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Rice Krispies Squares Crazy Choc

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Type: Cereal

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    5 Reviews
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      03.09.2010 15:43
      Very helpful



      A yummy non-square snack that's good for a sweet treat

      I am currently attempting to improve my diet and reduce my bad snacking habits buut I have a real sweet tooth and a big weakness for sugary treats. I found these Rice Krispies Crazy Choc Squares in the cereal bar section of my local supermarket, where they were on special offer at the cost of £1.00 for a multi-pack.

      The Squares are each individually sealed in a foil wrapper, and there were four bars in the pack that I purchased. They were certainly a bargain as that works out at a cost of just 25p per bar. I almost didn't notice that these were not the ordinary plain flavoured Rice Krispies Squares, as the outer packaging is closely matched and they look similar.

      Kellog's say: "Have you checked out 'Crazy Choc?'
      Now your favourite Rice Krispies Squares are available in a great new flavour.
      The new light and crispy toasted rice & chewy marshmallow snack is topped with multi coloured crispy coated chocolate pieces."

      Basically a Rice Krispies Square is a rectangular shaped block made up of Kellog's Rice Krispies cereal and coated in a gooey marshmallow sauce which binds it all together. It's not actually a square! But I'll allow them to get away with the misleading and erroneous name, as they taste absolutely fantastic.

      The Rice Krispies stay true to their name, and are indeed very crispy and have a light and airy crunchy texture. The marshmallow coating is deliciously sweet and sticky, and adds a bit of a chewy texture to balance the crisped rice. You can tell these things are going to be bad for you as the sugar level is instantly noticeable and they are very sweet and sugary to taste. The flavour is quite plain but it's very pleasant and these have a slight edge on the ordinary plain bars.

      The secret ingredient in these bars is the oddly titled Crazy Choc. This is added as a topping over the upper layer of the Square bar, and looks very much like a tiny version of Smarties of M&M chocolates. They are milk chocolate drops with a crispy sugar coating and the flavour complements and adds to the sweetness of the overall bar. There is not a lot of the Crazy Choc as it's just on one side, and not dispersed throughout the bar as I had expected it to be. That said, it adds enough diversity to make it stand out from the original flavour Squares.

      I think that these bars are most probably made to appeal to kids but my boyfriend and I love them just as much as any child would! Any parent who gives these bars to their child is a brave soul indeed, I can just picture the sugar-induced hyperactive boost that will follow...!

      These are a tasty snack that are very convenient thanks to the individual packaging, and I often take these out with me when I don't have time to have a proper breakfast or when I fancy a quick snack. These are best eaten infrequently as they are very unhealthy - sugar makes up just over 1/3 of the contents! But as a treat or occasional snack they are very satisfying and I can't deny that they taste amazing.

      Ingredients: Toasted Rice Cereal (31%) (Rice, Sugar, Salt, Barley Malt Flavouring, Niacin, Iron, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin (B2), Thiamin (B1), Folic Acid, Vitamin B12), Marshmallow (29%) (Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Pork Gelatin, Flavouring), Fructose, Sugar Coated Chocolate Pieces (10%) (Sugar, Toasted Rice Cereal (31%) (Rice, Sugar, Salt, Barley Malt Flavouring, Niacin, Iron, Vitamin B6, Riboflavin (B2), Thiamin (B1), Folic Acid, Vitamin B12), Marshmallow (29%) (Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Pork Gelatin, Flavouring), Fructose, Sugar Coated Chocolate Pieces(10%) (Sugar, Chocolate {Sugar, Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Emulsifier [Soy Lecithin], Flavouring, Maize Starch, Colours: Titanium Dioxide, Curcumin, Carmine, Copper Complexes of Chlorophyllins, Stabiliser Gum Arabic, Glazing Agents: Carnauba Wax, Beeswax), Vegetable Oil, Invert Sugar Syrup, Glucose Syrup, Humectant (Glycerol), Flavouring (Contains Milk), Emulsifier (E472e, E472a), Antioxidant (E320).

