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Oatibix Porridge Golden Honey

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Type: Porridge

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    1 Review
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      18.04.2008 14:57
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      I have been trying to eat more variety foods at breakfast as sometimes cereal for me can be a bit too samey and I do tend to get sick of having the same cereal every morning until the box is empty. When shopping this week, I looked for something that was a bit hotter to eat in the morning as even though the weather has been ok there have been some really cold mornings at the minute so it is always nice to have the option of a hot or cold breakfast option. After looking at the shelves and deciding on what exact porridge brand to buy I decided to go for Oatibix Golden Honey Porridge, as I do like a bit of flavour in my porridge and this looked nice.

      The Weetabix Company have been going since as long as 1932 based in Kettering in Northamptonshire they have a 75 acre plot where all of their cereals are made. They make cereals such as Weetabix, obviously and Ready Brek, Weetos and Alpen and much more. They were founded in 1932 by two South Africans, then they started entering the US and Canadian markets and the numerous cereals were slowly but surely launched.

      The packaging of the Oatibix box is quite colourful and really stood out to me on the shelf. It is a caramel coloured box and on the front has the usual Weetabix logo and then a picture of honey drizzling down onto the Golden Honey text. The Oatibix lettering is also bold. On the back it gives information on how oats provide energy to keep you full longer and they help to reduce cholesterol and maintain heart health.

      The Oatibix is 145 calories per sachet and has 2.5g in fat. However, the porridge has no added salt, is fortified with vitamins and minerals and is rich in Vitamin E and calcium so is good for you in many ways. When opening the box, there are 5 sachets, they are all golden coloured also and contain the right amount for one bowl of porridge.

      The way to cook this porridge is simple enough if you follow the instructions although even for me this was not as easy as I'd have thought it would be. It says to tear the top of the sachet and pour the contents into a microwaveable bowl. You then need to add 160ml of milk and stir thoroughly which I did do the first time and then went back to the microwave to find it all over the microwave obviously meaning they had told me to add too much milk. So, then the next time I put in less milk and it seemed to work a lot better but I had less oats in the bowl also this way.

      I think to avoid mistakes and mess don't add the full 160ml and keep opening the microwave when it is on for the two and a half minutes, to check it is still getting a thicker consistency but not bubbling higher to go over the bowl. The smell of honey rises quite a bit when in the microwave and it does smell highly appetising. There is an option to also cook this on the hob which would probably be more precise as it would be constant stirring but the time might be longer if you want it cooked quickly.

      Once cooked the liquid should have now turned thick into a porridge like consistency and it would be ok to eat. It smells nice and the taste isn't a strong honey but it is faint and makes it a bit sweater than just original porridge oats. What I like to do with porridge is add milk so that it isn't too dry and gives a bit more flavour to the porridge.

      I did like the porridge but I have had nicer honey flavoured ones where the flavour has been a bit stronger. I would say these are ok if you want something quick but it's a bit of a nightmare having to watch over the microwave the whole time to get it just right. I don't know if I would buy these again really because they are quite fiddly.

      The Oatibix Porridge can be bought in all supermarkets in a box of five sachets. I bought mine for roughly 98p or something.

      The Oatibix porridge range comes in the flavours Chocolate, Spiced Apple & Sultana, and Apple & Raspberry. Maybe these other flavours might be a bit more interesting, it is always another option. For more information go to http://www.weetabix.co.uk, this is quite informative.


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    • Product Details

      Start your morning with Weetabix range of porridges. Oatibix porridge is made from the finest oats, fortified with vitamins and minerals and golden honey. A highly tastey and nutritious way to start the day.