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Russell Hobbs 18036

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7 Reviews
  • Reliability
  • Affordable
  • Paddle sometimes gets stuck inside the bread
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    7 Reviews
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      11.02.2015 16:15
      Very helpful


      • Affordable
      • "Fast bake option"
      • "Easy cleaned"
      • "Simple to use"


      • "Paddle sometimes gets stuck inside the bread"

      Perfect bread every time as long as the ingredients are added in the correct order.

      I was not disappointed with my purchase of this bread maker. It is so easy to use and comes with a detailed instruction booklet which includes a few recipes. The bread maker is child friendly and can be used by children from the age of 8 years and over. My daughter loves to help me make the bread and we have tried out lots of different varieties. There is an option to bake a small, medium or large loaf. If like me, you prefer a light crust, there is the option to choose this as well as medium and dark. I haven't yet been disappointed with the results and the bread has always worked out for me first time.

      My bread maker was purchased from Argos for under £48 as a gift to myself. At this price, it is middle of the range, but does everything that I would expect. It has a handy timer, so you can set it to wake up to freshly cooked bread in the morning. If you are pushed for time, there is a fast bake option which allows the bread to be ready in under an hour.

      I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Russell Hobbs 18036 Fast Bake Breadmaker as it is great value for money and is a lot of fun to use. The whole family love making bread now and we look forward to tasting the results. You really can taste the difference between shop bought bread and freshly baked bread. There are no added preservatives, just 100% natural ingredients.


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      01.01.2014 12:06
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      brilliant bread maker with lots of different features

      Russell Hobbs Bread Maker:
      For Christmas, James's parents bought us this bread maker. We had asked for one and we were very pleased we got one! We opened it before Christmas as we were asked to so we could check it worked so we were making fresh bread throughout December. With England always getting bad weather and possibilities of snow, I've always wanted a bread maker so we wouldn't need to go out to the local shop and pay almost £2 for a loaf or even risk is being sold out. Our fridge freezer isn't huge so we can't stock on bread in case of an emergency.

      Upon opening the bread maker I thought it might have lots of different accessories as it mentions on the box you can make 3 sizes of bread. What this actually means is that the loaf tin that is inside will make all 3 sizes!. So inside the box just came the bread maker which the tin already inserted and an instruction manual/recipe book. It's always best to follow the bread recipes in the books you get with your bread maker as other ones could be different sizes and ingredient portions could be different.

      We popped to the shops and bough some bread mixes so we could try it out. We had a wholegrain bread mix which would make a large loaf and just needed water and a knob of butter adding to the mixer. These mixes are handy to keep in the cupboard for emergency breads.

      Our first experience:
      As mentioned, we first used a wholegrain bread mix (Hovis) which we poured straight into the tin of the machine along with the water and butter. We then had to set it to a large loaf and for it to give us a medium crust. We then chose the wholegrain setting which meant it would take 4 hours from start to finish. Firstly it mixed the ingredients together and combined it all really well. I watched this stage as noticed bits of flour around the edges of the tin but the machine is brilliant in how it mixes and it got all of the ingredients combined together well. It then went on to kneed the dough and then let it prove. The smell by this point was very satisfying and smelt so homely and inviting.

      The next stage was to cook the bread which smelt like heaven. There is a small glass window on the top of the machine which lets you look inside instead of having to open the machine and ruin the temperature that it has built up to. Once it was finished it beeped to let us know it was done cooking. I then opened the lid to remove the bread. The instructions stated that I had to lift out the tin with the handle then turn it upside down and shake the bread out, so I did that and let it cool on a wire rack. I was amazed to see the bread was perfect and couldn't wait to have a taste and when we did, it was brilliant. The rise was perfect and the texture was great. I couldn't have made this bread myself as I don't have the right tins and I get really bored of kneading the bread by hand.

