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Quaker Oats So Simple Golden Syrup

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36 Reviews

Quaker Oats So Simple is a great way to start your day. It is filling, good for you, tasty and quick and easy to make. Whilst more expensive than traditional oats, the price is still very reasonable.

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    36 Reviews
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      17.03.2014 21:03
      Very helpful



      I'm converted to having porridge for my breakfast

      I am always looking for ways to keep relatively healthy - trying to find those impossible foods that taste delicious and are actually quite healthy at the same time. Porridge has always been one of those foods that I've been able to take or leave - I'd eat it knowing it was healthier than some of the other breakfast options and filling, but not particularly enjoying the experience. A friend of mine ate this porridge with golden syrup in front of me a few weeks ago and the scent of the syrup was enough to make me try them, because it just smelled so lovely. I recently picked up a pack of the Quaker Oats so simple with golden syrup in the sachet form, costing £2.50 in Tesco. My box contained 10 sachets, but I have since come across a family size pack of 15 sachets costing £2.99. Each sachet contains 36g of porridge oats.

      The sachets are perfect for me as porridge is something that I've always struggled with, never quite getting the amount of added milk just right when using an unmeasured box of oats - always adding too much or too little and ending up with a bowl of porridge that wasn't particularly nice. Each sachet has a fool-proof method printed on the back. The contents of oats needs to be emptied into a microwavable bowl, then the sachet needs to be filled with milk up to a printed line, poured over the oats in the bowl and mixed, then microwaved for 2 minutes on full power. The porridge is then ready. The method is really simple and easy to follow. The only small downside is that you need to hold the sachet carefully when adding the milk because it's easily tipped over when it gets full.

      The resulting porridge from these is perfect - it's not incredibly sloppy (not sure how else to put it!) but not so thick that it needs a cement mixer to stir it up. The porridge is fairly smooth with just a few oat pieces, creamy and just the right consistency to enjoy. The oats mix together with the milk well so it's not powdery at all. The golden syrup is a great addition - it gives such a delicious scent off during and after making and it really does make you hungry when you smell it as it comes out of the mircowave. It actually tastes just as good as it smells as well. I did expect the porridge to be a more yellowy colour than it is - it looks exactly the same as a bowl of normal 'original' porridge does. I expected the added golden syrup to have turned it's colour.

      The golden syrup makes the porridge sweet but it's not too much - I find that they are sweet enough not to need any extra sugar or jam mixed to it but it's not really overpowering.

      I would say that the resulting amount in each sachet is perfect for a breakfast meal too - I feel full when I've eaten one, although the greedy part of me would eat another sachet up just because the taste is so good. Even on one sachet though, I find that I'm full for quite some time after - I can eat my porridge at 8am and just start to feel hunger pangs at 12pm which is far later than when I eat a bowl of cereal. Usually by 10am with cereal, I'm reaching for a biscuit or snack.

      The excellent thing with these sachets are that there are only 216 calories in a sachet when using semi skimmed milk. Either way, I feel it's much healthier than my previous bagel with lashings of butter. There are no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives in these either.

      Per Serving (36g sachet): Calories: 216, Sugar 18g, Fat 6g (Saturates 2g), Salt 0.6g

      I would really recommend these sachets - if you like porridge then I would expect you'd like these anyway but even for those who aren't all that keen on it, I would recommend trying these because I've been converted. This is now my number one breakfast food, which I never thought would be the case. I think the syrup really helps to make it sweet enough even for those who aren't usually porridge lovers. If the golden syrup doesn't tempt you, there are also a wide range of other flavours available including strawberry, cranberry and raspberry, although I personally haven't tried any of the others yet just as this one scores so highly from me. Five stars - easy to make, quick and deliciously tasty.

      Thanks for reading :o)


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        19.07.2013 13:44
        Very helpful



        Very tasty and easy to make

        Item: Quaker Oat So Simple Porridge Pot
        Flavour: Golden Syrup
        Size: 57g
        Price: 99p each or 4 for £3.50
        Bought in: Tesco

        Design and packaging:
        This is the smaller pot version from the Quaker Oats range. It comes in a rounded plastic pot that is 8cm high, 7cm wide at the bottom and 9cm wide at the top. The plastic pot itself is white but has a colourful cardboard wrapper round it that peels off and you can reuse or recycle the pot. The picture on the front of the pot shows a field and with a bright blue sky with a big spoon of syrup shown dribbling over on the side. The details for making the porridge are typed over a country sign and tell you to "Just add hot water for perfect creamy porridge". Above this over the "sky" section of the scene there are details to tell you "Quaker Oats. Oat So Simple, Golden Syrup flavour" and "Ready in 2 minutes". This is all really useful info and is typed in nice bright clear text. When you turn the pot round one section has details on ingredients and calorific values etc as standard on most food products. The other side has details on how to make the porridge. The pot is covered over with a foil lid (with the same design on it as the front of the pot) and then a think clear plastic lid on top of that. The foil keeps the oats fresh and the plastic lid is required when making them up.

        How to make:
        The packaging advises you to do as follows - gently mix dry ingredients with a spoon, add boiling water up to the fill line on the inside the pot, stir thoroughly straight away for about 15-30 seconds, please lid back on and leave to sit for a further minute, stir again then enjoy. I do all of that except I like to fill the water to around 2 mm ender the fill line as I like them a bit thicker and not so runny and I like to leave them sitting for about 3 minutes with the lid on, again to thicken up.

