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Aldi Harvest Morn Honey Nut Flakes

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Brand: Aldi / Type: Flakes

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    2 Reviews
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      14.10.2009 03:44
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      They are inexpensive, yet also inedible. A totally false economy all round.

      Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cornflakes sell for about £1.69 upwards per box, whereas you can buy notionally the same own-brand product from a range of supermakets - Aldi included - for around the 99p mark.

      Where Alid's Honey Nut breakfast cereal is concerned, you really are getting what you pay for - which means in this case a box-load of cheap and nasty cornflake-like product.

      They look all right in the bowl at first sight - much like 'normal' crunchy nut cornflakes, with a good orange-ish colour and a reassuring faint glaze of sweetened coating over the flakes. The problems, however, start the moment you add milk to them as the cornflakes being deteriorating almost immediately. They don't stand up at all well to getting wetted. People often describe the consumption of unpalatable, bland foods as being 'like eating cardboard'; and after eating these cheap Alid cornflakes I think I know EXACTLY what they're on about, because in terms of texture, once these have the milk on and they've been chewed a couple of times in the mouth, you're left with a unpleasantly disintegrating, grainy bolus, the consistency of which is a lot like I'd imagine the consistency of 'eating wet cardboard' to be like.

      I haven't had a bowl of cornflakes this bad since I stayed overnight in a in Blackpool prior to a job interview back in 1998. They were watering the milk to an extreme extent at the breakfast there, back then, and at least now after all this time I know where they must've gotten those godawful cheap cardboard cornflakes from.

      While there is definitely something wrong with the texture of these Aldi flakes (to summarize: it's really bad) the taste, though not quite so awful isn't quite right either.

      Aldi and Lidl; Lidl and Aldi. How could anyone get those two discount German supermarkets mixed up? Well I did and bought an extra packet of Aldi honey-nut cornflakes for the storecupboard, the last time I was there. (The ones from Lidl that I thought I was buying, I find are not nearly so horrible. Though if you must buy cheap honey-nut cornflakes, I think Morrisons do the best own-brand type I've found yet.) The Aldi flakes are are so inedible that false economy aside, both packets (the one I've only eaten a bowlful out of plus the unopened one) are going straight in the bin tomorrow morning.



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        13.10.2009 21:27
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        Not for me these!

        I love cereal and really do believe it is the most important meal of the day. I never skip breakfast as I find if I do miss it I can't stop snacking and I need the energy it provides before heading off to the gym!

        I've had a few cereals from Aldi lately as my Mother has been doing a little shopping in there and I was really pleased when these turned up as I love Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes and these are basically a rip off version of those!

        The Packaging:

        500g yellow and gold box and on the front there is a picture of the flakes. In large writing I'm told they are Harvest Morn Honey Nut Flakes 'Peanut and honey coated corn flakes fortified with 7 vitamins and iron' and I'm also told they are a source of fibre and now contain 50% less salt and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there and the size is stated and I'm told they are suitable for Vegetarians. Other information on the box tells me a bit about the product, ingredients and allergy advice is listed, a full nutritional run-down is given, storage detail is given and contact details for Aldi are listed. It's a nice bright box and the cereal inside is in a frosted white bag.

        A Bit About The product According To The Back Of The Box:

        Honey nut flakes are a combination of corn flakes coated in honey then sprinkled with peanuts for that extra crunch. They are a great way to begin the day or as a nutritious snack at anytime. A great tasting cereal that the whole family will enjoy.

        Honey nut flakes are great with fresh cold milk or yoghurt, the perfect way to start the day. They are simply irresistible!

        The Cereal Itself:

        I'm afraid this is the first product I have tried from Aldi (and I've tried a few!) that I really don't like. The flakes are small, golden and yep coated lightly and slightly glazed in honey. They are basically crispy cornflakes which are incredibly sweet indeed. They are not crunchy as such they are crispy, they have no substance and even after devouring a huge bowl I'm left feeling rather hungry!

        There are a few thin slithers of white peanuts which give a little bite to the cereal and add a little flavour but basically these are crispy flakes that are sweet but that's it....

        and I'm left unimpressed!

        Not keen, they're not awful and do taste naturally sweet opposed to full of sweeteners but for me they're pointless to eat cos straight after eating them I'm hungry again!

        Allergy Advice:

        Contains: Peanuts, barley and gluten.
        Warning: May contain traces of nuts, sesame seeds, Milk, Soya and Sulphites.

        Nutritional Information per 30g Serving:

        Calories: 107
        Sugar: 8.3g
        Fat: 0.6g
        Saturated Fat: 0.1g
        Salt: 0.14g

        Only available in Aldi priced at about £1.15 a box.


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