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Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Red

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Type: Cereal

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    2 Reviews
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      21.04.2008 19:31



      just tried special k with honey, absolutley wonderfull ,great cereal james oakes 33 cherrytree road ,lowton ,warrington wa3 2ne


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      31.03.2003 21:46
      Very helpful



      decentish breakfast munch spoiled by the rock hard fruit pellets

      After reading an opinion a few months back by Caradawn on that other web site (Ciao) about Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Red, I simply had to go out and grab a box to indulge my fantasies. I love to try out new weird and wonderful cereals and Cara’s opinion gave me some nice information to do just that. After shelling out a mere £2.49 for a 500g box at Tesco’s (Or 2 for £4 on special offer) I immediately gave them the once over, here are my findings:


      Well, for those of you who have ever eaten Kellogg’s cornflakes and I doubt that there will be many that haven’t, then my description should be easy enough to grasp.
      If you live on Mars and have never tasted cornflakes before then they are basically, toasted flakes of corn that taste (surprise, surprise) of corn and have a crunchy texture. They are meant to be eaten for breakfast smothered in a large bowl of ice cold milk, magic.

      This breakfast cereal is basically a mixture of Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut cornflakes (Normal cornflakes with a coating of honey and chopped nuts), cornflakes coated in yoghurt, sliced almonds and cranberry fruit pieces.
      Stop drooling people, I know, I thought the same thing, they do sound scrummy don’t they?


      The 500g box is a tad on the wild side, it is mainly red and white in appearance but has just about every other colour imaginable splattered around somewhere.
      The red Kellogg’s logo is at the top of the box with ‘Crunchy Nut’ written underneath in black and the word Red written underneath that in (You would never have guessed it would you?) Red writing.
      There is at the moment, some crap at the bottom about winning a worldwide holiday or something but the chances of that are so extreme that you’d have more chance of your bollox breaking loose and doing the Michael Jackson moonwalk on your living room f


      ~~~~~~TASTE, LOOK AND SMELL~~~~~~

      Ok, on with the good stuff, into my bowl went the brekky cereal followed by half a pint of fresh cold milk.
      To be honest, it looked fairly appetising as far as breakfast cereals go, golden crunchy nut flakes, white yoghurt flakes, yellow almonds and lumps of rouge completing the attractive fest inside my bowl.
      I could easily smell the honey and corn arising from my morning feast but as far as any fruity-ness was concerned, there wasn’t any, I think Mel had got up in a bad mood or something.

      Right on to the taste, droool, slaver, I could hardly contain my bodily fluids as I scooped up a desert spoon full of this wonderful looking stuff and slammed it into my mouth at a rate of knots.


      The perfect sound of any breakfast cereal, MMMM, corn, honey and a delectable nuttiness exploded in my mouth, this tastes wonderful I thought, hence, another spoonful was to follow.


      Oh my god what on earth was that? A pebble in my bowl perhaps? A distinct lack of trips to the dentist has resulted in one of my teeth falling out and into my bowl maybe?
      Why nothing of the sort, I’d simply scooped up a spoonful of cranberries, CRANBERRIES????? More like fruit flavored stones, my wonderful cereal experience had all but been ruined.

      At a closer glance I realised that there wasn’t any red colour in my bowl, why is this? Simple, because the cranberry pieces were so bloody heavy that they had sunk, yes SUNK!
      After skimming the delicious flakes from the top of my bowl, I was left with just the milk, so after disposing of it I found at the bottom of my bowl a large red slimy clump.

      After asking my other half if she had lost her knickers and receiving a black eye in the process, I realised that this red cluster was in fact a clump of rock solid cranberries with milk soaked skins.

      L THO

      As a breakfast cereal, Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut Red is at first glance quite appealing, it looks nice, smells nice and apart from the little red lumps of lead inside the packet, it also tastes ok too.

      The next time I have a bowl though, I’ll be picking out those pesky cranberries first, they are rank.
      At the normal price of nearly 2 and a half quid a box though, they are a shade on the ‘I’m on the dole so I can’t afford a box’ side.
      Although like I said, at Tesco’s they were on special offer with a few other of Kellogg’s cereals at any 2 boxes for £4 (Special K, Special k red berries and Crunchy Nut Cornflakes).

      I think, compared to the Special K and crunchy Nut Cornies, these fall flat on their face in terms of taste and the fact that the so called fruit pieces are more like lumps of lead. I can honestly say that I’ll be avoiding these in future. I really suggest that you do the same unless your teeth are made out of stainless steel.
      Mr Kellogg, your standards are slipping, give your head a shek and get rid of the crannies or you'll end up paying for your customers dental bills.

      ~~~~~~CONTACT INFORMATION~~~~~~

      To contact Kellogg’s to complain or for anything else, then here are a few options:

      Kellogg’s consumer services dept
      PO BOX 356
      WA4 6XY

      Kellogg’s consumer services dept
      PO BOX 1156
      Dublin 12

      Web page: http://www.kelloggsconsumercare.co.uk
      Email: help@kelloggsconsumercare.co.uk

      TEL: (UK) 0800 626066 (IRE) 1800 626066 – 8am – 6pm Mon – Fri.

      Thanks for the read.



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