      Our second experience was for another bread mix of a parmesan cheese and sun dried tomato loaf. We this time used the basic setting as the mix suggested a 3 hour bake. I was so excited by this loaf as whilst baking, the house smelt incredible.

      What else can the bread maker do?
      The bread maker can make bread in sizes 1lb, 1.6lb and 2lb you just need to adjust the ingredients measurements accordingly to the recipe book. You can pick from 3 different crust types which come in light, medium and dark. I've tried out both medium and dark and they were both delicious. I always prefer my bread a bit dark so I doubt the light crust option will get used for us. I was amazed to see this machine can also make cakes and jam! I will definitely be trying these features out as I love to make jam with foraged fruits we find in the summer time. I think my next bread to make in the bread maker will be a fruit loaf full of currants and raisins from which I will use the recipe from the book.

      It also had the option for you to make rolls. This setting will just mix and prove the mixture for you and you then go on to divide it into roll sized balls and bake in the oven. If you want to add ingredients to the top of your bread like sesame/poppy seeds for a special loaf, the machine will beep to let you know you can add them.

      The fast bake option on this machine is something I probably won't want to use. It can take from just 55 minutes to make and bake a loaf but that takes all the fun away from using the bread maker. Unless I'm desperate for a loaf straight away, I think I'll stick to the longer settings which can bake it from 2-3 hours.

      Pizza dough is another option for this and again, the recipes are in the book for this. I will be trying this out with my daughter so we can make our own home made pizza. It's very handy to be able to make these as the ingredients will cost less than a store bought pizza and we can put whatever we like on the top.

      Recommending the machine:
      This machine is perfect for us and each time we've baked bread, we've had perfect results. The ingredients measurements in the recipe book are perfect too for a basic white loaf and I can't wait to get using some of the other recipes and trying out rolls. I have used a similar bread maker before of my nan's to bake rolls and hers is at least 5 years old and it worked very well, so I have no worries that it wouldn't work just like that one did. I give this machine 5/5 stars for being such a fun machine to use and for having lots of options of bread making available. I would say if you've been thinking about getting one, then think no more! they are definitely a worthwhile investment and you can show off to friends and family with your home made breads, cakes, rolls, pizza and jams!

      Thanks for reading my review!



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        15.09.2013 23:39


        • Reliability


        Good bread machine when you get the hang of it.

        My mum recently bought me this bread maker for a birthday gift knowing that I had wanted one for a long time.

        The first few tries with the bread maker I used the mixes that can be purchased from the supermarket, the bread was a bit of a distaste and they all collapsed but still tasted ok.

        I decided to go out and buy all the ingredients needed to make a standard white loaf (bread flour, olive oil, milk powder), the first few loaves weren't perfect but with each loaf they have gotten better.

        The machine works much better if you follow the recipes included with the box but they still need little tweaks here and there to get a good loaf, I was expecting a perfect loaf every time from the first one!

        It makes 3 different sized loaves with 3 different crust types and has many other uses like jam making.

        The best loaves we have actually produced so far have been using the fast bake setting, it makes a really nice fresh loaf of bread in less than an hour.


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        11.08.2013 23:20
        Very helpful



        a great machine

        There are 2 things in the morning that i love:
        smell of coffee and smell of fresh baked bread.
        I always wanted abread bake machine but thought they were always hard to use and not worth it.
        So my hubby gave me a bread bake machine for my birthday.

        The machine is white from colour and from Russel hobbs which I find a good brand, never had problems with any machines from Russel Hobbs brands. It has a large viewing window with lcd display

        Functions: this bread baking machine can make 3 different size of bread which i didnt know was possible. the sizes are: 1lb, 1.6lb and 2.2 lb loafsizes.
        You can make bread, pizzadough, jam, I only tried the bread so far but might give the jam ago soon.

        It has a nonstick pan and kneading blades which can go in the dishwasher.
        There ia 13hr delay timer on it so you can get fresh bread early in the morning and it has an function on it that that bread stays warm for an hour after its done.
        Overall it takes 55 min to bake a bread which i think is not long for freshly made bread at home.
        I couldnt ask my hubby what he paid for it but i have seen them £40 in the shop.


