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Quaker Pawridge Originals

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Brand: Quaker / Type: Cereal

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    3 Reviews
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      08.06.2010 10:07
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      A fun healthy breakfast

      I like my six year old to start the day with a filling nutritious cereal, with no additives. The natural choice therefore is porridge, however she is six now and getting a bit bored of the same old thing every day.

      That is when I found these! The brightly coloured, child friendly box makes the food more appealing instantly to children, when I got this box out and let her choose which sachet she would like my daughter was thrilled. They are just the right size for little ones too, which stops wastage. However this works out more expensive than buying a normal box of porridge, but there are some occasions when it is worth spending that bit more, and this is one of them!

      Each Sachet has an animal on, these little characters are the selling point of the cereal and my daughter loves them, especially The Red Panda. On the sachet then is an activity and some little facts about the animal. The picture on the packet can also be coloured in, if you have a few minutes left before the trip to school in a morning.

      There is a website, which has more information on the animals and some packets have a "Special Paw Print" that can be used with a web cam on the website and will show one of the Paw Ridge characters.

      I think these are brilliant, there are so many unhealthy options with children's advertising on, and it is nice to see something natural and healthy being aimed specifically at children. The added information about the animals is a bonus as it is informative and interesting, to get little brains going in the morning. This is a great idea!

      There are no artificial sweeteners in this so it can either be enjoyed on its own, or for a treat we have a dash of honey to add a hint of sweetness. There are instructions for both microwave and hob cooking and I have found that both give enjoyable results.



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        25.03.2010 02:16
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        great start to any day, quick and easy to prepare.

        Quaker Oats Pawridge......Honey flavoured porridge oats.

        Ive always been a great fan of porridge oats, and I like to have a bowl of cereals in the mornings as I feel that it helps to set you up for the day, and feels that gap and stops you from snacking until lunchtime.

        I was pleased to notice in my local Sainsbury's store these porridge oats made by Quaker Oats in sale two packets for the price of £3.00.

        Each packet containing eight sachets and they are just so great because you can microwave them in just 90 seconds. They come in a brightly coloured packet with a picture of what looks like a large bear holding the biggest ever bowl of cereals.

        The box containing eight individual sachets, each one coming in an easy to opem thick paper packet inside.

        If you are lucky enough to get a packet with a big paw print on it then it tells you to go to their website to see what you have won.

        You simply mix this with milk and then put into a microwave proof dish and microwave for just 90 seconds and there you have ready to eat pipping hot porridge, just enough for one person in each sachet.

        Alternatively you can simply boil 160 mls of milk in a saucepan, stiring into this one sachet of the porridge flakes, simmer until all of the liquid has been absorbed, stirring occasionally, hey presto easy porridge.

        The taste, well the one I brought because I like to have sweet things is the honey flavoured which means that I dont have to add sugar as it is a lovely sweet tasting porridge anyway.

        They do tell you on the front of the packet that there is no lumps in this, and providing you stir well it doesnt seem to have any lumps in it.

        This is free from artificial flavours and colours, so thats a plus.

        This is made by Quaker oats which is a name I personally trust, and has been around for a long time.
        Allergy Advice.

        May contain traces of wheat and barley due to the farming practices.

        Typical values :
        Nutritional Information:
        per 100 grams servings.
        Protein : 9.6gs.
        Trace of Sodium.

        Ingredients :
        Quaker Finely Rolled Oats.
        Wholegrain Oats 87.7percent.
        Sugar. Natural Flavouring.

        By appointment to her majesty the Queen written on the side of the packet.

        I really enjoy eating this porridge, it is quick and easy to use, and is great if you are dining alone for breakfast, as you dont have any waste, as each portion is just enough to satisfy your needs (for one person). It tastes really creamy, you can add water to this, but I prefer to use milk from my daily allowance as it makes for a much creamier and lovely tasting porridge.

        The porridge with the added taste of honey is just sweet enough that you need not be tempted to add extra sugar to your bowl of porridge, or paw ridge as they at Quakers like to call it.

        I would recommend this to you as a great start to any morning.
        Thanks for reading and rating my reviews x.


