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Kellogg's Variety Pack

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Brand: Kellogg's / Type: Cereal

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    20 Reviews
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      13.02.2014 13:58
      Very helpful



      Eight individual cute boxes of cereal

      ===The Product===

      Kellogg's Variety Pack.
      Eight boxes of cereal.
      Cellophane wrapped and in individual little boxes 4 x 1.5 x 2.75 inches.
      Long shelf life - mine was until January 2015.
      Suitable for vegetarians, Kosher and Halal HFA approved.
      Added vitamins.


      I recently paid £1 at Tesco as it was on special offer but the usual price is £2.09.

      ===My Opinion===

      This selection contained:
      1 box of Cornflakes 17 grams and 64 calories
      This is the normal Kelloggs Corn Flakes and the box has a word puzzle on the back and a name game on the side.
      The normal and golden flakes of corn - a nice tasting cereal that we all know.

      2 boxes of Coco Pops 30 grams and 116 calories each
      Chocolate coated rice. The box has a guessing game on the side and a maze on the back.
      These are chocolate Rice Crispies - not one of my favourites as I do not like chocolate mixed with cereal - but good if you do - my son soon gobbled these two up.

      2 boxes of Frosties 25 grams and 94 calories each
      Sugar frosted flakes of corn. There is a matching game on the back and a shadow game on the side.
      Frosties are definitely frosted with sweetness and do not need any sugar added. Not really too sickly for me but I could easily mix these with plain cornflakes to tone down the sugaryness.

      1 box of Rice Crispies 20 grams and 77 calories
      A miniature version of the well known normal box of toasted rice cereal and with a matching game on the back of the box.
      An old favourite and they definitely do 'Snap, Crackle and Pop'. A well loved cereal that is not too sweet.

      1 box of Rice Crispie Multi Grain 23 grams and 87 calories
      Wholegrain and high in fibre cereal. Comes in four shapes - fish, star tree and man. Has a guessing game on the side and a shape game on the back.
      These were new to me and very tasty. Actually I did not even bother adding milk to these but ate them as they were as a tasty snack - nice for children as the shapes are cute and is made from multi grains.

      1 box of Honey Hoops 20 grams and 76 calories
      Sugar and honey coated multi grain loops. Wholegrain and high in fibre. Comes with game on the same packet the same as on the Frosties.
      Had not tried these before and they are cute little loops the size of spaghetti hoops. Sweet and tasty but I could not detect any honey flavour - again I ate these without milk as a snack food.

      I can remember having these Variety packs as a child and the novelty of having all the small individual little boxes. I am not sure how long Kelloggs have been producing these Variety paks but hey were around in the 1960s when I was a youngster.

      Of course this is a wasteful way of purchasing cereal - both from a packaging and price point of view.

      In total you get about 190 grams of cereal which is not much for the price. You could buy a 340 gram box of Rice Crispies for the same price - almost double the size of the total contents.

      However this I think is a treat sort of cereal and I know it was never a regular purchase for my sons but something we bought occasionally as a novelty and a treat.

      The cereals come in mini boxes of the large versions and inside the boxes the cereal is well sealed in plastic bags.

      These boxes are fun and also good if you are going on holiday or travelling as they are one portion sizes so nothing should get spilt.

      You do not get a lot in a box but an adequate amount for a child - they even sufficient for me for a snack.

      It is a lovely to have a little box of cereal all to yourself and fun to have to puzzles on each box. A great way to encourage your chld to maybe have breakfast if they are a picky eater - its worth the extra expense if it means they eat breakfast for a change.

      Its a shame to have two lots of repeat boxes - Frosties and Coco Pops in my selection - I do not know if they vary this duplication or not.

      I enjoyed my Variety boxes and will now be wrapping up the empty boxes in shiny ink paper to help decorate my candy pink tree for Christmas!

      ===Star Rating===

      4 stars. Wasteful packaging and expensive - but the little boxes are a part of the charm.

      ===Would I Recommend?===



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        20.10.2013 20:04
        Very helpful



        A good selection of cereals for little children.

        I'm reviewing our Kelloggs Variety multi pack of breakfast cereals .
        The most recent pack (mid October 2013) cost me around £2.20p .
        I'm posting the basic content because this can be important information in this kind of product.
        Rice,Sugar ,Chocolate (4%) (Sugar, Cocoa Mass) ,Fat Reduced Cocoa Powder ,Salt ,Barley Malt Flavouring ,Flavouring ,Calcium Carbonate ,Niacin ,Iron ,Vitamin B6 ,Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) ,Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) ,Folic Acid ,Vitamin D ,Vitamin B12 ,Contains Barley


        The two toddlers that I look after daily are dropped off with me in the mornings fed, watered and dressed as a rule, but there have been a few instances where their mum was under pressure and knowing how they linger over breakfast she has dropped them off in pyjamas and clutching small boxes of these cereals along with a Belfast bap from our corner shop so that they can breakfast here at leisure.
        This has now evolved into a once a week 'treat' for them, so now I buy them for them myself .