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        19.03.2012 21:56



        Affordable, great features and easy way to make bread

        Having a gadget that bakes bread can be economical,not only are you getting a tasty home made fresh bread , using your own ingredients, you would also be saving money.

        Russell Hobbs is a great option for anyone who want a high quality bread making machine. It is manufactured by a recognisable brand and has the necessary features. It can bake different sized loaves,this is a great advantage especially if you want to bake a bread that would last a week.

        One of the main feature the Russell the Hobbs has is the delay timer,this enables you to delay baking your bread for awhile or even overnight. This allow you to have fresh bread ready for breakfast.

        The pan inside the machine used to bake the bread is non stick,ideal for easy taking out of the bread and easy washing,The pan is dish washer washable.

        The Hobbs has what is known as the warm function. This feature allow you to keep your already baked bread warm untill you are ready to eat.

        The Russell Hobbs is affordable may not have advanced complicated functions but if you want an affordable bread baker that can bake bread easily,then this is the machine.

        One thing I did notice about the Russell Hobbs is sometimes if the dough is not mixed long enough one could end up with an uneven bake,so it is advisable to mixed the dough longer in the bread machine or mixed it prior to placing it in the bread making pan,either way means a freshly even tasty bake.


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          28.01.2012 19:52
          Very helpful


          • Reliability


          A fantastic machine

          After selling our previous bread maker after years of good service on eBay we suddenly realised just how much we missed the delightful device. I searched most stores online and finally decided that we would try a cheaper brand, that being 'Russell Hobbs' which I had always expected to be rather pricey but not with their bread makers. We picked this little beauty up in Tesco for a reasonable £50 which I thought was a rather good price, they did have a Tesco own brand bread maker for much less but I decided to stick with the Russell Hobbs..... Thinking of the good old saying 'You get what you pay for', but hey, the Tesco own could also be a fabulous machine!

          *** Some information on the Russell Hobbs bread maker ***

          The Russell Hobbs bread machine is a rather nice looking device with some great features at a rather good price, it is designed to make bread making easy. The machine is mainly white with some silver bits here and there with a few buttons on the top with a small window to view your bread cooking. I should think that it would fit in with most kitchen decors, ours is a farmhouse style kitchen and it does not look extremely out of place. It is not a fancy looking machine by any means and it does look slightly cheap but that does not take away from its performance. It is quite large but not much bigger than a standard bread bin.

          *** Opening the box and setting up ***

          Here's the exciting bit, getting ready to make our very first loaf (Bound to be a disaster as usual)... Inside the box was simply the bread maker with the cooking pan and mixing paddle inside. It was wrapped well and was extremely easy to set up ready for baking. To get started a quick flick through the instruction manual was required as it was a slightly different design to our last machine and some familiarising was required! Russell Hobbs recommends that you thoroughly wash the pan and mixing paddle in warm soapy water to remove and manufacturing 'left over bits'. This was easy and we were then ready to bake.

          The instruction manual although being very simple looking and obviously written by someone that does not quite understand English is rather helpful. There is a small recipe section in the back with a few simple recipes to get you started and there is a problem section for 'fixing' your recipes if your breads are not turning out as planned. There is some fantastic information in there for any beginner or I guess 'professional' bread crafter - obviously not myself!

          *** Time to make that first loaf ***

          I have a favorite recipe that I like to use in bread makers of which I have been using for many years, I decided to scrap my recipe and trust the one in the recipe book provided which actually turned out to be a good one, much better than my 'used to be favorite'.

