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Dorset Cereals Marmalade Granola

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Brand: Dorset Cereals / Type: Cereal

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    1 Review
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      08.04.2010 15:34
      Very helpful



      A lovely start to the day!

      Dorset have really established themselves as experts in the field of cereals aimed at the breakfast market over the last few years. They have sprung up from nowhere it seems, and now have a wide range of granolas and mueslis to tempt you into a luxurious breakfast. They even have a wide range of porridge products on offer, but this review is about the new flavour of granola that is flavoured with marmalade - unsurprisingly named Marmalade Granola.

      I purchased mine from Waitrose where it retails for £4.29 for 600g.The ingredients are - Oats (41%), Orange Marmalade (18%) (Sugar, Oranges, Lemon Juice Concentrate), Sunflower Seeds (11%), Rye Flakes (9%), Grape Seed Oil, Nibbed Hazelnuts (6%), Whole Hazelnuts (4%), Natural Flavouring.

      This delicious combination creates a cereal which is both extremely enjoyable and full of natural ingredients. For many years I used to purchase a similar cereal mix from a local whole-foods retailer that sold from plastic tubs on my local market. This was an orange and walnut mix, but the flavours and textures are very similar, so this idea is not unique, though the make up of ingredients certainly are.

      Dorset has used Duerr's Orange Marmalade in this recipe, and it is baked in the oven in flapjack trays initially before being broken up for the cereal into smaller clusters. Now my husband should be called "the King of Granola" as he has tried nearly all of them over the years which has amazingly had no affect on his still intact set of molars! I thought we could test this product together, so a few weeks ago we had some for Sunday breakfast.

      I served it with Soya Milk, but it is equally good with dairy products, and it really was delicious. Not rock hard, but with a definite bite to it, and moderately flavoured with orange it was a lovely breakfast and a refreshing start to the day. My husband liked it and thought it was one to choose again as he thought it was an ideal breakfast product.

      From a nutritional perspective this cereal is not one to choose if you are on any kind of diet plan as the fat content per 100g is 30.9. This is very high indeed as is the case with a lot of granola-based cereals, as they are often baked with oils. In this case the fat content is provided by the nuts and seeds, so at least the fats are healthy. 100g will set you back 519 calories, but in general a healthy portion would be more like 50g- so not too bad. Although a positive point to note though is that the product is very low in salt.

      Dorset cereals are, as the name suggests, made in a village in Dorset - Poundbury - which is seven miles outside Dorchester. What I really like about this company is their commitment to the environment. They use electricity from renewable sources, and have an ethical policy to ensure that they respect the landscape, making sure they pay particular attention to areas such as conservation whilst endeavouring to make all their packaging recyclable.

      There is no doubt that their cereals are not the cheapest on the shelves. Sometimes they do have offers on, which is an ideal time to try them, but what you are paying for is a premium product which is literally packed with nuts seeds and fresh ingredients.

      The Marmalade Granola is vegetarian, a rich source of fibre, and is a wholegrain cereal product. The hazelnuts they use are first roasted - this ensures that they are full of flavour. I do this myself when using nuts in recipes, and it is amazing how just dry roasting nuts really does enhance their taste, and this cereal has a nutty flavour which really compliments the citrus in the orange.

      I tried some of the cereal as a topping for ice cream and it was lovely, and I also had some as a snack by itself without milk and that too was delicious.

      This new Orange Marmalade Granola is part of a new range of granolas which have been developed by Dorset following on from their success of the Honey Granola which stood alone for a while. Now it is joined by Chocolate Granola and Chocolate Granola with Macadamia Nuts, which are also made in their Dorset factory in small batches using ethical ingredients.

      I really enjoyed this cereal and will certainly purchase again. Now to try the chocolate versions........................



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