        This multi pack contains 8 tiny boxes of Kellogg's cereals.
        Each box contains between 20-25g of cereal.
        The varieties are ,
        Honey loops.
        Rice Krispies.
        Rice Krispies multi grain shapes.
        Corn Flakes.
        Coco Pops
        And there will be two boxes which are the same as two of the above ones. We call them twinnies.

        The packaging is cheerfully bright with mostly differing colours for each little box , and the cute Kellogg's characters are on the packaging as well .

        I remember these from back in the mists of time and there were always one or two 'duds' in the selection back then . For example All Bran is not a favourite of children in my experience, and indeed that penny has dropped for Kellogg's, and those kind of 'adult' cereals have never been in any packs I've ever bought.

        These are a nice little size for small children I suppose , but most definitely not for older children in my opinion. The portion is quite tiny and although our toddlers are just two and three they wolf these down and then also have slices of bap or toast afterwards.
        To be fair though, the variety is quite child friendly in many ways and when the pack is reduced to the last two boxes neither one is point-blank refused .

        For breakfast these are served with milk of course, or pouring yoghurt if your child likes that (my two don't), but I've found these are also a nice little dry snack for my two in the middle of the afternoon.
        Holly uses them for her tea parties and delights in serving them up using her Peppa pig tea set. The Coco Pops and honey loops are the favourite for this ritual . At other times they simply share a box while watching TV .
        I find them a good alternative to giving the children chocolate snacks or biscuits to satisfy rumbling tummies in that afternoon time between lunch and dinner, and if it involves play and fun then even better.

        These boxes of cereals are as healthy as these things can be , but of course you'd need to check the content carefully if your child has allergy issues of any kind.
        They may contain traces of nuts, which you'd expect when they are all produced together in a factory where nut products are also manufactured.....so be aware of that if your child has a nut allergy issue.
        They do of course contain sugars and salt.

        These are suitable for vegetarians.
        They are Kosher
        ...and they are Halal HFA approved .

        Would I recommend them ? Yes I would . The only issue would be if your child has very specific tastes and is a fussy eater, because then you'll be left with boxes you'll need to eat yourself, which in all honesty is no great hardship with tiny boxes of cereals.
        So yes. I'd recommend them and be happy to give them 5 stars.

        Thank you for reading~~~myloh.


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          06.09.2013 09:50
          Very helpful



          Great little portion sized cereals, adding more variety to the breakfast table

          For a while I had a hard time finding breakfast cereals that my daughter would eat. I didn't want to waste the money on a big box of cereal, for my daughter to then say that she didn't like it. My daughter is really fussy, she can like something one week, and a couple of days late she will say she doesn't like it anymore. I needed something with a bit more variety, so that she isn't having the same cereal everyday. That's when I thought about the Kellogg's Variety Pack. I had these when I was a child, although 1 little box didn't cut it with me, I would usually need 2 to fill me up. I thought one little box would be perfect for my three year old though and there's also enough of a choice in the packet that she won't get bored with a specific cereal, and more importantly, she can get to choose which cereal she would like each day.

          == What is it? ==

          The Kellogg's Variety Pack is a selection of eight mini sized boxes of Kellogg's cereal. The variety you get sometimes varies, but you usually get 'Frosties', 'Rice Crispies', 'Coco Pops', 'Cornflakes', 'Honey Nut Loops', 'Ricicles' and usually another or a duplicate. These are packaged in a cellophane wrapper, which once removed reveals all the miniature cereal boxes.

          == Price ==

          The price varies on these, ranging from £1.45 - £2.45 at the top end of the scale, sometimes there are special offers on, you just have to shop around e.g at the moment Morrisons have them on offer for £1.45, so that is a £1.00 cheaper that you usually pick them up for.

          == Verdict ==

          This is a perfect buy for my 3 year old daughter, the boxes are a perfect portion size for her ranging from 20-25g in each box. In the mornings she gets all excited about getting the chance to pick what cereal she would like. I usually pop her onto the breakfast bar and watch her rummage through the cereals before she opts for the one she wants. Usually the cornflakes are the last to go, but I do make sure they are gone before I replenish the cupboard. Overall I would recommend these if you only have one little mouth to feed, if you have a larger family, then maybe you would be better off skipping these and getting a larger box of cereal instead, as this can work out expensive.


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            25.08.2013 18:50
            Very helpful



            A bit of fun but won't be bothering again.

            One of the things I remember from childhood was the excitement of being allowed to have Kellogg's Variety for breakfast on very rare occasions - presumably (as I'm now the shopper!) when they were on half price offer or similar. That was the case last weekend when I was going around the local shop and so I thought I'd treat myself for the coming week.