          Basic white loaf recipe for a large 1Kg loaf;
          *360ml of water or milk (Warm but not hot!)
          *2 Tbsp of olive oil
          *2 Tsp of salt
          *2 Tbsp of sugar (I use caster)
          *2 Tbsp of dried milk
          *650g of 'Strong white bread flour' - Flour is the secret!!
          *2 Tsp of yeast

          We use mainly Tesco's own ingredients and a large loaf costs us roughly 65 pence to make excluding the electric charges which I should not think will be anything major. I think that this is good value and obviously home cooked bread cannot be beaten.

          This recipe makes the rather standard white loaf which is quite large at 1kg, this bread maker has 3 settings for loaf size and also 3 settings for the crust colour. You simply pop the ingredients in, select the loaf size and the crust colour and finally pressing the start button. Roughly three hours later your loaf will be ready!

          Now the ingredients unfortunately cannot be just thrown in the machine in a random order, they have to be separated which is clearly explained in the manual. The recipe above is in order of ingredients so basically you put the liquid in first with the salt, sugar and dried milk powder. Followed by the flour and making a little well in the flour to hold the yeast, I find that this is a very important thing to do with all bread makers and it also helps to create the perfect loaf that we all want to achieve!

          Now bread machines are just amazing, they do all of the kneading, proving and cooking required which saves a load of time compared to making by hand. The first thing I noticed about this bread maker was how quiet it is while kneading the dough, our last machine was very noisy but the Russell Hobbs sounds smooth and very powerful. I couldn't resist having a peek inside while my dough was being kneaded and it seemed to be doing a fantastic job.

          Three hours had passed and the smell filling the house was absolutely divine! The machine let out a good amount of beeps when our bread was cooked and this was heard all around the house, everyone ran to the kitchen upon hearing this for a taste of the fresh bread... It's amazing how much people love fresh bread. Our first loaf was a success and it was in all honesty - perfect! The machine had cooked it just as I had asked and it tasted absolutely lovely, just like it should have.

          *** Features ***

          We are not the most adventurous of bakers sticking to the basic white loaf with the odd granary, so we have not tested all of its features but I'm sure that all will work! I will explain most here;

          Dough - this machine can be used to make dough for making pizza's, rolls etc. If you find it hard mixing all of the ingredients together for these then this bread maker can be a life saver. You simply put all of the ingredients in and select the dough button. The machine will mix everything and even knead the dough so when you remove it from the machine is ready for shaping and finally baking. We have used this for making pizzas and it makes the task extremely easy and it only takes roughly 20 minutes overall.

          Jam - A bread maker can be used to make jam? Yep! There is a basic strawberry jam recipe in the book which does sound very nice but sugary. I know a friend with a very similar bread machine has made jam in his and he was extremely impressed, I must try this sometime.

          Cake - There is a basic cake recipe in the book which is actually very nice, we have made this and it only takes roughly an hour to create. The cake that came from our machine was extremely light and rather fluffy with a lovely taste, it didn't last too long in our house! I would definitely make this one again.

          The other features are rather self-explanatory such as fast bake, gluten free and sweet bread. It also has a time setting that can be used if you want to have fresh bread when you wake up in the morning. You select on the screen how many hours away that you would like it to start - obviously whatever bread setting you choose you should start it that time before you wake in the morning. We have used this and it works fantastically well and it was lovely to wake up to that gorgeous scent.

          *** Ease of use ***

          I find the machine very easy to use and the instruction manual is very helpful. The buttons on top of the machine are water proof and are very easy to press, making bread is usually a messy job and I always end up spilling flour on the buttons but it is easily wiped due to the waterproof buttons.

          The bread pan inside is coated with a non-stick surface which seems to work very well, we have been very lucky so far and not one of our creations has stuck to the pan causing damage. The bread pan can be slightly tricky to remove at times and the mechanism does feel slight cheap when pulling the pan out. We have used this machine daily for a month and there are no problems yet but I'm sure that this could have been built slightly better. The mixing paddle used for kneading the dough is easily removed by pulling hard on it from inside the pan, the only slight complaint I have so far is that dough can get stuck under this mixing paddle and makes it rather hard to remove for cleaning. This is probably a good thing as our last bread maker used to leave the mixing paddle inside the loaf when removing from the pan, we always had a surprise when we cut into the loaf discovering the large mixing paddle! This bread machine however does not leave the mixing paddle in the bread which is fantastic news!

