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Jordans Natural Muesli

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Brand: Jordans / Type: Muesli

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    7 Reviews
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      26.12.2010 00:18
      Very helpful



      A tasty, healthy, sugar-free muesli

      Being a university student, I hardly have any time to create my own cereal from scratch in the mornings; my schedule is fast-paced. For quite a while I have been eating cereals such as Bran Flakes and Weetabix, but one day I noticed that they add sugar to their cereals. While I'm not against sugar in its unrefined form, I was somewhat cautious about eating the aforementioned cereals as I did not know whether they contained refined sugar, something which is considered very unhealthy.

      When I came across Jordan's Natural Muesli I was relieved to find something without added sugar. This was not the only redeeming aspect of the muesli. A wide variety of fruit, nuts and grains result in a wonderful blend that has exactly the right texture. The raisins, sultanas and dates give each spoonful the necessary sweetness that would otherwise make for a very bland bowl of muesli, and the occasional hazelnut and brazil nuts add a pleasing crunch and unique flavour that favourably contrasts with the other ingredients. By adding honey or sugar, you can make up for any sweetness you think the muesli is lacking and further improve the already pleasing taste.

      It comes in an aesthetically pleasing bag containing 1kg which tends to last a week and a half to two weeks for me (I have about 2-3 half bowls a day). At a reasonable price of £2.18 in Tesco, I don't think you can go wrong with this natural, wholesome and healthy muesli.


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      23.05.2010 21:57
      Very helpful



      A good wholesome breakfast

      We have a diabetic in our family and I am always on the hunt for food that is low in sugar. Jordans Natural Muesli ticks many of the boxes, natural cereals without anything added, natural dried fruit which contains it's own natural sweetness; even a diabetic must have some natural sugar, found in fruit, to keep their sugar levels in balance.

      But, and it is only a small but, I did have a problem once with a packet of Jordans Natural Muesli, the cereal smelt musty. I sent a sample to Jordans and complained. Jordans are a private family run business, with many years experience, so it wasn't a good thing to discover they have a customer with a complaint. Within a short space of time I received a detailed letter from the Boss himself, who had investigated the problem, and explained what had happened. I was thanked for bringing the problem to their notice; never be afraid of letting Companies know if there is a problem with their products.

      As I was happy with the way Jordans had handled the problem and come back to me I am confident their product is top notch.

      P.S. For even more indulgence try adding a fresh sliced banana on top of your bowl of muesli and pour cold milk over the lot, guaranteed to give extra energy to get going in the morning.


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      29.07.2009 11:20
      Very helpful



      A nice change from peanut butter on toast!

      I usually enjoy a slice of toast with peanut butter ( it has to be crunchy!) for my breakfast, but on the odd occasion I try to be good and have some cereal.
      Since discovering this cereal in my 99p shop I have become a great lover of it and now have cereal more often. The packet I have is slightly different to the bag that they show on this page as mine is in a beige and cream box.

      This cereal is one of the Jordans Muesli range they have 7 in total;

      Jordans Natural
      Jordans Tropical
      Jordans Nut and Seed
      Jordans Super Berry
      Jordans Organic
      Jordans Fruity Fibre
      Jordans Fruit and Nut

      They have been in business since 1855 and started making wholegrain cereals in the 1970's. They use the entire grain so that you get all of the fibre in your cereal.

      This cereal has a great crunchy taste as it has brazil nuts chopped up and roasted hazlenuts left whole, as well as the raisins, sultanas and dates which are 30% of the cereal, with the other 70% being made up from wheat flakes, oat flakes and barley flakes.

      The fruit is very plump and juicy when left to soak up the milk and with all the ingredients together it makes a really filling cereal which seems to make me last to lunchtime before I feel hungry again! ( which is good for the diet, as I always seem to be trying to loose a few pounds!!). I have also tried
      the Tropical version which is really lovely as well. This has 45% fruit with pumpkin seeds, sweet almonds, papaya, mango, pineapple, raisins and the
      usual wholegrain oats, wheat flakes and barley. I'm still to try the other 5, but I only will if they come into my 99p shop as if you buy this in the supermarkets it can be getting on for £3 unless it is on special!

      This cereal has ;
      No added salt
      No added sugar
      No artificial flavourings, colourings, preservitives or GM Ingredients

      and it is High in Fibre.

      Nutritional Information;
      Per 100g
      Energy 1384kj
      Protein 8.7g
      Carbohydrate 61.2g
      of which sugars 19.3g
      Fat 5.3g
      of which sats 0.8g
      Mono-unsats 2.3g
      Polyunsaturates 1.6g
      Fibre 8.9g
      Sodium Trace
      equivalent as salt Trace

      As an average serving is 50g with 100ml semi skimmed milk it's not to bad for you as the sugar is in the fruit and not added. Hope you get some to try and enjoy it as much as me!!


