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Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli

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7 Reviews

Brand: Dorset Cereals / Type: Muesli

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    7 Reviews
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      17.03.2014 17:07
      Very helpful



      Possibly my favourite mueseli

      *~* Dorset cereals simply delicious museli *~*

      Thanks to everyone who has read my previous reviews and here is my first attempt at a food review. I decided to write about something I love very much - Dorset Delicious muesli. I love the Dorset range of breakfast cereals and they make a lot of different ones to choose from, there is something there that will suit anyone's taste. I eat a breakfast cereal most morning and muesli is usually my breakfast cereal of choice.
      I pay £1.69 for this box of Dorset Cereal and it lasts me about two weeks. It's low in sodium and suitable for vegetarians and tastes really yummy. I think that muesli isn't for everyone and if Alpen is the only muesli you have ever tried, then you are missing out on something special here with the Dorset range, especially the Simply Delicious one.

      It's a fantastic way to start the day and I love the taste and texture and that I have to chew for ages. It's full chock a block with fibre and all good things and it isn't too sweet or sickly and contains only naturally occurring sugars. It's a healthy way to start the day.

      The exact ingredients contain :

      Dried fruit and nuts (26%) [raisins, sultanas, dates, brazil nuts, whole roasted hazelnuts], oat flakes, wheat flakes, barley flakes, toasted and malted wheat flakes (wheat, barley malt extract), sunflower seeds (4%).
      There is the perfect blend and mix of hazelnuts and flakes and I love the way the sweetness is made by the juicy raising Dorset have used in this cereal. It doesn't go soggy too quickly as some of the cheaper and more popular brands of muesli can go and the flakes retain their crispness and freshness, even when I've added my slosh of cold milk.

      It's healthy and contains both oats and barley and it fills me up for hours so I don't' feel the need to snack before lunch.

      It's possibly my favourite cereal.

      Thanks you for reading and I am happy to answer any questions you might have.



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        08.03.2010 20:01
        Very helpful



        Tasty and healthy too

        Muesli has never had a great appeal for me. I like wholegrain cereals but usually with plenty of sugar, not good I know.
        Then I was introduced to Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli and that all changed! This is a seriously good, seriously healthy start to the day.

        It has a high oat content, good for keeping cholesterol levels in check, a mixture of seeds and nuts for vitamins, healthy fats and protein and dried fruits give it a natural sweetness. With no artificial additives and no added sugar you can be sure that what you see is what you get.

        It is very filling, naturally high in fibre especially if you top it with sliced banana and for a touch of luxury extra chopped dates. I feel less likely to snack during the morning after a bowl of this and I recommend it especially if you are watching your weight

        The company have a great website too with plenty of facts about their products and other fun stuff. I like them and their muesli.


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        04.01.2010 19:15
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        The best and tastiest muesli on the market perfect for summer and winter mornings

        If youre going to eat a muesli in the morning then it can only be this one for the best taste, texture, fruit content and quality.

        I have never been an avid fan of muesli and then I tried dorset cereals and cant get enough of it. I adore all of the dorset cereal range however the basic muesli that they do is by far the best and its full of flavour which many mueslis are not.

        Organic produce and knowing that it is local produce also as I live in dorset then I feel I am also giving something back to the community when buying it, however generally it is great for all the family and can introduce children to muesli where they would normally hate it this would be the winner for them to enjoy it.

        Its thick and has huge raisins and sultanas and is also enjoyed with some warmed milk as well as cold, especially in the winter. It is a little pricey at over £2 per packet, however well worth it and it makes me eat and enjoy my breakfst everyday whereas with any other muesli I usually just dont bother with breakfast and hence suffer mid morning, so when I by cheaper muesli I actually waste money as it sits there doing nothing

        The best muesli and most filling on the market, organic and still the best flavour.


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          10.07.2009 21:15
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          If I could only have one muesli, it's be this.

          The thing about muesli is you either love it and eat it with enthusiasm, or you hate it and eat it because you think it's good for you, but look upon it like it's gruel. I am definitely one of the former.

          WHAT IS MUESLI?
          This is a really important question because every box of muesli you come across will have different ingredients. The one thing all muesli types have in common is they contain rolled oats. The type of fruit and nuts and the addition of other flakes is what makes each muesli unique and also is what determines the taste and texture of the muesli. Everyone who likes muesli has a preferred type, and it's not brand loyalty it genuinely is the taste. I enjoy a wide range or muesli but my favourites all contain one thing, dates. It's something to do with the sweetness of dates (even more than raisins and sultanas) that goes with the oats and nuts that makes a perfect breakfast for me.

          Dorset cereals simply delicious muesli is my current muesli favourite.
          Ingrediants are:
          Oat flakes
          Wheat flakes
          Barley flakes
          Sultanas 7%
          Raisins 6%
          Chilean flame raisins 5.5%
          Toasted and malted wheat flakes
          Sunflower seeds 4%
          Dates 3.5 % (yum!)
          Brazil nuts 2.5%
          Whole roasted hazelnuts 1.5%

          So, 22% fruit, 4% nuts, 74% cereal grain. No added anything weird, no salt, 100% raw ingredients.

