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Flahavans Quick Oats Portable Porridge.

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Brand: Flahavans / Type: Porridge

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    3 Reviews
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      10.04.2011 13:02



      Being a lorry driver I found this to be the best porridge on the market it was easy to store and had a line on the inside the pot for the water/milk level making a very tasty cereal.It.s a shame however that all the major supermarkets no longer stock this product.It.s about time that customers have a say in what we buy and not be dictated to by big chain buyers.Come on you supermarkets get this product back on the shelves.


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      23.02.2010 00:20
      Very helpful
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      If only breakfast came later in the day.....

      I am not really a breakfast person, (never have been) but I do love porridge. I usually start work most days at 7 or 8 in the morning so am never able to eat that early. As the morning progresses however I start to feel a little peckish and this is where my Quick Oats potrable porridge comes in. Tucked nicely into my bag ready and waiting.

      This porridge retails at around 57 pence (I think) and I have had no problems in buying it from supermarkets. It comes in a plastic container. I am quite happy to eat it out of this myself, but can imagine some people would prefer to transfer it into a bowl when made.

      This is an original flavoured porridge that is made with wholegrain Irish porridge oats. Also it is:
      > High in fibre
      > Low in salt and saturates
      > Free from artificial additives.

      Making the porridge is simple, you can do it one of two ways:
      1- You could fill milk or water (I always have milk, gives me some calcium) to the dashed line on inside of tub and stir mixture. Then you microwavew full power for 1 1/2 minutes. Leave for a few minutes and then enjoy.
      2- Add boiling water to dashed line on inside of tub. Stir and leave for 3 minutes and then enjoy. ( I personally have not tested this method)

      What does it taste like?
      Yummy!! I really enjoy this porridge. It tastes just as good as any other I have tired. I know it would work out cheaper for me to make it at home but like I said I do not do breakfast so this is ideal for anyone like me or someone who just wants a quick and easy snack before they raid the biscuit tin.

      Nutritional information:
      Typical value per 44g with 190ml semi-skimmed milk
      Energy- 247.8kcal
      Protein- 11.68g
      Carbohydrate- 37.81g
      (of which sugars)- 16.78g
      Fat- 5.74g
      (of which saturates)- 2.37g
      Fibre- 3.52g
      (of which is soluble)- 2.24g
      (of which is insolube)- 1.28

      >Wholegrain oats (81%)
      >Skimmed milk powder.

      My opinion:
      This is quick, simple, yet very enjoyable. Sugar already added so only add the smallest amount of brown sugar to the top (I love brown sugar on porridge). This is filling, warm and leaves me satisfied til lunch.


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        04.04.2009 15:19
        Very helpful



        A great product for a healthy breakfast.

        The little pot of oats I am reviewing is made by Flahavans and comes all the way to my bowl from Southern Ireland, where there has been an oats mill on the same site since the 1700s. I picked this little bowl to try because I do a lot of staying in Travelodges on route to various places, and have never seen the point in spending a fortune on their breakfast, since I only have a small appetite, and also because generally we are quite short of time on long journeys.

        Although the company make oats to make conventional porridge, the product I am reviewing is designed to be eaten on the move, as a healthy answer to a breakfast needed in hurry, and not necessarily one eaten at home.

        The wholegrain oats used in this product are of a high quality due to the micro-climate which exists in the area where they are grown, which lies in the shadows of the Coneragh Mountains relatively near to the coast.

        These individual little pots of quick oats are available in many supermarkets and will cost 57p.This is far more than it costs to make a bowl of porridge at home, but as I explained this is designed for other reasons. It really is portable porridge.

        You'll find it with the cereals in the supermarket as it is long life. It is high in fibre, low in salt and free from artificial additives, though for me one of the down sides is the plastic bowl, which I am not overly fond of eating from, so felt before trying it that I would probably enjoy it more from a china bowl.

        Cooking is simple and you have the choice of two methods. The first which is easy is what I did which is to simply add boiling water to the line marked inside the pot and then to wait for 3 minutes. You can use milk too but obviously this needs heating first, and the purpose of my purchase was to be able to make something quick and easy. All Travelodges have kettles so you can make a healthy breakfast which you can then eat and discard the pot, keeping travelling easy and effortless. It is also perfect for camping too.
        Option 2 involves the same method but instead of waiting for 3 minutes you can heat on full power for a minute and a half in a microwave, and then you will have to wait for 2 more minutes before eating. I can't see the point of this unless you are using cold milk as obviously this would heat it up for you. Personally too if I had a microwave I would probably be somewhere I could make proper porridge anyway so what's the point?

        So with my newly made porridge I did the taste test. Now I must point out that the oats are also enhanced with sugar and skimmed milk powder, the idea being they are really ready to enjoy. I have to say I was impressed with the results. The porridge is a generous portion and the wholegrain oats make this a really adult product, not at all like Ready Brek but a truly whole-food texture. As I normally eat porridge with soya cream and agave syrup this sugary version was quite different, but more reminiscent of the days when I used to pour brown sugar on mine. I think it is a brilliant idea for a Travelodge breakfast and one I will definitely be using the next time I am staying in one, which will be this Wednesday as I am going to a gig in London.

        It is not the same as the porridge I make and certainly it has the disadvantage of being sugared already, so you can't determine that and fine tune your breakfast, but for what it is designed for- a healthy, quick, and filling meal with a low glycaemic index to keep you satisfied until lunch, it is perfect. Fantastic if you have along drive ahead as it will provide sustained and stable energy from blood sugars which don't spike and tumble like rocks and snow in an avalanche.

        It is also the case that they make a strawberry flavour so I might give that a go soon.

        They could be useful if you over sleep and find yourself at your desk on a Monday with an empty feeling and seek out donuts to fill you up. You could keep one of these at work for life's emergency breakfasts. You could even add some dried apricots and walnuts for extra iron and omega three fats.

        It is well known now that oats lower cholesterol, and so here is a great way to combat the desire for the lazy breakfast fry up, which might otherwise grace your plate or should I say grease it, on those "in a hurry" mornings especially when travelling.

        My only negative comment is that I don't really like eating out of plastic bowls, and it does taste nicer in porcelain, but this is for those times when you want to be quick, so for this I compromise.

        A real alternative to the greasy spoon, and what's more they are very tasty too!


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