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Nestlé Fruitful Shredded Wheat

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Type: Cereal

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    6 Reviews
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      04.06.2010 12:02
      Very helpful



      Give it a go!

      A couple of weeks ago I discovered Nestlé's Fruitful Shredded Wheat and I bought myself a box. Our kids, my husband and I eat different cereals so we have usually 5-6 boxes of different cereals at home.

      Fruitful Shredded Wheat comes in a purple box with a yellow heart shape in the middle with the huge logo. Below the Fruitful Shredded Wheat logo you can see how the cereal and the dried fruits actually look like. The box contains 500 g of cereal and dried fruit mix. You have to shake it before you pour it into your cereal bowl. I haven't compared exactly but it seems to me that the "pillow" shaped cereal pieces are slightly smaller than in the plain Shredded Wheat. The dried fruit mix consists of raisins, sultanas, banana chips, papaya and coconut and hazelnut flakes.

      The manufacturer (Cereal Partners UK, Welwyn Garden City, AL7 1BR) suggests shaking the box to wake up the fruit. It sounds funny but it is really useful advice if you want to get enough fruit in your cereal bowl. I prefer eating them with Actimel prune layer yogurt but you can eat it with milk or other yogurt as well. My sons eat all the cereals one by one without milk or yogurt. It takes some time while they it a normal quantity. For some reason I copied them and I eat the shredded wheat with hand and one by one. Usually I don't eat a normal serving. 10-15 shredded wheat with a yogurt and a coffee are more than enough for breakfast. Occasionally I eat a Nutri-grain in the car if we are stack in a traffic jam but mostly I take these bite size cereal with a yogurt.

      If you have some time to read the information on the back side of the box the manufacturer explains that this cereal contains whole grain goodness: fibre, vitamins and minerals. They used green background and photos of people with different Nestlé whole grain cereal boxes in their hands. The photos have the shape of a spike. For more information on whole grain cereals visit www.wholegrain.co.uk

      The ingredients of Fruitful Shredded Wheat are: Whole Grain Wheat (73.4%), Dried Fruit & Nuts (32.3%) (Raisins (with Preservative: Sulphur Dioxide), Sultanas, Banana, Papaya (Papaya, Sugar), Coconut, Hazelnuts), Sugar, Flavouring.

      The nutritional values per 100 g are:
      Energy: 351.0 kcal
      Protein: 8.8g
      Carbohydrate: 67.2g
      of which sugars: 20.2g
      Fat: 5.2g
      of which saturates: 2.6g
      Fibre: 9.3g
      Sodium: 0.01g
      Salt equivalent: 0.028g

      What I like most in this cereal is the lovely sweet taste of the dried fruit which is well balanced with the crunchy cereal. The fruits are really delicious and sweet while the whole grain cereal has cereal taste and it is not sweet at all. It is really delicious and usually I can eat it instead of something sweet (like chocolate). I think this is a healthier option. I don't say I will stick to it because I get bored eating the same 365 days a year but from time to time I will return to it because I love it and I think it belongs to my very favourite ones.

      I bought them in Sainsbury's for 1.99 pounds and they are available in most of the supermarkets in the cereal aisle. Shake it! Shake it!


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        08.11.2009 09:43
        Very helpful
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        see review, thanks for reading.

        Enjoying a varied breakfast I have a box of these in for on a day when Im wanting something fruity on a morning. Nestle like to tell us on the box that these Shredded Wheat are good for you, they tell you twice just on the front that there is Whole Grain included in every box and they guarantee this!

        Shredded wheat are little cushion shaped packages of very thin strands of wheat which include a small amount of a fruity type paste in the middle of each one. They are crunchy to bite into but the middle is smooth and tangy, these make them a lot more interesting than the regular Shredded Wheat which, to me, taste a little bland.

        Although the cereal is a great source of Wholegrain the nutritional information on a 40g serving when served with semi-skimmed milk gives

        201 kcals
        7.8g protein
        33.0g carbs
        14.0g of which sugars
        4.1g fat
        2.2g of which saturates
        3.7g fibre

        So they are quite high in sugars (both naturally occurring in fruit and added for taste) I personally only have these once or twice a week as feel the sugar content lets them down a bit but all in all they are a great way to start the day.

        The ingredients list each item but is summed up with "each 100g of Shredded Wheat Fruitful is made from 73g whole grain and 33g dried fruit and nut blend" (doesn't that equal 106g?) Allergen information points out that the product contains nuts, but as these are included in the picture on the front of the box Im sure those who have an intolerance to these will be aware.

        As stated above they have a nice crispy taste with a tangy middle and even with milk on they manage to maintain their texture right down to the bottom of the bowl. I would recommend these as something different to try, they wont replace Cornflakes as my favourite cereal but are far tastier than regular Shredded Wheat.

        Costing around £1.99 for a 500g box which will provide at least 12 40g servings they can be found in all major supermarkets on the cereal aisle.

        3/5 Dooyoo stars from me, losing a point for the sugar content and a little pricey compared to other cereal brands available.


