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Kelloggs Multigrain Start Cereal

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Brand: Kellogg's / Type: Cereal

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    6 Reviews
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      11.03.2011 14:38



      ... in 1985. I remember it since then.Whenever someone goes to England, I ask to bring as many boxes as he/she can carry.During the soccer world cup in Germany in 2006, Kellogg's Start were sold briefly in continental Europe (at least in Austria) under a different name in a soccer promotion because the cereal look a bit like a soccer ball, I guess.I would be happy if Kellogg's start selling them in continental Europe, but I guess these products don't go as well in here as in the UK.Anyway, I like them a lot.Philipp


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      20.05.2010 13:30
      Very helpful



      A tasty cereal which won't improve your sports performance, despite the packaging!

      Start is a breakfast cereal produced by Kellogg's and is available in most supermarkets. However, I never hear anyone mention Start, or see it advertised anywhere on TV or magazines. And I'm not even sure why, as it's a tasty cereal and one of my favourites! It's been around since the 80's, so it's not like it's even that new.

      * Size & Price

      Start usually only comes in one size of 375g and I never see it on special offer (bummer!) so whenever I do end up buying it, I always have to pay full price for it. It currently costs about £1.75 in Tesco.

      * Packaging *

      It comes in a fairly boring standard cardboard box which is grey and white in colour, with the word 'Start' written in large font in a red colour. I don't think it's a very inviting looking box, and is quite dated in fashion (I don't think its changed much from the 80's when it first came out). And the fact it only usually comes in only one size is not very encouraging, as I like to buy big boxes of cereal as its better value for money.

      * The cereal *

      Each cereal piece looks like 3 tiny hoops joined together to form a sort of triangular shape. They are quite crunchy and hard, have a slightly glazed and sticky outer, and have quite a sweet taste. Once you have put your milk on them, they do stay crunchy for quite a while, which is good for me as I hate soggy cereal!

      * Personality *

      Now cereals generally come in the categories of kids, healthy eating/dieting, and general for the whole family. Start is branded as a cereal for aiding your sports performance due to the vitamins involved, although I'm not quite convinced it achieves that as it probably has similar vitamin levels to any normal cereals! And not only that, they are fairly sugary which gives energy, but surely this isn't great for general health levels? I think Kellogg's would have done better to brand it as being an all round pleasant cereal to eat, as in giving you a good start for the day by eating a cereal rather than fattening fry ups and pastries.

      * Summary and overall assessment *

      In my opinion, although this cereal comes with plenty of important vitamins and is multi-grain, Start is quite high on sugar so is not a cereal you should really have daily. I only buy this occasionally as a treat and tend to have porridge more often. Now we are out of the cold winter months, I quite enjoy eating Start as it's a nice light and crispy cereal. The packaging could do well to be improved, and it needs to be advertised more and be included in special offers in supermarkets so that it stands more of a chance against the Shreddies and Corn Flakes of the world.

      So, if you're bored of your normal cereal brands and fancy to try something different and tasty, I would recommend Start - but beware of the sugar!!!!

      Boring ingredient part (if you're interested):
      Cereal Flours (Whole Wheat, Maize, Whole Oat), Glucose Syrup, Brown Sugar (Sugar, Molasses), Barley Malt Extract, Salt, Honey, Vegetable Oil, Niacin, Iron, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin (B2), Thiamin (B1), Folic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12.


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        01.12.2009 09:16
        Very helpful



        Good cereal average breakfast

        Since my childhood Kelloggs Start has always been my favorite cereal! I have fond memories snaffling it out of the variety packs Kelloggs offered or beaming as my mum bought a box home from the supermarket.

        Start as described by the Kellogg's website is:

        "a cereal for people on the move, people who know that a combination of diet and exercise is the key to keeping fit... inside and out.
        The crisp, malty taste of wheat, corn and oats is a really enjoyable way to get the energy you need, and Start is also packed with vitamins and minerals which provide a third of your daily needs of vital nutrients in a single bowlful.
        So begin every day with Kellogg's Start... and stay out in front"

        On the surface this is exactly what Start is. Digging a little deeper and all is not as it seems. Per 40g serving excluding milk Start has 12% of you GDA of sugar and 8% Salt. Add a generous serving of milk and it starts pushing the 20% for your sugar intake.

        On this basis of a 40g serving you are looking at approx 9 servings in a 375g per box, which retails at £1.97(tesco.com) or somewhere in the region of 22p per bowl(milk not included). Again on the surface not to bad value for money. However I can quite easily eat a whole box of start in 6 servings which not only bumps up the cost per bowl but also increases my sugar intake.

        The is a huge misconception that cereals as a whole are a healthy breakfast. Start does relatively well against its cereal brothers and sister as it packs quite a punch in vitamins and minerals included but the fact that someone with a healthy appetite could take on board close to a third of their daily sugar intake before they have even left the house in the morning is a tad disconcerting.

