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Asda Hawaiian Crunch Cereal

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Brand: Asda / Type: Cereal

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    1 Review
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      28.04.2010 06:39
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      A different cereal thats nice as a treat

      I wrote a review a while back on Asda's Crunch cereal and to be honest I wasn't that impressed, it was quite simply a bowl of clusters which were way too crunchy and lacked any other flavour or texture to make them that bit tastier and more appealing. The flavour described on the package wasn't lived up to in taste in my opinion but I just couldn't resist picking this one up in Asda the other day.

      Asda's Hawaiian Crunch cereal. It's in a bag alot smaller only 400g so won't provide you with many breakfasts depending on the size of your bowl or portion. It's in the same style bag as the other one where you have to cut open the top and it isn't resealable, but it is like I've said alot smaller and the colour theme to it is stunning. A rich, turqouise blue, a real eyecatcher on a shelf, it was the colour which appealed to me first and then I read the description on the front of the packet. Asda Hawaiian CRUNCH cereal, Crunchy Oat Clusters with banana chips, raisins, pineapple, coconut, papaya and sunflower seeds. The packet also boasts on the front that this cereal contains No artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat as well as being high in fibre and it has no added salt.

      A 45g serving of this cereal with 125ml semi skimmed milk contains;
      260 calories
      17.4g sugar
      9.0g fat
      3.9g sat fat
      0.2g salt

      It is a highly calorific cereal and not the healthiest despite it sounding so, which is one reason why I only buy it now as a treat now and then. Not only this but just this small bag costs 68p so it's not worth the money half the time as it doesn't provide me with breakfast for a whole week.

      With the other version of Crunch cereal I moaned and groaned about the fact that the clusters were soo crunchy, it was bland, boring and extremely tedious to eat. This cereal is again crunchy, with various sized clusters but the 'extras' within the cereal are plentiful and excite the textures and tastes of the cereal so it is far from boring and bland. Not only was I crunching down on crunchy clusters but I was snapping into fruity banana chips which also added a sweetness to the cereal. The raisins, although small tasted juicy and provided a bit of chew. The pineapple was soft, chewy and again fruity. The coconut offered that freshness of coconut and a slight bite to the cereal to. The sunflower seeds didn't offer much flavourwise but it was an enjoyable texture within the cereal. I wasn't entirely sure what papaya was until I looked it up on the internet but this also provided me with some chewyness as well as a slight sweet taste. It may all sound so much going on with one cereal but it all blended in perfectly. The textures all mixed in together from the fruit pieces and the clusters were a pleasure to feel in my mouth and although the flavours are not strong and flavoursome it was alot tastier and enjoyable to eat than the other version of Crunch cereal. I also found it very filling which was good. I'd definitely reccommend trying this cereal, even if, like myself it's only for a treat as it is different, tasty and really enjoyable to eat!


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