          The packaging is attractive: matte blue printed cardboard with shapes cut out so you can see the product which is in a clear plastic bag. I really like this, I don't like buying food I can't see. There is text printed on all sides with various information written in semi-informal language. All the information is easily findable, including allergens (gluten, nuts, wheat, barley, oats though if you're allergic to any of those you'd not be eating muesli!) and nutritional information. Do you want the nutritional information by the way?
          Per 100g:
          366calories/1530 kJ
          10.8g protein
          59.2g carbohydrate
          9.5g fat
          7.4g fibre
          <0.1g salt

          D.C advises to "serve with milk, yoghurt or fruit juice". Personally I eat with milk. Juice is surprisingly nice, as is yoghurt, but nothing beats milk in my opinion.

          On opening, there is little scent. It pours easily out of the plastic bag into the bowl and doesn't float too much when the milk is added. The cerial grain makes the bulk of each bite and the toasted/malted barley flakes add a satisfying crunch. This muesli has no added sugar, the fruit provides the sweetness. 22% fruit is more than enough sweetness for me-sometimes I end up with raisins in the bottom of the bowl-but this is by no means a sweet cereal.

          Something that distinguishes this from cheap muesli is the size of the nuts. Often in cheap muesli the brazil nuts are either large uneven pieces or tiny fragments. In this, the nuts are distinguishable without being overpowering in your bite.

          Chewing is pleasant, it doesn't form a sticky unswallowabole mass like some of the cheaper muesli and is helped, no doubt, by the fact that there is "no dust"

          NO DUST
          Dorset cereals are proud of their "no dust" cereal. In some muesli there is settling of dust at the bottom of the packet. This dust appears because the oats and other grains are broken down in formation and transit. I expect Dorset cereals use only whole oats pieces to avoid dust. The dust is unpleasant and turns the milk cloudy, which is probably why it is a chosen selling point.

          Short of making my own muesli, this is definitely my favourite. A perfect blend of sweetness with no added anything extra. I would recomment it to anyone without food allergies!

          © L Wade 2009 - submitted only on dooyoo.


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            20.02.2009 18:20
            Very helpful



            A clever mix of simple ingredients

            Is this not the best tasting muesli in the trendiest looking box?
            Muesli and I don't really get on. I think it's mostly budgie or guinea-pig food with the odd sultana thrown in. But Dorset cereals really know their stuff. They certainly understand what makes a muesli sceptic tick.

            The packaging is eyecatching in the first place, but best of all Asda had it on special offer at £1 - it's since gone up to £2.63 for an 850g box, so it's not cheap. You could always pack it out with smart price sultanas to make it last longer, or throw a yoghurt on top to use less each morning.

            The packaging is recycled which also makes you feel more eco-friendly and there's no inner plastic liner like in a lot of cereals.

            The ingredients blend together so well that you find yourself chewing every mouthful slowly and deliberatley to squeeze every bit of taste out of it. I've found that because it's packed full of goodies and low on the GI index I can last til lunchtime quite easily.

            It has all the usual benefits of a high roughage diet and it helps if you're calorie counting too. There's 332 calories in a whopping 75g with 125ml of semi skimmed milk but you can find more info about the whole range of cereals on their also delicious looking website on:

            In my view this is the tastier end of the cereal market and I love it. Not good for those with false teeth though. Try it and taste the difference. Alpen eat yer heart out.


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              13.01.2009 20:58
              Very helpful



              as above

              I was introduced to Dorset Cereals early last year through my other half who was on a health drive. He wouldn't stop going on about a fantastic range of mueslis he'd discovered, I was to that point thinking there wasn't such a thing as a delicious muesli!

              So on my weekly trip to the Supermarket I came across the Dorset range of cereals and thought I'd give it a go. The packaging looks great and I love the different colours of the boxes through the different flavours. They do a number of different mueslis, cereal bars and porridge though I have only tried a few of the mueslis so far. This particular cereal comes in a fair size box of 850g, the boxes are also 100% recycled. When I'm in the kitchen at work preparing my yummy breakfast, colleagues quite often question what my posh looking cereal is!

              Onto the taste - absolutely fantastic! The blend of jumbo chilean flame raisins, seeds and nuts along with the multi-grain flakes is truly delicious. The cereals have the massive benefits of being high in fibre, no added preservatives, no added salt or sugars and most importantly no dust (so more room for delicious ingredients!) I normally find other mueslis to be far too dry and bland similar to eating a bowl of milk and cardboard unless it has a large amount of added sugar. The naturally occurring sugars in Dorset cereals are quite high but at least these are natural and not added and it does keep the cereal sweet and tasty.

              The range of mueslis vary from £2.50-£3.50 dependant on type/supermarket with the Simply Delicious Muesli costing approx £2.65. This is quite expensive but it is filling so you won't need very big bowlfuls, mine lasts about 2 weeks so I don't think just over £5 for a month of breakfasts is too bad! I've tried a few of the different types and my favourites are this one, the Super High Fibre and the Really Nutty version.

