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Aldi Harvest Morn Fruit & Fibre

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5 Reviews

Whilst it is a much more budget option in comparison to others, it shows. Flavour and texture seriously lacking.

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    5 Reviews
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      14.12.2014 21:14



      who needs fried fruit?

      Excellent bar lumps of rock-hard fried banana. These taste of grease, not banana, and are not a healthy ingredient, so why add them? Why are they described as 'dried'? We are not allowed to sell chips and crisps as 'dried potatoes'!


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      30.09.2014 21:13
      Very helpful


      • "Good taste"
      • "Good price"


      • "Could do with a bit more fruit!"

      More fruit needed, but tasty!

      I have started using Aldi more recently, as we moved house and have no "typical" supermarkets near us - I have to say, I have been pleasantly surprised at most of their products!

      I find the Aldi Fruit and Fibre Cereal pretty good for the price! I must admit, it could do with a little more fruit in it, but generally, it's not bad, and it is DEFINITELY much better than some of the supermarket own brands from the "big 4". Not sure on the cost of it exactly, but I think it costs somewhere around £1.20 for a rather large box.

      Generally, I find that it contains bran flakes, raisins, a few banana flakes and nuts. The nuts can be a bit hard, but other than this I generally do not have any problems. It could do with a bit more fruit in it I guess, as I find myself "rationing out" my raisins! :)

      The packaging is decent - a light purple colour and an image of a bowl of the stuff with a considerable amount more fruit in it. It's recyclable, and for those of use who do reseal the packaging (unlike my other half...) it has a "reseal" at the top to help feel it fresh. Pretty standard but it all helps!

      Overall, I do enjoy this cereal, especially for the price of it. If you like a bit more "oomph" to your cereals, then you may benefit from adding a bit of your own fruit in, but generally, for how cheap it is, I think it's a pretty good product.


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      23.07.2013 13:09
      Very helpful



      More cheerful than plain old bran flakes!

      You may have read from my intro that I am a registered Nutritionist. Breakfast, as we know is vitally important and I never skip it. Wholegrain cereal tends to be my first choice as it provides a huge helping of dietary fibre (which most of us don't get enough of) plus a good serving of protein in the milk. One of the basic principles with eating well (regardless of whether weight loss is required) is that a combination of wholegrain carbohydrate and protein at each meal is fantastic for satiety (feeling full); therefore resisting the urge to snack later.

      However, the real selling points of a breakfast cereal for me are:
      1. It is so much easier than preparing e.g. a poached egg on toast (another protein / wholegrain combo.)
      2. The milk provides fluid first thing in the morning. We all know we should drink 2 litres per day, but most of us struggle to manage that.
      3. The majority of cereals are now fortified which means the day starts with a good chunk of our RDI's (Recommended Daily Intakes). The majority of women, in particular, are deficient in iron. Add to this a reluctance to eat a lot of red meat (if dieting) then iron sources can be very hard to find (unless you like eating spinach until it comes out of your ears :D)

      I normally opt for shop brand bran flakes and add my own fruit as I find the 'fruit & fibre' ranges to be quite pricey on our budget. However, this one at Aldi screamed value at £1.19 for a generously filled box (750g) so I had to give it a try.

      The cereal comes in a lilac box which contains nutritional information, ingredients, recycling information and details of the Aldi guarantee. The picture on the front is a bowl of the cereal with smaller pictures of the fruit and nuts included around it. The inner bag is filled more than other brands whilst the box itself is smaller than other 750g cereals.

      I paid £1.19 for this 750g box at my last Aldi shop. This cereal can only be purchased in Aldi.

      On the rear of the box:
      "A combination of crunchy whole wheat flakes, dried fruit and nuts. Crammed into this box are raisins, banana, coconut, apple, almonds and hazelnuts so not surprisingly it's bursting with taste."