        Taste, smell and do they fill you up?
        These smell so good! When you peel the foil lid off before heating and you need to mix them through, you get a lovely sweet syrup smell and you can really smell the syrup through them. Once you add the hot water the smell intensifies and if you have ever had golden syrup in a cake or on toast, it is a similar smell. I don't eat oats on their own, have only had them in these flavoured tubs so not sure what they taste like on their own, but for this one the oats and syrup combined taste really nice and the syrup gives the sweetness and the oats have a slight savoury taste to balance it out. The oats once heated through with water thicken up and go quite creamy (if that's the right way to describe them) not actually cream but as they contain milk powder they do have a milky quality that thickens up when you stir them and leave them to sit. They fill me up a lot more than the likes of Weetabix or Special K but having had a wee look the pot contains maybe around a third more calories than those breakfast cereals so is higher in calories but as I don't need to eat as soon after eating them I feel it is balanced out.

        Weirdly I have never liked porridge OR been that bothered about golden syrup but the OH had made one of these in the house one day and the smell was just amazing so I had a taste and really enjoyed it. I don't have them every day but they are really good to take on camping trips or to hotels that you stay in that don't have breakfast at a convenient time or in as part of the room price so you can just make these with hot water. I also take them if we are going away abroad to a colder climate and we have them as a backup in case we want to get a really early start one day for the likes of a day trip so we can just heat these and go.

        Overall really happy with this little pot, again being "travel sized" they are more expensive per gram than other varieties of the oats but due to their ease of use and ability to travel they are worth it. 5 stars from me.


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          24.05.2013 16:11
          Very helpful



          Well Mr quaker, you've won me and my family over once again!

          When the weathers like it is - cold, wet and windy (yes, apparently we are in may?) I like to enjoy a warming, filling breakfast and that usually happens to be porridge! However I don't have the time (or the energy) to stand around the kitchen all morning over the hob, so that's when I turn to my good old friend Mr quaker, who always manages to provide me and my family with a quick, filling and wholesome breakfast!

          ~ Quaker Oats ~
          Quaker has been milling oats since 1899,in different countries around the world, but their main factory is in Cupar, Scotland. They provide these countries with over 47 million gallons of Quaker oats porridge each winter!

          Quakers oats go through a very strict, vigorous milling process to ensure only the finest oats reach out breakfast table; any oats that are discoloured, or have low moisture levels are rejected and then once the oats have passed their quality test they enter the milling process. This uses special machinery that separates the oats from other grain matter (wheat, barley etc) and any weeds that have been picked up during the harvesting process. The oats are then shelled to ensure all that's left is the oat grain and then they are steamed and cooled to bring maximum flavour before being rolled for a smoother texture. It is also good to know that Quaker oats support LEAF and their work to improve sustainable farming practices.

          Quaker oats has a range to suit everybody, literally! For the people that want a quick, convenient breakfast (like me) they have 'oat so simple' in various flavours including original, golden syrup (the one I'm reviewing), cinnamon, honey and almond and several fruity flavours. They also produce a range specifically for children that includes flavours such as original, chocolate and strawberry. They even have a range for the naughty, in need of indulgence side of us which has flavours such as chocolate brownie and creamy caramel! And more recently they now cater for the ones with a bigger appetite with their 'oat so simple big bowl' range. Furthermore they of course cater for the more traditional families with their traditional rolled and jumbo rolled oats.

          But if porridge isn't for you, they don't stop there! Quaker oats has very recently introduced breakfast biscuits into their range to go with their 'morning bars' and other 'just add milk'cereals.

          ~ Price & Availability ~
          Quaker oats so simple golden syrup is available to buy from all major supermarkets and most independant stores for around £2.44 a box, which contains 10 sachets (330g), which works out at just over 24p a serving which isn't bad at all. However if you need to buy multiple boxes and feel that £2.44 is a bit you can nearly always find them on offer, usually at 2 boxes for £4.00 which gives you a saving of 88p. You can also buy it in little 'express pots' for around 99p, which clearly works out a lot more expensive than buying the boxes even when the pots are on a multibuy offer, so when you can opt for the boxes!

          ~ Packaging ~
          Quaker oats so simple golden syrup (10 sachet variety) comes in a cardboard box with its base design being an oat field scene. The front of the box has the oats so simple logo at the top with a picture of Mr Quaker himself and below this are the words 'golden syrup flavour, 10 sachets' in a golden colour to represent the flavour. Below this is a large sign stuck in the field saying '2 mins to perfect porridge' and a jar and spoon overloaded with gooey golden syrup.

          The two shorter sides follow the same design, but the longer ones contain an ingredients list nutritional information, cooking instructions, Quaker's customer service information and allergy advice. One of the longer sides also has a useful slit in it so you can easily close the box back up after use.
          The back of the box gives you a bit of background information about Quaker's and the nutritional benefits of their products as well as advertisements about other products in their range.

          Each individual sachet of porridge comes in a lined paper packet with the flavour of the porridge on the front with cooking instructions on the back. There is also a useful line on the packet that you are told to use to get the correct measurement of milk/water.

          ~ Cooking, appearance, taste & texture ~
          There are two options on how to cook the oats, you can either tear open the packet along the tear line marked, pour them into a microwaveable bowl, use the sachet to measure your milk/water by filling it to the line, pouring the sachet of water/milk onto the oats, give it a quick mix and pop it into the microwave for around 2 mins on full power (cat E microwave, 800 watts). Or, you can boil 180ml of milk/water, stir in the contents of the sachet and simmer until milk/water is absorbed, stirring occasionally.

