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Asda Malted Wheaties Cereal

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3 Reviews

Brand: Asda / Type: Cereal

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    3 Reviews
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      13.12.2013 10:38
      Very helpful



      A great alternative to branded cereal.

      As the title implies, these are ASDA's version of Shreddies, but we can't really tell the difference. With 2 teenagers in the house we get through quite a lot of cereal. I like to make sure that they have breakfast before school in the mornings, and sometimes I enjoy having these too. Breakfast cereals are a bit of a mixed bag - some of them are horrendously high in sugar, but on the other hand the really worthy ones tend not to appeal to the children, these wheaties seem to occupy a reasonable middle ground. They are still quite high in sugar (red in the "traffic light" system) but not as bad as many, and I feel that this is offset by their being made with wholegrains and high in fibre. They are also fortified with vitamins B3, B5, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12 and iron. According to the nutritional information on the packet, a 40g serving with 125 ml semi skimmed milk will provide you with 205 calories, and is low in fat and saturated fat, although suprisingly high in salt , 0.4g, which scores it amber.

      These are the most popular breakfast cereal in our house, ideal served with cold milk. As you would expect they are available from ASDA and currently sell for £1.58 for a family-sized 750g box. This is a reduction from the price listed earlier, and in fact there is also currently a deal where you can buy 3 boxes for £3.

      They are suitable for vegetarians, but given that they are a wholegrain product it will come as no great surprise that the allergy advice tells us that they contain gluten, wheat and barley.


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      22.02.2010 12:26
      Very helpful
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      A great tasting cereal at a great price!

      Review of Asda Malted Wheaties breakfast cereal

      **~**THE PRODUCT**~**

      This cereal comes in a family sized box containing 750g. The price is a very acceptable £2 for 2 boxes. This is an Asda 'Roll-back' deal, valid until 31/12/10.

      Part of the Asda own range of products, this breakfast cereal comes in a deep blue, recyclable cardboard box. The company logo, product name and description appear on the front of the package, whilst nutritional values, ingredients, allergy advice, company information and dietary advice appear on the sides and rear of the box.

      The cereal is enclosed in a plastic bag within the cardboard box, this is not recyclable. The cereal is very similar in appearance to the well known brand named cereal, 'Shreddies'. The oblong shaped, mesh effect wheat based cereal are deep, golden brown in colour. They smell deliciously malty and have a lovely crispy texture. When milk is added to the cereal in the bowl, the crispness soon gives way to a softer texture, this is in no way mushy or unpleasant, just softer! The flavour is very good, malty, wheaty and not too sweet. I have not detected any after taste with this cereal.

      I find the cereal very filling and being a high fibre cereal, I feel it makes a good start to the day. We sometimes add fresh fruit or natural yogurt to our cereal for a change and Asda Malted Wheaties lend themselves very well to being served in this way.

      Eating wholegrain cereal is good for your heart. Studies have shown that diets containing a high proportion of wholegrain can reduce the risk of heart disease, when eaten as part of healthy, balanced diet low in saturated fats and an active lifestyle. Whole grains also release energy slowly, helping to keep you fuller for longer, hopefully enabling the weaker willed amongst us to resist mid-morning snacks!

      High fibre cereals are also known to help keep your digestive system in good order and form an important part of a balanced diet.

      As with all breakfast cereals, Asda Malted Wheaties should be stored in a cool, dry, odour free place and used up before the 'Best Before' date.

      **~~**Ingredients, Allergy Advice and Nutritional Values**~~**

      I do not intend to replicate the ingredients and nutritional information in full here. No one really wants to wade through a review padded out with this kind of information, so I will keep this part brief.

      Ingredients include:-
      Whole Wheat, Sugar , Malted Barley Extract , Salt , Vitamin and Mineral Mix [Niacin (B3), Iron, Pantothenic Acid (B5), Thiamin (B1), Vitamin B6, Riboflavin (B2), Folic Acid (B9) , Vitamin B12] .

      Allergy Advice:-
      This product contains barley, gluten and wheat.
      Other Advice:-
      Suitable for vegetarians, Free From Artificial Colours, Artificial Flavours.
      No artificial hydrogenated fat.

