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Jordans Fruity Fibre Muesli

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5 Reviews

Brand: Jordans / Type: Muesli

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    5 Reviews
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      05.06.2009 19:45



      I loved this cereal and normally I hate cereal!

      Jordan's Fruity Fibre Muesli didnt appeal to me very much at first but when I saw there was a free trial of it available, I decided I would give it a go.

      It comes in a box which is slightly smaller than the average cereal box although it is packed with cereal. The box is a yellowy orange colour on the bottom half with white writing on it. The top part is white. It has a handy slot to stick the lid back down with at the top as well.

      The cereal contains dried fruit, nuts and seeds (including raisins, sultanas, dried apricot, dried apple, pumpkin seeds and brazil nuts) and also raw and cooked whole grain muesli.

      The cereal looks rather colourful and appealing and made me want to try it. When I did, I was glad of it. It tastes delicious, although I personally dislike it with milk as I think it loses it's flavour, although everyone has their own opinion of that.

      I would certainly recommend this to anyone who likes muesli or has tried it before and thought it was like eating cardboard or rabbit food because this is certainly something very different to anything I've ever had before!


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      21.05.2009 22:01
      Very helpful
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      A lovely cereal.

      I first tried Jordans fruity fibre muesli when I recieved a free sample from another site, and must say I really enjoyed it.

      The packaging is quite simple with orange and white colouring with Jordans branding at the top and the flavour underneath, then a picture of the cereal at the bottom and details of what is included in the muesli.

      When you pour these into your bowl they seem coated in a white powder and then when you add the milk the contents seem to come alive and look brighter and more appealing although the milk gets soaked up quickly, you can also see lots of the fruit and nuts included with the muesli and it looks fairly tasty as far as muesli goes.

      As for the taste, well I was pleasantly surprised, It has a smokey taste and then you get bursts of fruit which come from the raisins and then the nutty flavours from the brazil nuts, and each spoonfull gave something different. I did find I needed to add a little sugar, as I liked it a bit sweeter but that is just personal choice.

      There are also a lot of different textures, you get the softness from the oats and rye, and then chewiness from the fruit and then a nice crunchy texture from the nuts, I love the variety from these and the bursts of flavours, they kept me waiting for the next helping.

      Now after eating my free sample I have bought a pack to eat at my leisure as I enjoyed them so much. I found there are lots of different flavours to try and so I went for fruit and nut from ASDA which costs me £2.50, which is a little highly priced, but you do not need loads of these in one portion so therefor will last you quite a while.

      The contents of fruity fibre are:
      barley flakes, oat flakes, toasted rye, dried fruit, nuts and seeds, raisins, chopped dates, chopped brazil nuts, diced apple, apple juice concentrate, diced apricot, pumpkin seeds, wheat flakes, coconut chips, sugar, barley malt.

      A 50g pack will set you back 219 calories and contain no artificial flavourings, preservatives and colourings and also no salt is added. The cereal is high in fibre.

      Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers.

      I really like this muesli and will enjoy trying all the different varieties that Jordans make. It provides a healthy start to my day and helps me to reach my 5 a day without to much effort.


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        10.04.2009 19:37
        Very helpful



        Fruity fibre muesli

        Muesli is it rabbit food or an up market breakfast cereal? Certainly some I have tried doesn't look any more tempting that what Fluffy might eat, some is so sweet that you know it can't be good for you and today I shall tell you about Jordans Muesli Fruity Fibre.

        What's in a name?

        Well "fruity fibre" put me off for a start. I know fibre is good for you, but too much fibre just upsets my tummy and gives me diarrhoea, so I was rather wary about this muesli.

        Who are Jordans?

        Jordans have been in the milling business for over 150 years, so they know their oats! Sorry about that! They have a passion for taste and believe in always using only the whole grain in their cereals. The ingredients are grown to a very high environmental standard and they don't go anywhere near artificial colours, flavours, preservatives or Genetically Modified Organisms . They use British farmers to grow the grain and pay extra for them planting ares to a conservation standard. The breakfast cereals and bars are made in Biggleswade.

        Why did I try Jordans Muesli?

        To be truthful I saw on another site that I could get a free sample, and I love the word FREE! I received a package a week later and as I'd run out of my usual cereal decided to try it. They have several types of muesli and this is a new one recently launched.

        What's it like?

