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Kellogg's Hot Oat Krumbly Original

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Brand: Kellogg's / Type: Cereal

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    2 Reviews
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      07.12.2011 21:14



      This is my favourite cereal. 'New' it is not it came out some years ago and then was taken off the shelf.I was delighted to see it back again, but supermarkets are no longer selling it again. If you're lucky you can grab a few boxes at £ shops.Why? not enough profit. Retailing at around £2.00 a little box, with recommended portions the size of a spoon, who are Kellogs trying to kid. I could only ever afford to buy it when it was on offer. The cheapy shops can sell it at £1.00 or less and still make a profit. Its just greed.Well when all the stocks have gone try other oat cluster cereals with warm milk and maybe some sugar. Its not the same but its a reasonable substitute.


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      30.06.2011 20:59
      Very helpful
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      I have a confession to make - I'm addicted to cereal. I could probably live off the stuff and nothing else. I thought I'd pretty much tried every type out there, until the other day. I was browsing the reduced stuff in my local Tesco looking for a bargain and spied 'Kellogg's Hot Oat Krumbly.' Described on the box as 'delicious warming oaty clusters' it looked and sounded pretty good. Hot Oat Krumbly also comes in a fruit version, though I stuck to the original.

      Price -
      The box is pretty small, though the product is fairly heavy and substantial and still contained 350g of cereal, the same amount as a standard box of corn flakes or coco pops, so you're not getting short changed! I picked mine up for £1.03, reduced from the normal price of £2.07, though this was in a small metro store and it may be slightly cheaper elsewhere. The pack recommends that the box contains 7 bowlfuls so that works out at around 30p a serving. A little more than other cereals, but still not bad for whole breakfast and it is quite filling.

      Preparation -
      The product is designed to be eaten with warm milk, so essentially it's an alternative to porridge. I have tried it with cold and as the clusters are quite solid it's pretty hard work so I'd stick with the suggestion and have it with warm milk. It says to warm the milk in the microwave in a jug and then pour over the cereal. Always in favour of reducing washing up, I just heated my milk in the bowl and poured the cereal over. It sinks in pretty quick and doesn't float so the result is the same. Helpfully the box gives guidelines for heating the milk according to the power of your microwave. Of course non microwave owners can do it the old fashioned way!

      The look -
      The cereal looks like rocks clusters of oats and grains, they look and smell very appetising. You will get a lot of loose oats and broken bits in the box too, though unlike a lot of 'bottom of the box' cereal, this is just as nice!

      The taste -
      In a word Yum! I was surprised that the cereal didn't go really soggy and sludgy in the warm milk, but in actual fact held it's structure pretty well. I have heated the milk to much on one occasion, however, and it wasn't too pleasant because it had started to go mushy by the time it was cool enough to eat so make sure your milk is warm but not boiling hot! There are a few rice crispy types but that go a tad squishy but amongst the other oats and grains you can't really notice them too much, just if you get a bit on it's own. The lovely warming oatyness is delicious and this is a really satisfying breakfast. Just as porridge does, this really warms the insides and leaves you feeling full. For those of you who like a warm breakfast but the sloppyness of porridge doesn't do it for you, this could be the answer as it contains a bit more bite and flavour but is just as filling. I often find with 'natural' cereals as opposed to the chocolate and sugary types, that they lack flavour and I tend to add a spoonful of sugar to make them a little tastier. This stuff doesn't need it. It does contain brown sugar which is probably why, however it isn't sweet, just has enough flavour to satisfy.

      The calories -
      Each 45g serving contains 217 calories, 9g sugar and 10g fat - but look closely as that does not contain your milk. Adding 125 ml of semi skimmed brings the damage up to 276 calories per bowl - around a third more than most other cereals. However 45g is a bigger suggested portion than on most other cereals that calculate the calories per portion based on a 30 - 40g serving. If you are watching your weight best to give this a miss then? Well actually I'd say no. This really does fill you up and I found myself not wanting to reach for anything to snack on before lunch and even then wasn't over hungry. Also, I often have it with skimmed milk to save a few calories, though I don't notice much difference in flavour as the oats have enough to compensate for the lack of creaminess.

      I would recommend this cereal as a lovely start to a winter's day or even to cheer up a rainy summer one, like recently! Filling and tasty as a breakfast should be, it's sets you up nicely for the day. Price wise, it's more than a lot of other cereals and for that reason I wouldn't buy it all the time, but look out for offers and discounts.


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