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Jordans Superfoods - Granola

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2 Reviews

Brand: Jordans / Type: Cereal

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    2 Reviews
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      30.04.2015 22:15
      Very helpful



      Apparently you can hit it hard or you can go...yep

      This is part of the JORDANS SUPER GRANOLA range. You wouldn't believe it but years ago I detested either Granola or Muesli yet now its the only thing I want for breakfast, okay croissants make an occasional appearance! Gotta live a little!

      There are four varieties to chose from in this range:

      Yep, you want to go in hard these are the bad boys you need to start your day!

      I can't even begin to tell you how SUPER this is! haha

      The whole cereals is packed, and I mean packed with the superfoods your body needs:

      Together with the toasted oats this is really tasty. For me, and it's only personal opinion, the milk has to be powdered, by adding water to powder this creates not only less kcal, but the taste is better.
      The milk on fruit doesn't taste nice to be, it tends to bring out a sharper taste or more zingy and it doesn't sit well for me. But with the milk being that bit weaker it allows the taste of the honey toasted oats and the fruits to be more balanced and less covered up I suppose.

      The price is really good however it can depend, as always, on where you buy but at WAITROSE this was £3.99 which was really good value, again prices might be different now,

      If you want something to give you the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in one place and the right gram for gram than you shouldn't look any further than JORDAN'S superfood selection. This product leaves you fuller for longer and obviously you know what that means... more productivity! Yes your boss will love you!


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      13.09.2009 18:33
      Very helpful



      Best Cereal Around By A Mile!

      Well were told these days that it's important to start the day off with a well balanced healthy breakfast. I know some people who go without breakfast, however, as I have quite a physically demanding job I would not make it to lunch without a decent feed!

      So breakfast has always consisted of cereal, and then some form of toast. Over the years have tried many different cereals yet I always come back to the same ones time and time again. Thats until I descovered Granola!

      I first starting eating healthier things such as muesli a few years back, but only have it on rare occasions as I find it a bit dry and never really as nice as the usual cereal I eat. However when I first tried this Granola I was amazed!

      This is made by Jordans and its a 'superfood' apparently. Now that might sound like its going a little over the top, but when you compare this with other cereals, you can really say, fair enough, this is pretty super!

      Granola is 'Toasted British wholegrain cereal with berries, vine fruit, nuts & seeds'. Or so the packet says. This is super healthy natural cereal. To be more specific it contains wholegrain oats, rye flakes, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cranberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, almonds and honey.

      The taste that hits you when you put all this into your mouth is something specail. Its so tasty, everything tastes really fresh and alive. Not like most of these cereals where the fruit tastes plastic and rubbery. Its as if the fruit has just been picked and thrown into your bowl. The oats are really nice, and stick together in nice size clusters that really make a nice crunch when you bite into them. The seeds don't really taste that much but they add to the consistency very well.

      The packet also tells me that this cereal is - High in fibre, Wholegrain goodness, No artificial flavorings, colourings or preservatives and is Non GM. All good things I'm sure!

      Some of the Nutritional values are, per 100g, 423 calories, 9.2g protein, 13.6g fat, 8.2g fibre, trace of salt. And then a few more values which all seem pretty impressive!

      The one downside to this cereal is the price! For a 750g pack it costs a whopping £3.98 at Tesco! Now for me that is quite shocking. You only get about 7 bowls per pack, so thats over 50p per bowl, ouch! To be honest as its so expensive I only have this as a treat at weekends, its just so expensive!

      I remember as a kid watching the Coco Pops advert where we are told, 'they turn the milk to chocolate'. I used to hate Coco Pops! Chocolate milk first thing in the morning is just not right! With Granola the milk turns purple! I love this, it looks really good and the milk has a really nice taste to it as your finishing the last few mouthfulls.

      Overall this is the best cereal I have ever come across. The taste is wonderful, its extremely good for you, and is filling and even looks good. I really can't stress how much you should give this a try! I know its very expensive and that will put many people off but even so, you have to try this cereal, it really is pure bliss!

      Go grab yourself a pack off this next time you get the chance, and watch the milk turn purple!!


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