and as mine can border on dry/ sensitive then it's been ideal for me. As with all Yves Rocher products this hasn't caused any skin reactions such as rashes or soreness nor has it made my face feel taut. The remainder of the milk soaks into the skin and doesn't leave any tacky or stickiness and if anything it feels almost like a matte effect like a moisturiser would leave it.

      I've used this every single day for 5 weeks as mentioned and there is still just under half of the contents remaining so it's certainly worth every penny and I may even consider buying this again at full price (but I doubt it!).


      A fantastic cleanser that does exactly what it says and is good value!


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