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Yves Rocher Nourishing Argan Balm

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Moisturiser - Nourishing Argan Balm. / Type: Body Lotion / Subcategory: Body Balm / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: regenerates, Nourishes

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    1 Review
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      14.09.2011 13:36
      Very helpful



      A lovely body balm at an affordable price

      I do adore my Yves Rocher products and enjoy trying their newer items as well as my faithful 'tried and tested' ones. Amongst my last order I was lucky enough to receive a few freebie's and this body lotion was one such free gift. My review will now focus entirely on this which is part of the Tradition de Hammam range and is entitled Mini Nourishing Argan Balm..

      *~*Price and packaging*~*
      As this is available in a 30 ml tube it's regular RRP is £2.10 which for Yves Rocher is very good value, though recently whilst perusing the website I have noticed that it is currently just £1, making it an extremely good price and well worth trying if already ordering other products (as postage is free for orders of £20 and over but there is a cost of £3.00 for anything under £20.00 so it wouldn't be an economical purchase if buying solo ).

      The packaging this is housed in is a basic looking tube, yet it is quite attractive at the same time by being in rich opulent colours of bronze, gold and taupe. The tube really has a luxurious appeal to it so I was hoping not to be let down by the actual product at this stage.

      *~*About the balm*~*

      The balm is in the form of a lotion and is of a normal consistency, being neither thick nor thin, and is a very bright white in colour. The texture is somewhat greasy on first inspection and as for the scent it is just pure heavenly as the argan oil used to make this is combined with orange blossom oil creating a distinctive and delectable aroma.

      The argan oil is derived from the fruits of the argan tree which are sun dried then the pulp is removed so the kernels can be collected. It is apparently renowned for it's skin benefits and is one of the best kept secrets of Oriental women according to Yves Rocher, though to be honest I had never heard of it before, but Yves Rocher wouldn't lie to me surely??

      *~*My experience of using the balm*~*

      As this was a free gift I was really looking forward to testing it out, but at the same time I had slight reservations having had mixed results in the past with some of the Tradition de Hammam products. I looked at it as having nothing to lose due to it being free so decided to use it that same evening of it's arrival after a warm bath for maximum results.

      To access the balm there is a simple enough to remove twist off lid, which is situated at the base for convenience of it being upright standing if preferred.
      Having removed the lid with relative ease and squeezed the tube gently, I found the balm emitted at a rather rapid pace so remembered this for next time I used it!

      The balm feels like a soft creamy lotion that feels so incredibly silky against my skin, and this is before it's even rubbed in and is still on my finger tips. On applying to my skin I found it literally just melted in and took no effort whatsoever of endlessly trying to rub in like similar products as it literally just disappeared on contact.
      The balm has a real silky feel to it and this is also evident when it's placed on the skin as it not only penetrates the layers and feels like it moisturises deep down, but it also leaves a velvet like coating on the upper layer. There is no sticky residue feeling afterwards as it fully absorbs and I have not suffered with any skin complaints such as soreness or rashes so it really does get the thumbs up from me.

      The fragrance is absolutely beautiful and though the orange blossom is evident it has a deeper muskier scent to it. The overall aroma left on my skin is one of faint orange blossom with a woody scent that just lasts..and lasts.


      I'm *really* impressed with this balm and so glad I received it free to try out as I'm not sure when or even if I would have gotten around to buying it to try. The balm has such a beautiful and distinctive aroma that lingers delicately on my skin for several hours that I have found it's not always necessary to wear a perfume as this emits enough fragrance to suffice for during the day. The first time I used this was as mentioned after an evening bath. As my pores were still open I found this the best time to apply it and rubbed it liberally all over my body. Although it doesn't state where it's suitable for, I decided not to use on my face as the skin is far more delicate in this area though I doubt it would have caused any problems.

      I found that even though the balm only comes in a 30 ml tube it lasted me for 10 days usage consecutively. I admit to lavishing the balm on to my skin though to be honest that was for my own gratification as it just felt so lovely but if I had of been more economical with it then it would have definitely lasted me a fortnight or longer.

      I will be buying several tubes of this on my next order as it's just such a fantastic moisturiser that not only smells divine but left my skin fully hydrated and feeling silky soft.

      I am so glad that I got a chance to actually try this for free as I probably would have eventually bought it but maybe not for many months and I would have been missing out on such a good product.
      This is a fantastic body lotion (or balm to be correct) that is really uniquely scented and has worked wonders for my skin which can often be on the dry side but has felt in top condition since I started using this (though I have just finished the tube completely - unfortunately).

      Highly recommended.


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