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Nestle Frosted Shreddies

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Brand: Nestle / Type: Cereal

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    5 Reviews
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      22.03.2010 14:01
      Very helpful



      Recommended as a change

      I'm a fan of cereal but I rapidly get bored with a particular kind so this weekend while shopping I decided to buy something I hadn't had in ages and Nestle Frosted Shreddies were it! I don't usually buy sugary cereals but as a one off I thought it probably couldn't hurt. The 500g box cost me just over £2 which seems a bit steep but isn't really when you consider how many bowls of cereal each box provides.

      Shreddies are a square cereal made from malt, they taste a bit like sweet bran flakes to me but Shreddies come in a square shape with a mesh style to them. The recent adverts have shown grannies knitting Shreddies because of this mesh style appearance vaguely resembling a knitted item. The version I bought though have a coating of sugar on them that looks like frosting, hence the name.

      Frosted Shreddies are a whole grain cereal so one bowl provides 2 of your daily whole grain servings and as we are supposed to get 3 servings of whole grain a day that makes them healthy in that respect. The nutritional statistics per 40g serving with 125ml semi-skimmed milk are: 210 calories, 7.6g protein, 37.1g carbohydrates of which 17.4g sugars, 2.7g fat of which 1.3g saturates, 3.3g fibre, 0.2g sodium and they also contain vitamins B1, B2, niacin, B6, folic acid, B12, panthothenic acid and iron so they do contain alot of stuff that's good for us. As you can see these are pretty high in carbohydrates but as breakfast is usually carbohydrate based this is no bad thing as it gives us the energy to get going in the morning after a night of no food.

      Frosted Shreddies may contain nut traces so are no good for those with a nut allergy but the box and bag inside can both be recycled.

      So how do they taste? They taste malty as you'd expect and as I said before a bit like bran flakes but without all the rough bits you find in bran flakes. The sugar coating makes them very, very sweet and I wasn't sure if I could manage a whole bowl as I don't have a sweet tooth but the sweetness is offset with the actual cereal taste so it isn't overwhelming. They leave the milk very sweet and sugary too so if you like to eat the milk at the end this will be extremely sweet. I like them though as a change from my normal staid cereal choices and like the fact they contain lots of healthy ingredients too.

      Overall I think they are suitable for adults and children alike and make a nice change when it comes to cereal. I don't like the advert however as it tends to make me think of having wool in my mouth which makes me feel queasy so I have to try and forget the knitting part of the advert. I'm sure most people won't take any notice of this but it's just something I find goes through my mind whenever I'm reminded of the advert!

      I do recommend them and I'm giving them a full 5 stars for being tasty and healthy and keeping hunger at bay for several hours.


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        15.11.2009 19:01
        Very helpful



        Tasty, good for you, healthy

        Nestle Frosted Shreddies I bought on impulse one day as I know my children are incredibly hard to please when it comes to cereal. I do the shopping for my household and I long for them to be with me (in spirit!) when I shop for cereal, because I am not a big cereal fan and I never know which cereal to buy for them. One of the things which annoys me is the amount of sugar they insist in piling onto cereal which in my opinion is already sweet enough - eureka, I have finally found a product which fulfils the need for fibre, tastiness and sweetness all in one - no extra sugar needed. They have never liked shredded wheat, or shreddies in their "naked" format, but these for some reason are a great hit. I find that with two fussy teenagers in the household, I would be hard pushed to be able to please both of them with one packet of cereal, but this one always does it. I buy it in the 500g packet which retails at time of writing for £2.14 at our online Tesco. A 45g serving contains 161 calories, 13.0g sugars, 0.7g fat, of which 0.2g is saturates and 0.3g salt. Ingredients are as follows -
        Whole Grain Wheat (79.3%)
        Barley Malt Extract,
        Vanilla Flavour

        Vitamins & Minerals -
        Pantothenic Acid,
        Vitamin B5,
        Riboflavin (B1)
        Folic Acid (Folacin)
        Vitamin D
        Vitamin B12 and

        Quite an impressive start to anyone's day, I have to say. Add some skimmed milk if you are on a diet and you have 161 calories (plus your milk which is negligible) to start your day off really well. If it is colder, or like me, you live in the highlands, do start off with heated milk as it is so soothing and nice to have a gentle start on the dark mornings. If, like me, you cycle to work, it gives you plenty of energy until elevenses!


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        19.09.2009 13:21
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        One of the best

        I am a massive fan of shreddies and have sampled all three variations of the original shreddies, and this one is my most faviorite yet.
        The frosted shreddies are four layers of'shreddies' merged together and coated in a sweet, sugar.
        The retail is around £1.09 but the price can vary

        The packaging on the Shreddies is Imaginative and creative, but I still see it as par as it is not very eye-catching. The Front of the pack states Frosted Shreddies, with bits of milk and shreddies flying around the Base title. I know It may sound great but it's not 'Original'.

        The One great thing about Frosted shreddies is that it will give you two out of your three wholegrain servings out of your RDA( Recommended daily allowance) which is amazing for a breakfast cereal as wholegrain can help with constipation and other illnesses. Also it contains at least 15% of 12 vitamins for your RDA which is Outstanding for a breakfast cereal.