      On the front of the box:
      "No artificial colours or flavourings"
      "Source of Vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12 and Folic Acid"
      "Source of Iron"
      "High in Fibre"

      The nutritional information isn't that great as it is stated per portion size of 30g (a tiny serving) plus it doesn't account for the addition of milk. It's no surprise the macronutrient values are therefore low:
      ENERGY- 112kcal
      PROTEIN - 2.6g
      CARBS - 20.4g
      FAT - 1.5g
      FIBRE - 3.0g
      It would appear that they have chosen to omit milk and use a small portion size to keep the calorie information as low as possible per serving (as is industry standard).

      However, it is then of note that the Vitamin & Iron RDI per normal size serving will be considerably higher than the amounts stated; which range between 8% (Vitamin B12) to 29% (Vitamin B6).

      In particular, even a 30g serving provides 2.9mg of iron which equates to 33% of RDI for men and 20% for woman (NB. this is my working out; it doesn't state this on the box). So as you can see it's a good chunk for such a small bowl!

      I have found in the past that Fruit & Fibre tends to be mostly the wheat flakes and not much fruit. However, I've bought this cereal three times now and I am genuinely surprised each time I pour a bowl just how much variety there is. I don't know how they've done it, but the fruit bits don't sink to the bottom of the bag either! Maybe they ship them lying down? :) Seriously though, I have a feeling that it might be due to how full the bag is, meaning there's less room for the cereal to move about.

      Every bowl I've had has been full of raisins, apples and nuts. And I love it when a piece of coconut sneaks in! My partner tends to pick out and eat the banana pieces straight for the bag whilst waiting for the kettle to boil but I've still ended up with some in my bowl of a morning (which is unheard of... he loves banana chips!) When I compare this to a value F&F brand I've tried from Sainsbury's, there is genuinely no comparison. In fact, I think it's better than Kellogg's. It's crunchy, its fruity and every mouthful is different.

      The only negative I can think to mention is that the raisins and banana chips can be quite hard if you use ice cold milk. But I like this extra texture! You could always leave the milk a little longer to soften them before eating.

      NB. I have a feeling that this product may have been reformulated as the previous two reviews don't seem anything like the product I've been eating for the last month!

      This is going in my trolley every week.


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        27.06.2012 23:14
        Very helpful



        Pretty average tasting, would be heaps better with more fruit and if they actually included nuts!

        In the morning I usually opt for a cereal bar of some kind or weetabix, but whilst taking a trip to aldi (which i don't often do) I had a quick look to see what they had to offer that was cheaper than where I usually shop and something that ended up in my basket along with some cereal bars was harvest morn's Fruit and Fibre cereal.

        ~ Price and availability ~
        Harvest Morn is a brand exclusively to aldi, therefore you can only purchase this product in aldi stores. A 750g box is priced at a respectable £1.15, which is considerabely cheaper than most other ridiculously priced cereals these days, especially considering this is a big box of cereal!

        The cereal is in a rather large cardboard box that can be recycled. It's pale purple in colour with harvest morn and fruit & fibre written clearly in the center. There are various fruits scattered over the front of the box including pieces of apple, banana, grapes and coconut aswell as almonds and hazelnuts. There is a large bowl of the cereal showing a rather tasty looking array of dried fruits embedded in some wheat flakes. There is also an eye-catching label telling me that this cereal is high in fibre (well you never would have expected that from the name of the cereal now would you?) and the nutritional information is displayed on the front at the bottom of the box. The back of the box is pretty basic telling you that this cereal is made with wholegrain, packed with vitamins and is high in fibre (once again).

        ~It's what's inside that counts though right?~
        Now, the box clearly states this cereal is CRAMMED with raisins, coconut, banana, apple, almonds and hazelnuts. Considering I don't think I have come across a piece of banana or a single almond and I'm already half way through the box is quite dissapointing, although I have come across quite a few nice plump juciy raisins and slithers here and there of coconut and bits of chewy apple. I find that the wheat flakes are nice and crunchy and stay that way in the milk which is what I like. I just think that the balance of fruit and fibre is all wrong, atleast 75 % of this box is filled with wheat flakes which are nice but are a bit boring on their own without their fruity partners. As for the nuts, well i don't even get a sense of their presence. On opening the packaging you dont really get a smell, perhaps a slightly wheaty scent? But nothing that makes you go mmmm. Now, don't get me wrong I do like this cereal I just think its pretty average and I think I would like to try some other fruit and fibre cereals too see if i can find anymore fruit in them but I dont think I will find one for the same price so I may have to suffice.