            When I spotted the offer I immediately decided to be a little crazy (!) and buy them, but hesitated when I noticed that 3 of the 8 packs inside were Coco-pops. I like Coco-pops but didn't necessarily want 3, or I'd be buying a box of the stuff. Closer inspection showed that one of the three was actually a very similarly branded "Coco-pops Choc 'n' Roll"... totally different(?) In addition there was 2x Frosties, and one each of Rice Krispies, Cornflakes and Honey Loops

            I suppose the hints are in the style of the packaging as well as the historical association that these variety packs are aimed at children, so maybe I shouldn't be making my next point, but some of the portions are ridiculously small. Despite my title, I think even a mouse would be left with a rumbly tummy if relying on one of the Frosties or Cornflakes packs to set him up for the day. Those boxes contain 25g and 17g respectively and that weight constitutes a pathetic little offering in the bottom of my breakfast bowl. The Kellogg's website measures an "average" serving of Cornflakes or Frosties as 30g so these are not a recognised serving size as I don't suppose 30g would physically fit into the boxes. Disappointing all the same - they're not actually called children's portions or "Children's variety". Am I being unfair?

            In the coco pops you do get 30g, yet in the identically sized rice krispies only 20g ... all a bit hit and miss. Honey Loops and Choc 'n' roll were both 25g and to be fair, all except the Frosties and Cornflakes gave a reasonable sized portion, if not what I would (a little greedily) have allowed myself from a full sized box. Each individual box had a kiddies puzzle on the back.

            I won't be 'treating' myself again, I need a bit more than a handful of flakes to set me up for the day unfortunately.


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              23.07.2013 00:33



              oh dear.

              When i was younger my mum used to buy me and my brothers a pack or two of Kelloggs Variety packs when we went on holiday. I think i am going crazy eating a pack now (after not having any for many a year) the volume in the packet is ridiculous! Kelloggs seriously need to re-think the amounts in each pack as this is surly not the right amount of cereal for a child as it doesnt even fill half a bowl.. with milk, therefore needing twice as many packets to put into a bowl and therefore twice as much money needed! Maybe i should of researched more into the nitty gritty details on the protein guidelines and all the rest.. But that amount of food... well it might fill a mouse.. but not a child or anyone older.
              I even opened a Frosties pack last night (for a naughty snack) and I was appalled that the Frosties did not even fill half of the plastic packet.
              Will i be buying another pack anytime soon? I'm afraid I wont be. Not worth the money.
              And its a shame, seeing that these were one of my favourite things i looked forward to on holiday when i was younger.


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              02.05.2012 19:47
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Great fun little cereals for all the family

              Kellogg's have been making cereals since 1906 and are one if not the most popular cereal manufactures. Now I tend to go through stages of eating cereals and although I like quite a few if I purchase a large box of one I tend to get bored before I finish them. But Kellogg's make a variety pack which contains 8 mini boxes of different cereals to give u a nice selection. 

              The last time I purchased the Kellogg's variety box was from Tesco and it was just £0.50 on special offer. Generally in the past it has been the price that has put me off these cereals as they are generally quite expensive for the weight of cereal you get but this was a offer that was too good to miss. 

              The cereals come in there own individual boxes and are lined up in twos and them bound in a cellophane wrapper to keep them together. In the pack that I purchase I got:
              2 x Frosties
              2 x Coco pops
              1 x Rice Krispies
              1 x Honey Loops
              1 x Cornflakes
              1 x Moons and Stars
              Although I have found that the selection can vary a little so it's handy to peek closer at the packet before u purchase them to see what selection suits u best. Each little box contains between 17-30g depending upon which cereal it is. The boxes are really easy to open via the perforations on the top of the box. Inside you will find the cereal contained within a wax bag which keeps the cereal extra fresh and crunchy. 

              I like all the cereals that come in the variety pack and although some people like my husband might find the boxes too small I like to vary my breakfast so like to have a small amount of cereal then some toast or fruit etc. I would also imagine that these are great for children as it keeps there breakfast varied and the little boxes are quite cute and fun you also get a puzzle on the back of each box. 

              Overall I think these are great cereals they are cute and fun as well as being very tasty. Kellogg's are well known for there quality and I found these cereals to all be fresh, crisp and crunchy and wi certainly be purchasing the variety pack again especially if I find them at such a bargain price again. 


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                13.09.2011 22:02
                Very helpful



                Small boxes for small tummies!

                When I was much younger my mom was always stingy with regards to buying us branded breakfast cereals, as opposed to the supermarket versions. However she has no such qualms with buying Kellogg's Variety Packs when they were on offer, even though all of us are now grown-ups with much bigger stomachs!

