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Lovedean Original Granola

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Brand: Lovedean / Type: Cereal

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    1 Review
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      13.05.2010 12:51
      Very helpful



      A lovely start to the day.

      Lovedean Granola is another of my favourite breakfast cereals that so far I haven't written about on Dooyoo. Rather like my other favourite - Liz's Granola, this cereal has made its way onto the supermarket shelves from its origin in the maker's own kitchen. No big corporate enterprise launching this - just a mum with drive, ambition, and most importantly a desire to make healthy cereal.

      Lucy O' Donnell went on holiday with her husband and children to The Alps. Here she sampled the famous cereal, granola, for herself, and knowing that it wasn't particularly widely available in its natural form in the UK, she set about designing and making recipes in her own kitchen in an attempt to emulate the natural granola she had enjoyed so much.
      To me it is incredible that an individual with an idea can achieve so much, and turn a passion into a successful business. In fact so successful has Lucy been that she has been awarded "Entrepreneur of the Year 2009" and her "Original Granola" walked away with a gold at The Great Taste Awards in 2007.

      The granola is now available in many supermarkets in four varieties, and I purchased my latest packet in Tesco for £2.99 for 375g. I believe it is also available in Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Ocado. You can also mail order the cereal at www.lovedeanlarder.com

      What I feel is so special about this product is that unlike many granola cereals which are bursting with fat, this has a combination of ingredients which eliminates the need to use lots of oil to cement the pieces together. The cereal has no added sugar, salt, artificial sweeteners, is high in fibre, low GI, has no Trans fats and is totally free from cholesterol. The ingredients are in the original version are:
      Jumbo Oats 45%, Honey 15%, Seeds 20.4% (Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Hemp Seeds, Linseed), Nuts 10.8% (Pecan Pieces, Chopped Hazelnuts, Brazil Pieces), Sunflower Oil, Hemp Oil 1.8%, Pumpkin Oil 0.9%

      The composition of this granola is not similar to Jordans, which tends to have chunky pieces like rocks, instead this has more delicate little pieces and some clusters are larger than others. It has a lovely taste which is not overly sweet, but the honey provides just enough in the way of sweetness to make sure this is enjoyable and not a whole food ordeal to chomp through! I don't really like honey but I can't discern this as a separate flavour. This sweetness is perfect and similar to the success Liz has in her granola, which I also buy which is sweetened with agave syrup.

      Along with Liz's this is my favourite breakfast product on the market today. I often have it for breakfast with soya or rice milk, and 50g portion fills me up until lunch time. I never need to snack during the morning as this is a substantial breakfast which has the added advantage of being high in protein due to the nut content. Many of the ingredients are really good for you, including oats which are known to reduce cholesterol, and Linseed which also has cholesterol lowering properties. The oils used to toast the ingredients have been chosen for their high omega three content.

      As well as the Orginal Granola there are three others available including one called The Lite Fantastic which actually has 37% less fat than the original. The granola is also available in Tangy Cranberry and Juicy Date and Apple. The granola is sold in three sizes, though so far I have only seen the 375g pouches and the tubs which have 425g in them. I understand there is a dinky 70g size produced so I am currently investigating this as it could prove handy for travelling.

      This cereal is so delicious that I think it makes a lovely alternative TV snack and a perfect topping for ice cream. If you visit her website you will see that there is a section devoted to recipes which I am currently enjoying working my way through!

      You can serve it for breakfast with natural yogurt too if you like, and the addition of fresh blueberries (my favourite) makes this a delicious and healthy breakfast. The pack has a resealable lid which makes storage easy.

      What I really admire about this almost as much as the product itself is that Lucy has made it onto the supermarket shelves from such humble beginnings. So humble they were that her children used to help her pack and despatch the product from her kitchen in the early days, when friends and family were her first customers. It's a delicious way to start the day and was inspired by an alpine adventure!

      Lucy has also used her success to support others and has been the force behind the production of the celebrity cookbook entitled "Favourite Food from Famous Faces", which was produced to benefit the Khao Lak Community Appeal which directly helps the victims of the Tsunami of 2004. This book is a tribute to those who lost their lives on the dreadful day.

      So for a tasty breakfast this can't be beaten. Everyone in our house loves it and it stops the biscuit tin calling before lunch. It really does succeed at stopping this as we get up very early in our house- before six - as my husband has a 2 hour commute, so we eat breakfast with the dawn chorus. At least we make it to lunch with no cheeky mid morning nibbles which is certainly due to this cereal and its nutritional powerhouse!


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