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Scholl Tube Gauz

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Tubular finger bandage.

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    2 Reviews
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      18.10.2010 00:52
      Very helpful




      I am a district nurse. Although I am not working at the moment as I have chosen to have a career break to raise my children. However, when it comes to bandages and dressings, I am quite an expert. Having worked in a job that required me to spend a large amount of time dealing with dressings.

      Scholl tubegauz, is a product which I relied apon for it's effective nature in dressing infected or injured fingers. Not only is this bandage very easy to use, it is excellent in staying in shape and holding the dressing in place. Although, it does take a little practice in order to apply the bandage effectively.

      Tubegauz is basically a thin bandage like gauze and it comes in a large circular shape. You have to decide how much gauze you need and then cut the end with a scissors. Then with a little dexterity you have apply the bandage to the finger using the hole in the centre of the bandage. It is much easier to apply if you use the finger stall applicator. This will also help to ease any undue discomfort when applying.

      All instructions for using this gauz is supplied within an instruction leaflet in the box. This leaflet is very informative and easy to follow. Allowing point by point diagrams to help the consumer have a visual idea of how to apply this bandage. I have to say, that this bandage can be quite tricky to use initially. Especially for someone who has an injured finger!
      But within a few try's the application process becomes easy.

      I like scholl tube gauz because it keeps it's shape and does not become loose or baggy. It holds an absorbant dressing in place and works well as a padding to prevent any painful knocks. This bandage is not very good at absorbancy, it can become a little stained on occasion and this can sometimes cause a bit of sticking to the wound. Therefore great care should be taken when removing the bandage and soaking off is an option to consider. In my experience the gauz bandage does become quite dirty and unsightly if not changed on a regular basis.

      Scholl tube gauz is available from most chemists. It varies in cost according to retailer but the general cost is around £4. I think that this is a good and fair price. It contains a free applicator which will come in very handy when applying the bandage. Also when you consider that this scholl tube gauz comes in a 4m role. then I think £4 is really good value for money.

      As a district nurse, I was able to utilise other materials in order to create a good dressing. However, if you buy this product then please be aware that without the means of a scissors and a source of micropore tape, this gauz is almost unusable. This bandage does need to be cut. (unless you want 4metres of bandage around your finger.) also this bandage will not stay in place for very long without being secured by micropore tape. You can get away with not using tape, but believe me, it won't stay on for very long.

      Scholl is a very reputable brand, I have to comment that this brand is one which I trust very much. I feel that it offers a higher quality and a great commitment in aiding and promoting healing. There are other tube gauz on the market, but in my opinion, scholl is up there as the best.


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      18.07.2008 18:10
      Very helpful



      Gives protection to damaged nails once you have fathomed out how to use it!

      Having jammed by middle finger in the front door way back in February, the nail is just about off.

      It began to peel away about 7 weeks ago and was catching on everything so am still, not so patiently applying this finger bandage every morning until it finally comes off of it's own accord - I'm too much of a wimp to just pull the last remaining 'hinge' of skin and nail and be done with it!!

      - What is it? -

      This is a 4 metre roll of bandage / first aid dressing. It is in a roll, which reminds me of a snail's curving shell but there the likeness ends!!
      It is a fine gauz, measuring approx 1.5cm in width with a hole up the centre of it and it is very stretchy!

      Apparantly, ideal for the 'secure protection of finger and toe injuries'.

      - Packaging & Contents -

      This comes in a brightly coloured yellow box, containing the gauz and an plastic applicator.
      There is also quite a thick instruction leaflet.

      - The instruction leaflet -

      This is translated in to a number of languages, mainly European but also Chinese.

      There are 8 points of guidance on how to apply the gauz, accompanied by 8 numbered drawings that are related to each point.

      - How easy is it to use? -

      Initially, this wasn't easy for me to decipher at all. Having never used one the instructions and pictures weren't that clear but once I got the hang of it, I can even apply the gauz left-handed which is just as well since my bad finger is on my right hand!!

      Some of the instructions are straightforward but the rest aren't so here's my version in 'layman's' language:

      ~ Cut a piece of the gauz which is about 2 and a half times the length of your finger.
      ~ Push the applicator in to the whole length of the gauz through the centre hole.
      ~ Put the applicator over the 'problem' finger, ensuring that you hold on to a bit of the base of the gauz, pull up the applicator.
      ~ Turn the gauz and the applicator at the end of your finger 2 or 3 times, the more the better in my experience.
      ~ Push down the applicator and the gauz again and repeat until all of the gauz has been used.

      - My Experience -

      As stated previously, this isn't the easiest thing to apply, given that I usually only use plasters!

      Initially I didn't turn the gauz often enough to make a firm tie at the top, if you don't do this then within a short while, the gauz will 'open' at the top and work it's way down your finger which means that the top area of the finger is not protected.

      You should also be aware that the gauz dressing does not stay on your finger without some help from micropore or adhesive tape, something that I think Scholl should look in to including in the 'set'.

      For extra support and something that is called a 'finger stall' (apparently!) then the instructions suggest that you cut the remaining gauz in half and tie the straps at you wrist.

      The gauz starts off as a lovely clean, fresh colour but during the course of the day it understandably becomes quite dirty and rather unsightly. If you want to keep it dry then I suggest a plastic finger strap although I just use disposable gloves for the wet jobs in my day to day routine and it has to be said that it's a real pain to keep it dry.

      - Price & Availability -

      I generally buy this at my local Lloyds Pharmacy, priced at £3.45 but I have paid up to £3.99 for it.

      My local Sainsbury's and Boots do not sell this product but I have found it at Morrisons.

      - Conclusion -

      This gauz has certainly protected my damaged nail area and I really couldn't have managed on daily basis without it as my nail would have been catching on everything. It keeps it clean and protected although the exterior of the gauz by the end of the day doesn't reflect this!

      It isn't the easiest bandage to work out but after a couple of practices it is quick and easy to apply. As for using it on a toe, I can't see how this would work effectively as the applicator is rather large / wide, for the thickest and longest of my fingers!

      Not hugely expensive but the costs do soon mount up when it is necessary to apply it once or even twice daily and again I will state that I think the adhesive tape should be included in the pack.

      This review also appears on ciao - username 'neenn'


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      Tubular finger bandage.

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