                The Kellogg's Variety Pack is a selection of 8 popular Kellogg's cereals in bitesize (25g) boxes, essentially providing a daily bowl with each box. The current cereals in a variety pack include 'Coco Pops' (x2), 'Rice Krispies', 'Corn Flakes', 'Frosties' (x2), 'Rice Krispies Multigrain' and 'Coco Pops Moons and Stars'. The lineup des change with the newer cereals when Kellogg's makes new products for the market. The price is £1.99 at Tesco and Sainsbury's and £1.98 at ASDA, but I know Tesco puts them on offer every so often for 95p!

                The range of cereals is good ranging the sweet, the chocolaty and the plain but classic 'Corn Flakes' and 'Rice Krispies' as healthier options. I still frequently buy these but they are especially geared towards children, with each cereal box having puzzles on the back such as mazes and spot the difference between images of the popular characters so it should keep them occupied during breakfast. As a child the amount of cereal filled me up so much that I could share half a box with my sister! Unfortunately, as an adult one box of cereal definitely does not fill me up even with milk. It's usually only half of what I would eat from a normal box of cereal nowadays. While it's good that children won't eat more than they should at breakfast it as not as filling for adults compared to the Nestle or Tesco versions of this product.

                Overall the Kellogg's Variety Pack is definitely aimed at children by providing them with a different cereal each day, some puzzles to keep them entertained and making sure they don't eat too much in the mornings. For adults like me however whilst the range is good the amount is unsatisfactory for breakfast unless you have some toast and/or juice to eat it with. I'll keep buying them, but only when they're on offer!

                (Also on Dooyoo under the username Anti_W)


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                  13.06.2010 11:36
                  Very helpful



                  A handy pack of individual cereals

                  When I do my grocery shopping I usually spend my time looking for special offers and shop's own brands that are cheaper than the branded items. However we went on holiday recently and I wanted to bring some breakfast cereals for the children to eat when we were away. I had decided in my mind to get the Kelloggs Variety Pack, I don't usually buy these as I find they are very expensive for what you get, however as luck would have it Asda had them on offer at £1.00 per packet. I find that if you shop around one or other of the big supermarkets usually have these packs on some sort of special offer. I bought three packets, two to take with me and one for home.

                  So what variety is there in this pack of cereal? The current pack contains 8 individual servings of cereal, each in their own little box. The pack I bought contained:
                  1 X Cornflakes - 17g
                  1 X Rice Krispies - 20g
                  2 X Frosties - 25g
                  2 X Coco Pops - 30g
                  1 X Coco Pops Mega Munchers - 30g
                  1 x Rice Krispies Multi-grain shapes - 23g

                  The contents of the packs vary in weight from a miserable 17g in the Corn Flakes to 30g in the Coco Pops and Coco Munchers. Kelloggs do vary the varieties in the packs from time to time but I have found that the staples of Corn Flakes, Frosties and Rice Krispies usually appear.

                  I suppose the Variety Pack serves a number of purposes:
                  * It gives you a taste of different Kelloggs cereals;
                  * There are "adult" and "child" cereals in the same pack;
                  * There are individual measured servings, you know what you are going to get;
                  * Taste the same as the full sized versions;
                  * There is variety, and you won't get bored of an individual cereal type; and
                  * Handy for home and away.
                  Generally the Coco Pops and Munchers are eaten first in our home and the Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies are left for me and my husband to eat, but to be honest this works out really well as the kids get their cereal and there is something left for us to eat. The Frosties always seem to be left to last in our home and generally my husband has to eat these. I think the serving size of the Corn Flakes and Rice Krispies are on the small side but the Coco Pops and Munchers are just the right amount to satisfy my children. My children tend to eat cereal in the morning and evenings and I find these packs very handy for a snack before bedtime, not too filling and you know exactly what they are getting.

                  The Variety Pack is not marketed as a trial sized version of the cereals but could serve this purpose. I have also stayed in hotels and bed and breakfasts where these smaller packs have been on offer at breakfast time. I sometimes find that my children get fed up with a larger packet of cereal before it is finished and find these are great for a little change and then the bigger box is finished.

                  I haven't reviewed the individual cereals as they taste exactly the same as the bigger versions. I wouldn't buy the Variety pack in my normal grocery shopping but they are very handy for taking on holiday etc. I do think that they are overpriced and some of the packs could do with some more content but if you are buying them for the right reason they are very handy to have.

                  Will appear on other sites.


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                    07.04.2010 18:33
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    Something for everyone

                    When my family go camping or on holiday somewhere Kellog's Variety seem to be the first thing on their shopping list before they go. The pack comes with 8 small single serving boxes of various Kellog's breakfast cereal that have change over the years but generally mixes the traditional classics with some of Kellog's newer "kid friendly" products. With a price tag of around £1.50-£2 in the UK (no more than $3 for those American tourists) it's generally the same sort of price as 1 large box of Kellog's cereal though with more choice. Though the boxes are only 15g-30g each they are a solid single serving with milk and are usually the cereal more appealing to kids generally than adults.

