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Rumblers Oat Crunch Double Belgian Chocolate

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Brand: Rumblers / Type: Cereal

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    3 Reviews
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      08.04.2013 20:40
      Very helpful



      Oat Clusters with Belgian Chocolate

      The Product
      = = = = = =
      The product I am reviewing is Rumblers Pots which are packed full of wholemeal fibre, cholesterol reducing oats and the natural goodness of low-fat probiotic yogurt. The product has no artificial colours or flavourings and no added salt or vegetable fat. The pots are great for breakfast on the go, a dessert for your lunch or a snack between meals. I had never heard of this product before until I popped into my local Tesco store and saw them in the fridge near the yogurts and breakfast pots. I thought they sounded delicious and would be perfect to eat in between meals if I felt hungry so I purchase the Belgian Chocolate flavour. Although they were on offer, I hadn't had them before so didn't want to purchase more than one in case I didn't like them. The pot comes in 2 halves, both of which are sealed together by plastic. On the plastic it tells you about the product such as what it is and it also gives you a list of ingredients and nutritional information. It also tells you how to eat your Rumblers. The top pot is clear and contains a plastic spoon and the oat clusters along with some Belgian chocolate curls. The bottom half of the pot is smaller and has a foil seal. This contains the yogurt. I actually think the oat clusters with the Belgian chocolate curls looks quite appetising and I was looking forwards to trying it later for a mid morning snack. This product is best served chilled and because it's yogurt it should be kept in the fridge anyway. I took of the plastic which joined the 2 pots together and took the white plastic spoon out which is in with the oat clusters.

      = = = = = = = =
      You can apparently purchase Rumbler pots at a range of different supermarkets and other local stores such as Boots, BP Garage and Londis. Prices may vary in different stores. I purchased a single pot from my local Tesco store for just £1.00. I am unsure what the full price was but it wasn't more than £1.60. Rumblers come in the following flavours:

      * Oat Clusters with Raspberries
      * Oat Clusters with Belgian Chocolate
      * Oat Clusters with Strawberries

      Appearance/Smell/Taste Test
      = = = = = = = = = = = = =
      The oat clusters are a light golden colour which smells very cereal like. You can clearly see different bits of Belgian chocolate in amongst the clusters which are different shapes and sizes including chocolate chunks and also chocolate curls. This is dark chocolate and white chocolate. The oat clusters look crunchy but also very dry, how-ever with the yogurt I'm sure the oat clusters would become less dry. I shook the yogurt as states on the foil seal and then peeled the small tab off which reveal a small pouring hole to ensure the yogurt didn't spill out anywhere when pouring it into the pot with the oat clusters and chocolate. The yogurt was easy to pour into the other pot as it wasn't too thick. After pouring the yogurt in with the oat clusters I mixed it altogether to ensure the oat clusters were covered well. There was now a distinct yogurt smell which smelt appetising. The spoon which comes with the pot is made from white plastic and simply unfolds and clips together. I had a spoonful of the oats and yogurt and as soon as it entered my mouth I could taste a yogurt taste. Due to the oat clusters the texture felt slightly rough against my tongue but the yogurt gave it a lovely creamy taste. The oat clusters had a nice crunch to them and tasted lovely with the yogurt. Although there wasn't a huge amount of chocolate in with the clusters I manage to get a piece of chocolate with at least every spoonful which was good as it gave the clusters and yogurt a slightly sweet, chocolatey taste. If you leave the clusters in the yogurt for too long they do start become soft. They taste ok soft but I prefer them slightly crunchy. The spoon that comes with the pots is a good size and is strong enough to finish eating the product with. After eating the yogurt and clusters I had a slight after taste in my mouth which was mainly of the oats and there were a few small bits of the clusters round my teeth, how-ever with a drink or water or some chewing gum these small pieces soon disappeared.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = =
      Although this product may not look that appealing to some people it appealed to me and I am glad I purchased it to try as I really enjoyed it. The pot was very satisfying and tasted delicious with the crunchy oats and the pieces of Belgian Chocolate. This is perfect for on the go as everything you need such as a spoon is included in the pot and you can simply throw away the pots and the spoon after you have finished eating. I found the pot to be extremely satisfying and is a great as a snack in between meals rather than having a chocolate bar or packet of crisps which is what I sometimes tend to go for. In terms of value I think the product was extremely reasonable at just £1.00, and I would definitely purchase the pots again, even at full price. Although the other flavours don't appeal to me as much as the chocolate would I would definitely try them after finding out how tasty this pot was. I would definitely recommend these to others as they taste great and are very satisfying.

      Nutritional Information
      = = = = = = = = = =
      The following nutritional information is per serving of the Belgian Chocolate flavour.