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          10.03.2010 13:18
          Very helpful



          A great smooth porridge

          I can't quite remember where I had the chance to request a sample of Quaker's new porridge but suffice it to say that I did and was extremely surprised at the result! I expected a small amount of the product to try but I received 30 sachets of their new smooth porridge - now that's what I call a sample. The sachets were in a large jiffy bag (which will be reused) and they even included a flattened box for me to see how they would appear in the supermarket.

          I normally have Quaker Oats So Simple for breakfast during the winter months which is a microwaveable porridge having the rough texture of the oats. Apparently some children don't like this texture so Quaker has developed Paw Ridge which is a smooth version.

          Since this is such a new product I don't think it is readily available but I have found it on the Ocado site where a box containing 10 sachets and currently cost £1.99. As far as I know there is currently only one flavour available which is the original unsweetened one but since Oats So Simple comes in a variety of flavours I am guessing that Quaker will produce more flavours of Paw Ridge if the cereal becomes popular.

          The box is smaller and squatter than your average cereal pack. It has the Quaker Oats name and the logo of the Quaker at the top. The rest of the pack depicts a blue sky over a green field with mountains in the background and a cartoon red panda and brown bear in the foreground with a bowl of porridge.

          The writing tells us that this product is 100% natural; it will microwave in 90 seconds and has no lumps in it. Along the bottom of the pack there is the usual nutritional information to show how much sugar, salt etc there is in the product expressed as a percentage of a child's guideline daily amount.

          On one side of the pack there is the full nutritional information and the ingredients which I will list here - 100% Quaker finely rolled wholegrain oats. On the other side are the instructions showing how to prepare the porridge either on the hob or in the microwave.

          The information on the back of the pack is aimed at the children and this is where Brenda the red panda introduces herself and tells us about the website and how to find the other animals there.

          It also tells us why the name of the porridge is Paw Ridge - just say it out loud to yourself - Paw Ridge = porridge and yes, I hadn't realised this until I read it on the pack! I had not had any reason to say the name out loud so it hadn't dawned on me - yes I am that thick!

          Inside the box the porridge will be found in individual sachets. Each sachet has one of the five Paw Ridge animals on it together with some interesting facts and something for the child to do such as how to draw Marv the Bear. There are also instructions on how to make the porridge in the microwave.

          To make the cereal you just empty the sachet into a bowl, then refill the sachet with milk up to the line drawn across near to the top of the sachet, empty that into the bowl and then microwave for 90 seconds on full power - simple!

          If you want to make this in a saucepan on the hob just put the oats and 160ml of milk in the pan and simmer stirring occasionally until all the milk has been absorbed.

          The smell as the cereal cooks is just an ordinary porridge smell, so very nice but nothing out of the ordinary.

          The taste is not at all sweet as the product is just purely oats and nothing else. Obviously it can be sweetened with sugar or taken with salt as the Scots do if that's what floats your boat! I have eaten mine with a squeeze of Golden Syrup or with a spoonful of my St Dalfour no added sugar jam. I must admit that I found the taste to be lovely either way. I could eat it with no sweetening but I would rather have the jam of the syrup if I am honest.

          The porridge itself is very smooth as advertised and, although I do prefer the rougher texture of the ordinary oats, I have enjoyed eating my free samples. Incidentally you may remember that I said at the start of this review that this new smooth version has been developed because children don't like the rough texture of ordinary oats. My sister also had a free sample of Paw Ridge and her partner's 8 year old son doesn't like it because it is too smooth! You can't win them all!

          The nutritional information per 25g sachet made up with 160ml of semi skimmed milk is as follows:

          Calories 164
          Protein 8.6g
          Carbohydrate 22.7g
          Of which sugars 8g
          Fat 4.9g
          Of which saturates 2.2g
          Salt 0.2g

          Obviously if you are counting calories you would need to add the calorie value of any sweetener that you add to the porridge.

          In conclusion I have enjoyed eating my free sample but I will stick to buying the Oats So Simple as I prefer the texture of that particular porridge.


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