        ~ Other bits of information you may want or may not want to know ~
        A 30g portion of this cereal sets you back 105 calories which is really low for a cereal! But 30g really isnt that much and I think most of us have more than this without really thinking about it and I dont think it would fill the average person up well enough. There is also 6.6g of sugar in just 30g which is 7 % of your GDA.
        This product is suitable for vegetarians but not for anyone allergic to nuts, barley or gluten.
        The box is made from 90 % recycled materials

        ~ Over all verdict ~
        Not sure that this will thrill a lot of people but it suits me when i fancy a bit of a change and I dont want to pay a stupid price for a smaller box of cereal. Definately needs more fruit to give it that punch though! I don't think I would particularly recommend this cereal to anybody as it's nothing overly special. I doubt children would like it as I imagine they would find it pretty boring.


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          22.10.2009 10:44
          Very helpful



          Not for me!

          Of a morning I can usually be found chomping on some type of cereal (I had the last bowl of this morning actually!). As a gym enthusiast I know how important having breakfast to me. If I miss it I crave stuff I shouldn't all day long and my body seems to be trying to beg for food all day long like it's playing some kind of catch up!

          I love fruity cereals and as I'm off to train I have a huge bowl (sometimes 2!) and because of this my Mum does occasionally try to divert me away from premium branded cereals to shops own, and for the most part I'm not phased by this at all.

          The other day my Mother got me a box of these from Aldi costing about 99p a box. I love Kellogg's Fruit 'N' Fibre so she thought (bless her) this would be similar. Me, well I was rather looking forward to getting stuck into this!

          The Packaging:

          The box is lilac and white in colour with a photograph of the cereal on the front. I'm told it's Harvest Morn Fruit 'N' Fibre 'Wheat flakes with raisins, dried bananas, dried apple, coconut, almonds and hazelnuts and fortified with 7 vitamins and iron, then I'm told it is high in fibre, suitable for Vegetarians, there is an at a glance nutritional chart shown and the size is stated which is 750g. Other information on the box includes ingredients and allergy advice, storage details, a full nutritional rundown and contact details for Aldi. Nice enough box, informative enough and the cereal comes in a white plastic bag.

          The Cereal:

          Well what can I say? Mum bought me a box and I said nothing, I just got on with it. I struggled to eat them. Due to me saying nothing to her and her and my Step-dad deciding to watch their weight they noted I was eating my cereal daily and grabbed themselves a box. I then ended up with that box after they professed it was too hard for them and so I got landed and I feel like I've been eating this miserable cereal forever and a day!

          What you get in a bag is mainly light brown, wheaty and slightly malted flakes. They are really hard these are and even when milk is poured over them they really do retain their hardness. Then you get a few dried raisins which stay that way and again don't plump out at all, dried banana flakes which are slightly candied and I've never seen or tasted any apple in the cereal. Then you have small chunks of hard hazelnut and flakes of almonds. I can taste the hazelnut but although my teeth feel the almonds I can't taste any flavour from them which is rather odd.

          This is a slightly salted cereal with a malty taste and lacks sweetness. Even the sugared bananas inject very little to the overall sweetness and basically they add more to the hardness! I've tried pouring milk over this little lot and returned to it a bit later in the hope it may become a little soggy...but no can do and every morning with this I was scared I was going to chip a tooth!

          Apart from the maltiness I have already mentioned and the odd taste of hazelnut and banana this is a bland and miserable cereal. Fills the tummy like lead though and me, I never ever want to see this come through my door again! It won't get a friendly welcome I can tell you that much lol.

          Allergy Advice:

          Contains: Almonds, hazelnuts, wheat barley and gluten.

          Nutritional Information Per 30g:

          Calories: 105
          Sugar: 6.6g
          Fat: 1.5g
          Sats: 0.8g
          Salt: 0.1g

          Only available in Aldi stores.


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