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Ryvita Muesli Crunch

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Brand: Ryvita /Muesli / Type: Muesli

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    4 Reviews
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      26.03.2009 07:01
      Very helpful



      Yummy. Even if you dont like the original ryvita, try these.

      I'm not a big fan of ryvita as they can be very plain - I've tried toppings on them in packed lunch but by the time I get round to eating them the topping has soaked into the crispbread and made it go all soggy!! So I thought I'd give these new Ryvita Crunh bars a try, as I heard that you can dunk them in your tea as a healthy alternative to a biscuit and yo dont need to put any topping on them. Whe I bought them the were £1.26 a box or two for £2, so I bit the bullet and bought two packs. They come in an attractive purple box, with the crispbreads inside within a sealed inner pack for freshness. You get aout 15 crispbreads in the pack - i know that doesnt sound a lot but once you get all the seeds etc on the top of them they can be quite thick! have tested dunking them in tea and can confirm that they are tasty!! I was very put off when someone mentioned dunking a ryvita in tea, as all I could think of was the original ryvita. But they do give a pleasant texture when dunked in tea. Be warned though - they can leave big bits at the bottom of the tea cup!
      They are good for you as they are highh in fibre and low in fat. There are only 57 calories per slice, and only 0.1g of saturated fat. In a plain digestive biscuit there are around 70 calories, and a lot more fat!!
      I dont think I'd advise putting a topping on these - they really are better off plain. I've eaten them plain (without dunking them) and they are not dry at all like the original ryvitas were. The raisins are what gives them their moist taste I think.
      Overall I think these are very yummy and will definitely be buying them again - only problem is I get addicted to dunking them in my tea and before I know it half the packet is gone!!


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      31.10.2008 19:01
      Very helpful
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      Not like cardboard, unlike the originals!

      Being on a low fat diet is not easy, cutting out fats items is easy you would think but the amount of fat in a lot of things is higher than you actually realise. Although I am not usually one for biscuits as you would expect me to be from the product I am reviewing today I decided to try these to add a sweet treat or two into my full on diet to make me feel like I was a little less deprived and also to try and make myself less likely to 'cheat'.

      Ryvita is a well-known brand that I can remember my mother eating when she was on a diet back when I was a kid. With time comes change and they have modernised to fit in with the changing market and now offer more than just the original cardboard crisp breads they used to. They now do snack bags of a product that I assume is similar to crisps, these come in an assortment of flavours and are something I am planning on trying in the near future. Also they now do a cereal type bar but I don't know much about these.

      They do several varieties of the crisp breads now this being one of them but they also do the original, multigrain, sesame seed, hemp seed and spelt, dark rye, pumpkin seed and oat, sunflower seed and oat and muesli crunch.
      They are now bringing out two new varieties, rosemary and garlic and tomato and basil. I am very interested in seeing these!

      I have tried a couple of the varieties previously mentioned but out of all of them, these, these are my favourites!

      They come in a colourful box with an inner bag containing them to keep them fresh and crispy. They are a thin biscuit like crisp bread, flat on top with indentations underneath, I will come back to these later on in my review.

      They measure almost a centimetre thick and are 10cm by 6cm. The top is dusty and not too appealing to look at but the underside with the aforementioned indentations also has obvious pieces of oats and pumpkin seeds. With close inspection you can even see grains of sugar.

      I like to eat these alone as they are or with a thin layer of mashed banana on them. To me serving suggestions with these are limited, I want to keep it low in fat but even if you open up to any topping there aren't many that would work.

      The indentations are very handy when I have mashed bananas on them as the indentations mean that the banana doesn't slide off, they would have the same effect with any other wet topping so I think they are a brilliant idea, I take it that is why they are made with them anyway.

      They are crisp enough to be like a biscuit but not to the point where they are difficult to eat. They don't go soggy from my banana either, not that I leave it lying around a long time to find out.

      The currants, oats and pumpkin seeds really add to the flavour and over all appeal of these but for me the small amount of sugar they add to them makes all the difference and makes them seem like a treat rather than boring old diet food.

      Per biscuit they are 57 calories and 1g of fat.

      These cost £1.33 in Asda but I sometimes get them on offer at two for two pounds. They aren't that cheap but I enjoy them so will carry on paying that price for them.

      They add roughage and variety into my diet and they don't add too much to my calorie and fat intake! I like them for breakfast!


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        02.06.2008 19:47
        Very helpful



        Great as a biscuit alternative.

        OK, so today it was back to the diet! I do slimming world and have not attended a group for about 3 months now due to being a few lb over my target weight. In an attempt to not have to pay again when I go back this week I am trying to be really good!

        So as I was munching on a Muesli Crunch Ryvita as part of my healthy b option today I thought I would give these a quick review!

        When I first tried these I had seen the advert with Fern dipping them into a cup of tea and first thought how disgusting (I don't drink tea or coffee and the thought of dipping any type of biscuit into said tea of coffee makes me feel sick), secondly I thought maybe they would be really dry and you would need to dunk them in something to make them edible.