        As for taste Start has a great texture, very crunchy with a distinct hints of honey every mouthful. It works well as both the main stay of a breakfast meal or as a snack during the day.

        Overall Start is a good breakfast soultion in terms of cereals but compared to other breakfasts alternatives lets itself down with its high sugar content.


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        15.09.2009 09:17
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A useful addition to the cereal cupboard


        There's always a wide selection of cereals available chez nous. I get very bored eating the same things day after day and my 3 year old is about as fickle as they come. Whilst I'm quite happy to eat sugary cereals there's a big part of me that thinks that I shouldn't encourage my son into the same trap. As a result I'm always on the look out for cereals that are interesting enough to appeal to little people whilst not being too unhealthy.


        Although I've experimented with own brands (and it has to be said that ASDA are by far the best) there is only really one manufacturer of choice when it comes to cereal and that is Kellogg. Nestle give them a run on certain cereals (particularly Cherrios) but that red K always comes out a rub above.

        The Kellogg philosophy of "you are what you eat" could have been lifted straight from a Gillian McKeith book had that fine lady been around in the 1870s.


        There's a bit of an ethos that seems to come with Multigrain Start (or Start as it used to be back in the day). It's about a lifestyle, not just a breakfast and, as such, there's a good fit with modern ideas of healthy living and eating.

        Multigrain Start is made from a mixture of wheat, maize and oats bound together with glucose, sugar, malt and honey with a few added vitamins and minerals added for extra effect! From this description you'll probably be picking up on the fact that this is quite a sweet cereal and you'd not be wrong. There aren't any real nasties in there (artificial whotsits to you and me) and so I don't feel too bad about promoting this stuff.

        With around 150 calories and 8g of sugar per serving this isn't the lightest of options but neither is it bad. The salt and fat levels are, as expected, very low.

        THE TASTE

        The cereal is, as mentioned, undeniably sweet. In fact, it's perfect for snacking on straight from the box. It also means that it is palatable dry - a nasty habit that my son adopts from time to time. There's a good crunch to each of the clover shaped morsels and this crunch holds up for around 7 or 8 minutes when subjected to a good dosing of milk.

        The cereal is, in many ways, like the Cherrio from Nestle but is a little softer in texture and certainly doesn't stand up to milk quite as well (in my opinion).

        In terms of satisfaction this scores well. It's not an empty cereal that will have you clamouring for something else within half an hour. Maybe it's the slow energy release properties of ingredients such as the oats that help here.

        At around £2 for a 375g box I think that this cereal offers great value.

        Multigrain Start really is suitable for all the family and I hope that by offering "grown up" cereals my son might also be encouraged to develop good habits when it comes to breakfast.


        Unfortunately, claims that this cereal will boost sports performance have gone unproven. I did try eating a bowl before going for a run but I was still beaten by the local snail. My son ate some on the day of his nursery "big toddle" and he did make it all the way round the course without asking to be picked up. I suspect that this had more to do with the fact that I'd told him he had to get round on his own if he wanted a winner's medal than with the breakfast cereal but that study was inconclusive. The only thing for it will be for me to eat this daily until 2012 when, hopefully, I can prove my sporting prowess in front of the home Olympic crowd... only thing is... which sport shall I pick?!


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          12.09.2009 16:41
          Very helpful



          An unremittingly ordinary breakfast cereal.

          Breakfast cereal is not a regular thing in my life. My idea of a breakfast is a greasy full English with strong black coffee, and a glass of orange juice on the side as a concession to healthy eating. If I can't have that, then I'll eat any old rubbish on the train to work.

          Every so often, I feel guilty about this approach to life, as with every other meal of the day, my diet is unrecognisable from the slobby student I used to be. And so I buy some cereal, leave it in the cupboard until it's almost out of date because I always forget to buy enough milk, and then, eventually eat it. Often from a mug, so I can pretend it's coffee.
          Anyway, this week, I thought I'd buy Multi-Grain Start, the first time I'd tried it.

          Kellogg's Multi-Grain Start

          Yet another cereal from the Big Brother of breakfast foods, Kellogg's. John Kellogg discovered the cornflake in the late 19th Century, and was, I think it's fairly safe to say, a bit of an odd man. Watch The Road to Wellville (1994) where Anthony Hopkins plays the enema-obsessed inventor, if you want to find out more about the man.

          Start has been knocking around since the 1980s, a breakfast cereal that will apparently boost your sports performance, if you believe the promotions. Now, while I recently gave sports drinks a qualified thumbs up for being of potential use to serious sportspeople, I can't take these claims at all seriously for a breakfast cereal.


          Nevertheless, Start, now in groovy multi-grain variety, has lots of odd pictures of sporty stickmen all over the box. This makes it look like a child's ICT project from about 1996, daubed with dodgy clip-art and using too many fonts. Even a design dunce like me knows you shouldn't use that many fonts on something.