          I always opt for the microwave option, because in my opinion this is why they are called 'oats so SIMPLE', because they are quick, easy and simple to cook without having to get all your pans out and get the hob on etc.

          You may have noticed I keep saying water/milk, this is because I prefer my porridge to be made with water and I know other people do too, however I know equally that many people prefer to have it with milk and both options work just fine.

          Once the porridge is cooked and you've given it a final stir you will have a bowl filled with lots of pale cooked, creamy oats. You should have your acquired consistency; however I usually end up adding a bit more water to it because I don't like it thick. I can't say it looks particularly appetising because it doesn't, and it's not supposed to but you can make it look nicer by dressing it up a bit with a drizzle of this and a dollop of that. I usually just leave it as it is, but my children like to sometimes have fruit on there's or extra golden syrup, jam or honey as a treat.

          The porridge tastes nice and sweet, but definitely not overpoweringly so. It's just nice and mild with still being able to detect that its golden syrup flavoured. Its texture is just right; it still has some bite to it without it being just mush in a bowl. I always find one bowl is plenty, even made with water it is still adequately filling and sets me up for the day nicely without having to snack before lunch.

          ~ Other information ~
          Each sachet of Quaker oats so simple golden syrup porridge (made with 180ml of semi-skimmed milk) contains; 215 calories, 15.9g of sugar, 5.3g of fat, 2.3g of saturates and 0.4g of salt. Yes it is high in sugar, but it's bound to be, it is golden syrup flavour after all! Obviously without the milk the nutrition just comes from the oats so the calories drop down to 135.

          Each sachet contains 33% of the 3g of oat beta glucan suggested per day to help lower cholesterol.

          I am going to list the ingredients because there short and sweet which makes a change; wholegrain rolled oats, sugar, natural flavouring and salt. Thankfully I can pronounce everything on the list and there's nothing too nasty on there either!

          Allergy advice: May contain wheat, barley and soya.

          ~ Over all opinion ~
          Golden syrup flavour is definitely my favourite from the Quaker oats so simple range and my children also agree. It's mildly sweet without being sickly and isn't anywhere near as bad for you as some of the sugar loaded cereals on the market so I'm happy to give this to my children. I would certainly recommend Quaker oats so simple golden syrup, especially for its health benefits and convenience. If you don't think golden syrups your thing, give some of the others a try!


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            26.04.2012 11:30
            Very helpful



            These oats are tasty, convenient and quick, but may be too expensive for some.

            Oat's have been a staple breakfast of mine for years now, in fact I quite often fall asleep at night thinking about waking up to a nice bowl of warm porridge and my mandatory black coffee in the morning. Iv'e never been one for fried food or toast in the morning so it's either porridge or muesli for me really.

            Quaker Oats are perhaps the most heavily branded of porridge's out there, there are Scots Oat's too but I think Quaker take the prize in the popularity department because of their fancy packaging and brand awareness.

            -==First Impressions==-

            The first impressions I got when I looked at the box on the shelf was how expensive these are, you really do have to pay through your nose for these, which is what your doing as they are £2.28 for ten sachets, i.e. ten breakfast portions, but let's remember, they are just oats, and if anything these do have more sugar than what just plain oat's would normally have. On the back of the box there is some spiel about beta-glucan and the slow release energy providing by the carbohydrates, basically there are carbohydrates that are released quickly, from things like white bread, sugar, refined starches, glucose, and there are the slow release types offered from wholemeal options, quinoa, oats, fruits, lentils etc, now I'm babbling, oops!

            -==What's inside?==-

            Well inside we have, as expected there are individually wrapped packs of oats with some basic instructions on the side, it tells me to cook for 2 minutes in the microwave and conveniently tells me to pour the milk into the sachet up to the filling line, which removes the necessity for any measuring jugs, quite a handy little quirk I thought, but let's be honest, how long would it take just to guesstimate how much milk is needed?

            I take one packet eagerly as I hear my belly rumbling and wanting it's morning feed, I pop it in the microwave 2 minutes, and wait.. the smell of porridgy aroma takes over the kitchen as I wait, whilst boiling the kettle to make my morning coffee, who said men couldn't multi-task?. Ping!, it's done, I open the microwave, oh no!! catastrophe!!, the porridge has boiled and spilled over the sides, unknown to me but later I would realise this to be a recurring theme, almost as if to smite me for my base desire for oaty goodness in the morning, this is a problem I manage to fix eventually by toning the time down to 1:50 and using slightly less milk to compensate, but if you are cooking as directed it should come out perfect each time, surely.

            It is worth mentioning there are other flavours available too:

            + Original
            + Mango & Passion fruit
            + Apple & Blueberry
            + Raspberry & Pomegranate
            + Sultana's, Raisin's, Cranberry & Apple
            + Honey & Almond
            + Sweet Cinnamon
            + Variety (a mix of the above flavours)

            -==Taste Test==-

            After cooking my porridge and mixing it up slightly it forms a delicious looking oaty medley and I can smell the golden syrup aroma, the first few spoonfuls are heaven, this stuff is delicious!, as you can probably guess it does not last long and before long the whole bowl is finished, and I feel full, if there is one thing about oat's it is that they are definately filling, these can keep me satisfied for around 3 hours, sometimes more if I am super busy. I am not sure I can justify their extortionate price tags and slightly misguided instructions but I can be quite certain these are the most delicious oat's I have tried, you can even make things more exciting by adding chopped fruit or flaxseeds into the mix to give it a bit of a twist.