      Nutritional values per 100g:
      - kJ 1784 - kcal 423
      Protein (g) 3
      Carbohydrates (g) 78 - sugars (g) 34 - starch (g) 43
      Fat (g) 11 - saturates (g) 6
      Fibre (g) 0.9
      Sodium (g) 0.25


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        02.08.2009 21:37
        Very helpful



        A delicious cereal bar for children.

        Knowing my granddaughters' were coming for the weekend I went shopping for some goodies for them on Friday, one item I bought being a pack of four Rice Krispies Squares in the Crazy Choc variety.

        What you get for your money is a fairly substantial (but very light in weight) cereal bar, only it's so much more exciting than the adult cereal bars I buy as a Rice Krispies Square is made of Rice Krispies which have been bound together with marshmallow and topped with small balls of sugar coated chocolate.

        I ate one along with the girls' and must say I was much more impressed than I thought I would be. This is such a light and airy cereal bar simply because the ingredients used in its creation are light and airy. The Rice Krispies are still a little crunchy although they have also attained a lovely chewy consistency thanks to the soft and very sweet marshmallow.

        The flavour of the cereal bar is rather sweet, although this certainly isn't cloyingly so and it certainly satisfied a sweet craving much better than I thought it would. It has a fairly delicate flavour in which you can pick out the slightly toasted flavour of the cereals and also the sugariness of the marshmallow. The chocolate pieces are like very small Smarties only they have a much less chocolaty flavour than the original Smarties.

        Despite the fact that this product is called Crazy Choc there is actually very little chocolate flavour in them. This was fine with me as I adore the subtle yet distinct sweetness of the Rice Krispies Squares, they have a delicious creamy taste and texture which is down to the marshmallow used to cement the cereal bar.

        I actually found the Squares much more filling than I thought they would be. Honestly, the cereal has an almost melt in the mouth consistency which led me to believe that the bar would be a quick sugar fix which would soon disappear. Not so. After eating my bar I felt like I'd actually eaten something (unlike many adult cereal bars after which I'm still starving) and my appetite was satisfied for a good couple of hours afterwards.

        Each 28g bar contains 118 calories and 3.5g of fat, which are fairly high figures I agree but considering this is such a sweet and chewy treat I don't think the calories are too bad at all.


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          30.06.2009 17:55
          Very helpful



          Very good idea from Kellogg's

          What a fantastic idea! We came across these the other day when choosing a snack for our son as a treat for being good. We were in the car, so choc wasn't a problem as much as if he was let off the reins, as such, and he chose this. We looked at it dubiously, before shrugging and forking out the 50p or so it cost (service station) and handing it over to the little man.

          He had devoured it within minutes of getting it, pausing only briefly to graciously give mummy and daddy some before the rest of the 36g bar disappeared down his throat. You can buy these in packs of 4 as well, and they're actually very nice.

          Essentially, they are just a rectangular bar of rice krispies that are all held together by gooey choc, in this case. There are other flavours out there, but these are the ones we got this time. They're almost like cocopops, but the difference is that while the cocopops are actually made with the choc as an ingredient, these are rice krispies with the choc added afterwards when making the bar to gel them together. The taste is the same, and you don't actually get too chocolatey.

          It's easy to unwrap light foil plastic wrapping, which you can also use to grip so you don't get bits of choc on your fingers, although like I said, if you do hold it, it's not as bad as you would think. They are crunchy and chewy at the same time, and the choc taste is lovely, making it appealing in terms of taste as well as texture.

          Nutritionally, it's a choc treat, so don't expect miracles on your waistline if you eat too any of these. Each 36g bar gives you around 160cals, which is okay considering what you're eating, but still not ideal if you're counting. There are over 20g of carbs and 5g of fat, too.

          Overall, I recommend these. They're tasty and easy to eat, a great idea for portable cereal (in a way!) and they're not as bad for you as you might think. The ones I bought cost 50p for the individual bar, but I know you can get them a lot cheaper, around the £1 mark for a pack of 4. Either way, a recommended product.


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            04.04.2009 18:50
            Very helpful



            A nice chocolate treat with little fat content.