        My 50gram sample was in a plastic pouch in white and orange , with the name Jordans and a picture of the mill and a farm scene. The packet in the shop is a larger version, complete with a picture of a bowl of cereal.
        According to the packet the Muesli is "Light, crispy, toasted rye & wheatflakes are blended with raw, wholegrain British oats & barley for a balanced fibre-rich cereal base. Chunks of juicy apple & apricot, dates & Flame raisins add a mellow sweetness while Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds and coconut finish things off with a rich crunch."
        I tipped my sample into a bowl and wondered what else I could have for breakfast as this wasn't going to fill me up. I added some milk and tasted. It was a mixture of crisp and soft oats and other cereals, and the sweetness was just right. The raisins were juicy, apricot chunks more chewy and slivers of nuts added to the flavour. I didn't notice that there were dates and pumpkin seeds, but it says these are included along with apple and coconut chips. It was easy to chew nut like some muesli when you have to munch for hours before you can swallow a mouthful.

        Did I like it?

        You bet I did, it was great and I wished I could have more, but I discovered that my 50gram portion actaually satisfied me, I also had a glass of fruit juice and a mug of coffee. I only had a coffee mid morning and didn't feel the need to have a biscuit, so the muesli was very satisfying.

        What about Nutrition?

        Is this age of worrying if food is good for you, we should read labels and see what is in what we are eating. The tiny packet has all I need to know, they give 100gram values and also the 50 gram of muesli with a 100ml of semi skimmed milk. So my bowl of cereal with milk had 219kcal, 7.3gr of protein, 4.9gr of fat, 36.6gr carbohydrate, 4.3 gr of fibre and a trace of salt. The daily requirements for an adult are 2000kcals, 45 gr of protein, 24 gr of fibre, 70 gr of fat, 230gr of carbohydrate so in actual fact I had quite a well balanced start to the day. I was pleased to see that there were no preservatives or artificial flavourings or colourings.

        Free sample available at


        Hope this is still available and you enjoy your muesli as much as I did.

        Did the fibre work?

        I'm pleased to say I didn't have any nasty tummy surprises as can happen with too much fibre, so this is a great way of getting that extra fibre without eating horrible tasting bran products.


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          01.04.2009 17:42
          Very helpful



          A nice muesli packed with fruits, nuts and seeds.

          Jordans is a company that have been making wholegrain cereals since the 1970's but have actually been in the milling business for over 150 years. They make a wide variety of cereals and cereal bars. I have been eating Jordans muesli for a while and recently after they relaunched their muesli with new packaging have been trying out a few of their different varieties. The most recent one to make it into my shopping basket was the fruity fibre muesli.

          The muesli comes in a 650g box and costs around £2.68.

          This muesli contains both raw and toasted wholegrains, apricots, apples, dates, flame raisins, brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds.

          Nutritionally a 50g serving of muesli served with 100ml of semi-skimmed milk will contain -

          219 calories
          7.3g protein
          36.6g carbohydrate (of which 17g are sugars)
          4.9g fat (of which 2.1g are saturates, 1.4g mono-unsaturates and 1g polyunsaturates)
          4.3g fibre

          The muesli comes in a cardboard box which has a bag inside containing the muesli. You have to shake the bag and box before pouring it out to ensure an even distribution of the fruit and nuts. Although this is easy the first time once you have opened the bag you need to be careful it doesn't go everywhere when you shake it.

          The first thing I noticed about this muesli when I started eating it was the crunch. The wholegrain cereals made up of barley, oat and toasted rye flakes and the toasted wheat flakes give a really good crunch which is quite different to the Jordans Natural Muesli that I normally eat. It was quite nice having this different texture. I also liked the addition of the apricots, apples and the pumpkin seeds. It just gives a muesli with added flavour from all the different variety of fruit, nuts and seeds.

          I really liked this muesli it tastes great, has a great texture and is packed with fruit, nuts and seeds. Comparing it to my usual Jordans Natural Muesli it does contain slightly more calories and sugars but we are talking about minimal amounts. Although it is more expensive than shop brand muesli you are getting more for your money. I would quite happily buy this one again because it is nice having a little bit more fruit than the natural muesli contains.


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            06.02.2009 14:19
            Very helpful



            Good muesli and free sample :-P

            I came across an internet link for a free sample of Jordans Muesli fruit fibre a couple of weeks ago.
            I received it within a week of applying and have just this morning opened it and had it for my breakfast!
            The sample contains enough for a bowl and can still be applied for on their website.
            You can find it in a quick google search of 'Jordans Muesli' (not sure if i am allowed to post a link)
            They also send a 50p-off coupon for a full pack of Jordans fruity fibre muesli which is valid until 31/03/09 - i personally will be using mine!

            The cereal contains wholegrain flakes, brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, dry apples, apricots, dates and raisins.
            I love muesli although i don't eat it as much as i should or as much as i would like.
            The fruit in the muesli is the most important part of the experience for me, and have found that some brands are far too stingy with it!
            In my sample pack of Jordans there was a variety and good quantity of dried fruit in proportion to the flakes and nuts.
            So on that basis i will highly recommend!
            At least try their sample you have nothing to lose.


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