            -==Nutritional Info (per sachet)==-

            The following is per sachet (36g), Golden Syrup flavour:

            + Calories - 137 (7% RDA)
            + Sugar - 8.3g (9% RDA)
            + Fat - 2.2g (3% RDA)
            + Saturates - 0.4g (2% RDA)
            + Salt - 0.2g (3% RDA)

            * This product may not be suitable for those with allergies to nuts and those that are lactose intolerant

            -==Some final thoughts==-

            Quaker Oats are without doubt the tastiest I have tried, the are a good source of slow-release energy and keep me satisfied for hours, the information detailed on the box about the benefits of these oat's is pretty useful to the average consumer who will probably know little about the detailed nutritional information about the product, whilst these are tastier, they do have more sugar than basic oats owing to the golden syrup flavouring, you could probably make it healthier by buying normal oats and adding a bit of honey or a banana, but the difference would be quite minute in the grand scheme of things.

            Overall, a convenient product as they are individually wrapped and measured, and with using the sachet as a measuring gauge it removes the requirement of a measuring jug and makes it slightly more convenient, the oats are without question very tasty and do give me a lift in the morning, but the product is still expensive for what it is, and does have more sugar than other generic brands, it is also very easy to overcook even when following the instructions to the letter, it frequently spilled over the edge of my bowl until I used less milk than is required and lowered the cooking times.


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              02.12.2011 20:15
              Very helpful



              Not bad at all!

              I have just had a bowl of Quaker's Oats Oat So Simple Golden Syrup Porridge and thought I would share my views with you. I first tried this porridge a number of years ago but for some reason stopped buying it. However, the other day in the supermarket, I saw it on the shelf; a bit expensive at around £2.80 if you ask me, although I wanted to try it (again).

              The packaging consists of a large-ish box. Inside, there are 10 individual sachets.

              ~ * How To Make The Porridge * ~

              It is said to be 'Oats So Simple' (as in 'oh it's so simple) but how did I get on? Well, you can either cook this using a microwave (it takes 2 minutes) or you can cook it on the hob. I don't have a microwave and so my only option was to cook it on the hob.

              Simply, boil 180ml of water into a saucepan and bring to the boil. Add the sachet of oats and keep stirring (for around 4 minutes), until the milk has been 'absorbed'.

              ~ * Is It Quick? * ~

              Well it is meant to be quick, however I am guessing that the 'quick way' was by using a microwave. I think that standing over a hob stirring it for 5 minutes, is quite a long time (especially as it is considered something you would eat for breakfast). I mean it's so much easier to pop a slice of bread in the toaster and carry on 'getting ready' whilst the toast cooks, rather than waiting for it to cook, if you get what I mean. It's fairly quick though.

              ~ * Tasty * ~

              The porridge is tasty; it has just a hint of golden syrup. I think that it could do with a tiny touch more of syrup just to strengthen the flavour a bit more. However, having said that, doing so may make it too sweet.

              ~ * Are they nutritious ? *

              Well porridge is supposed to be very good for you as it is a complex carbohydrate meaning that the energy is released slowly, meaning that you will stay fuller for longer. This porridge does indeed fill you up.

              Each 36g sachet (without milk) contains 132 calories, 8.3g of sugar, 2.2g of fat (0.4g of which is saturated) and 0.2g of salt. So all in all, it isn't too bad.

              ~ * Would I Recommend ? * ~

              Yes I would. Like I said, it is tasty, filling plus it warms you up when the weather is cold outside. However, I do think that after a while it is the kind of thing which you would get fed up with. However, you may be pleased to hear that there are other flavours available, including; Apple & Blackberry, Raspberry and Sultanas, Raisins, cranberry & Apple.
              However, I have to say that the other flavours don't really appeal to me; I haven't tried them, although I could just imagine them being really 'sickly'.

              Thanks for reading!
              December 2011
              Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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                21.11.2011 18:23
                Very helpful



                A delicious and nutritious meal in minutes

                I never used to like porridge when I was younger. Nowadays I have Oats So Simple about 4-5 times a week.
                I find this flavour my favourite by far.
                It claims to be 100% rolled oats, which is a bit weird as it contains ( dried) golden syrup! I know that sounds pedantic but you think about it.....?
                216 calories lurk in every 36gram sachet , so you only have to worry about adding the milk calories. I reckon about 100 calories more.( semi skimmed).Porridge diet anyone? Maybe not.

                The package is a big box and inside are the sachets which you are supposed to mix up with milk using the sachet itself as a measure. I find this tricky and spill milk everywhere (as am a bit duh in the morning)- so I now usually guesstimate. I do not add as much liquid as they suggest as I like thick lumpy porridge I can dig into. The porridge has a delicious wholesome nutty flavour and the syrup is not overpowering- just right.

                Lately, I have been adding powdered skimmed milk and water to the porridge instead, as it means I do not go down my milk supply and also the skimmed milk tastes nice with the porridge. In fact, I have no idea why Quaker do not put in powdered milk and make this product water-mixable, which is what I have done most effectively.

                They do another version in a pot which you make up with boiling water- so it is possible.

                Sometimes I add yoghurt on top of the porridge and some shopped fruit- which makes a most sustaining breakfast.

