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General Mills Lucky Charms

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Manufacturer: General Mills / Type: Cereal

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    1 Review
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      13.06.2013 18:33
      Very helpful



      delicious but expensive cereal!

      *Note this review was originally written for Ciao July 2012 but has been updated for dooyoo*

      ~They're Magically Delicious!~

      Lucky Charms is a box of cereal manufactured by General Mills. It was available in the UK in the mid 1990s before being discontinued. Many UK companies now import Lucky Charms from the USA and sell the boxes are extortionate prices!

      Lucky Charms are described as 'frosted toasted oat cereal with marshmallows'. The red box is very colourful and features the famous Lucky Charms leprechaun. The back of the box shows all the 'charms' which you will find in the box including a blue moon, green clovers and horseshoes. The official line up of charms has changed over the years.

      Lucky Charms contain wholegrain as a top ingredient. Flavours and preservatives are also present and as you would expect, sugar is high on the list. 100g of Lucky Charms contains 374 calories, 44.4g of sugar and 0.1g of saturated fat.

      ~Price and Availability~

      Within the UK, Lucky Charms can be bought from independent, American food stores in major cities. They can also be bought online in 49g pot, 326g boxes,453g boxes and 581g boxes. Expect to pay around £8.00 on the high street for the largest box. Online prices as follows (13/06/13) :

      *Amazon - £1.50 (pot), £5.00 (453g) £10.00 (2pk of 453g)
      *www.americansweets.co.uk - £5.49 (453g)

      Postage will need to be added to the above prices.

      ~My Thoughts~

      I grew up in the 90s and fondly remember certain foods that my Mum would buy us including Creamola Foam, Vice Versas and Lucky Charms! I was distraught when they stopped selling Lucky Charms over here - even more distraught than when they stopped putting little toys in the Kelloggs boxes!

      I spotted these quite a number of years ago in a department store food hall but at the time, they were too expensive to consider purchasing. A longed to try them again though and was delighted when the odd American food shop popped up here and there. If we had a little extra treat money, I occasionally bought a box. My most recent purchase was of a 453g box from Jenners department store in Edinburgh. Priced at just under £8.50, it is the most expensive cereal I have ever bought! My fiancé was adamant I had to buy us a box. My son doesn't like them so they were all ours!

      Ultimately, this cereal is aimed at children but I still love it. The cereal is contained within a plastic bag inside the box which keeps it nice and fresh. There is plenty of cereal pieces - they are quite small and in various shapes which I could identify as little trees and cross shapes. They are sugar coated though don't have the same 'glaze' that Frosties or similar cereals have. Often I have opened a box of Special K for example and noticed the lack of 'extra' bits. Thankfully, each box of Lucky Charms has hundreds of marshmallow pieces.

      The marshmallow pieces are incredibly colourful. They are quite hard at first but soften as the milk soaks into them. Even now, I still get excited at the sight of my colourful bowl of cereal - sad I know but it brings back such vivid childhood memories which I love. There is plenty of colour and the rainbows in particular are vibrant and eye catching. Both myself and my fiancé normally love a large bowl of cereal but with Lucky Charms, you only need a small amount as it does get a little sickly after a while. I try to make a box last us as long as possible but the novelty of the cereal often means we have it everyday for a few days and then complain when there is none left!

      Taste wise, the cereal bits aren't anything startling on their own. They have a nice crunch even when saturated with milk and simply taste like Cheerios or any other wholegrain cereal to me. They do not taste overly sweet despite being sugar coated. The main attraction is definitely the marshmallow pieces and ultimately, this is why I buy this cereal and pay so much for it! They hold together well and are very sweet. When soaked in milk, they have a powdery, soft texture that melts in the mouth and livens up the rather plain cereal. Each piece is very sweet and sugary.

      The marshmallow pieces are full of colours and they do tend to stain the milk. One bowl I had resulted in green milk whilst the other ended up with pale blue milk! I can't imagine the colours in this cereal are very healthy!


      Even though I love this cereal, I couldn't afford to eat it everyday. It does get a little samey after a few days and the sugar content is extremely high so definitely suited to the odd breakfast occasion rather than daily! One little bowl is filling and satisfying but you do require a sweet tooth to consume this cereal. I will buy again and can recommend to anyone who liked this when it was first released as I don't feel it has changed any. It is expensive so make it last!

      Thanks for reading :)


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