      Nutritional Values per 40g (served with Semi-skimmed milk):-
      196 calories, 8.5g protein, 3.7g fibre, 34.5g carbohydrate (of which 11.9 g are sugars), 2.9g fat, 0.17g sodium.
      Naturally the values will be different if you use full cream or skimmed milk or add sugar, fruit, yogurt etc. to your breakfast!

      **~~**Company Information**~~**

      Asda are part of the Wal-Mart group, the supermarket has stores the length and breadth of Britain. Asda also offer a 'Try me, Love me' money back guarantee, if you are not 100% happy with any of their products. The supermarket also offers online shopping via www.asda.com

      The postal address for Asda is :-Asda Stores Ltd., Leeds, LS11 5AD and they can be contacted through their customer care line telephone number, 0845 300 1111.

      **~~**My Thoughts and Conclusion**~~**

      Asda Malted Wheaties are an excellent product, tasty, filling and wholesome, I really enjoyed these and will definitely buy them again. They represent good value for money and would suit all age groups. It is refreshing to find an own branded cereal that tastes as good as the brand named counterpart. I have been disappointed in the past with own brand cereals but this one is a winner in my view.

      Oh dear, now neatly negating the healthy qualities of the cereal (!) I have also used this cereal to make 'crispy cakes' for my grandchildren. I am sure everyone with kiddies in the family will be familiar with these, but for those who don't know, they are made by melting golden syrup, margarine and cocoa and stirring in any style of breakfast cereal, cornflakes or rice pops being the usual choice. The mixture is then either be placed into paper cup cake cases for individual cakes or spread in a sandwich type cake tin, ready to cut when cool.
      Once set, the cakes become deliciously crispy with a chewy toffee like texture, a great favourite with my youngsters! Malted Wheaties made an interesting alternative, one the children certainly enjoyed.

      Highly recommended & 5 stars from me!

      Thank you for reading.
      ©brittle1906 February 2010

      N.B. My reviews may be found on other review sites under the same user name.


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        21.02.2010 01:21
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Yummy cereal that I adore!

        The one breakfast I absolutely adore is this type of breakfast! A huge bowl in the morning covered in full fat and cold milk straight out of the fridge really does kick me off to a good start to the day and this particular cereal.... I'm totally addicted to and at a pound a box and being rather healthy really it isn't a problem to be addicted to it but a pure and simple pleasure!

        The Packaging:

        Mainly dark blue box with a swirl of red colour on the front and I'm told that they are Asda Malted Wheaties and that the size of the box is 750g and that they contain no artificial colours, flavours or hydrogenated fat and that they are high in fibre and contain added Iron and there is an at a glance nutritional chart on there. Other information on the box includes ingredients and allergy advice being listed, a full nutritional chart is given along with storage advice and contact details for Asda being given. Nice enough box and of course the cereal itself is in a sealed but rather see though white bag. Informative packaging etc and although these only cost a pound a box said box doesn't scream out I'm cheap!

        The Cereal Itself:

        Absolutely love it! These dark brown and crispy squares have a slight but natural sweetness to them and made of wholegrain have a lovely tangy malty taste to them too! Like I said these are crunchy, cover them in milk they don't scum very much at all and of course if you eat them fast they don't go soggy and hold rather well. However the longer you leave them soaking the more they go mushy..but hey I like them any way they come these things lol!

        This box is meant to contain 18 servings, me I can't keep my mitts off them but hey they're healthy enough and good for you. I even eat these dry! Rather like flat Shreddies in appearance and have that knitted, rough exterior to them they melt in the mouth and really do taste fabby and I can't believe these only cost a mere quid a box even though I have got through boxes of the stuff in the past few months lol.

        Nutritional Information Per 40g Serving And With 125ml Semi-Skimmed Milk:

        Calories: 196
        Sugar: 11.9g
        Fat: 2.9g
        Saturated Fat: 1.5g
        Salt: 0.4g

        Only available in Asda stores and other varieties are available at the same price as these!


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