            Crispy but crunchy chocolate

            One of my favourite snack/cereal bars that I have always eaten since the product launched is Rice Crispy squares. These are a really simple idea where Rice Krispies are mixed with Marshmallow. This gives a nice sticky texture. However this product has evolved and I personally prefer the Caramel option of the square. Carmel is mixed into the Marshmallow and gives a sweeter taste to the bar. Also on this bar you get chocolate dizzled over the top of it. However on a recent trip to Tesco I spotted these on offer at £1 for a pack of 4 bars, so I instantly treated myself.

            Totally Chocolate bar

            This bar is new to the market and is Choclate Rice Krispies (aka Coco Pops) mixed with the marshmallow, which then has chocolate chunks on the top of it. Also on the top of the product is yet more of that chocolate as this is smeared over the top of it.

            The Packaging

            These Crispy squares come in a purple packet, which then has a brown segment in the middle, where there is yellow text symbolising the product name.

            The Taste

            Don't get me wrong I have a sweet tooth - however this product on paper is arguably to sweet. However many things are done on paper. The product isn't actually to sickly and the chocolate taste comes thoroughly pleasantly, while the crunchy texture of the Krispies is still present. The choclate taste was not over powering but comes through nicely. I have certainly had over bars which are to sweet, but I did not think this one was.

            The texture between the crunchy and the chewy aspect of the product is a reason that I have always liked them, and it also reminds me of cakes my mama used to bake when I was young.

            Nutrition information

            Each bar weights 36grammes which gives you

            158 Kcal
            5g of fat
            26g of carbohydrates
            1.5g of protein
            0.5g of fibra

            The Fat and calories I think is quite a lot lower then I would expect as this is such a sweet product. However for a treat I think this is excellent way to take on board you naughty things like chocolate


            £1 for a pack of 4 on offer in Tesco's which I think is excellent value


            Something I will definatley be buying again - especially if the price stays at £1 for a pack.


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              05.05.2008 17:46
              Very helpful



              A nice treat for the bairns (and me....lol).

              On my daily jaunt to my local Asda, my eagle eyed daughter spotted this product, being as insistent as she was for me to purchase them, the only comfort that I could take from the guilt trip she started laying on me, (I am daring to have a couple of days away this weekend with my husband and friends...... child free!), was that I could hopefully review it!

              The product I will now review is "Kelloggs rice krispies squares - crazy choc".

              Anyone familiar with the original rice krispies squares will be aware of the eye catching turquoise packet with the "squares" logo written in large letters across the front in bright yellow.

              This product is the same as the original afore mentioned product with the added extra of tiny sugar coated chocolate pieces, which are effectively Smarties.

              ~~~~~~ THE PACKAGING ~~~~~~

              As I mentioned before, the packaging is turquoise in colour, but due to the name of the product the packet is also dotted with "crazy" squares of bright colours...ie gold, pink, green purple etc.....

              The lettering is all the same as the original packet, the large yellow letters spelling out "squares", the "kelloggs and rice krispies" logos written in red and white and the "crazy choc" logo written in red and gold. There is also a large red panel on the left hand side of the packet that states this product is "new!"

              ~~~~~~ THE PRODUCT ~~~~~~

              Within the packet there are four packaged square bars, all bearing the same markings and colourings as the outside packet.

              Upon opening the bar you notice the rice krispies and the stark whiteness of the melted marshmallow that binds the bar together, this gives the bar a lovely sheen to it. Also noticeable are the many brightly coloured sweets dotted over the top of the bar.

              ~~~~~~ THE TASTE ~~~~~~

              The taste is intensely sweet and surprisingly creamy, due to the marshmallow. The krispies are still really crispy and the bar is delicious and chewy...mmmmm!

              ~~~~~~ NUTRIONAL INFORMATION ~~~~~~

              Each bar weighs 28g for each one there is - 118kcal
              3.5g fat
              2g of which saturates

              This makes each bar 2 weight watchers points (if your interested!), but also makes them a reasonably low calorie snack.

              ~~~~~~ PRICE AND AVAILABILITY ~~~~~~

              These cost me £1.00 from Asda, this is the first time I have seen them, but as they do not state that they are a "one off", I am quietly confident they will be around for a while.

              ~~~~~~ CONCLUSION ~~~~~~

              These are a lovely snack or treat, despite being very sweet they are not sickly and are very light and not stodgy, making them a joy to eat!

              Thanks for reading x


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