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Kellogg's Special K Peach & Apricot

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Brand: Kellogg's / Type: Cereal

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    2 Reviews
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      14.09.2009 23:22
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      Boring Cereal, I'm Glad I'm Not On A Diet

      I have never much seen the point of Special K because it's so tasteless and doesn't fill you up as much as other cereals and it's not even that much lower in calories and fat than better tasting cereal you can buy.

      My mum likes it though and because I love the taste of peaches and apricots I thought I'd try this one for my breakfast this morning for a change.

      It tastes alright but isn't a cereal I'd want to eat very often because the apricot and peach slices are proper chewy because they are dried fruit and I reckon I'd rather cut my own fresh fruit up and throw it in with some weetabix or corn flakes.

      The Special K cereal is nice and crispy but it goes proper soggy when the milk has been on them for a bit and it's hard to eat the full bowl before the cereal at the bottom has gone too soggy to be nice. It has got a nice sweetness but I think the flavour of them gets a bit boring after a few spoons of it.

      The flavour of the peaches and apricots has got into the flakes well and the cereal tastes loads more fruity than the plain Special K which is just rank. I think the peach flavour is loads stronger but then sometimes you'll have a mouth full that tastes more of apricot so I reckon the fruit is quite balanced in the packet.

      I will have this sometimes but I can't see me eating it very often because I jsut don't like Special K that much and don't know what all the hype is about with it. They do about 10 different ones now and it's just to milk more money out of people who want to lose weight, there's even an advert that shows a woman who has a box of all of them and that's blatently a rip off because that would cost about £20.00 to get them all at the same time!


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        07.01.2009 14:07
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        Wouldnt bother if I was you!

        I bought these yesterday from Asda as I am now on a diet!

        The adverts I have seen showing the lady in the red dress with what can be described as the most enviable figure has finally made me sucumb to trying to lose 3 stone LOL!.

        Anway, I was going to buy Asda's own brand of this type of cereal until I saw it on offer down from £2.89 (for 375g that is EXPENSIVE when you can get 1KG of their cornflakes for only £1 more!) to £2.00. Thought I would give them a go!

        One box at 375g provides 12 servings!

        ***What is it?****
        Special K is made up of wholewheat flakes and dried fruit including peach and apricots.
        What is suprising looking at the ingredients is the second ingredient listed (and this means the second greatest ingredient) is SUGAR!!!!
        For a "diet" cereal this has suprised me greatly!

        copied from the box is as follows:
        Per 100g there is 378Kcal, 1.5g fat and 2.5g fibre. Vitamins include vit D and C, Thiamin (B1), Riboflavin (B2), Niacin, B6, Folic acid and B12.
        An average serving of 30g served with 125ml of semi-skimmed milk will provide you with around 172Kcal, 2.5g fat (some made up from the milk) and 0.8g fibre.

        ***How did it taste***
        Hence, I think cutting out some of the sugar would actually help improve the flavour and allow the fruit flavours to be tasted!
        Although there are quite generous dried fruit in this cereal it is hard to taste it because of the sugar taste!
        The flakes were nice and crunchy before they soaked up the milk!

        Glad I didnt pay full price, I will finish the box but wont be bothering buying any more!


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      • Product Details

        Low fat cereal flakes - can help weight control as part of calorie controlled diet. Lightly toasted rice cereal. All that you know and love about Kellogg’s Special K, with slices of peaches and apricots for added luxury.

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