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Asda Swiss Style Muesli

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4 Reviews

Type: Muesli

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    4 Reviews
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      29.01.2010 11:42



      Decent muesli nothing special but certainly edible.

      I have muesli for breakfast most mornings saturday / sunday is obviously reserved for the less healthy option of a full english never the less i consider myself a competent muesli tester.

      I stuck with asda ' s swiss style muesli for a while at one point ( couple of weeks ) mainly because it was the better priced at the time. I found it to be satisfactory for that time but had a few quarms.

      Firstly i found it to be a little too sweet and they had done that nasty trick of putting too many dates in big sticky gritty clods which always ruin a muesli experience.

      Second the main cereal base was a bit too chewy, i like it to be a little bit more crispy so as not to go completely soggy and mushy when you add the milk .

      Overall a decent muesli but nothing special if you can afford it the brand name muesli's tend to be better.


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      03.09.2009 11:59
      Very helpful



      Worth a try......

      Doing my online shop and trying to save a few pennies by being a bit naughty I was looking for a cheaper alternative to my OH's beloved Alpen (£2+), I opted for Asda Smart Price Muesli (58p) but ended up with the Asda Swiss Style Muesli (£1.08) as a substitute. I was actually going to decant the Alpen and the Smart Price version into the same cereal container and mix them well (to fool him) in an attempt to lessen our cereal bill without him noticing!! I still intend on doing this when I can next get hold of the even cheaper version!
      As I have mentioned the Asda Swiss Style Muesli is £1.08 per box containing 750g. The packaging is quite appealing with a subtle picture of the Swiss Alps in the background and a mix of oats, raisins, hazelnuts and almonds falling about in the background.

      The nutritional information tells me that a 45g serving (which is a fair amount) with 100ml of semi skimmed milk is 209 kcals. I think this is great value on calories for a fairly filling breakfast. I have a couple of pieces of fruit afterwards to ensure that I can last until the next mealtime.

      In my opinion this product is not as nice as Alpen, but is a great effort. I think I could get away with mixing the two together without him indoors even batting an eye lid!!!

      There does appear to be less almonds and hazelnuts and more raisins in the Asda version and it is not as sweet as the Alpen. It is still very enjoyable and I would buy it again - but I am going to try the Smart Price version to check out the differences!!


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      21.06.2009 23:05
      Very helpful



      Good value and tastes good.

      Having got fed up of having toast for my breakfast, which I've been doing pretty much for the past ten years or so, I decided to go back to my childhood and start having cereal again. As much as I fancied going for Wheat Crunchies or Frosties, I decided to try and have something a little healthier and so after much deliberation and pacing up and down the aisle at Asda, I eventually opted for Asda's Swiss Style Muesli. There are two versions of this product, the difference between the two being that one has no added salt or sugar. This was the type that I went for and I am currently working my way through my fourth box in just over as many weeks.

      The packaging that the product comes in is quite basic but quite attractive being largely a nice shade of sky blue. If I'm honest the box looks a little like a washing powder box but that hasn't put me off! The front of the box shows pictures of the healthy foodstuffs that you are consuming, such as wheat and oats and as well as the fact that it contains no added salt or sugar you are informed that it is high in fibre and suitable for vegetarians.

      As well as wheat flakes and oats, the main ingredients in this muesli are raisins, sultanas and hazelnuts. An allergy advice box highlights that the product contains gluten, milk, nuts, wheat and oats and also that it may contain traces of other nuts and / or seeds.

      The only other aspect of note about the packaging is the statement that Asda will refund you and replace the product if you are not 100% happy. I often wonder how many people take them up on this offer, across their range of products, despite them being totally happy with the product!

      It has been a while since I'd had muesli and if I'm honest I was expecting to try a few brands before I settled on one I was happy with. This has not been necessary as I have been more than happy with this muesli.

      When poured into a bowl I think it looks as appealing as muesli is likely to and there is what I would consider to be a good amount of fruit amongst the oats and wheat. The one issue I have with muesli in general is the amount of milk required to saturate it. I don't like my muesli drowned in milk but the absorbent nature of it means quite a bit of milk is required. I use skimmed milk on my muesli so I'm not concerned about any extra calories from increased milk usage!

      The taste of the muesli I think would split people. With there being no added salt or sugar I think some people would find the product slightly bland. I personally don't. I still find it tasty and the sweetness of the fruit goes some way to making up for any lack of sugar. I will be honest, on one occasion I did sprinkle some sugar onto the muesli (it was probably a weekend and I probably deserved a treat!) and it did improve the taste but I still like it almost as much without, hence my repeat business. I've also resorted to having a bowl as a light night snack when feeling peckish as as far as snacks go, it's not the most difficult to prepare!

