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Nestle Fitnesse

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Brand: Nestle / Type: Cereal

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    2 Reviews
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      12.04.2009 20:20
      Very helpful



      Nestle are aiming high with their campaign for health and fitness.

      A Wealth Of Health and Fitness (e)

      Health? I am one of the first to admit that I tend to sidestep any fitness routines and in many ways I don't tend to take as much care of my health as I should do.
      Wealth? Well, we can have all of the wealth in the world but if our health lets us down then it is worthless.
      One look at all of today's advertising should be enough to make us realise that health and fitness go hand in hand.
      Nestle offer a wealth of whole grain breakfast cereals that are all designed to offer a healthy alternative. Nestle breakfast cereals are packed with carbohydrate but remain low in fats, hydrogenated fats no longer play an active part in Nestles cereals and salt and sugar levels have been reduced. Family health and fitness have become Nestles keywords.
      Our bowl of breakfast cereal could provide as much as 25% of our recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals.

      Lets just think for a minute about whole grain. A whole grain is basically the edible seed or grain that comes from many different crops. A whole grain contains a wealth of nutrients.
      Many of us are aware that whole grain provides both energy and fibre and if we enjoy whole grain cereals on a regular basis we are in fact promoting a healthy lifestyle.

      Fitness isn't a word that springs into my mind without being prompted, I enjoy walking and swimming but realise that I should do far more exercise than I do.
      I rarely miss breakfast and though I enjoy a fried breakfast followed by thickly buttered toast I have decided that it is time to be more health concious and to start learning to enjoy some of the wealth of tasty breakfast cereals that are on the market.

      Last week I bought a box of Nestle Multigrain Finesse, rated as an opponent to Kellogg's Special K , when it was launched Nestle announced that it would be a valued and welcome addition to the women's health cereal sector. At £1.98p a box it could be classes as an expensive investment too.

      Nestles Multigrain Finesse comes in a smart cardboard box that bears the Nestle green banner, wholegrain is guaranteed. There is a wealth of information on the box and the package design just screams out health and fitness ! A large tape measure winds its way down the side of the box that contains the lightly toasted flakes of wheat and rice.

      Inside of the box the wholegrain cereal is sealed inside of a bag. Although I was beginning to have reservations about pursuing my fitness dream I remained resolute and battled on comforting myself with the though that it was all in my own best interests.
      The multigrain flakes look `fluffy` and alarmingly healthy, each flake is around the same size as a cornflake but it has a much puffier appearance.
      The flakes have a very interesting surface, the grain `bubbles` are quite pronounced .
      When I first looked at the bubbly golden coloured flakes I immediately imagined that they would collapse into a soggy heap as soon the milk engulfed them.

      I put what I considered to be my 30g allowance into the cereal bowl and covered the flakes with chilled semi-skimmed milk. Interestingly the flakes remained firm to the touch and kept their `crunch`. As you bite into the cereal you can detect that they are thicker than their rival (Special K) ,
      and given that you are on a health and fitness kick and haven't added any extra sugar they do seem to contain enough sugar to satisfy.

      After putting paid to my 30g of Nestle Finesse I imagined that I would reach starvation level by midday but the morning passed and I was able to follow through until lunchtime without feeling too deprived.

      Now we ought to take a look at the wealth of ingredients and nutrients in Nestles Fitnesse:
      cereal grains, whole wheat and rice, partially inverted brown sugar syrup, sugar, salt, barley malt extract, glucose syrup, antioxidant ( tocopherols) trisodium phosphate.
      Vitamins C, E, B6, B2, B12, niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, iron, calcium and carbonate.

      As I get older I have to take certain things into account and health and fitness remain paramount whereas wealth is purely relative.


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        25.02.2008 10:02
        Very helpful



        A low fat cereal

        I'm once more trying to lose weight, but this time I'm going to do it sensibly. This means starting off every day with a good breakfast.

        I was put off the cereal I was going to try because I noticed the price. Then I saw Nestle Fitnesse on a special offer. It was really the price I went for, combined with the fact it claimed to be low fat and no added sugar. I wasn't keen on starting the day with any cereal loaded with sugar and sweeteners.

        I weighed out the 30g recommended portion into a bowl. It didn't seem very big. The cereal, despite being quite large flakes, filled less than half the bowl. Still, I decided to stick with the recommendation for the first try. I could always pour myself a bigger portion tomorrow if this didn't keep me filled.

        I added a decent splash of skimmed milk and then put it to the most important test: the eating.

        It tastes... like a multigrain cereal. There are a lot of these about and I can't really tell much difference between one brand and another. There's always a slight worry that these things that claim to be healthy end up tasting of nothing, but not so with Fitnesse. It's a pleasant taste, but not overpowering. It's slightly sweet, but not much and certainly not as much as some cereals out there.

        I like the texture. It stays crunchy even with a generous portion of milk tipped over it. I don't like it when cereals go limp and soggy, but I've never had that problem with Fitnesse.

        Did the small bowl keep me full? Surprisingly, it did. The portion might not have look like much, but it keeps me from getting peckish through the morning.

        Now that I'm getting to the end of my box, I would definitely consider buying it again... unless the supermarket has a special offer on something else equally appetising. The cereal isn't anything particularly special, but it's nice enough and it keeps me going, which is the important thing.

        30g of Fitnesse contains

        112 calories
        2g protein
        25.4g carbohydrate
        0.3g fat
        0.8g fibre


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