                    The pack currently contains:
                    Cornflakes (17g, 1 box)
                    Coco Pops (30g, 2 boxes)
                    Coco Pops Mega Munchers (30g, 1 box)
                    Frosties (25g, 2 boxes)
                    Rice Krispies Original (20g, 1 box)
                    Rice Krispes Multigrain Shapes (23g, 1 box)

                    For those that have tried cereal they are likely to be well aware of most of them older classic amongst there, obviously Cornflakes, Frosties, Rice Krispies and Coco Pops have been around for years. For those that haven't here is a little guide to all 6 varieties.

                    Cornflakes, the smallest (by content) are toasted grains of corn, with a golden colour that are free of any coating allowing you to manually add sugar if you wish. Frosties are very similar but have a sugar coated glaze added to them. Rice Krispies are simply balls of dried rice, that like cornflakes aren't coated in anything. Coco Pops are just chocolate coated Rice Krispies that are famous for leaving ones milk chocolate coloured. The remaining 2 cereals are much less well known. So lets take a more in depth look.

                    Coco Pops Mega Munchers are similar to the Cookie Crisp cereal, they are small shapes of chocolate coated cereal and are a great addition to the Variety Packs. Though these are a very new addition they are hopefully one that will stay for a long time, especially for those who are fans of Cookie Crisp.

                    Rice Krispies Multi-Grain Shapes are probably the most questionable as a child though may end up being a parents secret weapon. These are made with Rice, Oats and Corn and are various "people like" shapes. Cleverly the shapes will appeal to children, the ingredients will appeal to adults, and the flavour can well suit a child's palette

                    Overall the individual products are all brilliant, it's hard to find anyone who doesn't like any of them. Though they do have their problems. Mainly the fact the best ones (Mega Munchers) have only 1 box, if your with a bunch of kids theirs almost certainly going to be arguments over them as they really are going to be a hit with a vast majority of kids. Other than the Multi-Grain Shapes there are none with "multi grains" (that some cereals seem to sell themselves on). Also they seem very kiddie based and may only be good for "family" outings which may not endear themselves to people who want to be "grown ups" or even "healthy" (as in the Special K fans). These are just fun and childish cereal that although not the most filling (due to the small packs) are a good way to start any day.


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                      18.12.2009 21:08
                      Very helpful



                      Great idea, great for the cupbord space

                      Kellogg's variety packs are a bit of each of your favourite cereals in tiny little boxes. I find this works for my kids as they always end up squabbling when one of them has polished off the rice krispies but saying this they only tend the squabble over who gets which box...kids hey.

                      The look?

                      Minature Kellogg's boxes one of each of your favourites, there are eight in total, around this is a sealant wrapper to bind them all together. The classics are there like corn flakes and rice krispies and coco pops. Each one is a 25 gram box.


                      For the eight boxes these come to around £1.90 or around £0.31pence per boz, this equates to be 85 pence per 100 grams of cereal and box.

                      About the Taste?

                      These are all made by kelloggs so they all are of high quality as kelloggs have been around for a while. I will say if you are an adult eating these then you are kind of left hungry afterwards but I think this is due to these being mainly for smaller mouths, in which case these are a superb.


                      Kelloggs do tend to carry quite a lot of sugar in their cereals so just be aware of this, certainly the crunchy nut corn flakes do have high sugar levels. Others like rice crispies tend to be a bit better on the sugar front.


                      Great for cupboard space and great for the little ones but watch the squabbling


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                        19.10.2009 12:26
                        Very helpful




                        I always wanted these when I was a kid. Not sure why, but I guess it was the lure of the tiny boxes. A few years ago I was still for them, believing since the weight of them is measured out, then it would help me on a diet. Since then I have bought a set of digital scales, and I buy the big boxes of Cereal and weight them out myself.

                        I did buy a pack of these the other month when they were on offer in Tesco for £1. I think the normal price of them is around £1.60.

                        Packaging is ok for these. You get 8 mini boxes of Cereal and the whole lot is wrapped in cellophane. You can see the Cereal you get in them, and the choice has changed slightly from when I last remembered.

                        It is all Kellogs Cereal and in the pack you get 2 Frosties, 2 Coco Pops, 1 Rice Krispies, 1 Cornflakes, 1 Rice Krispie Multi Grain Shapes and 1 Coco Pops Munchers. I don't see the need of having 2 of the 2 kinds, why not 1 of 8 different kinds?

                        The Cereal in the boxes is 30g's worth, so you can have the whole box with Milk and know how much calories you are having.

                        There is a good choice in the pack, but I will always eat the Coco Pops ones first and the Multi Grain Shapes last. They all aren't my favouries, so for that reason I will save money, but the big packs and weigh 30g's out myself. That way I always get my favourite Cereal.


