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Yves Rocher Moisture Boost Concentrate

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Texture: Cream / Type: Moisturiser / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Moisturizes, brightens,

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    1 Review
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      25.05.2012 14:20
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      A lovely light fluid that soaks in to skin well to leave it feeling fresh

      *~*Introduction and reason for purchase*~*

      As most readers familiar with my reviews will be aware by now I have a penchant for beauty products, particularly from the french beauty company Yves Rocher. I was introduced to this company by my mum who always seemed to have their toiletries in the bathroom cupboard so I've grown up with Yves Rocher's beauty products and have been a customer myself since around age 18. I love their ethics and the fact they use plant based materials in their products which seem to suit my skin perfectly which has kept me a loyal customer over the years.

      They are not the cheapest company though so I tend to order from them approximately every 4 months and on my last order just after Christmas I received a sample size of a 'moisture boost concentrate' for the face. I was very impressed with how it left my skin on the two occasions the sample lasted for so I purchased the full size bottle in my most recent order and have been using this for a few weeks now.

      My review will now focus on my experience of using this product, known as 'Moisture Boost Concentrate' from their Hydra Vegetal range..

      *~*What is it?*~*

      According to Yves Rocher this is "...a powerful treatment which provides a genuine moisture bath to skin. Within the first application it acts as a hydration booster and completely revitalizes the skin making it radiant and beautiful and it regains comfort once more..."

      This is dermatologically tested and is suitable for normal to combination skin types.

      *~*Price, packaging & availability*~*

      As is the norm this product can be purchased directly from the company by either:

      *Popping in to one of their stores
      **Ordering via their easy to use website @www.yves.rocher
      ***By phoning 0870 049 22 22
      ****Ordering via their mailing leaflets (my preferred choice)
      *****By checking out Ebay where there is always a large choice of products at much cheaper prices

      This concentrate comes housed in one size which is a 30ml glass bottle and is accessible via an easy to use pump dispenser placed directly at the top and is covered by a removable plastic sheaf . The bottle has an attractive ocean blue hue to it though is also transparent meaning the contents can still be clearly seen, and which because of the colouring of the bottle it gives the impression the concentrate is also blue, but is in actual fact a very bright white.

      I bought this using a 50% off coupon for £10 but the concentrate can be purchased at the normal RRP of £20. This is expensive even at half price and whilst I don't buy at full price on any occasion (if I can help it) I was impressed with the sample I had used which prompted me to purchase at full size.

      *~*Directions for use*~*

      We are told to apply this both morning and evening to perfectly cleansed skin and this concentrate can be used either alone or under regular moisturiser.

      For an intensive hydrating treatment it advises to use several times daily for 7 days consecutively.

      *~*My experience of using this*~*

      My skin can be at times sensitive though tends to be combination with dry patches occurring on my cheeks and the usual slightly greasy T zone. I've tried many different products in the past but always think that the 'grass is greener' by trying out new products and as a fan of the Hydra Vegetal range from YR I had high hopes for this.

      Though the small sample I was sent lasted only for two applications it sufficed enough to give me a good indication of how this concentrate would work as the sample size left my skin feeling wonderfully refreshed and extremely hydrated so I was looking forward to using this on a more regular basis.

      On removing the bottle from the equally attractive ocean blue cardboard box I found it easy for once to access the contents of this concentrate without breaking my nails in the process. I don't know why but generally Yves Rocher products seem to have very difficult lids to open but I was pleased to see this had just a small sheaf of plastic to cover the nozzle which slid both on and off with ease.

      On pressing the nozzle I found the concentrate to be of a thinnish and creamy consistency (as it was also in the sample sachets I'd used, as opposed to a more serum based gel that I had initially thought this would be like). The texture feels smooth and soft in a silky way when rubbed between my finger tips, whilst the accompanying aroma is beautifully fresh and marine like which matches the ocean packaging perfectly.

      On pressing the nozzle down it gives a pea sized amount which I have found to be just the right quantity for each application though others may find more or less gives better results - it's all a case of trial and error to see what suits individual people's skin.
      The concentrate glides over my face and neck and soaks in instantaneously with very little rubbing needed. The product feels soft and lotion like and has an instant cooling effect particularly on my cheeks which feels really refreshing when applied after a hot sunny day.

      *~*Results and recommendation*~*

      I think it's fairly obvious judging by the way this review has gone that I am very pleased with this product. I'm rarely let down by YR products and the Hydra Vegetal range has been always been a favourite of mine as it consistently offers quality products that complement my skin perfectly.

      What I like about this concentrate is the fact it can be used either alone or under my usual moisturiser and this works out well for me as I have used products similar in the past hat have promised to hydrate on their own yet have left my skin feeling slightly taut - this is not the case here thankfully.

      A pea sized blob on it's own covers my face and neck and whilst I have tried using this on it's own I feel it only offers slight hydration though when applied before my usual day/ night cream it really seems to boost the moisture level on my skin significantly.

      My face and neck feel so soft after using this twice a day and I have noticed since I started using it a few weeks back that I haven't been getting any dry patches so I definitely think it's helped to eradicate them whilst my T zone also seems less greasy so all in all this is a fantastic purchase.

      I did try using it several times a day for a 7 day period but I can honestly say it didn't make much difference to my skin than just using twice a day so have stuck to this regime now and feel it is definitely working for me. The high price tag of £20 seems a lot (though all YR products can be bought on offer so do look on the website if interested as there are always offers on) but the fact that such a small amount is needed - even twice a day - I think it does work out economical and a good buy as my bottle looks barely touched despite using constantly so I can see it lasting for several months which makes it seem less expensive if you look at it this way.

      I've been incredibly impressed with this concentrate as my skin not only feels hydrated and refreshed, but seems to have a nice glow about it since using which it seemed to be lacking before as my complexion seemed dull and was lacking vitality but now seems restored. The beautiful marine fragrance is gorgeous and lingers delicately on my skin throughout the day and smells fresh and summery making this product one of my all time favourite from Yves Rocher.



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