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Asda Elasticated Tubular Bandage

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Brand: Asda / Type: Bandage / Brace

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    1 Review
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      14.03.2011 15:35
      Very helpful



      A very good and cheap elasticated bandage

      I started going to the gym some 4 months ago now and so far I have not been injured, that was until to got to the running machine. I must say I always used to run at school but not having run for some 13 years now I was out of practice. I did build myself back up slowly on it but unfortunately I landed on my foot and my ankle went. I have been to the doctors and they sent me for an x ray to check for fractures but I have to wait 10 days for the results (yes 10 days!!!). I was in a lot of pain and I thought that a support would be helpful so off I limped to Asda to see what they had to offer. This was the only one on the shelf so I had to get the elasticated tubular bandage and just pray it would fit and do the job.

      The bandage comes in a white and green cardboard box, on the front you have the Adsa logo and the product name, there is a picture showing a hand and wrist with on of the bandages on. There is a size on the bottom right hand corner and this one is size D which measures 7.5cm by 1 metre. The back of the box is mainly green and here you can find the directions for use and the care instructions.

      It is very simple to use the bandage, you need to measure out the required length and then double it before cutting, this means that the bandage is to be wore folded over itself to give that extra bit of support. I found that it was simple enough to hold up against my ankle and measure this way, I did add a few extra cm to allow for shrinking once the bandage was stretched width ways and I am glad I do so as it did shrink. The bandage is easy to apply. You open it up and pull it over the area you want to wear it on, you pull all of the bandage over the area so you have the excess at the top and then simply fold it back over itself.

      The bandage is white in colour and is elasticated. It does feel nice and soft when first taken out of the packaging and I am pleased to say it does stay soft. I have noticed that it does not stay white for long though and it is prone to picking up bits of fluff from socks and clothing. Fortunately the bandage can be washed, it is preferable that it is hand washed and not tumble dried according to the back of the packaging. I have in fact popped mine in the wash with my normal load and then into the tumble dried and have had no problems with it when it comes out. It washes well and comes back out looking white. I do advise that the bandage does tend to fray after a few wears but these bit can simply be cut off.

      I have been a lot more comfortable wearing this bandage and it has given me a lot of support, I am now able to walk on the leg and ankle and even drive the car. I do notice that the pain comes back when I am not wearing this so this proves it is helping me. I have also noticed that the constant support has helped the swelling to go down. The bandage does leave lines on the skin when you remove it but these do go after about 10 minutes of not wearing the bandage.

      I paid just 98p for my tubular bandage from Asda and I think this is a bargain price. I works very well and there is a lot in the packet. This is a good staple for any first aid box and for the price you cannot go wrong buying one. I am more than happy to give this product the full 5 stars and a high recommendation as it has helped me greatly. Now just to wait another week for my x ray results and pray there is no fracture!


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