                The last box I bought was in a Shell petrol station and was an amazing £2 for 16 sachets- usually £4 for this size box. You can get smaller boxes.

                I must admit I do eat more than one sachet at a go- my ideal is 1 1/2 so maybe the portions are a bit undersized for greedy me. This quantity takes about 3 minutes, but usually an 850 watt microwave will cook one sachet and milk in 2 mins.

                I find that if I have this for breakfast I am not hungry until about 2pm- which is amazing.

                I started eating this because I used to have coffee for breakfast ( yes, I know.... not ideal). I am now allergic to coffee so I do need something in my stomach to drive and go to work.

                I find the box the porridge comes in oversized so I take out all the sachets and put them in a drawer.
                The golden syrup version is not too sweet, I am amazed they got THAT right.

                This is how you make it:
                Open sachet
                Put contents in microwaveable bowl
                Use sachet to measure milk
                Put the lot in 850 watt microwave for 2 minutes
                Take out and eat.

                This is perfect for children coming in from school or me when I come in all cold and hungry!


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                11.11.2011 12:30
                Very helpful



                Perfect Oats in 2 minutes!

                ***THE OATS***
                The oats are available to buy in boxes of 10 or 16 sachet's, how-ever you can also buy the single pots as well, which is for one serving. The sachet's can be done in the microwave which makes them quick and easy to make. The specific Oats I am reviewing are the Golden Syrup ones, so these have a slight flavour to them. The sachet's come in a large cardboard box which has a field picture on the front. It also states what flavour Oats are inside and it states that they are ready in just 2 minutes when done in the microwave. The box is easy to open and it just like a cereal box where you slide your finger under the tab left to right to break the seal. The seal can then be tucked into the slit in the box to keep the box closed. The sachet's are very simple and are a white in colour, with orange coloured writing on them. On the sachet it gives you the instructions (which are also on the box), and you will notice that there is a fill line on the sachet as well, this makes it really easy and straight-forward when measuring the amount of milk you need to use to make the product.

                These are available from most supermarkets and some local shops. Prices may vary, but they are approximately £2.19 for a box with 10 sachets or £2.99 for a box of 16 sachets. For a single pot which is great to take to work or when on the move, it will cost you 99p or you can buy 4 for £1.00 (This is the current offer in Sainsbury's).

                ***OTHER FLAVOURS***
                The Oats are available in the following flavours:

                * Original
                * Mango & Passion fruit
                * Apple & Blueberry
                * Raspberry & Pomegranate
                * Sultana's, Raisin's, Cranberry & Apple
                * Honey & Almond
                * Sweet Cinnamon
                * Variety

                They also have flavours in the Indulgence range as well which includes:

                * Chocolate Brownie
                * Creamy Caramel
                * White Chocolate & Raspberry.

                ***PREPARING/MAKING THE OATS***
                I ripped open the sachet which was easy as there was a tear line, so this came off easily. I could smell the slight smell of oats but also a very sweet smell as well which must be the Gold Syrup flavour which the oats had. The oats looked quite plain and they just looked like normal oats with no flavouring, how-ever they did smell good. I poured the oats into a microwavable bowl and then carefully holding the sachet in one hand, I poured the milk into the sachet up to the fill line. The oats looked quite plain and they just looked like normal oats with no flavouring. I then poured this into the bowl, gave it a stir to ensure the oats were mixed in with the milk then I popped it into the microwave for 2 minutes as suggested on the packet. Whilst the oats were cooking, you could smell the lovely sweet Gold Syrup smell which was lovely and they smelt delicious.

                ***TASTE TEST***
                I carefully took the bowl out of the microwave and gave it a stir and then let it settle for 1-2 minutes, as it would have been way too hot to eat straight away. I could see the oats but it looked like there was more milk in the bowl than anything else. The oats looked hot as I could see steam coming from them, but again they smelt really sweet and delicious. After the oats had cooled I took my first spoonful. When taking a spoonful, I thought it looked as though there was too much milk in the bowl. The oats seemed flooded by the milk. I have how-ever never eaten porridge oats before, so wasn't sure what the consistency should have been like so just ate them how they were. The oats were slightly chewy but were tasty and you could taste the lovely sweet taste of Golden Syrup as well. I ended up practically drinking the last of this as it was easier than using a spoon. I thought the oats would have a lumpy, wet texture but it was more a softer texture against my tongue. After eating the oats I felt very satisfied.

                ***NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION***
                The following is per sachet (36g), for the Golden Syrup Oats:

                * Calories - 137 (7% RDA)
                * Sugar - 8.3g (9% RDA)
                * Fat - 2.2g (3% RDA)
                * Saturates - 0.4g (2% RDA)
                * Salt - 0.2g (3% RDA)

                ***OVERALL OPINION***
                Since making the oats the first time although it gives you a fill line, I have reduced the amount of milk that I pour into the sachet. This may make the oats slightly more gloopy and look sticky; how-ever I prefer eating the oats this way. I really enjoy having this for breakfast as it makes me feel full until lunch-time. I would definitely consider trying the other flavours in this range, after I have finished the Golden Syrup ones. I didn't think I would like this porridge but decided to give it a go anyway and was pleasantly surprised. If you don't have a microwave there are instructions on the back on the sachet and box which tells you how to make the oats using a hob. I would definitely also consider some of the flavours in the Indulgence range as well, as these look really yummy. I give this product 4 stars as they are filling, come in yummy flavours and are very easy to prepare. Not only that but Oats are also good for you and helps you to keep fuller for longer.