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          16.07.2009 15:02
          Very helpful
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          I love cereals and have recently again been trying various different ones. One of the cereals I've sampled is Nestle fruitful Shredded Wheat.

          They are made by Nestle which are a well known brand. Therefore they can be found in all supermarkets including Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's. They can often be found in smaller shops too and little newsagents. Often they are served up at hotels and bed and breakfasts but I've only come across this once and they were in their own little box which came from a multi pack. They can be found in the cereal aisle alongside the other Nestle cereals. These particular ones were right next to the Bitesize Shredded Wheat.

          They come in one sized box only and this weighs 500g. This is pretty average for a cereal box and Is the same as most others on the shelf. The price varies slightly from supermarket to supermarket. Currently you will be able to buy it for £1.88 in Tesco! The price will be roughly the same in all supermarkets, give or take a few pence. Often there are offers on with the cereal but there are sadly none on at the moment.

          The box is really quite attractive. it is a gorgeous purple in colour and it is quite bright so it stands out on the shelves pretty well. The back of the packet gives all nutritional and ingredients information. This is set out well and is easy to read. There is often a competition on the back too or a promotion. on the front there is all of the usual information containing product description and the brand name and product name. There is also a delicious looking picture of the products inside. The stunning image is of masses of fruits including grapes and mango as well as a bowl of the delicious looking cereal drenched in milk!

          Inside the box, the cereal comes in a see through bag which is the same as most cereal bags. Nothing too special there! The bag is easy to open and the shredded wheat bite size can be tipped out very easily. Often at the bottom of the packet there are lots of crumbs but this for me is fab! There is a really sweet smell to them. Its not subtle at all but in fact its very strong! They are very tempting though.

          Pouring them in to the bowl, the milk pours over easily. It does soak in but not totally. This isn't good for me as I prefer mushed up cereal when it comes in this form. I always end up pouring even more milk over before mashing them down. Spooning some into my mouth the first thing I get is the texture. Even once they have been mashed to a pulp there is a crispiness to them. They do taste very like the normal shredded wheat, very lovely and wheat like with a gorgeous sweetness to them. Inside the bites of wheat, they are jam packed full of fruit. Inside you can clearly taste the raisins. They are not very juicy and plump but they are very tasty! I also could definitely taste some banana in there too. The cereal is meant to contain coconut but I couldn't taste this and it is also said to have in it hazelnuts which were a very subtle flavour. Overall the taste of this cereal was gorgeous and was very filling.

          A recommended portion size is 40g with 125 ml of semi skimmed milk which will give you 202 calories and 4.1g of fat. This isn't too bad however I reckon I had about 200ml of milk and 50g cereal which bumps the calorie content etc up quite a bit!


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            13.02.2009 00:03
            Very helpful



            Mediocre Cereal

            Shredded Wheat is a cereal which I usually ignore, as it falls into the category of 'having to add sugar' - something I don't normally like to do. However, after sampling the delicious Honey Nut variety, the Shredded Wheat franchise has gone up in my estimation, and I was willing to try other types of the popular breakfast cereal.

            Whilst in the supermarket last week, I noticed 'Fruitful Shredded Wheat', and thought I would give it a go. The 500g box is currently on offer for only £1 at Tesco, which represents a saving of roughly 50p on the regular price. Even when it isn't on offer, Tesco sells the product much cheaper than its nearest rivals; in ASDA it retails for £1.92, and in Sainsbury's it can be purchased for £1.72.

            The cereal consists of mini Shreddies, combined with Sultanas, Banana, Papaya, Coconut and Hazlenuts. I was actually hoping that the fruit would be in the centre of the individual wheats, like the delicious 'Raisin Splits' (anyone remember those?) which were available a few years back - but alas, they are not, and are found loose next to the wheat.

            The text on the packet mentions that Fruitful Shredded Wheat is sweetened - but to be honest, the product isn't sweet enough for me - and a little extra sugar is required. Although i'm generally not really a fan of either loose nuts, raisins, OR Shredded Wheat, they seem to work well together here - the taste is very pleasant, and the fruit complements the wheat nicely.

            Each 40 gram serving of the cereal with skimmed milk contains 202 Calories (similar to other cereal of the same nature), but obviously with the addition of sugar, this will be much higher.

            Fruitful Shredded Wheat is a surprisingly tasty and filling breakfast cereal, although I probably won't be buying it again. Why not? you may ask... well, there are many other cereals available for a similar price which I like better.

            Nestle have missed a trick by not putting the fruit inside the wheat - something that would have potentially made this average cereal an excellent cereal. That said, if you are already a Shredded Wheat fan, then you will probably enjoy this, and due to its use of whole-grain, it's one of the healthier cereals available.


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              27.01.2009 21:56
              Very helpful



              a misleading but tasty product

              I stumbled across this cereal while browsing in tescos for my usual mini wheetabix with fruit and nuts in. I saw this and thought "well why not give it a go?"

              The packaging of the product is standard for a shredded wheat cereal. There is a picture of the actual product on the front and the heart shape that shredded wheat like to show to reinforce the idea that their product is so good for you. This coupled with the fruit scattered around the edges of the packaging really makes the customer think that this is a healthy product.