          Thinking Inside the Box

          Once you've got into the inner bag, Multi-Grain Start consists of little kind of pretzel shaped cornflakey things. Stick them in a bowl and add milk to them and they retain a decent crunch for more than long enough to eat them. They don't go soggy too quickly, in other words.

          Flavourwise? I have to be honest, I found them pretty unremarkable. It's kind of all in the crunch. They have that kind of cornflake flavour (even though there doesn't seem to be any actual corn in them, see below!) but I couldn't detect any honey or anything like that in there. The crunch is good though.

          The actual ingredients are as follows, or at least the major ones are:

          Whole Wheat Flour
          Maize Flour
          Whole Oat Flour
          Glucose Syrup
          Barley Malt
          Maize Germ Oil

          After that it tails off into stuff about vitamins and riboflavin. Riboflavin sounds as though it should be a Doctor Who character, so I approve of it. Yay. On the vitamin front, Kellogg's reckon that a bowl of this stuff will provide about a third of your recommended daily vitamin intake (RDA). That kind of claim is checked very thoroughly by trading standards people, so I can't quibble it.

          I also can't take issue with the idea that it delivers energy through combining simple and complex carbohydrates, mostly because I don't know enough about nutritional matters.

          What bothers me is the clear implication that a particular breakfast cereal can help you become better at sport. If you actually look at those ingredients, there isn't anything really startlingly different from a dozen other whole grain or multi-grain products. I think it's like Special K, which probably can help you lose weight if you eat two bowls a day, but only because that's two meals where you're not eating cream buns deep-fried in butter.

          They also contain a lot of sugar, but I did find myself adding extra from time to time to improve the flavour, which I don't think is a great sign on the health front...

          Who should eat this stuff?

          It's suitable for vegetarians, but obviously not for coeliacs, and I'm sure I've seen a 'may contain nuts' thing on the label, so probably best avoid it if you have a nut allergy as well. It's pretty ordinary stuff, so I can't see kids getting particularly excited by it (and there's rarely any free gifts either). If you're a fairly unfussy eater and you want to get some basic cereal to start your day, you could do a lot worse than this.

          Obviously, the main selling point for the cereal is its alleged role in boosting sports performance, but I just don't buy this claim. If I want a high carb breakfast for a slow release of energy throughout the morning, I eat a banana, and so do many of my fellow commuters.

          All in all

          Start, multi-grain or otherwise, is a pleasant enough cereal which could be a good choice for anyone seeking a bit of variety from Cornflakes or Shredded Wheat or whatever. I remain sceptical that it is any better for sports performance than any other dry cereal, but you could certainly do a lot worse than get a box of this stuff. Expect to pay between £1.50 and £2.00 for a 375g packet, which I estimate will last one person about 10 days.


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            10.09.2009 07:55
            Very helpful



            See review.

            Seeing this on offer in Asda on my weekly shop I threw it into the trolley with no hesitation, firstly of course due to the reduced price, but secondly due to me loving this when I was a child!

            The product I will now review is - "Kellogg's multigrain Start cereal"

            This product is currently aimed at people who the product states as "active people", but if memory serves me well, this was advertised as a sports cereal when I was a child, though it is still the same delicious and wheat tasting cereal from youth, albeit smaller, although I can't be sure if they have shrunk or I it is because I have grown!

            The cereal comes in the standard box with all the relevant information, with the afore mentioned slogan emblazoned across the front, yes I am active, though not so much by the time I eat my bowl of cereal, usually at suppertime!

            The cereal itself is rather an unusual shape, looking like you have had three Cheerios and merged them into a sort of triangle shape, I am sorry I have no idea why it is this shape!

            For the sake of this review I taste tested them before starting to write....yes I am professional!! (Lol).

            The cereal pieces have a visible sugar glaze on them, this makes the need to add sugar unnecessary and keeps them crunchier for that little bit longer, though trying to stop my husband from adding sugar to cereal is like trying to stop me from getting to the chocolate in the fridge at "that time of the month!"

            The taste is a sensation. You get the initial sweetness then once crunched you get the wheat taste that complements the sweet glaze perfectly.
            Going back to the crunch element, I am extremely anal when it comes to cereal, I cannot eat it when it starts to soften, so usually eat cereal in a couple of small bowls rather than in one sitting. This cereal didn't go soggy at all, this I do attribute to the sugar glaze and also to the thickness of the pieces, it is not small and delicate like a Rice Krispie!

            The nutritional information is as follows -
            Per bowl (30g serving with 125ml of semi skimmed milk),
            173 kcal,
            30g carbohydrate,
            14g of which sugars,
            3.5g fat,
            2g of which saturates.

            This is also a good cereal as there is a high quantity of added vitamins and minerals ranging from folic acid through to iron.
            Allergy advice simply states that this product contains wheat, barley and oats, which is actually why I like it so much!

            Pricewise these are usually available for around £1.50 for a 375g box, when I purchased it, it was available for £1.00.

            For more information visit - www.kelloggs.co.uk

            Thanks for reading x


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