                (review may also appear on ciao)


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                  12.10.2011 12:35
                  Very helpful



                  Winter warmer to get you going in the mornings

                  Witht the Winter fast approaching and the mornings becoming darker and more cold, this is the time of year I like to eat something warm for breakfast to get me going in the morning. I have eaten Quaker's Oats so Simple for a couple of years now and the Golden Syrup are by far my favourite.

                  There are 10 sachets of porridge in every box and a box typically costs around £2. However, its very rare to find that these are not on special offer and I almost always manage to get these on a buy 1 get 1 free.

                  £2 is quite expensive when you think how much a bag of porridge oats is from the supermarket. However, I find that the sachets are so convenient and ensure that you end up with the right amount of porridge each time. Many a time I have used my own oats and have ended up with either too much or too little. The sachet can be used to measure the correct amount of milk so that you don't end up with your porridge being too runny or too thick either.

                  So, take a sachet from the box and rip of the top, Fill the milk up to just below the line as I find filling to the line makes the porridge too runny, and pop in the microwave for about 2 minutes. It really couldn't be easier! I find that I have to leave the porridge to cool for at least a minute or I burn my mouth, so I normally go and make the bed while the porridge is cooling.

                  You will find one sachet contains the following:

                  Calories - 216
                  Sugar - 16g
                  Fat - 5g
                  Saturates - 2g
                  Salt 0.5g

                  I think there are few things better to have for breakfast in the morning and I can't rate them highly enough. I wasn't a huge porridge fan before I started eating these, but they definitely have me turned. I believe a slightly healthier option would be to go for the Original flavour and add your own Golden Syrup, I find the oats too bland on their own.


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                    27.08.2011 11:03
                    Very helpful
                    1 Comment



                    A Hearty Way To Start The Day

                    My partners gran always sends him home with a bag of 'goodies' after a visit - unfortunately, there is little variety and the same products appear each time! Face with a cupboard full of Quaker Oats So Simple I thought we should start to make our way through them!

                    The product is sold in a 360g cardboard box containing 10 x 36g individual pouches filled with oats.
                    What I love about this product is it's simplicity, so quick and easy to make with minimal mess!

                    First the pouch must be opened with scissors and the oats poured into a microwavable dish/bowl. The milk is then poured into the empty bag and filled as far as the measuring line, this allows for the optimum consistency when warmed through.
                    The milk is then poured into the bowl and the dish popped into the microwave for 2 minutes. This is based upon an 800w microwave, for 700w add another 30 seconds.

                    The oats can also be cooked in the 'old fashioned' way - boil the milk in a saucepan, add the oats and simmer for 2 minutes although this results in more washing up!

                    Once out of the microwave, the oats require a stir. I find that no sugar is required as they are already flavoured with golden syrup and I find this quite sweet. Any body with a sweet tooth may as more if needed but I think this is unlikely!

                    I wouldn't say that one sachet is enough to fill me but two sachets is a little too much, leaving me with a sickly feeling as if I have over done it! I usually have half an open sachet in my cupboard at any one time as my son can manage a full one and half is not enough!

                    The oats do not taste any different from porridge made in the traditional way. They have a nice mid to thick consistency, very smooth and have a lovely creamy taste. You can always add extra milk if required, this also cools it more quickly, particularly useful when serving to children - be careful, the dish will be hot!

                    Nutritionally, each 36g pouch, served with 180ml of semi skimmed milk contains:

                    Energy 216kcal
                    Protein 9.1g
                    Carbohydrate 32.8g
                    of which are sugars 16.4g
                    Fat 5.3g
                    of which saturates 2.3g
                    Fibre 2.5g
                    of which is soluble 1.1g
                    of which is beta glucan 1.0g
                    of which is insoluble 1.4g
                    Sodium 0.2g
                    equivalent as salt 0.5g

                    The oats are made from wholegrain and it's suggested that their regular consumption can help to reduce cholesterol, so this makes for a healthy way to start the day!

                    A I didn't buy these, I have checked the price on Tesco - they are currently on sale for £2.00 per box, or available as a multi-buy, 2 boxes for £2.50, so not too bad price wise.

                    I would recommend this product if you are looking for a quick and easy start to the day - one bowl, one spoon to wash, what could be better?!


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                      11.08.2011 15:08
                      Very helpful



                      Very tasty

                      I have only recently got into porridge, and was buy the small individual pots that you fill with water, I loved those but at 99p a pot it got a little expensive! I decided to try the sachets from quaker, as they looked easy to prepare and come in lots of flavours! After trying all the flavours my favourite is the golden syrup flavour.

                      Porridge oats are packed full of slow releasing energy and great for breakfast to keep you going through the day! I usually eat porridge for breakfast on a cold winters day, but recently have been having it for lunch!

                      The porridge is very easy to prepare, full instructions are given on each packet. You pour the porridge into the bowl and then with the empty sachet from the porridge you fill it with milk up to the marked line, pour it into the porridge, give it a little stir and pop it in the microwave for 2mins!

                      The only problem I found with the porridge was that when I put it in the microwave I found it kept pouring over the sides of the bowl! I had to stop it every so often, give it a little stir and turn it back on again to stop it making a mess of the microwave! You can also do it on the hob with a saucepan, but i've not tried that yet as requires more washing up!!