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                          31.07.2009 01:21
                          Very helpful



                          Cute but they are not for me

                          Kellogg's Variety Packs contain eight small boxes of Kellogg's cereals, held together in a cellophane wrapper. Although the contents of variety packs tend to change over time as new cereals are introduced by Kellogg's, the current variety packs on offer in supermarkets appear to contain Rice Krispies, Ricicles, Coco Pops, Coco Pops Munchers, Frosties, Cornflakes. Other cereals that I have previously seen featured in these packs include Rice Krispies Multigrain, Honey Loops and various others.

                          Because the pack includes lots of different cereals, they are often taken on holidays where a group or family all like different ones but do not have the space to take four or five full sized cereal boxes.

                          The small boxes are very cute looking and will be a big hit with children, as kids tend to love miniature versions of things they are used to. Each little box looks exactly like the larger boxes with the same characters and colours on them. Kids love the fact that they can have a whole box of cereal to themselves!

                          However I don't think that the variety packs have much going for. This is for many reasons. Firstly the individual boxes, the cellophane wrapper and the plastic bags inside the boxes mean there is a lot of excess packaging.

                          Secondly each box only contains 30 grams of cereal which is a very small portion. This probably won't even satisfy a young child and is not even half of the amount that I usually have in a cereal bowl.

                          Thirdly you are likely to end up with at least one or two varieties that nobody in your family or holiday group like, and these will be wasted or eaten but not enjoyed.

                          Fourthly because there are generally only one or two of each type of cereal, you are likely to encounter arguments, especially if there are children involved, as often more people will want the popular cereals.

                          Fifthly, the pack is really expensive. At present they are on offer in Tesco, reduced from £1.88 to £1.75, but this is still not as good value as buying normal sized cereal boxes.

                          I understand there might be times when these variety packs are convenient and useful but in general I will not be buying them due to the low value and the undersized portions.


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                            24.07.2009 20:39
                            Very helpful



                            A treat for the kids.

                            Kellogg's variety packs always remind me of a Bed and Breakfast that we once stayed the night in, we had to take our pick from the mini cereal boxes which were delicately laid out in a wicker basket lined with a gingham cloth.
                            Last week I was in Morrison's with one of the grandchildren in tow and he spotted the miniature boxes of cereal took an instant liking to them and wondered why I wasn't prepared to pay the asking price of 37p for a single box !

                            Now do not get me wrong, the small boxes of Kellogg's cereal do have appeal but that appeal comes at a premium.
                            Six small boxes of cereal costs £1.88 and if I am honest the contents of each box is only enough to serve a child. Many might call me foolish but I buy Lidl's cornflakes, a large box costs me 77p and that box lasts me nearly a week.
                            If the grandchildren are staying then I look out for the supermarket own brand Coco pops or Frosties and as long as they are disguised in a Tupperware box then the contents go down well.

                            Considering the fact that we are supposed to be cutting down on packaging and taking care to make sure that the Earths natural resources are not wasted then buying a Kellogg's Variety pack seems to go against the grain.
                            The pack contains six small cardboard boxes that are filled with delicious Kellogg's cereal. Inside of each box the cereal is packed into a small plastic bag that is heat sealed, then the whole six boxes are packed together and over wrapped with a layer of plastic film.
                            All in all there are thirteen pieces of packaging with every Variety pack, that seems unbelievable.

                            Anyway, I have had my gripe and now I will move on swiftly.
                            The Kellogg's Variety pack contains Coco Pops, Frosties, Rice Crispies, Corn Flakes, Original rice Crispies and Coco Pops Mega Munchers.
                            Both of the kids love the Coco Pops, so thank the Lord there are two boxes of cocoa flavoured cereal, at least that saves a fight !
                            Yet again the rice crispies are duplicated, only one packet is original and the other is frosted with sugar.
                            Then least but not last there are two packets of cornflakes, albeit that one packet is original and the other is frosted.

                            Kellogg's have stated that all of the cereals are OK for Vegetarians.
                            Each little box contains just 23 g of cereal and if it was left up to me I could demolish two boxes in one sitting without any problem.
                            So 138g of cereal costs way in excess of £1 ( I paid £1.88!) even if they are on the very best special offer that they have ever been on, yet a 500g box of Lidl's cornflakes costs me a mere 77p.

                            So why are we so gullible?
                            The answer is that we love those tiny little boxes, they have great appeal and the kids just love them.
                            They may be fanciful and Kellogg's seemed to have used the word `Variety` when they maybe meant diversity but on the whole we are smitten by those dainty little boxes.

                            Kellogg's Variety packs are fabulously expensive for what they are, the small amount of cereal is top quality, it tastes simply the best and it keeps the kids cheerful.
                            If it was up to me would I buy them ?
                            Maybe not, but when you have your arm twisted hard enough and that little face is smiling up at you as if butter wouldn't melt then what can you do ?