          The lid on top is easy to open and there is a nice viewing window to see your dough without opening the machine and disturbing the proving process. This window can be slightly pointless sometimes as it does steam up resulting in a frosted glad effect which is rather useless for viewing dough.

          *** Overall opinion ***

          I'm generally extremely happy with our new bread maker and we are all extremely happy with the results. The bread comes out perfect every time (When the ingredients are correct) and the unit looks very nice. It is built rather well and comes with a 1 year guarantee for peace of mind but I do doubt that we will be needing any support as it sounds quality. I would honestly recommend this bread maker to anyone as it is a bargain and it actually cooks bread well. Congratulations to Russell Hobbs for creating a fabulous bread machine!

          Thanks for reading,


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            26.01.2012 12:18


            • Reliability


            I think for the price and size its one of the best breadmakers in its price range.

            3 loaf sizes: 1 lb, 1.6 lb and 2.2 lb
            55-minute fast-bake function
            13-hour delay bake timer
            12 programmable functions
            Automatic Keep-warm function
            Dishwasher safe non-stick pan and kneading blade

            This is a great little bread maker pretty compact compared to other bread makers that make 2 lb loaves. The recipies are great although i always love trying others. The basic white loaf tastes really nice it does take over 3 hour and 10 minutes but worth the wait. Being a vegan i always leave the powdered milk out the recipie and it turns out just fine.

            I have used other bread makers but this one is my favourate and you can buy it for around £50 which is a really good price. It does take all the hard work out of making bread and i love the size loaves it produce. It also has 3 crust light medium and dark settings, I like the meduim and dark setting. Its fairly easy to use, you just have to remember to change the loaf size if you have measured out ingriedients for as it so easy to forget.

            There are two bad points about this breadmaker:

            Firstly it doesnt crust the top of te bread as much as the sides.
            Secondly its fast make recipie is not worth having as its tastes revolting.


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        • Product Details

          The Russell Hobbs 18036 Compact Breadmaker lets you make fresh, healthy, delicious bread in your own home / You can bake a fresh loaf of bread in 55 minutes with the 55 Fast Bake function or program the machine on the 13hr delay bake timer to have tasty bread just in time for breakfast! Featuring 12 programmable functions, the Russell Hobbs 18036 Compact Breadmaker can make basic, French, and wholewheat bread, cake, pizza dough and even jam! It has adjustable crust control to make light, medium or dark crusts and 3 different loaf sizes: 1 lb, 1.6 lb and 2.2 lb / The 7 minute power cut-off memory function can remember your setting for seven minutes following a power-cut or if you accidentally unplug the machine / The 1-hour automatic keep warm function allows you to have warm bread at any time of the day / The non-stick baking pan and kneading blade are dishwasher safe and easy to clean / The outer walls of the bread maker are also insulated to prevent them from getting dangerously hot / The non-slip feet of the machine position it solidly on any surface / With the Russell Hobbs 18036 Compact Breadmaker you can forget about buying bread ever again / if you so wish! General information Power (Watt) 600 Capacity 900 g / 1.15 kg Adjustements Cooking Yes Crust cooking level Light, medium, dark Programs Number 12 programmes Memory 7 minute memory Different Programmable over 13 hours Maintenance Elements washable in dishwasher Yes Removeable cover and recipient Removable recipient Non-slip recipient Yes Other informations Warm-keeping function Yes Display LCD screen Cooking control window Yes Other fonctions 55-minute Fast Bake Colours White Dimensions (cm) 29.6 x 29.0 x 32.2 cm (H x W x D) Hard Copy User Guides Yes / Short name: Russell Hobbs 18036

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