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Asda Crunch Cereal

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Brand: Asda / Type: Cereal

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    1 Review
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      25.03.2010 15:02
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      Its bland, boring and way too crunchy!

      In a bid to lose some weight I had to change eating habits, and this had to involve including breakfast in my daily routine. Now while trying to lose weight I am not on a diet as such just cutting down portion sizes, so a bowl of cereal for me in the mornings is suffice. I like to try different cereals though as it does become a tad boring eating the same over and over.

      Browsing in Asda I came across their own Crunch cereal, it came in a few varieties but I picked up Asda's Raisin, Honey and Almond CRUNCH cereal. They are just over £1.30 for a 1kg bag full of cereal, but I have seen them on offer 2 for £2 sometimes. The bag it comes in has a cream, beige and deep orange colour theme to it, with a small picture of some oats amongst a dollop of honey at the bottom. It boasts at the top of the packet that this cereal contains No artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat and is high in fibre. This particular cereal is wholegrain crispy oat clusters blended with raisins, flaked almonds, crunchy hazelnuts, honey and sunflower seeds.

      A 45g serving of this cereal with 125ml of semi skimmed milk contains;
      241 calories
      17.4g sugars
      7.4g fat
      .4g sat fat
      0.2g salt

      I was quite looking forward to tucking into this cereal for my breakfast, something crunchy and filling to start my day with a little sweetness thanks to the honey instead of a sprinkling of sugar like usual, although it looks like it's got enough doesn't it!

      Pouring it into my dish I have to admit it was the most boring looking cereal. I could see the odd dark raisin, small and barely there and masses and masses of the same coloured cluster. Hmph! Pouring my milk over I wasn't expecting the cereal to soften but my god I wanted some teeth left. It was the crunchiest, most tedious cereal I have ever eaten. The clusters themselves varied in size, but no matter how big or small they felt like they were tearing my teeth apart with each bite they were so hard. I was soon looking forward to actually finding a raisin to sink my teeth into after all the hardwork crunching down clusters, but my joy was shortlived when instead of sinking my teeth into a plump, juicy raisin I was left trying to bite into small and ridicously hard raisins which were probably chewier than chewing gum in the end. As for the flaked almonds and nuts, well the 3 or 4 that was there, in the whole bag, ok so maybe that's an exaggeration, I really didn't want to eat. There was no way my teeth could deal with more crunching and biting. That was all they offered to, just crunch and bite, no flavour or anything. I would never buy this again as long as I live and to be honest I'm writing the review to warn anybody else from buying it unless of course a boring, and overly crunchy cereal is your thing lol!


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