                            Kellogg's produce first class breakfast cereal and quite often you will come across very good offers in the leading supermarkets.


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                              06.07.2009 19:25




                              Cereal is probably a food I couldn't live without. I normally have it twice at a day, or sometimes up to three times. I'm a bit weary when it comes to cereal though, and normally stick to Weetabix or Branflakes. I could quite happily live off weetabix and branflakes when it comes to cereal, however my mum has different opinions and was very keen to ween me onto other types.
                              We trailed off to the supermarket, somewhat reluctintly on my path, in search of some cereal for me too sample! I skimmed up and down every shelf about ten times, however nothing jumped out at me! I was quite dissapointed and we were just about to give up when my mum came rushing over to me clutching a cuboid shaped packet. "What about these?" my mum asked.
                              The box she had handed me was a multipack, of mini Kelloggs cereals! These seemed like a good idea and off we went to purchase.
                              From Asda, these cost us £1.86 for 8 boxes of 24g.

                              The 8 boxes are held together in a cellophane like wrapper, see through so the boxes can be clearly viewed. The bottom of the wrapper is a deep green in colour with the word KELLOGGS written in bright red writing, much the same as the larger boxes of cereal. VARIETY is written in larger writing underneath the brand name. There is also a picture of the tradmark, tiger which features in most of the cereals adverts.

                              That evening, the time had come for supper. Part of my supper these days is a bowl of cereal so I decided to give one of the mini boxes a try. The multipack contained 8 different types of cereal these being. I only managed to try 6 of them, these being;

                              *Coco Pops
                              *Rice Krispies
                              *Special K
                              *Honey Loops

                              When you open each individual mini box, you will find the cereal contained in a white plastic type bag. The plastic bag is fairly easy to open, basically just like a packet of crisps.

                              _COCO POPS_
                              I'm not a fan of chocolate, or chocolatey flavoured cereal in the slightest. So I decided to have the coco pops first of all to get them out of the way. I poured the contents of the little white bag in to my bowl, and I was pleasently surprised with the quantity. There was, by no means, a large amount of ceral, but it looked substancial, not too big and not too small! The coco pops, are little brown peaces of "rice" and you got quite alot in the pack as they are so light in weight. I poured in a large amount of milk and took a scoop straight away. The coco pops hadn't softnened or gone mushy yet so they were still quite crispy and had a slight "crunch" when I chewed. I left them for around 20 seconds, and by this time the milk was already starting to go a light brownish colour. I took another spoonful, and by this time they were more mushy. I have to say I prefered them like this. The 'pops were very chocolaty in flavour, even when they had lost most of there colouring. Once I had finished the cereal, i spooned the chocolatey milk into my mouth. The milk still tasted very much of milk with only a slight hint of chocolate flavour. These were probably one of my least favourite out of the ones I tried, though they were not as bad I was expecting to be. These ones would be most likely to be popular with small children in which chocolate appeals to!

                              Who hasn't had cornflakes? Well in fact, before I had these last week I'd not had them in years. I've always thought as them to be "boring" cereal! I mean everyone has heard of cornflakes and they do have quite a bland look to them. I poured the contents in to my bowl, and my first impression was that they looked very yellow in colour. Not artificially so- but they did look "brighter" than I had past thought. Again there was a fair amount in my bowl, however there seemed a little less than the coco pops, probably due to the fact, 1 flake weighs more than 1 pop. I poured my milk in and took a spoonful while the flakes were still crunchy- and when I say crunchy, I mean crunchy. They had the same texture and crunch as crisps, only tasted alot sweeter. I let the milk soak in and took another spoon, they had gone soft by now and had turned pretty flavourless. However I did enjoy my bowl of cornflakes, and by the next morning I was craving them again!

                              _RICE KRISPIES_
                              Rice Krispies have never been one of my favourite cereals. I used to have them occasionally but I found when I ate them I was hungry again half an hour later. However, we had bought them now so I may aswell take a little sample. I poured them in the bowl, and they were just like the coco pops, only they were lighter, almost white in colour. I poured in the milk and nestled my ear closer to the bowl, listening for the crackles. I heard a few bangs and snaps coming from my bowl, but then decided I wanted to sample them before they went too soft. I managed JUST in time. They had the same texture as the coco pops, but tasted alot different. In fact they didn't have much taste at all. There was a definite sugary taste, and they fairly sweet. However when they went soft, I have to say I didn't really feel like finishing them, (but I did). These were probably my least favourite out of the whole box.