              So in summary, this cereal is truly delicious, packed full of goodness and highly recommended.

              The nutritional gumph...

              Per 75g with 125ml
              semi-skimmed milk

              Energy kcal 332
              Protein 12.2g
              Carbohydrate 50.7g
              - of which sugars 15.3g
              Fat 9.1g
              - of which saturates 2.5g
              - mono-unsaturates 3.3g
              - polyunsaturates 3.3g
              Fibre 5.6g
              Salt below 0.1g


              Oat Flakes, Wheat Flakes, Barley Flakes, Sultanas (7%), Raisins (6%), Chilean Flame Raisins (5.5%), Toasted And Malted Wheat Flakes (Wheat, Malt), Sunflower Seeds (4%), Dates (3.5%), Brazil Nuts (2.5%), Whole Roasted Hazelnuts (1.5%).


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                06.04.2008 13:49
                Very helpful



                A great breakfast cereal filled with tasty goodness

                I have never been over fond of muesli myself having always seen it as a rather tasteless type of breakfast cereal however having tried some of the Dorset Cereals other products I decided to give their muesli a try one day - I guess I must have been influenced by the name? It has certainly changed my view of muesli and I now always have a pack of this in my cupboard.

                According to the packet Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli is a scrumptious blend of raisins including jumbo chilean flame raisins, sunflower seeds, dates, roasted hazelnuts and brazil nuts with multi grain flakes. It sounded good and, as I am supposed to have a helping of cereals each day on my DASH diet, I thought this one might be worth trying out.

                I have to say it most certainly was, the raisins are indeed delicious, full and fruity not like some cereals where they are hard and chewy and there are plenty of them. I love the brazil and hazel nuts and the blend of ingredients does indeed put Dorset Cereals in a class of their own. That said they are quite expensive as you look along the shelves in the supermarket and compare them to other brands but in their defence I do find them quite filling so I don't need quite as much in the bowl. I am quite happy to pay a little more for a quality product and certainly with Dorset Cereals you do find the quality and quantity of the ingredients is exceptional.

                According to Dorset Cereals the ingedients are:

                Oat flakes, wheat flakes, barley flakes, sultanas (7%), raisins (6%), chilean flame raisins (5%), toasted and malted wheat flakes (wheat, malt), sunflowers seeds (4%), dates (3.5%), brazil nuts (2.5%), whole roasted hazelnuts (1.5%)

                This product does contain gluten, nuts, wheat, barley and oats and may also contain traces of sesame seeds so if you are allergic to any of those it is probably best to give this product a miss but on the plus side it is vegetarian society approved. This Simly Delicious Muesli is high in fibre, has no added preservatives, contains wholegrains, has no added salt and is low in sodium and has no added sugar although there is plenty of naturally occurring sugar in there from the dried fruit. As a bonus the packaging is made from 100% recycled fibre.

                If you want the nutritional information it is per 100g

                Energy - 366 kcal
                Protein - 10.8g
                Carbohydrate - 59.2g
                Fat - 9.5g of which 1.7g saturates, 3.5g mono unsaturates and 4.3g polyunsaturates
                Fibre - 7.4g
                Salt - below 0.1g

                According to Dorset a pack (850g) makes 11 decent bowlfuls and with a pack retailing around £2.20 that makes it 20p a bowl which is pretty good value. Personally I must get about 20 perfectly adequate servings per pack as I can never eat a full bowl of this even though it is delicious!

                About Dorset Cereals
                Dorset Cereals are a company which is based (unsurprisingly) in Dorset where they make their breakfast cereals. They visit their suppliers to make sure they are using the best possible ingredients. They balance and blend the ingredients carefully using their knowledge make sure their recipes are stuffed full of fruit, nuts and seeds.

                They have 8 mueslis and 3 great tasting fruity porridges in their range and have also just launched 3 delicious naturally light flakes recipes which are less than 2% fat. I have also tried the naturally light flakes and love them - they are simply real flakes mixed with delicious fruits.

                Would I recommend it?

                Yes I would, even if you haven't previously enjoyed muesli Dorset Cereals Simply Delicious Muesli is well worth a try. I love the fact that it is packed full of the tastes and flavours I enjoy, delicious dried raisins and dates plus crunchy nuts, sunflower seeds and wholegrain cereal. It is an excellent way to get your daily serving of grains without added salt and sugar and it is certainly part of my healthy eating plan going forward.


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              • Product Details

                Simply Delicious Muesli is a scrumptious blend of raisins including juicy jumbo Chilean flame raisins, sunflower seeds, dates, roasted hazelnuts and brazil nuts with multi-grain flakes. Ingredients: Oat Flakes, Wheat Flakes, Barley Flakes, Sultanas (7%), Raisins (6%), Chilean Flame Raisins (5.5%), Toasted And Malted Wheat Flakes (Wheat, Malt), Sunflower Seeds (4%), Dates (3.5%), Brazil Nuts (2.5%), Whole Roasted Hazelnuts (1.5%).

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