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        30.05.2009 00:49



        I am very impressed with this product, and the ethical aims if the company.

        Currently my favourite cereal,this is a simple, quality product. Yum.Its got three types of wholegrain cereal flakes, including cholesterol lowering oats.Its got really big pieces of nuts,that you can chew into, these are roasted hazlenuts, and brazil nuts.Its got large raisins and sultanas,and lovely sweet pieces of dates which make it less tempting to add sugar (definitely not healthy).And thats about all.
        You can't fault Jordans as the box is made from at least 80% recycled board, and YES that does actually matter as we only have one planet.They are also working in partnership with the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to campaign to create healthy habitats for bees, so that they can thrive,and are giving away "bee friendly" plants if you collect tokens from the cereal boxes,such as Rosemary or Lavender.. Jordans do not make the cheapest cereal on the supermarket shelf,but Natural Muesli is a nutritious and natural winner!


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        20.05.2009 17:10
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A good start to the day.

        As I am getting older I'm becoming far more concious about maintaining a decent intake of fibre, very important to keep `things` in good working order!
        I enjoy a small bowl of muesli and maybe it seems strange but I like eating it without milk too, I will pour some into a small bowl and then just pick at the fruit and grains while I am watching TV.

        Jordan's have a good honest reputation when it comes to producing cereals, muesli's and those lovely cereal bars that they sell too.
        Jordan's have quite a few muesli's in their range, a tropical muesli, a fruit and nut, a nut and seed, a super berry, an organic and a fruity fibre, so it is easy to see that they keep trying to make the most of their popular product, regularly introducing fresh ideas.
        There are a few of the dried fruits that just don't appeal to me at all, the biggest no no for me is dried banana, I just can't seem to digest it.
        But I love the softer fruits, the dates and raisins, they offer a source of natural sweetness that is so enjoyable.

        Jordan's muesli used to come in a thick paper bag but they have had a rethink and now the muesli is packed in a bag and then is put inside of a light cardboard box, I feel this has been a good move, it takes away the risk of the bag splitting and the muesli spilling out.

        An 850g box of natural muesli will cost you about £2.95, the box lasts me quite a while, muesli is not a cereal that you tend to have enormous bowlfuls of.
        30% of the contents of the box comprises of chunks of nuts and fruit, the remainder is a blend of oats, wheat and barley.
        Seeing as the muesli has no added sugar you might tend to think that is wouldn't taste sweet but the dates and raisins provide a natural sweetness, both fruits are soft which means that when you chew them in conjunction with the milky Brazil nut chunks, the whole hazelnuts and the grain the mixture fuses together and creates a fresh and natural sugary taste.

        When you open the box for the first time though the fruits have often sunk to the bottom of the box but the texture of the grains is still interesting. Give the box a good shake and the fruit starts to surface.
        The muesli is high in fibre and no extra salt has been added, neither have Jordan's used any artificial colourings, preservatives or flavourings and the muesli is also free from any genetically modified ingredients.

        The blend is good, the different textures work well together, pour a small portion into a bowl and top with some milk and you have the perfect breakfast that will keep you on the go for a while.
        I find that the combination of the fruit and grains topped with milk fill me up well and keep me going until lunchtime.
        50g of muesli topped with cold milk will supply you with 211 calories, 7.8 protein, 35.1g carbohydrate of which 14.2g is sugar, a combination of fats totalling 4.4g, 4.5g of fibre and 0.05g of sodium.

        I think that muesli has to be one for the grown-ups, I just can't see many children fancying a bowl of grains and oats for breakfast, better leave the kids to their Sugar puffs.
        I would recommend it to any of you, definitely not cheap and cheerful but loaded with good wholesome ingredients.
        Jordan's have been milling for over 150 years so they should have had plenty of practise by now.


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          29.03.2009 15:31
          Very helpful



          A really nice tasting muesli which has no added sugar.

          Jordans have undergone some rebranding of their muesli and the packaging is no longer the same as in the picture above. Now each of the muesli varieties come in cardboard boxes.

          I always have to have some breakfast before I leave the house and like to try and have something that is healthy, nutritious and filling. A bowl of muesli fits all these criteria and also tastes pretty good too. I used to always eat Alpen but there is a lot of sugar in that so have in recent years often opted for Jordans cereals which are a lot better for you.

          Jordans offer a great variety of muesli with a variety of dried fruit and nut options. This muesli is the Natural one and contains raw british wholegrains, crunchy nuts, flame raisins and dates. This is all written in large writing on the front of the packet. It also states that it contains no added salt or sugar. The muesli retails in Tesco at £2.95 for a 850g box. This is slightly dearer than original Alpen but cheaper than the sugar free Alpen.