              The cost of this is pretty high, I paid just over £2 for a small pack of it, and I had finished it in about a week, so only 7 servings. I'd say that this was quite expensive for what I was getting, and my usual cereal was better for value.

              The product itself is actually a bit misleading because I thought before I bought it that these were mini shredded wheats with a fruit filling. As it turns out it's actually just regular mini ones with a bit of dried fruit in the box. This is really pricey for what you are getting,a nd it would be better to get a huge value pack of shredded wheat, and the same for dried fruit then mix up your own concoction in the mornings.

              Having said this, the cereal IS very tasty, and if money were no object I would have it more often, but money IS an object and so this is not value for money. The packaging is also misleading.


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                23.03.2007 14:38
                Very helpful
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                A fruity twist on the traditionalshredded wheat

                In a world where children are hypnotised by Chocolate covered everything including cereals, it can be difficult for a mother to ensure her kids get a descent start to the day.

                I am lucky in that my 2 year old - who loves ice cream and all things chocolate also loves fruit. It is because of this that I have been able to entice him into eating Fruitful Shredded Wheat instead of cereals that are marketed as more of a chocolaty dessert option targeting our kids.

                A bit about Shredded Wheat
                Shredded Wheat has been around for over 100 years now, having been developed by a lawyer in Denver, USA after meeting a man who swore by boiled wheat with cream as a cure for indigestion. Henry Perky, the lawyer in question not only developed the idea, he also produced the machine to press the whole grains of wheat into strips with when baked turned into biscuits.

                Britain was introduced to this 100% Whole-wheat cereal in 1898 when the Canadian arm of the company began to import it overseas. By 1920, sales had grown so rapidly a factory was built in England.

                What is Fruitful Shredded Wheat?
                Most of us are familiar with Shredded Wheat whether we have it in our homes, see it in the supermarkets or have seen the adverts on television for it promising to help you keep a healthy heart.

                Like other variations of Shredded Wheat, Fruitful Shredded Wheat is made using the whole grain and combining it with dried fruit and nuts.

                Whole Grain Wheat
                Dried Raisins, Sultanas, Banana, Papaya, Coconut and Hazel Nuts

                Nutritional Value Per 40g bowl with semi-skimmed milk
                Energy: 202 calories
                Protein: 7.6g
                Carbohydrate: 33.6g
                of which are sugars: 15.9g
                Fat: 4.1g
                of which are saturates: 2.2g
                Fibre: 3.6g
                Sodium: Trace
                Salt: 0.2g

                The amount of sugar in this is surprising and still a little high for my liking. (only 4g less than Coco Shreddies) What I did like was the sodium and salt levels which are considerable lower than many popular cereals and the high fibre content.

                A number of studies have backed up the benefits of eating whole grains where possible. The whole grain, as the name suggests incorporates the entire grain which encompasses the bran (fibre rich outer layer), the endosperm (middle starchy bit) and the Germ (The nutrient rich inner part).

                It is thought that whole grain can help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, improve digestion and ultimately help maintain a healthy body weight.

                Fruitful Shredded Wheat comes in a vibrant purple box with a heart design in yellow on the front and pictures of fruit and Shredded Wheat scattered around it. The Nestle logo and basic nutritional information can be found in a banner along the top of the box with further information available along the side panels. The cereal comes in a sealed plastic bag inside the cardboard box and there is a tab on the top of the box to help reseal it after use - same as most cereals.

                Value for money
                RRP: £1.74 per 500g
                This more than matches the cost of most cereals of its kind currently market. The average varies between £1.69 and £2.05

                I challenge anyone not to be able to find Fruitful Shredded Wheat in their supermarket!

                Other Shredded Wheat products
                Original Shredded Wheat
                Shredded Wheat Bite Size
                Honey Nut Shredded Wheat
                Shredded Wheat Triple Berry

                But does it taste good?
                Some find Shredded Wheat dry and bland as I used to. However with the arrival of Fruitful Shredded Wheat this is not really an issue. With plenty of cold milk this turns into a light, enjoyable cereal with a great crunchy texture (very important to me - I hate soggy cereal) and the added flavour of dried fruit.

                Personally, I prefer to put fresh fruit on my cereal when possible, but during the week when I have half an hour to get my boy ready for nursery, make myself presentable, feed the cats etc this is a great alternative.

                My son has started asking for this over Cherrios and Rice Crispies so it obviously does appeal to kids, although adults are really its target audience. Honey Nut Shredded Wheat would probably appeal even more for those kids that are quite fussy about their cereals.

                All in all, this is a great cereal for all the family and ensures everyone is getting a healthy start to their day. Just remember to eat it quickly, because, although it starts with a nice crunchy texture, once the milk is added it can become stringy and soggy quickly.


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              • Product Details

                Fruitful Shredded Wheat is made with the Whole Grain goodness you'd expect from Shredded Wheat, combined with delicious fruit and nuts. Ingredients: Whole Grain Wheat (67%), Dried Fruit & Nuts (Raisins, Sultanas, Banana, Papaya, Coconut, Hazelnuts. 33%), Sugar, Flavouring.

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