      The muesli is quite filling and although I don't measure how much I use in one serving, based on how long a box lasts me, I would estimate that I use a little over the 50g serving that the nutritional information is based on. This amount eaten at around 7.30, topped up with a mid morning banana, is enough for me to remain content until lunchtime, which for me is about 1pm.

      The nutritional information on the box states that per 50g serving with 100ml of semi-skimmed milk you are consuming 228 calories, 8.7g protein, 37.8g carbohydrates (12.4g of which sugars), 4.7g fat (of which 1.6g saturates), 4.1g fibre and 0.1g sodium which is the equivalent of 0.3g salt.

      This muesli comes in a 750g and costs £1.28 making it excellent value for money in my opinion, providing fifteen 50g portions. I fully expect and intend to continue purchasing this product.


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      19.09.2008 12:55
      Very helpful
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      A delicious and healthy breakfast that will keep you satisfied.

      I always seem to be buying cereal, it must be one of the most eaten things in my house. From weetabix for "him indoors" as he detests children's chocolate cereals, through to anything that my husband dislikes for the kids, the more chocolate the better.

      Cereal is one product that I don't ever seem to buy for myself, it's not that I dislike it, it's more the fact that I don't really have time for breakfast. Yes I know it is the most important meal of the day and yes most of you will not believe me when I state I have barely the time to wash and dress in the morning, but unfortunately that is the truth!

      After deciding that I must make the effort, even if it doesn't get eaten until my break at work midday, at least I would have tried!

      I decided that the cereal I chose must be filling, delicious and if possible contain a small amount of fruit. I can cope with a little fruit but cannot abide the cereals that are for the most part fruit cocktail in a box!

      The product I chose is the product I will now review " Asda's swiss style muesli".

      I have always quite liked muesli, my husband says it looks like wood shavings with rabbit droppings in... ok now can you see why I eat at work and not at home! LOL.

      The box the cereal comes in is slightly smaller than the standard cereals, this I can only assume is the fact that is not a "puffed" cereal, meaning that there is more volume without the extra space being required.
      The box is coloured rather attractively in pale and dark blue, with a picture of the swiss alps in the background. Strewn across one side of the box is a picture of the so called ingredients, though I have yet to find a muesli that looks even remotely like the ingredients listed!
      Ok, so it's not an attractive looking cereal, but I do find it delicious and very filling. I would think nothing of having 2 bowls of say, Cheerio's, after a half bowl of muesli I feel full and satisfied.
      The box then simply states that this cereal is a mixture of "oars and wheat flakes with raisons, hazelnuts and almonds. I love all of these so far, I can't stand sultana's or anything that looks like it may have originated from your nose, but the small sweet raisons add a sweet hit so I don't feel the need to add sugar.
      Finally the box states that this product is free from colours, flavours and preservatives and that it is high in fibre, you know, natures broom!

      I have to be honest the first bowl I had was neither at work or breakfast, I had literally just put the shopping away and really rather fancied some.

      I opened the inner sealed plastic bag, and found an almost full box of muesli, good start! I did find if you give it a gentle shake you will find it disperses the heavy items in the cereal evenly, there's nothing worse than ending up with either a bowl full of dust or on your last bowl of the box, just a pile of raisons!

      I poured myself a generous bowlful which was silly really, I ended up throwing some away, then added milk. Now I am funny when it comes to cereal eating, I normally cannot stand the cereal to go soggy, if this happens I can't eat it, but this the one and only exception. I pour the ice cold milk over the muesli and leave for a few seconds to soften, as the milk covers the cereal it washes some of the "dust" fron it and the raisons and nuts become more apparent.

      Finally I dig in, the taste is wheaty and tasty, then you get the occasional burst of sweetness from the raisons and the crunchy texture from the nuts. It really is lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful.

      The nutritional content maybe a little off putting for some due to the high sugar content and the apparent high fat content. Ok the sugar is because there is sugar added but the fat content is from the nuts, avoiding this sort of fat is surely lunacy as in the long run they are good for you.

      The values of a 50g serving with 100ml of semi skimmed milk are as follows -

      228 kcals
      8.8g protein
      38.2g carbohydrate
      15.6g of which sugars
      4.4g far
      1.6g of which saturates
      3.4g fibre

      I would recommend this cereal for those, like me, that don't always get the chance to eat the recommended five small meals a day, and lets be honest who has the time to sit down and eat that often! It is filling, delicious and full of fibre. This is truly lovely!
      If you like your cereals to have more fruit there is also a muesli in the same range called 55% more fruit, this is the same muesli with, more 55% more fruit, they do like to keep us simpletons shopping at Asda don't they!

      For more information visit - www.asda.co.uk

      Thanks for reading x


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      A blend of fruit, nuts and grains for a complete and delicious start to your morning.

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