          The muesli has 70% wholegrain cereals which is made up of wheat, oat and barley flakes and 30% dried fruit and nuts made up of flame raisins, sultanas, dates, roasted hazelnuts and brazil nuts. The muesli is very healthy as it is high in fibre, contains no added salt or sugar and no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives and no GM ingredients.

          Nutritionally a 50g serving of muesli served with 100ml of semi-skimmed milk will contain -

          211 calories
          7.8g protein
          35.1g carbohydrate (of which 14.2g are sugars)
          4.4g fat (of which 1.5g is saturates, 1.6g mono-unsaturates and 0.8g polyunsaturates)
          8.9g fibre

          The muesli comes in a cardboard box with an inner bag containing the muesli. You have to shake the box and bag to help distribute the nuts and fruits otherwise these will fall to the bottom. The box does reseal between use but I didn't find it stayed shut very easily, however the box is a better design than the previous bag which you really needed to empty into a storage box to keep it fresh. It is also good to know that Jordans have made the box from 80% recycled board and the remaining 20% has been made from sustainable forests.

          As I pour the muesli into my bowl there is a fairly good mix of oats, barley and wheats and raisins, dates and nuts. Personally I would like a bit more raisins and nuts and occasionally when I am eating this muesli I do add some extra ones in to give it a bit more fruit. Eating the muesli it tastes really nice, I like the fact that it isn't too sweet it tastes really good and the raisins and dates give a nice natural sweetness to the muesli. When you eat a bowl of Alpen you get lots of the sugar at the bottom of the bowl but with this you don't get that.

          The addition of the dates in the muesli give a little bit more juiciness than what would be there if it was just the raisins. The nuts add a nice variety of texture to the cereal and are nice and crunchy. I find that if I have a bowl of this it fills me up and keeps me going until lunchtime. It is one of my favourite muesli and I will buy it again but I am quite tempted having enjoyed this one so much to try a few others in the range and see what they are like too.


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            30.07.2008 18:07
            Very helpful



            It's that good!

            I've never, ever liked cereal, or generally anything in a bowl. Or to be more accurate, I'd like them for a few days then I'd start dry puking every time I tried to eat a spoonful. So I snuck it in the bin as a child. Actually I've always been terrible with any kind of breakfast, it's just cereal and that sort has always been the worst.

            I found toast and firmly stuck to it as the only breakfast food. Then I found myself with a voucher for Jordan's muesli...well, I couldn't pass it up, could I?

            I bought this. Jordan's Natural Muesli. Aaagh, could it be any nicer?! Er, perhaps skipped a stage of storytelling there, but my goodness. This could not be nicer. At first I was like "errrr...." because I dared only have a handful in a bowl and was sickened to find it absorbing all the milk in seconds, and a sincere lack of raisins. I was sure I wouldn't like it ever. A few days later I had some sense and got a huge bowlful. SO NICE!

            And it really doesn't sound it!

            "Wholegrain cereal flakes with dried fruits and nuts."

            ...Right. Great. BUT IT REALLY IS. I thought I'd alternate between toast and muesli but now I'm on a complete muesli rampage with this packet. I have it every morning and it's so unbelievably amazing. I have it with a handful of rice krispies so as to give it a little crunch because otherwise I think it a little too soft, and also because I want to use up the rice krispies no one else will eat. There's the perfect amount of raisins to sweeten it and the flavour comes through awesomely. It's pretty much, er, chew chew chew...mmm! raisin!

            And it's, as one would expect I suppose, very healthy! Let us look at the ingredients, dear reader!

            British Conservation Grade Wholegrain Cereals (77%) (Wheat Flakes, Oat Flakes, Barley Flakes), Dried Fruit & Nuts (23%) (Sultanas, Raisins, Chopped Dates, Sliced Brazil Nuts, Roasted Hazelnuts).

            I know every name on this list, happily. And what do we notice from this comprehensive list? yes, indeed...we notice:

            * High fibre
            * No artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives
            * Non GM
            * No added sugar or salt
            * Suitable for vegetarians

            Alright! I actually feel like I'm getting a good breakfast now and it keeps me full well into the day with the 50g serving, which, by the by, contains 210 calories, 8.0g protein, 35.2 carbohydrates, 4.1g fat (1.5g saturates), 4.7g fibre and a measly 0.05 sodium.

            I don't even think I like nuts, but they mix it in so well that I don't even notice and, arghhh, it's so tasty. It's slightly expensive all this, mind you. £1.78 is the cheapest price at Asda for a packet of 1kg. Well...still!

            I am genuinely looking forward to breakfast tomorrow. It is on my mind all day.

            P.S. As unbelievable as it may be, I do not work for Jordans.


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          Wholegrain cereal flakes with dried fruits and nuts.

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