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Yves Rocher Supra Lift Mask

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Brand: Yves Rocher / Type: Face Mask / Skin type: for dry skin and for all types / What it does: Lifts,

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    1 Review
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      25.05.2013 17:33
      Very helpful



      The brush feature is very innovative and impressive, but very expensive for what it is.

      **Introduction and reason for purchase**
      I'm a hoarder when it comes to toiletries and beauty items, and even if I have 5 similar items already on the go I can't resist adding to my overflowing stock though I've made a vow this year not to buy anything else until I've made a reasonable dent on what I already own. Whilst seeing what I did have in my 'toiletries cupboard' I came across this face mask from the french beauty company Yves Rocher.

      I've been a fan of this company's products for many years now, and have been a customer all of my adult life, ordering when funds allow which is usually around every 4 months or so. As a valued customer (their words not mine) I get sent several products free with each order that normally equate to anything between the £20 to £50 mark with this face mask being one of the free gifts included in my last order.

      Having used this product on several occasions now I feel it merits a review, so I will now discuss my thoughts on using Yves Rocher's 'Supra Lift' Anti Slackening Face Mask and it's effects, if any, on my skin..

      **What Yves Rocher have to say**
      Supra Lift Mask lifts your features by doing the following:

      *Reshapes cheeks and facial contours
      *Lifts pronounced wrinkles
      *Boosts the radiance of your complexion instantly

      The mask is quite unique though as it features a brush at the tip so once applied to the face it can be stroked on so it effectively targets the areas most needed.

      **Price, packaging, availability & product description**
      The mask is housed in a firm but flexible tube which is available in one size only which is 40ml, with it's current RRP being £25, so it's not the cheapest product out there. The tube is an eye catching burnt orange in colour so immediately stands out and has a sleek design. There is minimum decoration on the tube with just the logo and name of the product in a bold white font whilst the lidded area is a transparent plastic affair with the same orange hue as the tube itself, making it a nice colourful addition to my bathroom if nothing else.

      The lid protects a soft brush with the mask itself pouring through a gap in the bristles for ease of applying.

      Availability wise this is an Yves Rocher product and can be picked up by either ordering from their website - www.yves-rocher.co.uk or alternatively by phoning their customer care/ order line on 0870 049 22 22.

      There is also the option of ordering via their mailing leaflets which is my preferred method, particularly so as they offer a 3 month credit facility (subject to status). Alternatively they have shops throughout Europe, plus I find eBay offers a wide rage of YR products and have found many bargains in my time with a little persistence of trailing through all of the listings.

      **How to use**
      According to the directions on the back of the tube we are told to use this mask twice weekly by applying a thick layer to the skin by smoothing on with the brush. After leaving on for 5 minutes remove the excess but don't rinse with water, then wipe the brush hairs with a dry tissue.

      **My thoughts on using this mask**

      I'm in my late thirties now and although I take good care of my skin I'm far from complacent and if there are any products that can cause skin to look 're sculptured' and renewed then I'm all for trying them. The fact that this product was completely free also swayed my decision of trying out though I must say, as at it's full RRP of £25 I would have been giving it a miss unless it was on some kind of offer.

      When I received this face mask at first I was a little wary as it really didn't sound like the sort of thing that would benefit my skin - I'm all for face masks don't get me wrong - but this 'Supra Lift' just sounded like it would be too severe for my skin and would leave it feeling taut.

      The mask is very easy to apply and I decided to use it after washing my face and patting it so it was relatively dry. Once the plastic lid is removed there is an 'on' and 'off' switch situated above the bristles area of the brush, just at the bottom of the tube and once clicked to the 'on' position it allows the product to flow through the brush area.

      I found a gentle squeeze of the tube allowed enough of the mask to flow evenly through the tube and brush, and whilst the consistency is thinner than I expected it's certainly far from runny. The soft bristles of the brush make applying the mask a pleasure and it felt incredibly relaxing brushing the mask onto my face this way and was easy to negotiate the correct amount and area to apply it.

      The mask is to be left on the skin for around 5 minutes and the time went pretty quickly as once applied the mask doesn't tighten, it just felt slightly sticky and tacky but certainly not uncomfortable. The fragrance is extremely fresh, quite difficult to pinpoint exactly, but it has a clean and fresh 'leafy' aroma that smells very pleasant whilst wearing it and s typically 'Yves Rocher'.

      **Results and recommendations?**

      After the five minutes of wearing the mask was up I removed the excess by gently wiping it away with cotton wool. I have to say although I was wary of using this mask initially it ended up leaving my skin feeling wonderful afterwards - soft and hydrated and with an obvious 'glow'. I'm not normally a fan of face masks that you wipe away, I much prefer ones that you remove completely by washing away, but I was very impressed after my first use of this mask as my skin was visibly glowing.

      The mask is very easy to use and takes little effort to both apply and remove afterwards and I've been far more impressed with the results than I expected to be. I wouldn't say it particularly 'lifted' any features after using but it does leave my skin feeling nourished and re-energised each time so it must be doing something right. It certainly scores points with me that it doesn't leave the skin feeling tight or taut in anyway, both whilst wearing the mask and after it has been wiped away as this was a concern of mine but luckily it is the complete opposite feeling.

      I like how this leaves my skin feeling but if I'm being completely honest I've used much cheaper masks that have had the same effect on my skin at a fraction of the cost and if I hadn't have received this as a free gift I probably wouldn't have tried it - especially with the high price tag. The product is refreshing, moisturising and left my skin feeling in fantastic condition with no sticky residue after wiping away..but no more so than when I've used a Montagne Jeunesse mask costing just £1. I would recommend this if you can pick it up whilst on offer definitely, and because only a small amount is needed each time the tube I own has lasted me for several months, with two uses per week, giving approximately 10 uses but it doesn't justify the premium price tag in my opinion.


      A nice light face mask that refreshes, leaves skin glowing and is easy to apply due to the integrated brush but I wouldn't pay £25 if I was buying it myself as I really don't think it justifies that price tag at all. Yes it's nice and each time has left my skin feeling amazing, but so have several other face masks and because of the above I've discussed it gets a 3/5 rating from me.


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