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Dorset Cereals Super Cranberry, Cherry & Almond

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Brand: Dorset Cereals / Type: Cereal

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    2 Reviews
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      13.11.2009 07:51
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      Don't waste your time

      I tend to alternate back and forth between eating a healthy breakfast or going for a sugar-filled mess, and it was one day that I was trying to kick the sugar habit that I found myself in Tesco's looking over the cereals for something I hadn't tried before.

      Like I would imagine many people are who buy Dorset Cereals, I was seduced by the beautiful box it comes in. As soon as I saw it on the supermarket shelf, I knew I had to have it. It is a gorgeous dark burgundy red colour with accents in complementary colours and it contains little holes covered in clear plastic so that you can see the cereal inside. It is stunning and it was love at first sight - which sometimes can be deceiving as I found out, because it was downhill from there!

      I poured out a big bowl of this and added my soy milk which is what I always have with cereal. I was really looking forward to tasting some delcious cranberries, cherries and almonds as it says on the box, so I couldn't wait to dig in. I took a big bite and all I could taste was raisins! Another bite and another, and it was raisins raisins and surprise more raisins overwhelming the taste of anything else. I read the box more closely and it does state that it is "an exquisite blend of cranberries, cherries and almonds with chilean flame raisins". A-ha! Well it should be in the name of the cereal then and not hidden in the description because it is the overwhelming flavour.

      I didn't taste any cherries or cranberries in this there were a few bits of dried fruit that looked smaller or larger than the raisins and I'm guessing these were the cranberries and cherries but they didn't taste of anything because the raisins dominated everything. To add insult to injury, the almonds were such teeny tiny thin slivers that I couldn't really taste them either. The only other sensation I got from this cereal was just that I had to chew it for a long time. Very boring!!

      I guess I'm so annoyed partially because although I can tolerate a few raisins I'm not a huge fan, and partially because this cereal isn't cheap at around £2.50 per box, but it seems like they have really cheaped out on the ingredients! I understand that raisins are the most inexpensive fruit in the mix so they've dumped a ton of them in to be able to say it contains "over 50% fruit, nuts and seeds" when I would say 49% is those darn raisins. It's misleading.

      As you may have guessed, I won't be buying this again. It isn't awful, though, so I'm at least giving it two stars. Still I'll stick to Jordan's Crunchy Nut or even Sugar Free Alpen and leave this to the massive raisin fans out there!


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        03.04.2008 14:19
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        A light and tasty breakfast

        I love trying new things and, as I am on my new DASH (dietary advice to stop hypertension) diet and keen to have a breakfast cereal and fruit every day, I was quite intrigued when I saw the Dorset Cereal packs in my local Tesco the other day. What made them even more attractive was the fact that they were on offer with £1 off which meant the pack I bought was just £1.99 rather than the usual £2.99!

        I had a little debate with myself about which pack to try but, as I was looking for a cereal and fruit I settled for the Dorset Cereals Naturally Light Flakes with Cranberries, Cherries and Raspberries - even the name is quite a mouthful, so I wondered if the contents would be a lovely mouthful too.

        About Dorset Cereals
        Dorset Cereals are a company which is based (unsurprisingly) in Dorset where they make their breakfast cereals. They visit their suppliers to make sure they are using the best possible ingredients. They balance and blend the ingredients carefully using their knowledge make sure their recipes are stuffed full of fruit, nuts and seeds.

        They have 8 mueslis and 3 great tasting fruity porridges in their range and have also just launched our 3 delicious naturally light flakes recipes which are less than 2% fat. One of these is the Naturally Light Flakes with Cranberries, Cherries and Raspberries which I bought - they are simply real flakes mixed with delicious fruits.

        Naturally Light Flakes with Cranberries, Cherries and Raspberries

        First the technical stuff - This particular variety contains the following ingredients:
        Cornflakes (23%)(maize, sugar, salt, barley malt),
        toasted and malted barley flakes (23%)(barley, sugar, salt, malt), malted barley flakes (23%)(barley, sugar, malt),
        toasted and malted spelt flakes (23%)(spelt, sugar, salt, malt),
        freeze dried cherries (2%),
        freeze dried raspberry pieces (2%),
        freeze dried cranberry slices (1.5%).

        If you are wondering what 'spelt' is they say "Spelt's fragile gluten structure makes it more water soluble and therefore easier to digest than modern wheat"
        For anyone suffering from allergies this cereal contains gluten, spelt and barley and may contain traces of nuts, sesame seeds and wheat.

        The nutritional information for a 40g serving is:

        Energy - kJ - 576, kcal - 136

        Protein - 3.5g

        Carbohydrate - 28.7g
        - of which sugars - 3.2g

        Fat - 0.7g
        - of which saturates - 0.2g
        - mono-unsaturates - 0.1g
        - polyunsaturates - 0.3g

        Fibre - 3.5g

        Salt - 0.4g
        - of which sodium - 0.2g

        What does it taste like?

        All the nutritional information is worthless unless the product itself tastes good so this is the key to whether I recommend it and buy it again. The good thing about this cereal is that the deep pink box contains a little window so that you can actually see what the cereal looks like. The flakes are small and slim and actually very light and tasty. The berries are plentiful and very colourful so, set against the light flakes they make an attractive bowlful.

        The first bowl I tried was tasty but the berries had a sharp tang to them which was good, but took me a little surprise. However I found by the second bowlful I really enjoyed them as the sharpness didn't take me by surprise. I must say I really did enjoy the Dorset Cereals Naturally Light Flakes with Cranberries, Cherries and Raspberries. The cereal is wholesome and actually quite filling, it is tastier than many of the bland cereals on the market which may be good for you but don't really encourage you to eat them. The box appears to be packed with cereal and without lots of crumbs at the bottom. This is marketed as a high quality breakfast cereal and in my view it certainly lives up to that claim.

        The manufacturersbox their products in cardboard which is unbleached and made from 100% recycled fibre. This product has no added preservatives, is Vegetarian Society Approved , Kosher Approved, Low in Fat and High in Fibre. It ticked all the boxes for me and tasted great too - what more could you want?

        Would I recommend it?

        Well ......... it is a great light and tasty breakfast cereal packed with high quality ingredients but for my tastes it is rather too sharp. If however you like tangy tastes then you might enjoy it. At £2.99 per box is it quite expensive relative to other cereals but it does taste better than most and if you want high quality you do have to pay for it.

        There are other flavours in the range - Naturally Light flakes come in three flavours, Cranberries, Cherries and Raspberries, Fig and grapes, Pomegranate and cherries.

        Their other cereals are available eight flavours and there is also a variety pack to allow you to try them and choose a favourite. They also have three fruity porridge options and two fruity bars. Somehow I can see me working my way through the whole range!


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      • Product Details

        Super Cranberry, Cherry and Almond is an exquisite blend of cranberries, cherries and almonds with chilean flame raisins, sultanas, sunflower seeds and toasted cereals. Ingredients: Toasted and Malted Wheat Flakes (Wheat, Malt), Toasted and Malted Barley Flakes (Barley, Sugar, Salt, Malt), Chilean Flame Raisins (13%), Sultanas (12%), Toasted and Malted Oat Flakes (Oat Flakes, Malt), Sunflower Seeds (8%), Raisins (7%), Sweetened Dried Cranberries (6%) (Sugar, Cranberries, Sunflower Oil), Blanched Flaked Almonds (3.5%), Freeze Dried Cherries (1%).

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