                      Quaker oats so simple come in a variety of flavours including Apple and Blueberry, cinnamon, Honey and Almond, Original or apple sultana, raison and cranberry (which I haven't tried yet). They are currently on offer for 2 boxes for £3.50. In each box you get 10 sachets.

                      each sachet made with 180g milk contains:
                      16.4g sugar
                      5.3g fat

                      So overall, not a bad breakfast or lunch fix which will help satiety and give you energy throughout the day!


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                      31.05.2011 20:16
                      Very helpful




                      Although it is know very much spring/summer I have got porridge left over from winter (it's not out of date). I normally don't eat porridge in the summer but for some reason I had a craving for it.

                      I bought a pack of the Quaker Oats Golden Syrup when shopping at Tesco's. I liked the idea of porridge in 2 minutes and the fact that they were instant. I don't usually have a huge amount of time in the morning and as I like to get a good amount of sleep it means that breakfast has to be simple and fast. I have to eat breakfast every morning or else I become very irritable and I get a headache and I don't perform well at work.

                      Porridge is great for the winter months as it is worming and comforting. Oats are very good for lowering cholesterol. Cholesterol levels are based on both genetics and diet so even those with an excellent diet can have high cholesterol levels as they are genetically pre-disposed.

                      Porridge can be made with either water or milk. I prefer to add milk rather than water even though this means more fat and calories. A box contains 10 packets of the porridge with golden syrup flavoring. Each pack is 36g and contains Quaker Wholegrain Rolled Oats (76%), Sugar, Natural Flavouring, Salt, Stabiliser: Lecithin* (Soya), *Soya Lecithin is added to minimise boiling over in the microwave (from Tesco website). I didn't realise that this didn't contain golden syrup but was in fact golden syrup 'FLAVORING' which means that it contains sugar. I was disappointed that they advertised it as golden syrup but it didn't contain any.

                      One packet is enough for one serving for breakfast. To make the porridge simply add about 40 ml of milk or water to the contents of the packet and leave in the microwave for 1 minute. Then stir and return for a further minute. I sometimes add more milk if required after the first minute. I don't like my porridge milky and so if it is too runny I will but it back in the microwave for a bit longer.

                      One serving provides 216 calories, 9.1g of protein, 16.4g of sugar, 2.3g of saturated fat and 3.5g of fibre. The sugar comes from the added sugar to make the 'golden syrup' flavour and the fat comes from the milk. This is a really healthy and tasty way to start the day. Those that are not a fan of porridge should try adding some sugar or fruit to plain oats will make porridge more appealing. I can't personally eat plain porridge so I add honey, sugar or fruit to give it flavour and texture.

                      i bought two for £2 but they are usually £1.50 for 1 pack of 10 sachets. It is cheaper to buy a pack of porridge and make your own but these are really good for quicker cooking time. It is also good for those on a diet as you don't have to measure or way the ingrediants as the packet contains a single portion and the nutritional information for this is provided on the packet.

                      Quaker oats is a premium brand and I do personally notice the quality difference between these oats and Tesco value brand which is much cheaper but it tastes different and it is has a rough texture.



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                        11.04.2011 18:53
                        Very helpful



                        A delicious hot breakie


                        Although the worst of winter is over and it is getting ever so slightly warmer, I still sometimes feel I need a little boost of a morning. A hot boost that is warming, yet filling at the same time. Porridge would be ideal but there just isn't time, so the next best thing was order of the day. There are a few very nice options on the market, but my wife like's Quakers Oat so Simple so I thought what the heck I'll give it a try.

                        Oats so Simple

                        The instructions on the sachet are easy to follow in fact inside the sachet is a guideline as to how much water/milk to use, so it couldn't be much simpler. If you use water I'd put a little less in since on the times I've tried it it has come out a little thinner. The milk however works great and I much prefer this option. 3 mins in the microwave whilst shaving and it's job done.

                        The milk method provides a tasty hot creamy porridge, which compares favourably with real porridge although I'd much prefer the real stuff. It has thickened well and is not as smooth as I thought it might be considering how powdery it looks straight from the sachet. There are bits of Oats there they are just smaller than normal porridge. The predominant factor here though is the smell of the syrup flavour, which has been added. There is no colouring so it looks grey like porridge, there is no hint of syrup there until you smell or taste it.

                        It is not an overpowering syrupy taste in fact it is quite subtle, quite nice actually. The porridge taste is evident but the syrup n some mouthfuls seem to take over not that I'm complaining. The overall appeal is a nice quick porridge which is just what it says on the box, which contains six of the sachets and retails at around £1.40-£1.50. This reflects good value I think 25p for a hot breakfast is really very good.


                        I like this a lot and it has been known for me to have it at suppertime instead of my customary cereal. It's great value tastes really good and is filling, which was a bit of a surprise. It doesn't quite keep me going until lunch but it keeps hunger at bay for a while.


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                          10.10.2010 21:25
                          Very helpful
                          1 Comment



                          Great start to the day

                          I bought this when on offer. I have great memories of my mum making porridge as a child but remembered it as a drawn out messy affair. So when this came along and I saw the adverts on the TV, I knew I had to try some.
                          So I bought it home and decided to try some straight away.
                          There are ten sachets in a box, I got one sachet out and thought that would not make an ample serving, so I decided to have two. It was handy not having to find a jug for the milk as you can pour it into the packet until it reaches the line. I cooked it in a saucepan and it said on the box it would take four minutes. Which it did.
                          Now the tasting, well what can I say...fantastic. It was creamy and smooth and had the right amount of golden syrup flavouring. I will admit though having two packets was a bit too much for me and had to leave some. Let me point out though I do not have the hugest appetite. One packet is more than enough for my children who are nine and ten. They love it and I feel happy they are going to school with a warm breakfast inside of them.
                          They are currently £2.83 in Asda, but costcutters have an offer this week for £1.29.


