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Perfekt Berry and Seed Granola

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Brand: Perfekt / Type: Cereal

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    1 Review
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      15.10.2010 11:52
      Very helpful



      I can highly recommend this as a very healthy start to the day.

      Perfekt Berry and Seed Granola is probably one of my favourite breakfast cereals, and as many people probably haven't heard of it I thought I would review it on Dooyoo as it really makes a very healthy and well balanced meal.

      The product is the brainchild of a lady called Karolina Gardiner, and it has been made to provide the correct balance of proteins to carbohydrates, as well as to incorporate essential minerals and fatty acids. Many breakfast cereals on the market are carbohydrate overloads with sugar and plenty of readily available carbohydrate, but from a nutritional aspect they lack the nourishment, and they miss the vital breakfast opportunity to provide a compliment of essential nutrients such as zinc and magnesium.

      To date you won't find this in all the supermarkets. Waitrose and the home delivery company Ocado have stocked this product in the past, although it is not as easy to find as it was, and you will also find it online at Planet Organic as well as in many health food stores across London and nationwide. You can also mail order it at www.beanfreaks.com.

      The most important aspect of breakfast cereal though has to be enjoyment. No one wants to plough their way through a mountain of roughage seeing it as an ordeal. This granola is nothing like that, it is a beautiful mixture of healthy, but delicious ingredients, which marry together to provide a really satisfying breakfast which I eat many times a week.

      So what is inside the box? There are dried raspberries, blueberries, jumbo oats and crunchy seeds, (sunflower, pumpkin, and golden linseeds) which have been toasted and then sweetened with agave nectar and a hint of Madagascan vanilla. Agave nectar is a natural sweetener which is extracted from a cactus which grows mainly in Southern Arizona and in Mexico. The beauty of this cereal is that it is kind to teeth. There is nothing hard or crown damaging about it as the texture is just right, allowing adequate bite but not enough to chip a filling. If you have purchased Liz's Granola in the past, which is now quite widely sold in mainstream supermarkets, I would say this is the closest in texture. Both are lovely products but this has just the edge over Liz's in terms of flavour.

      So in a nutshell - the ingredients and their benefits!

      Oats - a great source of fibre and they mop up cholesterol and carry it out of the body. High in iron, zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium, manganese, and vitamin E.

      The Seeds - bursting with omega three fatty acids. May have anti-cancer properties and lower blood pressure.

      Raspberries and Blueberries. Both are bursting with phytochemicals and flavonoids which may prevent cancer. Both have Vitamin K and Magnesium, Vitamin C and Manganese. Blueberries are known as a superfood because they contain so many health giving nutrients.

      Although expensive this cereal is extremely satisfying and it therefore only requires a small bowl to keep me going all morning. The recipe was formulated with advice from dieticians so it is guaranteed to be the right ratio of ingredients in terms of carbohydrates and protein. The raspberries in particular in this cereal are so lovely as they taste as fresh as if they have just been picked from the garden.

      I tend to have mine with my home made almond milk which is a lovely treat. My daughter taught me how to make this, and it is so easy I thought I would share the recipe with you as it complements this granola so perfectly. All you do is to soak a handful of almonds overnight. In the morning you rinse and drain them and put them in the food processor with adequate water to cover them, and about as much again on top. Then you can add some agave syrup to sweeten - just a little to taste. Then you wizz them up until they are finely chopped. All you do then is to drain the almonds through a sieve into a bowl and you have pure almond milk which keeps in the fridge for 5 days. It also yields some finely chopped almonds which you can use in recipes. I make them into nut roasts or cookies. This recipe also makes almond cream - you just use less water. Highly nutritious this milk makes this a lovely accompaniment to the Perfekt Granola, and I think it makes a breakfast to really enjoy.

      Of course you don't need to add almond milk to it you can use yogurt, milk or any milk alternative. It is also really delicious when sprinkled on ice cream. You can also add fresh berries- blueberries in particular work well but you can add anything which is in season.

      It is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and the box is fully recyclable. Not gluten free though, but wheat free and contains no salt or refined sugar.

      The price varies from shop to shop but I pay £3.99 on average for 400g. This easily does me for at least ten breakfasts so I think it is a fair price to pay for a healthy and well balanced food. It is rather good for dieting as well; as I think it is so satisfying that you really are happy to wait until lunchtime for your next meal, especially of you serve it with a nut milk. Of course if you don't want to make almond milk there are many nut milks commercially available now and they are delicious.

      I think this cereal is one of the best on the market, and its only negative side is that you have to seek it out as it hides in the caverns of whole foods shops and markets, rather than in the aisles of Tesco. I think it is well worth looking out for though and it is important to say that this product is part of a range made by Perfekt which includes Quinoa Granola, Three Nut Granola, and Mango and Passion Fruit Granola. These are all made with the same nutritional considerations in mind.

      A lovely breakfast choice - sustaining and healthy - one of my favourites!


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