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Dorset Cereals Good Honest Crunch Toffee & Pecans

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Brand: Dorset Cereals / Type: Cereal

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    1 Review
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      12.04.2011 13:11
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      A great breakfast cereal but it may not last long

      Last month I was lucky enough to win 8 boxes of assorted Dorset Cereals good honest crunch from the Dorset Cereals website. (yay!) The variety that I am going to review here is the new toffee & peacans cereal. The cereal comes in an attractive box, which is a bit different from most cereal boxes since it has a square cross section. I half expected (& hoped!) that it was going to contain a fine malt whiskey, it is about that size and shape of container. Consequently the pack size is smaller than many you will get at 375g (what I would think of as a standard sized cereal box usually contains around 500g), but this does have the advantage that it is easy to store I guess. The box has a nice natural feel about it (it is made from 85-100% recycled cardboard), it does not contain the bright glossy images of the mainstream brands but instead has more subdued brown and orange tones and a nicely minimalist front which contains the product name and company logo and little else.

      The box opens easily to reveal the cereal inside a transparent plastic pouch. The box states that "we seal our bags nice and tightly to keep things fresh, so you will need scissors to open them". I hadn't noticed this when I opened the product, so just opened the bag with my hands which seemed to work fine as well! One problem, however, is the difficulty in resealing the product. The bag itself can not be resealed and I found it quite difficult to adequately seal the product inside just the box, although there is a slot and a tab in the top to help you somewhat in doing this. If you were not going to eat this product over consecutive days it would probably be a good idea to transfer it to another airtight container to keep it fresh.

      The cereal itself looks attractive and natural, consisting of small clusters of beige oats with brown pecan nuts mixed in. As soon as you open the product you are hit with a wonderful sweet toffee aroma which is very pleasant and makes you immediately want to try some. Initially I tucked into some as a snack, dry. The texture of the clusters was great I found; I have had oat-cluster cereals before but these particular clusters were made up of both oats and crisped rice which gave them a lovely light feel as opposed to the very dense oat clusters that you can sometimes get. The texture reminded me of something between solid oat clusters and popcorn. The product also had a slight popcorny taste, with a hint of toffee flavouring which made them sweet but was not overpowering. The pecans added a nice variety of texture and were also enjoyable. I am not always a fan of pecans as I find they are sometimes a little bitter, however, these were not bitter in the slightest. I was such a fan of the product in this dry form that I kept snacking on it over a couple of days and before I knew it half the pack had gone! The pack describes the product as "marvellously moreish" and I can definitely confirm this. I also tried the product as an actual breakfast cereal with milk and this too was enjoyable, the milk added an extra freshness to the cereal.

      Nutritional information: The product states that they use the "loveliest ingredients [they] can find, and absolutely no maltodextrin {whatever that is!}, salt or palm oil". Per 100g it contains 486kcal, 9.5g protein, 60.9g carbohydrates of which 22.9g are sugars, 21.4g fat (including 3.4g saturates), 5.9g Fibre and below 0.1g sodium.

      Due to the smaller pack size the cereal would probably not last that long. It is fine for me as I cater for myself, but if several people in the family ate and enjoyed this cereal this pack size would need replacing often. The box claims that the pack will provide about 7 bowlfuls so would only last a single person for a week. From my experience, this is probably accurate (assuming you do not snack on it as I have between breakfasts!).

      The product is currently available at £2.69 at tesco online which is quite expensive given the small pack size but I think worth it for a really tasty breakfast. The biggest problem for many people could be the size of the pack and the need to stock up frequently, but on the plus side this does also make it easier to store and transport. I rate the product 4 stars.

      Thank you for reading. Review may also be found on Ciao.


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