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                            19.05.2010 12:48
                            Very helpful
                            1 Comment



                            A healthy-ish breakfast that is very convenient and gives you oodles of energy

                            We got into Quaker Oats when we were training for the half marathon. As most experts will tell you - the carbohydrates are good for training, particularly with banana cut into it and a few raisins sprinkled on top.

                            The packages are idiot proof, with individual portions separated into sachets. Once the sachets are poured into a bowl, or saucepan, the milk is easily measured out in the left over sachet. Very clever! The back of the sachet even tells you how much milk to put in per sachet of oats (which still equates to 1 sachet of milk per 1 sachet of oats... I told you it was idiot proof!).

                            You pour the milk on top of the oats, whack it in the microwave and wait two minutes and voila! Instant healthy breakfast which gives you a lot of energy.

                            You can also do them on the hob by boiling the milk and stirring in the sachet of oats and simmering for two minutes. I find this actually gives a better result and tastes nicer, but to be honest, it takes away a lot of the convenience - the fact that you don't need to do washing up etc. I think that if I'm using the hob to make porridge, I may as well do real porridge from normal oats, which tend to be a bit cheaper.

                            That said, these aren't exactly expensive, there always seems to be an offer on 2 for £3 in our local supermarket, and individually i don't think they are much more.

                            We've since done the marathon, and I've reverted to cereal in the morning, since that is my favourite choice of food, but I work in an office, so I have this as a mid morning snack at my desk (the kitchen is just downstairs) - thinking it healthier than chocolate or crisps. The Golden Syrup one does have quite a bit of sugar in it I think, but there are original and apple and blackberry flavours too, so I tend to have the original with some honey mixed in afterwards. It works just as well for me. The sachets are really easy to bring to work, and we always have milk in the fridge (which the company pays for, for tea and coffee... you have to take all the perks that you can!). The only downside to these is that you do need milk. Ordinarily I make my porridge oats with water as it's a bit less creamy and I prefer it that way (and I've often run out of milk and forgotten to buy more!) but you can't make these with just water. It's not really a problem though.

                            My girlfriend doesn't like porridge, but did eat this for marathon training, and even requested we take a few with us when we went skiing for extra energy in the morning. That said, she only likes this golden syrup variety, and says original is too bland and apple and blackberry to false tasting.

                            Overall, a very convenient way to do porridge and a handy meal or snack any time of the day.


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                              30.04.2010 23:40
                              Very helpful



                              Better off using box porridge in microwave

                              Lets get something straight I have always loved porridge. What I have not always loved is the time it can take to make and the mess it creates on the pot, as well as the hob.

                              So, when I read a couple of glowing reviews of Oat So Simple by esteemed dooyooers, the only choice I had to make was which flavour. The following review is based on the Golden Syrup version, although I've also tried the plain one.

                              Quaker Oats So Simple GS comes in an oblong box that is a little bit fatter than I expected. You open the box on the side of the pack and it has the usual 'tuck me in' seal you expect for breakfast cereal - although, unless you are partial to half portions, I'm not certain why its there. Inside the box you have 10 sachets containing the oats with added syrup.

                              On the sachets there are what passes for instructions on the reverse side. These pictures explain that for one sachet you need a mug of milk, for two sachets two mugs etc. What it doesn't explain is how big 'their' mug is. Of course this product is for convenience, but it would be helpful to write how many ml of milk you need. It does state underneath how much milk to use if you are making it in a pot however. NB I read in another review that some sort of measuring device was included in their box, there was no such device in my box.

                              Another criticism is the estimate of how long it takes to make the porridge. Quaker makes great play of its '2 minutes for perfect porridge' headline grabber. Yet I find 2 minutes in my 800 w microwave using one sachet leaves a milky affair - thats unless my mugs are bigger than theirs. Who knows? I suspect the 2 minute claim is if the milk is room temperature and exactly the right amount is used. It wouldn't hurt to write these things down on the sachet would it?

                              It usually takes me 4 minutes or so and I use the 2 minute mark to stir. In truth it doesn't smell of much, not quite as porridgey as pot porridge does. How it looks really depends on how long you've had it in for and whether you have been closeby the microwave. But you can get a perfect looking bowl of porridge from this - it isn't like a microwave meal where the product never lives up to the picture. For the most part it tastes exactly as you would have hoped, oaty as porridge should, but a bit too sweet for me - the convenience of having syrup inside turns into the additional inconvinience of having to raid the usual porridge box to 'water down' the sweetness before putting it in the microwave.

                              In the final analysis, it is a success: this is considerably faster to prepare than pot porridge, doesn't leave the mess and tastes good.

                              However, I fail to see the advantage of using this over a normal box (or Ready Brek) and microwaving, at a much cheaper price per oat. It won't take me any longer to work out how long it should be in the microwave and I think I'm capable of carrying out the mind numbingly complex task of measuring out a single serving of porridge that is, in effect the only convinience you are getting here.


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