        The taste is Divine, As soon as you pour in the Shreddies into milk the Shreddies coating dusts onto the milk making it Sugery. The Shreddies tend to go soft within 3 minutes( I usually wait until then) and also The Sweetness is 'just right' making it edible and enjoyable both at the same time.
        I usualy feed a bowl to the son and it keeps him occupied of the 10 minutes it takes him to finish, I dont even hear a peep! So it will keep the kids quiet by given them the craving of sugar they need.

        However the Sugar like the price, is Very High and can cause rotting of the teeth if you don't brush, So Brushing every day will keep the Germs away.

        Also The campaign ( knitted by nana's) works really well as the Shreddies look exactly like they had been 'Knitted' as such. Also it tells you which Nana knitted your Shreddies, I was very Happy to see Mine was Ruth.

        On the whole a well established and Scrumptious product

        Thanks for reading


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          31.08.2009 20:27
          Very helpful



          A great way to start the day.

          These are a great take on a classic, they add a lot to the original Shreddies, and I think this makes them a fantastic product. They have a great taste, texture and they are usually on offer, making them superb value for money. They use the same high quality we have come to expect from Nestle, but they do contain quite a lot of sugar, on the other hand, they will fill you up until lunchtime, making them a brilliant cereal.

          The packaging is very bright, following the usual Shreddies branding, making them easy to find on the shelf. The text is big and crisp, making it easy to read. The box can be opened easily, and is always fresh. After you have opened it, it can also be closed easily, so it always stays fresh for a very long time. The pictures on the front will make your mouth water.

          The product has the same high quality that we have come to expect from Nestle, with the same great taste every time and the freshness that means that the product is fresh. You also get a good amount of cereal, and they look the same every time, like they are supposed to on the box.

          The price is also very good, with the cereal usually on sale, making the product fantastic value for money as it includes enough cereal to keep you going for a couple of days.

          When you open the box, a sweet smell comes out, encouraging you to eat some. They will fill you up until lunchtime, which is very good. They taste very sweet, but not too sweet. They are also crunchy, providing a great texture. They also combine with the milk very well, as it mixes together making it super sweet and creamy.

          However, they do include quite a lot of sugar.

          Overall, a great box of cereal that will fill you up until lunchtime. They're great value for money and a great take on the original.


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          14.04.2009 16:36
          Very helpful



          See review.

          As you may have gathered from my previous reviews, my son is not the best of eaters at present, so if I find a product I know he likes and is willing to eat I of course will indulge him! I have found that he his more than willing to eat cereals, and not always the ones that you would think children prefer, ie the ones covered in chocolate and crap, though he will eat them as well!

          The cereal I will now review is - "Nestle, frosted shreddies"

          Now everyone will be familiar with the adverts that are shown for this product, you know the one, where the grannies are knitting them all by hand and then at the end, before they are able to be boxed and sent out the man has to test them, and he is "hot" you know! LOL.

          Now for the life off me I don't know how my son has become familiar with them, there has been no mention of the advertisements, which my daughter doesn't just watch, but studies! There is no way he has tried these before at my mother's house, as they don't really "do" cereals, but needless to say when shopping the other week he was adamant that these were his favourite cereals and he loved them!
          I wasn't too worried about buying them and then them being thrown away as he has decided he doesn't actually want them, you know how it is, the second after you have got into the car after buying them, as my husband loves his cereals, eating it as a snack at suppertime, best time to have them in my opinion!

          The box itself is the bog standard size, holding 500g of the cereal. There is all the usual information on the front, brand name, product name, brief description, the nutritional values of a standard sized bowl with semi skimmed milk, even my kids eat more than the advertised standard size!
          Finally the one statement that actually means anything to me, this being the fact that cereal contains whole grain... guaranteed! That'll do me Tommy!

          The shreddies themselves are around 1" by ½" and are a brown colour and a latticed design. Lets be honest before covering in milk they do resemble that stuff you used to make baskets with when at school. The frosted part is also very visible, it is white and almost sparkling and is very much like the topping that can be found on the Frosties cereal flakes.

          You simply pour into a bowl and cover with milk, I have to say I am pretty anal when it comes to cereals. I would have a few small potions than one bowl full and risk the cereal getting even slightly soft. The good thing about this particular cereal is the fact that this cereal, even though it does eventually go soft, it takes that much longer for the milk to penetrate through the frosted topping, meaning a few more seconds crunch!

          The taste is delicious, not being a fan of Shreddies as a child, I was surprised at how quickly my son wolfed it down. There is the sweetness of the frosting, which negates the need to add sugar to the proceedings, then the wheatiness of the cereal counterbalances it perfectly, thus making a very delicious and tasty cereal or snack.

          The nutritional information is as follows -
          Per bowl (45g of cereal) with 125ml of semi skimmed milk,
          222 kcal
          8.1g protein
          41.1g carbohydrate
          18.9g of which sugars
          2.8g fat
          1.3g of which saturates

          This cereal contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals, these are all essential too for a healthy diet, but also more for a child's growth and development.

          These are currently on offer, along with a selection of other Nestle cereals at Asda , this is either "2 for £2.00" or "2 for £3.00", these are subject to availability and the offers are different on different sized boxes.

          For more information visit - www.nestlecereals.co.uk

          These are a nice and delicious cereal perfect for anytime of the day and my son's new favourite, recommended!

          Thanks for reading x


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