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Yves Rocher Soin Clarifiant

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Toner / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types

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    1 Review
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      16.07.2011 18:37
      Very helpful



      Clears skin and leaves it feeling cleansed and refreshed


      I think anyone that regularly reads any of my reviews will no doubt be aware of my shall we say 'obsession' with beauty products, especially if they happen to come from one of my favourite companies such as Yves Rocher. There are certain products that I like to try and will buy perhaps now and again, then there are the ones that are a staple in my bathroom cabinet and have bought more or less continuous for years and one of those such items is this - 'Soin Clarifiant'.

      What is it?~

      Soin Clarifiant is similar to a toner and despite the picture (this is the mousse version above for some reason) actually comes housed in an upright standing rectangular shaped bottle which is primarily white in colour. There is an easy to open/close screw top that sits directly on the top of the neck, though it is quite small and fiddly to keep a firm grasp of, the entrance it actually covers is quite large so there is no problem of accessing the liquid I have found.

      So this is like a toner but what makes it different to 'regular' toners then?
      Well Yves Rocher are renowned for creating their beauty products that are 'natural' and are plant based and this toner is no exception. Though it contains salicylic acid it is also combined with grapefruit extract which is well renowned for being a natural astringent, and mixed with this are other purifying essential oils to help combat problematic areas.
      This is a clear liquid that has a watery appearance both in consistency and texture and has a very strong (but not pungent) grapefruit scent to it.

      Price and availability~

      This is an Yves Rocher product so as well as being available from their stores it can be purchased via their website @ www.yves-rocher.co.uk
      Alternatively you can order by phoning 0870 049 22 22, or ebay is always worth checking out for bargains.

      This comes in one size of 125ml which normally lasts me a good six to eight weeks of continuous usage and costs £7.50, though as with most YR products they are regularly on offer and it can be purchased much cheaper than this.

      Who is it aimed at?~

      As this is an astringent it is aimed at people with 'problem' skin and as I suffer outbreaks of spots and blemishes sporadically I find it really helps to keep these outbursts at bay. I have been using this on and off since being a teenager so would say it is probably aimed at the younger end of the market though is ideal for anyone who suffers from acne or pimples.

      My experience of using this~

      I have been lucky never to have suffered with acne as such, though I do go through phases of getting recurring bouts of spots on my chin and because of this I like to use an astringent as part of my cleansing routine.
      The reason I adore YR products is because they are plant based they seem to suit my skin perfectly and are not full of harsh chemicals. Though yes this is an astringent as I've mentioned about twenty times now, what makes it different to other similar products is the fact it is very gentle on the skin and doesn't come across as being harsh in any way, shape or form due to the fact it seems to cleanse effortlessly without leaving my skin feeling dry.

      I normally use this on an evening and don't always use a cleansing milk beforehand as it is not always needed (in my experience though others may disagree). On opening the bottle and applying a small amount onto a cotton bud I am always instantly aware that this contains grapefruit as the aroma is very intense. It's not an unpleasant scent though, just a very strong and powerful aroma that gives comfort in the fact it smells very 'clean'.
      After sweeping my T Zone with the soaked cotton ball (for those who are not in the know this is the forehead, nose and chin area) I always feel like my skin is being thoroughly cleansed as the mentioned the grapefruit just has such a clean scent to it. The lotion does not sting at all and actually feels cool and quite crisp on contact with my skin and in all the years I have been using this which is over 15 years easily I have never had any problems with it.


      Well this does state that results are normally noticeable within 4 to 6 weeks of using and are guaranteed. Though I can't speak for anyone else my own personal experience of using this has always been a very positive one.
      After sweeping my skin with a cotton wool ball the lotion seems to dry within seconds and leaves my skin feeling cleansed and soft with the remnants of the day left on the cotton wool (yuk!). My skin has never suffered any excess drying due to using this nor has there ever been any rashes or even tautness after usage so it really is ideal for anyone with spot/blemish prone skin as it is so gentle.

      I would say the 4 to 6 weeks for results are quite realistic as it does seem to take over a month for my skin to start clearing up once I use this but it definitely works for me.
      I won't lie and say my skin is blemish free after using this but it makes a big difference so anything is better than nothing in my opinion!

      Would I recommend this?~

      I really love Yves Rocher products and rarely have a bad thing to say about anything they make and this is certainly no exception.
      It is recommended that this is used alongside the mousse face wash (the actual picture above) though I have used it with and without and have been very satisfied with the results of using it alone so it's worth bearing this in mind.
      It cleanses, leaves my skin feeling clean and soft and helps rid my face of spots and blemishes so I really can't fault it.
      As I have been using this half of my life and it is still a top seller says something about it's performance so if you have problem skin then it's definitely worth trying and highly recommended by me.

      It gets the full five out of five from me.


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