                              Frosties. Hmm these bring back memories from when I was a little girl. I used to love them, have them 4 times a day if I could. As you can imagine, this phase only lasted afew months, and then I'd moved onto my next box. However, when I saw the frosties box in the multipack a craving grew inside me and I couldn't wait any longer. So that night as part of my supper, I decided to sample. I poured the contents into my bowl and suddenly a sweet smell filled the air. The little flakes were almost the same as the Cornflakes. However they looked "stickier" almost as though they had been dipped in golden syrup. I picked a dry flake up out my bowl and popped it in my mouth. It was very crunchy and made a very clear "crunch" when I bit into it. I then poured my milk in and let them soak in for around twenty seconds. Then I lifted my spoon, and I was ready to test. I scooped a spoonful into my mouth and was extremely surprised when I was still given a crunchy cereal. I was expecting the flakes to have gone soft and mushy however they hadn't!

                              _SPECIAL K_
                              Special K has always been a curious cereal in my eyes. I used to watch the television adverts and think yeah right! Ive tried it a couple of times but its never stuck out to me as a cereal which I thoroughly enjoyed. Special K are a mix of rice and wheat and are another "flakey" cereal. My first impreessions were that the flakes looked pretty dry and they also looked quite pale in colour. I sloshed on my milk and took a spoonful. The flakes were extremely crunchy and took quuite a bit of crunching. I was rather surprised as even when I was finishing the bowl off, the flakes were still very crunchy. The cereal was pretty tasteless I have to say, they were quite sweet but didnt have any distinctive flavour.

                              _HONEY LOOPS_
                              Honey Loops were one of the packets I'd been putting off trying, as I was a bit "scared" to try them. I just didn't find them appealing at all, and seemed more of a "kids" cereal. I'd had cheerios before and I was half expecting them to be identical to them. I was half right. Once in my bowl, the loops looked exactly like cheerios, only slightly bigger I think. They were also more golden in colour and seemed to have a shiny coating on them- the honey I am guessing. They didn't look very healthy and at this point I was doubting whether to try them at all and to just fetch some branflakes, or Weetabix. However, I'd come this far I thought I may aswell try them. I fignered them feeling them for reassurance, this didn't help in the slightest. They were quite sticky and I imagined they were loaded with sugar. I glanced at the ingredients on the side of the box, and was unsurprised to find SUGAR the second ingredient on the list. I was getting very wary. I poured in my milk and scooped into my mouth. The first thing that hit me was there sweetness. They were quite crunchy and took a while to chew. The taste was surprisingly pleasent, though I didn't assosciate this taste with cereal, more of a cereal bar. Overall the honey loops rose above there expectations, they were very sweet and very enjoyable.

                              Unfortionatly I didn't get to try the other 2 packets, however I was told by my little brothers they were very nice, and "could we buy them again".
                              The multipack, is not the cheapest of things and you could buy a large box of cereal for the same price, or less and get many more portions out of it. However the multipack is great for those who get bored of the same cereal day in/day out and means you dont have to buy a huge box of cereal that will most probably get wasted and end up in the bin.
                              Kelloggs cereal multipack is also very good for children who take forever to decide what cereal they would like. Unfortionatly for some siblings only one type of each cereal comes in the pack so there could be some arguing if they both want the same one.

                              5 Sense Summary
                              *Sound- n/a
                              *Texture- mostly start off crunchy then end up soft and mushy
                              *Sight- All different, some bright and artificial looking, some bland and plain.
                              *Smell- Sweet, oaty, wheaty
                              *Taste- most sweet, sugary but some bland

                              Overall, I found these too be enjoyable. However I determined which ones I liked and which ones I didn't like so it would be cheaper in the futre to a buy only a large box of each type of cereal. Not only will it work out cheaper, they will last longer and be consumed by anybody in the house!

                              SweetTooth 93
                              Also on ciao.


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                              22.06.2009 15:45
                              Very helpful



                              great way to get your kids to eat breakfast and not moan

                              This is a great start to any childs day and I think these are the best thing that you can buy a child.

                              On every pack it tells you the ingrediants that are in them gives you the contact numbers for any complaints and they even have their own web site to search on for any additional infomation that you may need about their products.

                              If your child is anything like mine are these work out a good investment. My children get board of the same cerial every day and will complain most mornings if they have to eat the same thing over and over. These packs do usually have two of each cerial but there is still a wide range. I have noticed that the frosties and the conrnflakes are the last ones to get eaten though.

                              You will have 8 of these little boxes in a pack with a choice of cherios cornflakes munchies coco pops frosties and rice crispies, both of my children love these because they get to chose what they would like but I do tend to buy two packs of these to avoid arguments at times. 8 packets mean that there is one a day for a week which is great and it will cost almost £2 which is the same as a big box of cerial which will last just as long.

                              The only complaint that I have about these is that there doesnt seem to be much in a box and I find my children will have two boxes in a morning but that may have something to do with how greedy they are.

                              The other great thing about these for children is that they have activities on the back of the packs such as wordsearches and spot the difference that the older children love to take a look at while they are eating their breakfast.

                              They are great to be able to take on holiday because of being small and easy to store. These are definatley one of the best cerials for children and I would highley recommend them.


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