      * Protein - 9.6g (21% RDA)
      * Carbohydrates - 38.8g (17% RDA) of which sugars - 18.9g (21% RDA)
      * Fat - 9.2g (13% RDA) of which saturates - 2.1g (10% RDA)
      * Fibre - 3.8g (16% RDA)
      * Sodium - 0.1g (3% RDA)

      (review also on ciao)


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        26.05.2011 14:47
        Very helpful



        Healthy yoghurt and granola with tasty chocolate thrown in

        I discovered Rumblers Oat Crunch Double Belgian Chocolate several months ago when browsing in Boots for something tasty (and perhaps healthy) to have for my breakfast. I tend to be rather bad at eating breakfast at home, I prefer an extra few minutes in bed, so I sometimes pick something up on the way to work on the days I haven't brought a yoghurt or cereal bar from home.

        The large Rumblers pot was priced at £1.35, and promised me granola, bio yoghurt and pieces of Belgian chocolate - I like all of that, so it seemed like a good choice for me. I now have a Rumblers Oat Crunch 2-3 times a week, so you'll gather that yes, I did like it that first time.

        The Rumblers Oat Crunch comes in two pots held together with plastic wrapping. Pull this off and you have a foil covered pot containing the yoghurt, and a clear plastic pot with the granola and chocolate. The clear pot also has a folded plastic spoon in it which you'll want to retrieve before you go any further. Give the yoghurt pot a shake, peel off the small red sticker on top and that leaves a hole from which to pour the yoghurt onto the granola. The yoghurt pours out easily although I never feel that I manage to get all of it out. The benefit of mixing the yoghurt in yourself rather than it coming pre-mixed is that you can choose how much to pour into the granola.

        The granola is in reasonably small pieces, and is not tooth-breaking as some granola can be. It is easy to eat and very tasty. The yoghurt is a nice straightforward plain bio yoghurt - no fancy tastes, no overpowering taste like I sometimes find in plain Greek yoghurt. The chocolate is mixed through the granola and comes in two forms - small cubes of plain chocolate, and little hollow cylinders of milk and white chocolate. These cylinders are my favourite part of the whole thing - I tend to eat the granola and yoghurt mix around all the chocolate, and save it for last so that I can have a mouthful of chocolate. The amount of chocolate included is just right - any less and there wouldn't be enough, any more and you'd end up with a pot of mostly chocolate (and now I'm wondering why I'm saying that would be a bad thing...)

        Another thing I like about the Rumblers Oat Crunch (aside from it being very tasty) is that it is sneaky. I work with a lot of very health conscious people (to give an example, we get breakfast from the company once a week and one woman spouted off to me about how disgusting it was that we have a plate of cakes with it considering how many people are obese in this country...maybe she was trying to tell me something about my weight) and although I don't pretend to be a health freak, I try not to flaunt my love of crisps, cakes and chocolate and my gym allergy. However, with the Rumblers Oat Crunch I don't think anyone notices that I'm having chocolate for breakfast - it just looks like yoghurt and granola unless you look closely. Sneaky.

        A note on availability - Boots is the only place that I have seen this. I've seen the raspberry version in a Co op, but I haven't seen this one in any supermarket, or on Tesco online.

        To sum up, the Rumblers Oat Crunch is great for breakfast, or would make a nice snack later in the day. At £1.35 it's pretty good value, but not something for everyday given that you can buy multipacks of yoghurt or cereal bars for about the same.


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          14.01.2010 12:04
          Very helpful



          Try it for yourself!

          Well yet again I was running late for work again this morning (I hate January and I can't for the life of me get back into the swing of things). With me waking up an hour before I was due into work, breakfast wasn't exactly a priority. However I ran into boots (which is across the road from my work to grab a yogurt).

          If you have read my other Rumblers review you will know I am a big fan of the strawberry / raspberry flavour. However today I saw the Rumblers oat Crunch Double Belgian Chocolate and Bio Yogurt and I decided to give it a go.

          This yogurt was £1 - however it can be bought as part of the Boots meal deal (which is £2.99 for a drink, sandwich and yogurt). I am yet to see these in the supermarket, but that's probably because it is a fairly new product. I am sure they will soon make their way into a Tescos near you!

          Like the other Rumblers products, this yogurt is great if you are on the move. The product is split into two compartments that are linked with a piece of thin plastic. In one compartment you have got the oats with small pieces of Belgian chocolate; you will find a plastic spoon in there too. In the other compartment is the bio yogurt. You shake the yogurt and pour it into the plastic container with the oats and chocolate. However I do recommend tearing the foil lid on the yogurt because quite a bit will be stuck it the bottom and you can remove this with the plastic spoon.

          This yogurt contains 278.1 calories and 10.9g of fat (2.5g of saturated fat), so it's not too calorific and it does fill you up.

          I am a big fan of the natural yogurt Rumblers use - it is creamy and very tasty. Although the yogurt is quite runny, when it is added to the oats it doesn't make them soggy, so it is a very crunchy desert. I was a little disappointed because I couldn't really taste the chocolate in this product and personally, I would opt for one of the fruit-based Rumblers yogurts the next time I make a purchase.

          I think the Rumblers products are great if you want a tasty snack and you don't have any cutlery with you. Personally I prefer other products in the Rumblers range, however this is still a very tasty yogurt. Four out of five stars.


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