        I was wrong about them being dry, but not about dunking them!

        The best way to describe this type of ryvita is comparing it to a garibaldi biscuit. That is because the ryvita is similar in size and shape (except being thicker) than the usual ryvita's and made of the same fiber rich stuff, but inside it is packed full of currents. On top are pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, brown sugar (which you can see as quite large crystals) and honey.

        They are really crunchy with the currents giving you a little bit of a chewy texture which I have to say is lovely. They are quite sweet although not as much as conventional biscuits. They are quite filling because they are fibre rich, and also good for you due to the high amount of fibre.

        I'm sure you can all imagine how disgusting biting into a dry ryvita would normally be, but these really are more of a biscuit and can take the edge off of a craving for something sweet without being too bad for you.

        Each ryvita contains 57 Cals, 1g fat and 1.7g fibre. You get about 16 in each packet which costs around about £1.30, if you shop around you will often find special deals. If you are doing the slimming world diet I can tell you that 2 of these make a healthy b choice so it's great as an afternoon snack (or 3 syns each if not eaten as a healthy extra).


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          18.03.2008 21:25
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A nice alternative to fattening biscuits.

          Ok, so as you may have gathered from my last review I am now officially dieting........ AGAIN!!
          So in my quest for twiggyness I needed to find something low calorie and low in Weight Watchers points to nibble on and sate my ever increasing appetite.

          I have never been much of a Ryvita fan, I have always thought they looked like little slabs of paper mache so never really went out of my way to try them, until now.

          These new ryvitas were recommended to me by a friend claiming them to be like a sweet and drier version of a garibaldi, not quite I thought upon trying them, but very nice anyway!

          The product I will review is Ryvita muesli crunch.

          ~~~~~~ THE PACKAGING ~~~~~~

          The box is of normal size for ryvitas and is burgundy in colour, I have to be honest on first seeing it, it did make me think of currants, not sure why!
          In the centre of the box there is the name of the afore mentioned product, and across the top of that is an arc of oats, pumpkin seeds and currants, some of the goodies included in the slices.
          There is rather a lot of information across the front and back of the box, giving all the nutritional information, ingredients, vitamins and minerals which I will cover a little later.

          ~~~~~~ THE RYVITA SLICE ~~~~~~

          Ok, as I mentioned earlier I have never been a "ryvita eater", so upon taking one from the box I didn't feel particularly anymore inclined towards them!
          The slice is rectangular in shape and light brown in colour, the base of the ryvita is flat but the top is covered in little round indentations.
          The first thing you notice is the high quantity if seeds on the top of the slice, visible are oat flakes, toasted pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, also there is a little glitter to the top and upon closer inspection you can see tiny brown sugar crystals.

          As you bite into the ryvita you get an immediate hit of wheat this is soon followed by the brown sugar and the currants which are not visible but run through the centre of the slice just like a garibaldi, must be why it reminds my friend of one!

          The seeds and oats add texture and crunch, and the pumpkin seeds have a lovely distinctive taste which rounds off the slice lovely.

          ~~~~~~ NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION ~~~~~~

          Ok, bear with me on this one!

          Per slice there is - Calories 57
          Sugars 3.5g
          Fat 1.0g
          Sat fat 0.1g
          Fibre 1.7g
          Salt trace

          With this information I was able to work out these are 1 W.W point per slice, which is quite good due to the sweetness!

          Also this product boast only "natural" ingredients, including- Wholegrain rye
          Sunflower and pumpkin seeds
          Wholegrain oat flakes
          Honey and brown sugar .

          It does also state however, that it may contain sesame seeds and Soya.

          This product also contains Phosphorus - which helps normal energy metabolism,(7%)
          Iron - necessary for the normal function of the immune system,(4%)
          Magnesium - to keep bones and teeth healthy.(6%)

          Each percentage represents the recommended daily amount of each one, per slice.

          ~~~~~~ PRICE AND AVAILABILITY ~~~~~~

          These are a relatively new product so when I first purchased them they were only 99p a box, an absolute bargain considering there are about 20 ryvitas per box. They are now full price and are available around the £1.80 range, depending of course where you buy them from.

          They are readily available from Asda and most supermarkets I assume, in my Asda they have the muesli ones, and the various other savoury versions including the newer "pumpkin seeds and oats" and "sunflower seeds and oats", not quite sweet enough for me I'm afraid!!

          For more information on these and any other Ryvita products visit their official website -

          Alternatively ring the FREE ryvita careline - 0500 562123, Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

          ~~~~~~ CONCLUSION ~~~~~~

          Would I recommended these to others.......definitely, they are a much needed bit of sweetness when dieting and in fairness, I'm more than happy to eat them when not dieting, so they must be nice!!

          I'm sure there are those of you out there who would not be able to eat these without some sort of spread, I know my mum can't but as a purist I find these are just like a slightly drier biscuit..... Just not a garibaldi!!!

          Thanks for reading!!


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